Sar e Aam (Pakistan Srilanka Match was fixed: Bookie) – 5th October 2012


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  • waseem

    ye sub jhoot hai. wo pitch hi aesi the k waha agar srilanka bhi baad mai khelta tu wo bhi haar jata. sara game toss par tha jo jetta toss os k ziyada chance the or is pitch k bary mai tu waseem akram ny bhi kaha tha k aesi pitch ki report icc ko leni chahiye bohat kharab pitch the wo. or waqi pakistani media bika hoa hai jo aesy program karta hai.

  • nadeem3781

    Thanks to IQRAR SB, for this great effort, to expose the whole scenario of the corrupt players & match officials, during the match is been played. All the players who have been suspected having affairs with the BOOKIES or confirmed relations, should be under the life time ban instead giving them chances, to play with the sentiments of the nation.

    There is no space for Akmal Bros, Imran Nazir, Shoaib Malik in the national team. Akmal Bros fixed the Sydney Test, in Australia for 1.86m sterling pounds as stated by Mazhar Majeed, the BOOKIE of UK, Shoaib Malik fixed the match, in Hong Kong Tournament with Imran Nazir, and was proved as a result of PCB investigations. MISBAH caused lost the World Cup Semi- Final from India, in Mohali. So there exists great legal official mafia who is been involved in all kind of corruptions, under the protection of Federal Government. Zardari & his 40 chors have been making hundreds of million dollars, in this business and like wise the previous civil & military Governments. Why the Federal Government appoints its likely personals, for the post of the Chairman of PCB, like Ijaz Butt & now Zaka Ashraf, because of their personal agenda, not for developing the structure of Cricket from the grass route in the country, for preparations of Mega Events like World Cup? This whole arguement does not mean, to win every game but to show the fighting spirit like Australian Team. Trust me, Pakistani cricketers have such a talent that they could win any game but condition should be cause of nation not the personal agenda.

    IMRAN KHAN is absolutely right in saying for a long time that PCB should not be supervised by the Federal Government, (has nothing to do with the cricket), but it should be an independent institution run by the ex- cricketers (elected by the regional cricket system) who performed for the nation like Viv Richard, Clive Lloyd, Tendulkar, Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad & Imran Khan if we want to have the result in future.

    Pakistan is a poor country, its economy is down to ditch and almost on every match billions of Rs. lost by the poor public and this money is been transfered to India, so just imagine that Pakistani nation is been approaching towards the poorest stage and India is getting all this money from Pakistan & getting stable economy. Think my dear country fellows, on which path are you going on?

  • iftikhardirv

    sb bakwas hai . boke aisy hoty hai k chanels p a k bata dy ye sary dramy hai . har jeet game ka hesa hai . jb pakistan har jata hai to yahi bat krty hai match fex tha sb jhot hai…….

  • nadeem3781

    I have no doubt, in understanding that Pakistan Cricket, could be sold, to lose the event, by having the personal financial benefits through certain key players, their exist no place of Akmal Bros, in the national team. These bookies have been speaking truth that game Cricket, is no more a sport but a business. I am100% sure that Pakistan Cricket Board, is also been behind the scenes, to win or lose the game. Pakistan lost the One Day International World Cup Semi Final against India, in Mohali by the efforts of MISBAH, in return, he was given the Captainship by the Board. I remember, AFRIDI was crying with tears, in his eyes after the defeat, I also believe that the ICC, is always been behind the team to win the tournament, by any means and the Cricket Boards follow as well. Sport Cricket is been a big commercial industry, in the world. Huge monoply of the big guns, in this sport. Pakistan is a poor country, with majority of corrupt minds around, like the present corrupt Government, which stands behind sports boards, for their financial and political goals. So most players get very short span to play for the country, in this time, they have been looking to secure their future, for having the financial benefits by any means. Well & truthful said by Shoaib Akhtar, in this regard, because Board does not pay handful money to the players or incentives for performances, in the big events. Without patriotism, no nation could be a Champion, this is the time if we want to have the help of Allah the Almighty & restore our honour, internationally, we need to think, of our national interests, dignity, over & above our personal interests, then we would be recognised as a heroic nation at world level. At this time, we are been recognised as sold and corrupt nation world wide, & this poised truth. May Allah the Almighty, guide us towards His right path of success. Aameen

  • mirzaa

    pak team ne juwa khela yeh to baad main dekhe ge luqman se koi poochhe us ne kitne paise liye pak ko badnaam karne ke(nice name) luqman booki)

  • pardesi pakistani

    Plz Plz Read my comment carefully. I was born in Pakistan and proud to be Pakistani. when we were used to cricket in street and open dull fields i can imagine all my team Pakistan must have gone through same experience. Now in UK you cant imagine how good grounds they get at school or local level forget lords, old traffard or oval. these media bastards fake making us fools. who is this booky bring him on open screen. is your brother in law ? matherchod. yaar just imagine is he abdul qadir no no no no sharam kar bhenchod. what else you want from pakistani team they played Semi final . I am happy and i support you guys keep it up. I think this anchor must have lost big money on betting. Simply Love pakistan….


  • Amjad

    Bari Respect karta tha mae iski

    magar yeh aik number ka dramay baz nikla

  • Amir Khan

    yar choro ais bakvas ko , mera to dil abhe tak kainat imtiaz paa phasa howa haa , heheheheh

  • khan321








  • bluenote

    It was humiliating to see Pakistan loosing to India and Sri-Lanka both, Pakistan team captain Hafeez should have resigned by now.

    This show does not look fake, why Abdul Razzak has not commented if he was not on the show.

