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  • umair a malik

    very good.

  • Mysterious girl

    Such an entertaining show!

  • pagal pakistani

    pakistan world power hamid gul naybijli gul kar dee

    china india brazil south africa ya garibee say nikal kay agay bad gay

    pakistan chand pay zanay wala hai zaid hamid 5 year phely chan pay phucha diya hai

    apni maji taly hat pahro

    • mohsin e watan

      indians ki _____ jalti hey hamid gul aur zaid hamid sey.

  • mohsin e watan

    If you go to villiage side of india, you will find still today find too much poverty and old way of life, they didn't progressed at all. Only some urban sides have developed rest is "gandha india" There is big "joper pati" 40% of bombayian living in those "joparis"


    Advice to the Hasb e hall team.

    The programme is becoming boring and boring with every new segment. You better find some good writers for the show, otherwise the show will be history very soon.

    Azizi is the most boring character in the show. The only reason our group watches the show is because of the CHARMING Nijia Beg. If you take her out, the show it is not even worth watching anymore.

    By the way, every country in the world has poverty. There are Americans and Canadians who are below poverty lines. Kids in the western world are also less nourished. If you compare India with Pakistan, at least in India people don't sell their children because they cannot feed their kids. And parents do not sell their young girs of 12/ 15 yease olds to the older people just to make money so they can feed the other kids.

    Do some study and research before making any statement Javed Bhai.

    • mohsin e watan

      @ Mr. canadian, we 12 people have done more study than you have done, see my comments.

    • mohsin e watan

      if you are canadian, somalian or indian I don't care, your canadianship doesn't impress me at all.

  • qom parast

    salam to you mr007

    you got the point.such a smart comment!!!

  • Mazher Lashari

    Great well balanced show, really good team, love you azizi

  • mr007

    so friends of pakistan as they said in starting we are not that different from you…problems that you are facing are same here…hunger, corruption,health etc. etc…lets make our leaders stop this game of war and there will be a night when each one in this subcontinent will go to bed without an empty stomachh