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  • jalismirza

    Dr Aamir Liaquat for int’l laws on blasphemy

    LAHORE: Geo TV anchor and religious scholar Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain has demanded legislation at the international level to stop blasphemy, and said that the respect of mankind is linked with the respect of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

    Addressing a ceremony on the topic ‘Respect of Mankind’, Aamir Liaquat Hussain said here on Sunday that those who had perpetrated blasphemy had in fact strangled the entire humanity. He said that respect could be learnt from the teachings of Islam. However, he said, there could not be any compromise on the respect of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He said flag bearers of humanity had themselves plunged into inhumanity at the moment.

    Expressing grief over the incidents of deaths and damage to the public property during the protests against blasphemous movie, Dr Aamir said that people had in fact hurt themselves in the name of protests. He said that we were getting fanatic and were busy in searching wrongdoings of others rather than correcting ourselves.

    Calling for unity in Muslims ranks, he said it was high time the Muslims rose to the occasion to stop those who were indulging in nefarious acts. He said it was regrettable that heads of 56 Islamic states of the world could not play their role in introducing legislation to stop the blasphemous acts. He further said that we should also take all the steps to ensure respect of humanity and call for legislation and give full support to the award of capital punishment to anyone who committed blasphemy.

    Ataul Haq Qasmi said that acting against the teachings of Allah and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was tantamount to blasphemy. He lauded Dr Amir and said the he could play a vital role in bringing about a change in the society through his lectures.

    Intellectuals and religious scholars, including Irhsad Ahmed Arif, Sohail Warraich, Maulana Raghib Hussein Naeemi and Ziaul Haq Naqshbandi, also spoke on the occasion.

  • Delawer Abbas

    I Really appreciate to Dr.Aamir Liaquat he is doing a great job for Muslim. He is educating people to be one nation.we must support him.

    We never have adopted diplomatic resolution to this problem, and for the past 15 days we haven't recorded strong protest to the diplomats of USA. Efforts

    of our religious scholars were not up to the mark, they should have get united on the issue, and instead of various flags, if we came out on one plate form,

    we could have save precious lives of our brethren.

    This show and other videos can be watch on Dr. Aamir Liaquat’s official website: http://www.aamitliaquat.com

  • saveranadeem6

    Dr Aamir liaquat is real face of Islam and he is doing very well work Allah give him strength

    I visited his site http://www.aamirliaquat.com very informative and good website.

  • Shaws

    Dr. Amir Liaquat is right in pointing out culprits involved in violent agitation, and agencies are definitely involved in these rallies, otherwise what was the point to shut down all cellular companies in Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore and Islamabad, agitation was carried out in other cities too, but in these major cities, violence was monitored by various law enforcement agencies, for example Rangers in Karachi, banks, and petrol pumps were looted and then torched but Rangers have done nothing to stop them???

    Core reason was to sent a message to United States, that the money they had been paying for Nato supplies is well justified, as agencies have to control this kind of agression from masses ………… but what is think tank in Islamabad thinking that people don't get what they are doing on the name of Prophet Mohammad Sallalaho Ellehi Wassallam??

    This is really too much, if they wish to lick the shoes of their God USA, then they should try someother mean to justify their lust for US dollars, they have chosen wrong day and issue this time.

  • honest1

    Kal ka din bohat muqadas aur hemiat ka hamal tha..ham ne gustakhane RASOOl

    ko btana tha ke ham apnay NABI PAK k lia apni janain bhi nisar kar saktay hain..lekan

    sad afsoos…ke firqa parast mullah…shataini firqa parsat tanzeems…currupt parties

    ,leaders..from..PPP.PMLN.Q.ANP.JUI..ne mil kar is mubarak din ko black day mien

    badal diya…ye hamari behisiat qoum..musalman…munafiqat.riya kari..ki wajah se howa…in ghatia mullah aur siyasat dano ne is din ko siyasat k lia use kiya..koi bhi

    kal NAMOSAY RASALAT ke lia nahi..belkay..begunah msaoum kalmah goh.muslims ko shaheed aur

    chori dekati.lout ke lia akhtay howay they..sharam ati ha mujhay in lambi lambi

    darhi walay munafiq mullah ko musalman kehtay howay….sirf IMRAN ko dekha ha

    us ne apni raily mien sab ko tahamul aur aqal se kam lenay k lia kaha..baqi sab tu

    shataini tola tha..islam ke labadey mien….ALLAAH ham sab ki halat par reham kray.

  • calico

    If you Deny HOLOCAUST…………They would hung you by the BALLS??

    Freedom of Speech has Limitation……………………..But you have to have BALLS??

    Most of Muslim Leaders have………………………………Vasectomy

    Weak/Beggar/Greedy/Superficial/…………………….Dentine to Suffer, which they Must.