    I will not be surprized if there was a match fixing, it had happened before and our players admitted of doing that.

    I like to see an overhaul of our cricket team, get rid of dead woods like Afridi, ummer Gul, Shoab Malik and Akmal brothers and get some new blood.

  • Abs

    For ratings they will sell their families, whats wrong with ARY? first they hired corrupt Anchor Mubashir luqman then bookie aka Salman Butt and now this stupid program, i think ARY is controlled from India, bastards trying to demoralize our nation.

  • mr.amirsihail

    sharam karo ary,,,,,,,,,we love pak istan cricket team

  • eagle

    abdul qadir sound was definitly fake one. y others media channel quite.

    iqrar u said that ua sk that booki who will be winner in final.

    in next program u have to asnwer us or u all r fake.

    • Zaib Ali

      Pakistani players have made cricket as Koora Cricket.Salman Butt (who is brought so often by Ary as crimnal sorry cricket expert) should be well able to comment as he is well known crimnal punished in English court.

    • Dawood

      pakistan ka match fix tha jayse Hafeez sb ki palaning thi sb nazer a rha hy jyse wo kuhd out howa hy or teim ma grouping hy es lye AKLAM BROTHER ko teim se niklna ho ga wrna pak teim ka buht loss ho ga wo buht baru match fixer hy maro es bat ko samjha jay or ARY walo se requst kro ga k mari bat online boly plz ap sb k se requst hy ye mari sb agy tak batoo thanx

  • imranmiran

    you are making pakistans nation stupid.. THESE voices from bookies they lost alot Money by betting on Pakistan…and they are making these stories… and if u have reality please make a program before the match

    • Zaib Ali

      At least ask these players whom the bookies mentioned.After all Salman Butt,Amir and Asif did accept the guilt in English court that they took money.Why should someone like Akmal brothers with tained past playing in the match.Some of Pakistani honest players must have idea what has gone wrong.Please interview them.

  • Zaib Ali

    Your Iffy seems right.The man who came to give gloves to Akmal whispered something.Police should investigate.I think the best solution is to ban Pakistan team FOR FIVE YEARS.Even Pakistan blind team wins because they do not see money.

    • Zaib Ali

      ICC should take notice of it and should see the programme Sare AAM.Those who have played with Pakistani nations emotions will see their fate themselves.Wasim Akram many believe lost match against Bangladesh in 1999 in Sharjah.See what has happened to his family although very unfortunate.I pray people take some lesson if things are true.

      • Dawood

        j j

  • Khan80

    Ibrar yaar match fixing ka to pata nhin lekin to bohat hi haram khor insan hai jis ko abhi se haraam khaaney ka chaska lag gya hai,,,,,tu MQM ke gher ka pala hua hua kut*aa hai

  • dil.dil.pakistan

    i think voice of bookie from lahore is very similar with MUBASHAR LUQMAN.

  • shanak27

    I recognize the Bucky "its Salman BUtt"

  • shanak27

    Evil media is trying his bes to demoralize out NATION!!!!

    How do you think Idiots like him are getting paid millions for shit like that?

    What the hell make them qualify for such a high pay in that poor country?

  • farrukh89

    aise show pehlu kun nai kartay hain itna hi pata he tu PCB ya ICC ku baton na srf aik bkwass and rating stutnt he zaror kisi bookie ne pasia dia hu ga ke aisa program karwao take zaida se zaida log juwa kehlian …ARy ki crdebility hi kia jis pe aik jhoota MUbshir luqman hu aur dora wu saty baz butt bitya huwa he ….baki iffi ki awz tu mujy luqman shb ki lag rai thi 14 over tak kuch nai huwa uske bad badboo a gai wah wah ..bare hi kui pagal bookie thay ke pehly paksitan pe pasia lagya aur phr change kar lia hahahaha! pathetic show and abdual qadir shb ku muft main pahsa dia bech main

  • waqas shah


  • hamayunj

    yaar agar kisi ne aisi chull marni hoti hai to woh match haarnay ke baad naa maara karay,, match se pehle kyun nhi kerta hai koi aisa program..????? aisay jhooton ka to bssss….. ALLAH hi khair karay



  • msroobi

    Lakh di Laanat ho terey oopar 'Abrar' sirf rating ke chakkar main kiya gand daal rahay ho. Is tarah to koi bhi ye 'na maalom' ashkhas ko bitha ke kuch bhi program kar sakta hai.

    Ganday jo gand tujhey teri wirasat main mila hai us ko tv pe khol raha hai

    • mirzaa


    • mirzaa

      karachi wale booki main kahee mubashar lqman to nahee awaz same thi

  • ebiz110


  • Barja

    Mubashir Luqman shut the fuck up man….you can't make educated people stupid.

    Aik dafa zaleel ho ker tujh ko sukoon nahi aaya. PAKISTAN ko Change karo or Mubashir Luqman ko or jaali anchors ko media se bahir karo. Well played throughout the tournament Pakistan net time better luck.


    The whole programme ( sar e Aam ) was fixed. Except IFFI his language & terms he was using looks like professional. Abdul Qadir & Lahore Bookie were both character were DUMMY.

    • sandy

      rite this is totally shit

  • ms13electronic@yahoo

    faltooo program ha,,, such to ha ke fixing aaam cheaaz ha per program powerfull hona chahye tha

  • Tipu_

    This guy Abdul Qadir is father in law of Umer Akmal, They just recently got engaged. why would this SOB will talk bad about his son in law.

  • SuperDuperKhan

    conspiracies theory hae Pakistan harne wajha ..Raw, CIA , Mossad agent kame hai..

