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  • Hussain Tahir

    Is this the anchor? O sham on you yar a street kid can talk more than a you, He was really man with you who just only said idiot, but the fact is you are duffer and a fool, You dont know from where some of you bloody anchors getting paid, they even changed the slogan of PAK, Pakistan ka matlab kia…..SUCH A DUFFER YOU ARE WAJAHAT :(

  • MindTrust

    I just can't stop laughing at Wajahat when Zaid Hamid rightly called him an "Idiot". I am surprise to see that Wajahat shows little or no professionalism when taking interviews. At times his face clearly showing anger and he just seems to going in circle about getting himself clear from mindless ransacked Pakistani media. If I had my way I would've called him a retard!

    At the same time even though Zaid Hamid's doctrine seems like a Clarion, I just don't wish his fears come true. Pakistan Zindabad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jehanzeb.mahar Jehanzeb Mahar

    Idiot zaid hamid, always saying that India is going to attack within few months.Said the same thing in this programme. Years passed away, but his few months didnt end

  • Abdullah Mustafa

    ZAid HAmid is a patriot person….

  • Khan Afridi

    he is pathetic ignorant mullah who dont have knowledge and claiming himself to be a patriot. how can ppl believe him that Pak army has themselves called that we are allies of US and this stupid mullah call US enemy. he should go and protest infront of GHQ instead of barking like a mullah from TV..


    HypnoDoc you hit nail on the head, you are absolutely spot on about this douche Wajahat. Actually, he is from Karachi Grammar School, and Gramarians think too much of themselve, they have this snobbish attitude and they like to put everyone down.

    I am just glad about the fact that Zaid Hamid didn't allow this baldy douche to dominate him for a second and didn't allow him to ruffle his feathers when he asked personal questions or hit him below the belt.

    This douche is just a bully. Does anyone remember how he conducted Haider Abbass Rizvi's interview, it was full of defference and fear as everyone knows the tolerance level of MQM and what they are capable of doing if someone asks pointed questions.

    Zaid Hamid has courage of convictions and can take a stand on issues no matter how controversial they may be regardless of the merit of this arguments l have all the respect for him and wish him the best because he never allows these so called journalists or rather paid dallals to sap his mission/spirits.

  • Joshua

    Please Stop using word We/ Ham… for your own self. I saw your all videos and your answer about We was dishonest.

    Please also tell Islamic background of long hairs

    • ali sufuan

      dont talk without study … Prophet Muhammed PBUH used to keep long hair

      • Joshua

        Ali Sufuan @ read before answering. I did not talk without studying but Asked a Question to learn.

        How will you justify Ham or We of this guy

  • khaleeq

    Wajahat really a duff idiot

  • khaleeq

    Salute to Pak army

  • khaleeq

    Zaid Sb Allah ki madad app k saath

    ha koi app ko roswa ni sktakr

  • khaleeq

    shame on all so called liberal Idiots

  • khaleeq

    Salute to every Patriot