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  • solutions

    Regardless of movie content, producer hardly spent few hundred dollars for this movie but how innocent we are, destroyed millions of dollars of muslim nation during such a violent protests. We need to be sensible and non-hypocratic. If we want to protest then refuse to get benefit from anything produced by such nation or wipe out any wish to get visa of such countries. Say good-bye to cars,computer,air travel,phones,ac,tvs etc that made by nations who do not believe in prophet Mohammad(SAW). Just think, you can survive? Burning our own muslim brother assets will not prove that we love Mohammad(saw). If we love him then we need to seek knowledge. Knowledge can only make us true muslim.

    YaAllah hidayat dey humein

  • eagle

    jahil kom jahil k bacho apne hi logon ko kiun nuksan puhanchate ho.jo plan tha video ka kamyab raha unka ye dekhne k liye k kitni jahil log ho tum apne logon ka nuqsan kerna sabse bari tahoone rasalet hai.uspe tumhien sharam nhi aati.


    10000000000000000 lanat he geo per jo hamesha nagetive cheez ko promot krta he.

    inhoon ne hamein syasatdano ki asliat batai lekin inhein nahi maloom k log inhein bhi pehchan gae hein.

  • kamyab

    Imran khan is qoum ko sudharene chala hay.. The best is inko inke hal pe chor do jab pori taraha tabha hojegi ye qoum phir akar from the begining se naya mulk abad karde koi. Is mulk se bhago bas yahi ek rasta hay.