  • infra444



  • zaeem afzaal

    100 percent abdul qadir koi aur tha…..aur lahore wala booki mubashar luqman tha….

  • farhanahmed

    Win or lose is part of Game.Pakistan reached semis.Its also achievement.

    But Y BLunder of Sohail Tanvir.Sohail Kukri ko kio khilaya…?

    We Love Pakistani Cricket Team. Afridi we love u

    Pakistan Cricket team is best team in world

    • sandy

      agree with u

  • attitude adjuster

    Kainaat you the best, You didnt say much still

    I agree with You hehehe

  • wkhan474g

    36 balls per 49 runs……pakistani team nay haram pai ki ha…..main totaly agree with u iqrar bhi…..kamran or umar …en ka baap bohat bara satay baaz ha….

  • kaloo

    ya Anchor kisis Kutya ka bacha hai….MQM ka Londa..-ARY=MQm=Anchors

    • Mohammad Iqbal

      I totally agree with you my friend.

    • mohsin e watan

      Do you know how many millions of dollars have been allocated by foriegn for Pakistani media people?? It was announced just 4 years back, if anyone remember??

    • sandy

      100 true

  • witness7590

    bakwaas program , poor umar akmal was changing gloves because it was so hot his gloves were wet with sweat (paseena). today chris gayle changed gloves and west indies won ??? however kamran akmal and shoaib malik are suspects?? and afridi is doing it to down hafeez from captainship just like miandad used to do to down Imran.

    • infra444

      I think umer akmal is your chaddi friend and he told you personally why he chane gloves as you are very sure why he change gloves , in your point of view umer is clean but his brother is suspected but i think your analysis it self is suspected itself and lastely the cheapest thing you done is the barking against javed miandad but nobody can ever forget miandad conrtibution in 92 worldcup sami final and his innings in final with imran khan and how he embrace imran in his arms with pakistani flag in this one hand after winning world cup , shame on you

  • Maqbook

    thats why pakistan doesnt have any progress.

    you fuck up on your own and blames others haaaa

  • FunnyBunny

    I fully agreed with one sentence of Amir Sohail in Mubashar Lucman program that bunch of people (mafia) in cricket team and in PCB controlling cricket and decide when to lose or win the game and they are making money for the last 12 years, you cannot change cricket if you don’t kick them out from team and cricket board, there are so many suspicious people in cricket like akmal brothers(no doubt they are good cricketers but they are cancer for the team) , imran nazir, shoib malik, javed miandad(currently cricket consultant) , Salman butt , muhammed asif and some should take retirement in a respectable way like afridi, these people are responsible for to embarrass Pakistani people oftenly.

  • bhoori

    Sarey choor hey even media waley bhi apni rating baraney key liye ye bakwas programme kiya hey.

    Fuck all of them

  • smart1957

    aap rouk sakte hain agar 10%+ Kalu kawaal + barber ko maar do…..warna yeh sabko maardainge.

  • kaloo

    Brtothers this Guy …IQrar is a mother fucker…he is a biggest lier ..and he is an agent of MQM….he does n,t care abt anybody privacy…ya Pig Iqrara MQM se instructions Layta hai…kis Pig ka bacha

  • T Farooq

    Useless program. Based on conspiracies. Why I trust bookies who are already involved in wrong activities. These people are crying because they lost money. Yes Pakistan team has not played well but this is not first time in big matches. Remember pitch was also a factor. Today in 2nd innings even Australia can not cross 140.

    • Mohammad Iqbal

      Farooq Sahab – I absolutely agree with you. This stupid anchor also seems to be a bookie partner. These idiots have lost money and are now crying foul. What a stupid logic bookie was giving that Umar Akmal asked for gloves so that he could get a tip. Nonsense! Is he trying to say that the bookie was going to send the gloves or that the coach was also their partner. These bookies are shameless guys. The will never miss an opportunity to bring the team and the country in disrepute. This stupid anchor has done this program to raise his ratings. Shame to ARY.

      I will appreciate readers honest comments.

      Iqbal, USA

  • 1moon1

    All I am saying is if you listen Cearfully the Booky/Satabaaz from Lahore sounds like mubushar Luqman…. Just listen creafully

    This guy is desprate for ratting lol…..I have to admit I did watch the whole show he got my attention

  • makhokhar

    Mubshir Luqman………… i am laughing without stop

  • ali9999

    khuda ko mano! semi tuk pohanch gaye hum, india ka shukar karo! warna hamari team ki auqaat semi ki kahaan thi! SA kay samnay Gul chal giya (lappay lag gaye) to hum jeet gaye, warna zalil ho kay haarna tha hum nay woh match and phir roona tha kay satta tha! fielding hum say nahi hooti… wicket keeper hamaara mA hai… pace bowler hamaray pass abhi koyi dhang ka nahi… batsmen ka to sub ko he pata hai. hamaray kissi batsmen ki avg india/SA/etc kay batsmen ki avg kay pass bhi nahi jaati. kaha say chase karein ge hum? tukka chal giya to theek hai.

    yah to 20 over ka match tha… 50 ka hoota to shoro main he bahar hoona tha hum nay!

    • saqiali

      i think that ur 100 percent ali bhi coz the facts cant be denied we lost and we lost that a simple ans to all allegations standing beyond the point is ruthless irrelevant or baseless so u have said we don have an attacking blowers now like MUhmmad Amir or shoab akhter that all and India played a very important role in our victory to semis final their lost was Ur win

  • a gowher

    There was no match fixing, I think for some reasons our cricket team is scared stiff of Indian team. It may be psychological case or our team is over careful when playing with Indian team.

