Meri Kahani Meri Zabani (Crime Show) on Samaa Tv – 30th September 2012


Watch Latest Meri Kahani Meri Zabani (Crime Show ) on Samaa Tv – 30th September 2012

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  • khan

    jesi kerni wesi barna

  • rahmanullah

    great sad all people but we care all

  • Faisal

    these are true stories or not

  • sajju

    This man with beared (Seth) is SICK..(of-course)..and his boy, i think that he should not have taken that hard step to KILL rather he should help the police in this case and ARREST him..and he should be given life sentence.!!!

  • coolboy740

    unfortunately people of Pakistan are becoming Atheists……naam ke muslman aur khuda ka koi khof nahi.

    • rahmanullah

      pakistan nahi her jaga hy our dosry mahzib k log b hy not all muslims bolny say pehly socho dear

    • nasir

      teak bolo