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  • Fara ali

    you are absolutely right here. Aamir Liaquat is Living legend for Muslims we must understand his ideas because he has great knowledge about the history of Islam. As well as he has very

    decent personality to impress any one.

  • Delawer Abbas

    ooh Yes…!! Dr.Aamir Liaquat is Great Islamic Scholar in Pakistan.He is such a Intelligent person.and he is the One who can bring four Muslim sector in a time E.g: (Sunni,Shiya,Deowband,Baralwee)

  • jalismirza

    Famous distinguished religious scholar and television superstar host Dr. Amir Liaquat was participated in ““Bottom Line” on AAJ News. Dr. Aamir Liaquat expressed views on current crises and said;

    31 innocent people died in Karachi and Peshawar, Karachi was burnt and rangers have just monitored and have done nothing to save lives and properties. This is conspiracy against Muslims agitation……… we have burnt our own home, we have ruined everything by showing such unacceptable violent behavior, and as nation we portray very wrong image on international level, we are followers of Mohammad Sallah-o-Elaihi Wassallam, and we have done everything against His teachings and will, we have burnt and damage properties of our own Muslim brothers, have shed our own blood and for what? to show love for our Prophet Sallah-o-Elahi Wassallam?? And actual blasphemers remained unharmed and unconcerned by ourProtestation?

    It was our responsibility to save guard properties, instead of offering Asar prayers we have looted shops. I do know that how the notifications have been issued in the Govt. I was Federal Minister myself, Federal ministers should have lead the rallies, and they were not able to issue notification, they have only take measures to safe guard prime minister house, and all the cabinet ministers were in there safe houses.

    Governments never agitate in such a manner, they have declared holiday just for the sake of getting votes, Miss Hina Rabbani Khar has also done nothing, high officials could have celebrated the day like any other national day. Millions of people in Turkey have staged demonstration, and they came out on the streets like the way we did, but not even a single bulb was broken, this is called agitation from civilized Muslims. It is a matter of integrity of all religions, this could be challenged in United Nations, and have discussed limitations for the freedom of speech and expression. Terry Jones and Nakoula remained successful and as nation we are failed once again protestors who kept coming in hoards defying the barricades and tilting the containers placed to block their way. Police looked helpless in controlling the situation and at places had to withdraw to safety to escape the wrath of the protestors. Is this the way to record our discontent and what message has we given to the world as a nation?

    We have burnt the church of Christians, first we looted liquor store and then burnt it, tarnish petrol pumps, banks and store in a very same passion, this is the message we have given to the world, that Muslims could do that, and for what? to show love for Prophet? What kind of love is this?

    We must extant apology to the families of diseased, and seek forgiveness from Allah Subahahu Talla for our wrong deeds, we must apologies Prophet Mohammad Sallah-o-Elahi Wassallam, as we have disgraced him by killing Muslims, in the sacred month of Zeqa’ad, even non Muslims don’t kill or fight wars during this month. As Prophet Muhammad PBUP said Oh! Kaba you are very precious to us, but the lives of Muslims are even more precious.

    All current talk shows and videos of Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain can be watched online on his official website

  • orakzai110

    یوم عشق رسول کے موقع پر جو کچھ پاکستان میں سپاہ یزید نے کیا اب یہ نعرہ لگانا ہوگا:

    گستاخ رسول، گستاخ صحابہ

    سپاہ صحابہ، سپاہ صحابہ

    ۔16ستمبر 2012 فاتح خیبر علی مرتضٰی کے پیروکاروں نے امریکی قونصلیٹ پر لبیک یا رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کا پرچم نصب کر کے جنگ جیت گئے۔


    ۔21ستمبر 2012 کو یزید ی پٹھو کالعدم جماعتوں کے دہشتگرد ناموس پیغمبر صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کو بھول کر مال غنیمت جمع کر تے رہے۔

  • calico

    If you Deny HOLOCAUST…………They would hung you by the BALLS??

    Freedom of Speech has Limitation……………………..But you have to have BALLS??

    Most of Muslim Leaders have………………………………Vasectomy

    Weak/Beggar/Greedy/Superficial/…………………….Dentine to Suffer, which they Must.

    Corrupt LEADERSHIP Part of Conspiracy….……???

    Accountability including Generals….GINS

    Level Plain Field for everyone……….No to Dynasty/Nepotism

    Stop Begging…….IMF/LOANS…….Stashing in Oversees Banks

    Stop Corruption…….Fringe benefits to Darbaries…..Rasheed Weasel ….NOW

    Stop Money laundering…………..Oversees……Zardari/Nawaz/GINS

    Tax …………………………Crooks……Political Mafia

  • waseeq

    Aamir liaquat is zinda bad.God bless him.

  • waseeq

    It is only one Kill Zardari.All looter back by Zardari.

  • honest1

    these firqa parast shatain mullah and ZARDARI choor NAWAZ nora aur hakomat

    ka sath deny wali sab parties zimah dar hain is sab tabhae ki……hamari hope umeed

    ab IMRAN ha…..wo INSHALLAH in sab choor dakoo corrupt mafiaz parties se jaan

    churaya ga..is mulk aur awam ki…….

  • Jhon Smith

    Only Imran Khan Lead The Rally today(friday) against blasphemy movie in Islamabad.

    Where was Nawaz Sharif and Shabiz Sharif??

    Where was Zardari???

    NAWZ SHARIF AND ZARDARI both are American Touts and can not talk against USA. I think both are not true Muslim

    They gave money to media to not SHOW IMRAN KHAN ISLAMABAD RALLY….

  • honest1

    Kal ka din bohat muqadas aur hemiat ka hamal tha..ham ne gustakhane RASOOl

    ko btana tha ke ham apnay NABI PAK k lia apni janain bhi nisar kar saktay hain..lekan

    sad afsoos…ke firqa parast mullah…shataini firqa parsat tanzeems…currupt parties

    ,leaders..from..PPP.PMLN.Q.ANP.JUI..ne mil kar is mubarak din ko black day mien

    badal diya…ye hamari behisiat qoum..musalman…munafiqat.riya kari..ki wajah se howa…in ghatia mullah aur siyasat dano ne is din ko siyasat k lia use kiya..koi bhi

    kal NAMOSAY RASALAT ke lia nahi..belkay..begunah msaoum kalmah goh.muslims ko shaheed aur

    chori dekati.lout ke lia akhtay howay they..sharam ati ha mujhay in lambi lambi

    darhi walay munafiq mullah ko musalman kehtay howay….sirf IMRAN ko dekha ha

    us ne apni raily mien sab ko tahamul aur aqal se kam lenay k lia kaha..baqi sab tu

    shataini tola tha..islam ke labadey mien….ALLAAH ham sab ki halat par reham kray.