    Or a Pundit in India with magical powers blocks our team’s ability to play (just joking).

  • mohsinmajestic

    Agar Pak Jeet Jatey To Best Team Hay Or Jb har jye to match fix hay WTF

  • mohsinmajestic

    Media Pakistan kay against hey hay…Ratting barhanay kay liyay yay log pakistan ko defame krtay hay or is show may sary fake peple bhetay hoay hay..

    Mubashir luqman = Lahore bookie

    Abdul qadir = Fake hay..Abdul qadir key voice hey ni hay

    • Mohammad Iqbal

      I agree with you that these anchors do such nonsense programs to raise their ratings.

      • zaeem afzaal

        abdul qadir ki awaaz hi nahi thi…..i m 100 percent sure…

  • Maqbook

    this is so stupid u lost so why cry over itt. every match pak loses is fixed wtf get over it

  • ey

    pakistani media is totally Bull shit .They are promoting corruption in sports. they are promoting convicted match and spot fixer to give expert opinion to the pakistani nation. This shows the moral character of of nation. only God can save us.

  • nmabbasi

    lahore ka kuta Mubashar luqman tha………………….bohat bara kuta kamina , zalil insan hy yeh

  • nmabbasi

    kya bakwas hy yaar us ny gloves change kiya, us becharay ko umar gul ny us side anay hi nahi diya second last over main to wo kiya karta :@@@@@@@

    Pakistan Media hy ya indian media, kutay na hon to

  • kaloo

    ARY = MQm = Iqrara pig ka Bacha

  • afzal.khan

    Look what happened to the second semi final. Could anyone imagine that Australia would be thrashed by West Indies? I couldn't… I say it's T20 cricket and everything is possible. It's as simple as this…. Our team played like a sissy when batting and lost the semi final. It was not Pakistan's natural game.

    To me this show looks sponsored by Indians to subotage and demoralise Pakistan cricket after the humiliation they went through by not qualifying for semi finals third time in a row. Another cheap and mean attempt but I assure Pakistanis will never give up on cricket. More they try, we will go stronger than ever.

  • asifrazzaq

    More Than 300 Killed in Karachi factory fires and the people of Pakistan were not much effected by this incident. Yesterday Pakistan lost a cricket match against Srilanka and there was silence on the streets! Thanks a lot media for making cricket so important in our lives.

  • scorpi000

    aik no ka mdchd insan hai ye anchor….bc* booki apni behan ki gaod mae behta kr aya hua hai…in jesay kanjroun ki wjha say humara mulak badnaam hota hai ..apnay channal ki TRP baranay kay mulak say mofad say khel jatye hain…..

  • Amir Khan

    yar once again i will say yaa larke kainat imtiaz bohat he fit haa ,,,,,,,,,,

  • mr420

    lol i dont know about match was fixed but this show was fixed by Pakistan biggest enemy MEDIA

  • umeedesahar

    sab BAKWAAAAAAASSSSS, in TV channels waloon ko sewaye sansani phelane ke kuch nahien aata, cheap publicity ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain. har team ki capacity hoti hay Pakistani team itna hi khel sakti hay jitni inhoon ne kheli, talent bohat hay laikin isay use bhi karna aana chahiye, bohat grooming ki zaroorat hay hamare boys ko, big matches ka pressure bhi bara hota hay, hamary to haath per hi phooole lagte hain thore se pressure game mein, har dafa Umar gul jaise sparks/Mojezay nahien huwa karte planning bhi koi cheez hoti hay temprament bhi chahiye, baqi sab bekaar ki batein hain.

  • nonelitepakamerican

    I am utterly confused that why are we making this an issue, even if the team or one or some player exhibited corruption,fraud,cheated,gambled,fixed the outcome,took money via money laundering, hid money in offshore accounts and ore sold the honor of their mother land.

    This is normal in Pakistan and considered business as usual.A country which is run by an international crime syndicate, judiciary is inept and impotent, judicial system, the institutes of accountability, the police and the majority ruling elites think that law is for the poor, the helpless,the meek and the human grave worshiping and ethnic and personality cultist sacrificial lambs.

    A country whose International reputation is as corrupt to the point of selling their mother for easy money(the country is the mother), where the international media advises their leaders to count their fingers after shaking hands with the president of the country.

    Everyone should have an equal right to be corrupt and dishonest, and they all can hire the best judges or the top lawyers of the lawyers movement to defend them.

    • athal

      I have to give you thumbs up on this one, but……

      Do you know why ? In america every Gas station , Liquor store or seven eleven is owned by an Indian…??? It is not because they are more smart than the paskistanies but because every pakistani will think a hundred time before buying a liquor store becuase of the liquor! When they are here in this country and their future is secure they dont want to make money the wrong or forbidden way. Most of them dont even want to open a restaurant becuase they will have to serve pork or serve liquor. So Mac doanld and Carl Jr become forbidden and the only thing they can do is to open a halal market or may be a clothing store or a cart in the mall. Some of them want to be careful to the extent of what to use to brush their teeth and what kind of shampoo to use when taking a shower. These are the people that have made it to this country and they had a decent life back home and somewhat educated.

      I think that this negativity that we see is a small portion of a bigger and decent picture…. Dig a little deeper and find out what is under the crust!

      • athal

        Remember the days when all the cricketers had beards and they would pray with Jumat in the middle of the ground. Remember yousaf youhana becoming Mohammad yousaf!

        Bad news travels with light speed and good news travels the speed of turtle and is mostly left far behind and forgotten.