    Corrupt LEADERSHIP Part of Conspiracy….……???

    Accountability including Generals….GINS

    Level Plain Field for everyone……….No to Dynasty/Nepotism

    Stop Begging…….IMF/LOANS…….Stashing in Oversees Banks

    Stop Corruption…….Fringe benefits to Darbaries

    Stop Money laundering…………..Oversees……Zardari/Nawaz/GINS

    Tax …………………………Crooks……Political Mafia

  • Fara ali

    Dr. Amir Liaquat has expressed deep concern and sorrow over recent wake of violence, in which 29 people were killed and 89 got injured, this carnage took place in Pakistan, during protest against the blasphemous film on the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW). On national and international media including largest media group of Pakistan, Geo Television Network, Express News, ARY News, BBC Urdu and Dawn News, famous religious scholar Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain have said;

    “We have ruined everything by showing such unacceptable violent behavior, and as nation we portray very wrong image on international level, we are followers of Mohammad Sallah-o-Elaihi Wassallam, and we have done everything against His teachings and will, we have burnt and damage properties of our own Muslim brothers, have shed our own blood and for what? To show love for our Prophet Sallah-o-Elahi Wassallam?? And actual blasphemers remained unharmed and unconcerned by our protestation?

    Terry Jones and Nachola remained successful and as nation we are failed once again protestors who kept coming in hoards defying the barricades and tilting the containers placed to block their way. Police looked helpless in controlling the situation and at places had to withdraw to safety to escape the wrath of the protestors. Is this the way to record our discontent and what message have we given to the world as a nation?

    We must extant apology to the families of diseased, and seek forgiveness from Allah Subahahu Talla for our wrong deeds, we must apologies Prophet Mohammad Sallah-o-Elahi Wassallam, as we have disgraced him by killing Muslims, in the sacred month of Zeqa’ad, even non Muslims don’t kill or fight wars during this month.

    Millions of people in Turkey have staged demonstration, and they came out on the streets like the way we did, but not even a single bulb was broken, this is called agitation from civilized Muslims.

    Dr. Amir Liaquat has conducted two hours live special transmission on Geo network and have rendered forgiveness on the behave of whole Pakistani nation, and seek forgiveness from Allah Subhanahu Talla, he was accompanied by renown religious scholars from Pakistan.

    You can watch latest videos on recent crises on his official website http://www.amirliaquat.com

  • GoodDeedsLeadTo

    Fundamnetally, we have to become stronger, and that is the only solution to problem.

    I think HN is right on the bulls eye.

    You canot be stronger without personal accountablity, the fundamental requirement of being a a true Muslim.

    It is the continual realization of being accountable to Allah, that keeps a person from commiting sins, vices, corruption.

    Without this sense of accountablity, one is munafiq.

    And, munafiq is worse than kafir. Kafir never claims to be Muslim, at least. He will get his deserts in the akhira, there should be no doubt about that.

    If we look at ourselves first, we will find out why are we not strong, and why thses sick minded people pull these kind of stunts from time to time, and the western government don't try to stop it.

    Exept few sick minded people, white trash, I have not met Americans who support such behaviour.

    Americans are really good people in general, such things are from few small minds, sick people, hateful people.

  • sar

    then why are there the "red zones" in Pakistani cities?

  • luz

    well anyalises from HASAN NISAr

  • honest1

    i already told you.ke ye sab firqa parsat mullah….tanzeemo…aur PPP..PMLN.Q.ANP

    JUI..in mien koi bhi na mulk se na hi deen se mukhlas ha….ham log bohat baray

    munafiq aur riya kar log hain..ham zardari choor…nawaz nora ko vote detay hain

    deenay islam mien fitna qatalo gharat… kartay hain firqa parasti mien…ham un

    shatain mullah..aur tanzeemo….ko support kartay hain…is lia ye jitnay bhi log

    aur mullah they aaj.ye NAMOSAY RASALAT ke lia nahi banks lotney aur masooum logo ko

    shaheed…karnay ke lia aya they….in sab madrsa ke mullah na tu musalman..hain

    aur na hi ye pakistani hain.ye sirf…shatain ka tola ha jo islam ke nam par hamaray

    deen k ander aa chukay.hain…ALLAAH in sab mullah ko tabah o barbad karay


  • [email protected]

    I think its the second last part of this progrmae where Amir Liaqat says Ibn e Khatal was not Gustakh. But here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kj1lBMiWNuE he says Ibne Khtal was Gustakh. Ye kesay Aalim e Deen hn hmaray jo kbi kuch or kbi kuch frma datay hn

  • [email protected]

    Watch the last part of this programme. and here I am providing the link where Amir Liaqat is saying completely opposit about Ibn-e-Khatal in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbblqlA_OlI