        • mohsin e watan

          oh fu_k_ng g_nd jalo indian hindu you are telling lies, so shut up. Pakistani sey toh tum logo'n g_nd may crushed red pepper jati hey, s_v_r jealous of Pakistan.

          • nonelitepakamerican

            Shameless verbal masterbation of bigotry and racism. Even if she is Hindu, that represent the ancestry of 98%

            Pakistanis and the most helpful people in the university and professional environment have been my Hindu friends, classmates and coworkers.

          • athal

            I m not a she and not an Indian. Really don't understand the cursing? WHY ????

          • nonelitepakamerican

            Athel, are you related or part of a music band? Or inspired by the band? So you are a Hindu possibly a male or she male?, (not being funny, just matter of fact).

            You can't be related to him?

            Saleh Abdul Rahman Al-Athel, (Prof.) (Arabic: صالح عبدالرحمن العذل‎), (born Al-Rus, Saudi Arabia, 1940) is a respected Professor of Science and Mechanical Engineering in Saudi Arabia and is a member of the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development UNCED.

          • nonelitepakamerican


            The Dunmer of Skyrim

            by Athal Sarys

            That is our name. Yet you deny us even this courtesy. You, the white-skinned, jaundice-haired apes of this godsforsaken frozen wilderness. To you Nords, we are the gray ones, the ashen-skinned, the “dark elves” of Morrowind who have as much place in your land as an infection in an open wound.

            Oh yes, we have read your great cultural work, “Nords of Skyrim,” in which you extol the many virtues of your people and province, and invite any visitors to come experience your homeland for themselves. Well come we did, Nords, and the reception was less than was promised – but exactly what we expected.

            So I, Atal Sarys, Dunmer and immigrant to Skyrim, have decided to answer your beloved book with a work of my own. And let all who read it know that Nords are not the only race to reside in this cold and inhospitable realm. For we dark elves have come, and little by little, shall claim Skyrim as our own.

            But where, you may ask, have we taken up residence? Why none other than the ancient city of Windhelm, once the capital of the First Empire. Yes, Nords, in the shadow of your own Palace of the Kings, where the Nord hero Ysgramor once held court, we now thrive. Oh yes. Your beloved Five Hundred Companions may have driven our ancestors from Skyrim, but that was then. This is now.

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            Oh, but the peaceful occupation goes even further. Thirsty? You’ll find no Nord mead hall in the Gray Quarter. But the spirits flow well enough in the New Gnisis Cornerclub. Seeking a respected family? You’ll find no Gray-Manes within these walls. But perhaps you’d like to pay a visit to the home of Belyn Hlaalu, descendant of one of the most noble houses in all of Morrowind. Ah, but no. You Nords don’t come to the Gray Quarter, do you? You fear our streets as you fear our skin.

            So now, “children of Skyrim,” you have the truth of it. You may call this province home, but you can no sooner claim to own it than a cow can claim to own its master’s field. You are just another breed of domestic animal, grazing stupidly while higher beings plot your slaughter.

          • athal

            Athal means Forever in Pashto

            I love music but am not part of a music band or any thing

            The little piece of literature you posted down there is just beautiful by Athal Sarys.

            The last para is just mind blowing. What a beautiful way of narration. Beautiful……

        • mohsin e watan

          @noneliteindianamerican ja obama Kay d_gs ko bath dey, goro'n kay K_tay nahelanay waley

          • nonelitepakamerican

            I would love to, I love animals and the one you can't write, is more faithful than the great majority English regurgitating Pakistani failed elites.

      • nonelitepakamerican

        My dear, 5 of my friends own seven eleven and one owns four, driving new 5 series Mercedes's and living above average lifestyle, but they all have one thing in common, they all drink alcohol and party hard. You are right that their is as all groups who are orthodox Muslims and look down upon liqueur sales and are also concerned about kosher and non kosher. As long as they are professionals and have good job, it is fashionable and they take pride in it and it is their source of superiority complex by compression.

        The poor Pakistanis do any jobs, work at liquor stores or what have you.

        I do a lot of social work and help poor, uneducated and wrongly educated people with migration, job placement, resumes,tax forms, medical advise, spooling for their children advise, there cultural mental hang ups, like help them deal with very private and seriously emotional issues to keep them out of jail and except the lifestyle change of their daughters, by expelling them that let God decide their punishment if any, don't ply God of morality in the hedonic free spirited land.

        Past three days, I have been in emergency rooms dealing with Doctors translate and communicate with illiterate Pakistanis come to America with green cards and illegally, with no skillet and a very bad economy with very strict welfare laws and any help. Three families with average four kids, two were grade 21 officers in Pakistan and one I could find a security guard job for, they all lied on their resumes and are not employable in Silicon Valley, California and one has four daughters and wife working in McDonald's and Burger King and he each day wears a stupid looking Pakistani suite and looks for a job, he is not going to get.

        Imran Khan comes for charity collection and hangs around the rich Drs and profess alas, I spend my time with the Pakistanis who should have ever come to America, but due to Pakistani situation they come and are having psychological and mental brake downs.

        It is very sad but on Pakistan tv they only show rich and successfully Pakistanis, not the one I try to help.

        It is not only a religious issue, it is also cultural and socioeconomic issues which people find out when the migrate. Every race and religious sect has to deal with it.

        • nonelitepakamerican

          My new iPad just pickup words….sorry for my misspells.

          I do a lot of social work and help poor, uneducated and wrongly educated people with migration, immigration issues, job placement, resumes,tax forms, medical advise, schooling for their children advise, there cultural mental hang ups, like help them deal with very private and seriously emotional issues to keep them out of jail and accept the lifestyle change of their daughters, by explaining them that let God decide their punishment if any, don’t ply God of morality in the hedonic free spirited land.

          • nonelitepakamerican

            My message to Pakistani people, think twice before migrating to USA, the laws have changed and job market is very bad, medical is very expensive and insurance and medical treatments will eat up your savings real fast.

            The majority newcomers without higher employable education are suffering and having hard time to make the ends meet, think carefully marring your children unless the kids are willing to do any job they can get to start a life.

          • athal


  • Mubashar Wahla

    Sab Bakwas Lahore bukkey Was Mubashar Luqman & Karachi bukky seems to me Foolish This Man Iqra needs Sasti Publicity and Zemtv plzz Remove this Progrm from top…;)

  • risingnation

    lanat lanat lakh lanat on ary tv ,, 3rd class channel……fitaymu ary tv…………

  • Authentic

    Mubashar Luqman ke tabooot meen akhri keell, ab satee baz ban ke Pak awam ko chotya banane ka full time shitty program, ab tuu had hogaye Luqman, bohat baqwas kerte ho tum chotyee, hum kya tumhen chotye lagte hain ke tumhari awaz na pehchan sakeen, aur Iqrar is being shy while talking to him.. stop this bullshit..

  • Asi

    Pakistani media bikaao media…..

  • aiqbalb

    this program is bullshit all characters are fake. i can bet 100% that abdul qadir charater is fake. pls watch below link to compare real voice of Abdul Qadir.

    shame on u rascal M.F anchor and all Ary team.

  • dani.pirzada

    Yeh TV walay awam ko jahil samajtay hain shaid.After 10:00, in first part, it's clearly mubashir luqman.awam ko chootia bana rahay hain

  • zak


    totally bullshit, background voice is not from bukki its very similer of MUBASHAR LUCMAN. plz listen carefully. A R Y DRAMA BAZI BAND KARO.

  • PTI_Tsunami

    chootiya program just for the propaganda and ratings.. dont watch it at all !

  • Aloo anday chowara

    A r y walo sharhum krho awam ko baywagof na banho mubshir luqmhan sab say brha gandha Banda hia iqhar Kay program's ko acha samjatay thay magar sabeet ho ghia Kay wo Saab jotay hain blackmailer a ry.pakistami midia choor badmash.

  • raju rocket

    ici media waly kisi k sagy nai hain …… its all bullshit. look at this indian sponserd media … jo apny mulk ko kud dunya k samnay badnam kr rhay hain ….. its not new for us that sirlanka was favourite for this match …. i my self saw their Odd on a betting site before start of match .. bcz all the conditions was favouring to sirlanka … one most imp thing all of u have seen in this match cant u guys see behaviour of pitch on batting second …. its not a normal pitch for big matches … so donot promote these shows who are speaking against your countries and your heros.

    • aseem

      Bullshit program. Pls dont watch this

    • aseem

      Baqwas program hai. Not belive this shit

  • eagle

    afridi is not captain because he didnt allow fixed matches thats why mafia and lobby keep him out of the team and captain.akmal brothers everyone knows akmal brothers r biggest gamblers.and razzaq also very good pakistani he also not accept money from gamble.thats y he also out.

  • Amir Khan

    yar yaa lahore waka buki muchay mubashar luqman lag raha haa , awaz aur attitute mubashar luqman jasa haa , what you guys say ?

  • Jan786

    100/: match fixed i think these player need to change Akmal brother or Shoaib malik he is match fixer Hafeez not to able captain Afridi kuda k wastay es qom per reham ker

  • gulzaman


  • y2j

    mubasir BMW iss new bloongry ko traing da raha.per .orr jhoot ka liya be mehnt karni parte ha .per in ko walyen khani ke adat ha.iss new bloongry ko najim sheti ya baba nusrat sa training leene chye jhoot or propganda kenry ka liya .or agar haram ke roozi mehnet sa kamni chathta ha .bloongry tu tu ayte sath he flop ho guya hahahaha .so fake show jiss na tv pa dheka ho ga on ko tu shyed pata na chala ho kyen ka ads hote han gar ka koye kbi dosra chanel per net pe tum logo ko bewqoof ya dhooka nhai da sykte

  • k.p.k

    all punjabi cricketer match fixser we know history all punjabi they mother can do for money punjabi can do any thing for money

    • darya khan

      Bhai Plzz don't abuse to punjabis ..kyu ki pir wo pakhtoono ko galia de gee ..aur isi tarah hamara khun jalee gas..Plzz here only try general talking..aur Lahore bukki 100% mubbashar..

    • darya khan

      BhI Plzz gali mat dia kari…kyu ki pir ye log pakhtoono ko galia de gee..aur khun hamara jali ga..general bath Kia Kari..thanks…

    • afzal.khan

      Na punjabi, Muhajir or Pathan, na Sind Balochistan hain hum..

      Is mulk O millat ke rakhwale or sirf Pakistan hain hum….

    • jabar

      i am agree with you punjabi can sleep with your sister for money

      • k.p.k

        jabar punjabi do you know already your small sister sleep with me just for money ask your sister she had good time with me

        • jabar

          i know your all sisters work in hera mandi in lahore and give you money and you speak against punjab

          • k.p.k

            always punjabi are look money veena mailk she is your punjabi sister she doing for money one time aks your sister sonia punjaban she work in lahore hera mandi you say.s in lahore in lahore all living punjabi womens that means they are your punjaban sisters ask one time in hera mandi lahore peshawar or more city in pakistan 99 punjaban your sisters you will find watch lahore stage shows you see all your punjaban sister from hera mandi ask you your sister sonia she punjaban in lahore hera mandi If you want I give you phone numbers your pujaban sister 99 are work in hera mandis in all pakistan also watch your home punjabi make sure how many your family members are lahore hera mandi I thing so ALL PUNJABAN YOUR SISTER JUST FOR MONEY

          • lahore

            Excuse me behave urself ang dont forget people are reading ur stupid tale…

          • lahorian

            aur ye panjabi punjabi kya hta hai,,, apke jaise hi log hty hain jo ek state mei rehty huy ek ni hty,,ap to jaise afgahni ho na….
            punjab iz part of pakistan if u dont like get out of here…

  • asadfaizi

    I think ARY channel is desperate for ratings and fabricating these stories, just like third rate Indian channels, to create sensation out of nothing. Since when have these sattay baz 'bookies' have become so respectable and reliable that we are taking their words. They are pissed at Pakistan because they lost their shirt, and now they are taking their anger on the Pakistani team.

    It is amazing that they make it to every semifinal of T20 world cup, despite of the fact that no cricket team has come to Pakistan for the last 10 years, and they don't get a chance to play in IPL.

    We love our cricket team. They have brought so much joy and pleasure in our lives. Even though they have lost, we still love them.

    • ateeq

      Country where international matches are banned , a country which never been invited in IPL. A country whose bowlers are number one in Cricket and they weren't inducted as even a nominee for the ICC 2012 awards. Still reaching in Semi final is the most remarkable and awesome efforts by green team…. Pakistan didn't lost a match but they have won the courage in taking them to the Semis non stop since 2008. Pakistan Zindabad !!!

  • Amir Khan

    choro kal kaa match ko , muchay to yaa pakistan women cricktet team kee player bohat pasand aye haa ,a heheheheheh

  • sirblackcobra

    Iqrar bhai ap se yeh umeed nai thi :(

  • navi

    koi match fix ni tha aur ye lahore wala boki luqman gando hy is ancar ki banda pakar kr dund mary shit program

  • kaloo

    ARy Channel=MQm=Iqrar Pig ka bacha Host….kisis Gusti Ma kabacha…is ki Biwi ko chdoon banchud harami Iqrara …

  • humi

    this is a fake programme bookie from lahore is mubasher luqman and even abdul qadir is fake these producer and anchor and ARY all bullshit !!!!!!

    que) why bookies will be tv prigramme risk their lives?????

    guys remember real bookies and match fixers are power ful men hensie cronje incident these are rental bookies like raja rental!!!!don't believe it.

  • faisal75

    lanat ha aisa program krne wale pe. stupid host does not know anything about cricket. fake bookie claiming dat SL NZ match was fixed to be tied, any one who watched the match can decide dat it was 100 % truely tied match. i did not watch this entire bulshit program but this host deseves a big lanat..

  • ahmad usman254

    ali maan..totally agreed

  • adnan125

    srilankan team per hamle ka faida kis ko hoa sirf indian team ko aur indian board ko aur ye iqrar mqm ka banda he mqm india ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti hey ab ye chahte hain puri pakistani team per pabandi ,again lahore ka buki mubashir luqman hey aur us ke bhi mqm se kya taluqat hain plz sochain

  • kkk

    mere khyal mai taliban ka hat hai is mai …. hehehehe

  • kkk

    bakwas band karoooooooooooo yar

  • Ahmed

    ARY NEWs walay kisi ghasti k bachay haan jhoota programe banaya hai…na is mai Abdul Qadir hai aur lahore wala buki Chor Corrupt Mubashir Luqman tha….bull shit haan ya ARY walay….


    ye kiya bukwas hay. shame on this media. apnay mulk ko hi budnam ker rehay hain. should really take some serious action against it.

  • waqar hasan

    next election main aap vote kis ko dain ge?

    apna vote poll ki jeye is link per:-

  • adnan125

    jab srilankan team per attack hoa pakistan main kis ko faids hoa only indian team indian board ko,ab yea programe lane ka kya maqsad hey ,yea banda to hey hi mqm ka banda aur mqm india ke liye kuch bhi kare gi ,humari team se kehlne koi bhi nahi aa raha pakistan ab is programe ka maqsad hey pakistani team ko koi bhi apne mulk nahi bolai shame on u iqrar

  • Muhammad Tahir

    Aisa kuch nahi hai..yah sab programe I ratting high karny ka formula hai….team jo hari hai uski waja achi batting na hona aur wrong decision lana hai….jab jeet jaye tu bally bally aur haar jayr tu fix tha match….Does this makes sense ? Isi media nay world mai humara image kharab kiya hoa hai…yah sirf Pakistan ki ruswai chahaty hai …..hypocrite media huh.

  • facetoface

    Who Supporting SHOAIB MALIK……FIRDOOS ASHIQ AWAN…..Few months ago In the News… Shoaib Malik brother and one female minster from Sailkot were Involved in Cricket Gambling………..Its not a Rocket Science,…..Every one know….

  • adel

    شاہد فریدی بہت بڑا مکار ڈرامے باز سٹے باز ہے

  • ali.maan786

    iwhat is wrong with the Guy….i was thinking Iqrar is a sensible person but he is so stupid ……….all the bukies were fake and even Abdul Qadir voice was totaly different……………The Bukie from lahore is sure that was Mubshir Luqman……..

    I Advise to Mr. Abdul Qadir to sooo this progaram and channel to use his name for the fake and wrong information…..

    • MANI GUL

      I 100% agree with u

  • Masood74

    I am so glade to see the comment of audience,Pakistani audience are now using the brain and realizing their stake being actual target group of media, such bullshit of media should be rejected more loudly and make them accountable to audience. Such third grade shows, anchors, producers all should ban forever, reject them public by using your power being core stakeholder.

  • wahjiwah

    Dear All Friend

    This show because of Rating and want to famous that ohhhhh people said there discussion ohhhh that's it we understand why pakistan has lost ohhh

    But friend this is not fact pakistan lost just because of poor bating and last over poor bowling Umer Gul should just had to bowled for dots not to wickts.

    Media is becoming America like attacked drone without investigation and hearing .

  • zak

    totally bullshit, background voice is not not from bukki its very similer of MUBASHAR LUCMAN. plz listen carefully. A R Y DRAMA BAZI BAND KARO.

    • ateeq

      Strongly agree with u

    • ateeq

      nahi mubashir luqman awaz bdalny k ley mehnat krni parti ha shame on Pak media very very flop drama by ary news

  • muzaffarmir

    If the match was fixed then Sri Lanka was given target 140 it was not a big target. Who ever saying it is fixed totally wrong? Problem is we can't digest defeat. Start Blaming to players. Shame on us.

    Secondly we say Pakistan is Islamic country, what is going on here. Gambling in Lahore central of Punjab, Badashi Masjid, Datta Durbar, Mian Miraan etc.

  • waqar hasan

    which party you going to vote in next election?

    cast your vote on the link below:-

  • khan5890

    yaar yeh larki jo pakistan team main khail rahi hai ….




    bohat pyari hai….:)

    • rizwanasif

      Behnain sab ko piyari hi lagti hain

      • Masood74

        well said Rizwanasif


    کرکٹ اب کھیل نہیں رہا بعض ممالک کیلئے جوے کا بہت بڑا ذریعہ بن چکا ہے اور اسی چیز نے اس کھیل کا بیڑا غرق کرکے رکھ دیا ہے لیکن اس سے بھی بڑا مسئلہ یہ ہے کہ اس مکروہ فعل کو روکنے والا بھی کوئی نہیں کرپشن زندہ باد

  • malik32

    midia ki shakal sam ,,dajal,, ki tarhan ha,,,ya bhi kaha jasakta ha ki midia dora gadeet ka dajal ha,,,

  • rbutt

    Nah nah nah…….BS I am not buying this. Just ot get his rating and wages up….that is all. Shame on you! Talk with proofs other SHUT THE HELL UP!!! We got enough problems in our country as it is! :(

  • Trupakistani

    Lahore wala boki 'Luqman" to nahi hai???

    • hitman

      yar lahore wala confirm mubashir luckman hay

  • hitman

    yar ye sab drama hay the person from lahore sounds like mubashir luckman. what u people say

  • Unknown Pakistani

    Media media media, kya bemari hai media

  • Usman Azhar

    Yah media logon ko baywqoof bna rha hai lahore sy jo booki lia hai woh mubashir lukman hai 2nd part k end main to khas tor py pta lug rha hai….

  • Zami

    The guy on the phone is not even Abdul Qadir!!

  • bilalhussain

    ye sub bukwas hy…..tumhari rating es traha ni burhni Mr. host…….esay shows tumhen zaib ni detay……..jub jeet jao bulay bulay aur jub har jao to match fix tha……ye kea hy,sirf match jeetnay k leay pakistan he buna hy koi aur ni jeet skta…..baqi sub pagal han go world cup khalny aye huay han……..shame on critics……i luv pakistan

  • anoshkhan

    What a crap, simply bullshit.. Just tell me 1 thing Mr. Host why abdul qadir's voice is change in last part??

    Hahaha you think we'r dumb like u..

  • khaaaan1234

    match ki zimadaari tehreki talibaan ne qabol karli JUST BULLSHIT

  • waqasvicky209


  • zeebank

    please get your facts correct….the glove change happened in the 17th over…at that stage match was already lost….

    I dont understand y people are always overrating our batting…look at our record, we only won because of our bowling, we had to chase against, and we were only able to do that because Umer Gul came through, otherwise our so called specialist batsmen had failed us again….against india our batting also failed.

    we dont have good batsmen and we cant chase….and generally speaking in testing conditions we will loose 90% of the times.

    • msroobi

      True, well said bhai jaan. Only one team could be winner of any match, and that would always be the better performer, or sometime the other one could be worst performer. IT IS THAT SIMPLE

  • waqasvicky209

    sab bakwas jhoot ha.. SL acha kehl k jeeti pakistan ny team selection mein galti ki thi thats all. aur i betK anchor ny telephone PY ABDUL QADIR SY BAT NAI KI, YEH KOI AUR THA USKI AWAZ ABDUL QADIR KI NAI THI, CHOR MEDIA AWAM KO BEWAKUF BNA RAHA HA..

  • y2j

    hahaha lahore boqi is mubashar luqman.ary ch is 3rd class.jjoot ya darma be kro jo real lagy jasyy najim nojomi .or tv per show deheni waly or net per dhkeni walo ma fariq hota ha boosri ka jo be tera name ha program host

  • mohsinmajestic

    Bc hay media..Agar jeet gaya hota to 2 din tak yay log hey log program kr rhay hotay players ko bula kr

  • jacky

    ufffffffff ary always crap…………………..

  • Love.Pakistan

    All Rubbish…….Just we have a bad day that's all.

  • mohsin

    cheap journalist looking for cheap fame…..we played bad and we lost…its as simple as that

    • ali9999

      Mohsin, ghalat baat. yah fix tha match.. is kay ilaawa, is main amreeka and india ki bhi sazish thi!

      • mohsin