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Off The Record (one day enough for Youm-e- Ishq-e-Rasool ?) – 20th September 2012

Kashmala Tariq, Hafiz Saeed, Allama Ameen Shahidi, Jamshed Dasti(PPP), Fareed Paracha(Jamat) Joins Kashif Abbasi – 20th September 2012

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  • sunny001

    My muslim brothers cant u feel that we have fucking indian and jews cunts. You can see thier comments. They are flowing us in here. you guys be carfull about these indians and jews.

  • gulamzohra

    Dear Brother & sister in Islam

    I was pleased to see so many of Pakistais came out to protest but was disappointed to see as well violance and damage to the property including loss of life. This protest also contained protest against current corrupt and undemocratic government. There is lawlesessnes in the country. Citizen of Pakistan are not given security and safety because few in government close t Zardari are leading the country in violance and poverty infact this is going on after the death of our great leader Jinah. Untill Feudal system exsist inb Pakistan the situation will become more unstable and poverty, injustice will grow(a medeval system in which people held land from Lord, and in return work onb land and fought for him). This system do not care for education,health and justice and ignore other social issues.

    I think memory of Pakistani is very poor and forgotton when Zardari use take his dead wife photo everywher even he took in UN assembly. This SHAHEED family, what about our innocent Citizen daily becom Shaheed. It is as crime to say anything in Pakistan about this family as denial of Holocost in the west. No religious leader uptill now have proper explained defenition of a Shaheed in Islam.

    Lets take our next door country India. In Hindu and Sikhism they believe in Shahadet.

    Mahatma Ghandi, Indra Ghandi (she was primminister at the time of death) Indra Gandhi both son died, all these were not stated or called Shaheed in India even Pandit Jower lal Nehru.

    Zardari know very well who killed his wife ( i beleive she nver liked him when she was alive. Few politician close to Zardari these enjoy all the power and wealth know who is the killer. Nation have not heard yet who killed her. She was not primeminister at the time of her death. She was trying tomoblise people support to become future primeminister not fighting for Islam. If you notice all these people are well cared by Zardari. Where is UNO and British investigation?. He own a Billion dollars property n Dubai apart from other countries.

    Now take Dum looking former prime Minister has no personalaty. Not least intlectual . Always try to expolite Religion. Who let people of Pakistan down by agreeing to American to stop war in Kargil. His brother is full of emotions hold so many ministries in Punjab government getting huge salaries and benefits. His son and family members are corrupt including Brothers.

    By the American dont like him and do not wish to see him holding any top job in the government. Onlr Saudi Corrupt self made Kings like him. Saudis next of kin are American there second incom is from Muslims who visit Saudia for religious ritchuals.

    Pakistanis, stand up for Justice ,Equality, Rights, Freedom and Democracy which is denied by these politiciions. Our people have talent, and can make Pakistan prosper by working hard and majority are well capeable and can compete with anny pther world. Pakistan Paindabad.

  • honest1

    han jab tak apnay ander se firqa parast tanzeem aur corrupt tola of mafias…like

    ZARDARI choor dakoo….NAWAZ…..jhota munafiq..nora..se jan nahi churaya gein

    aur in ki support band nahi karay gein…..tu ham jo NAMOSAY RASALAT ke lia jitna

    bhi bool rehay hain..wo sab riya kari munafiqat aur siyasat ke siwa kuch nahi haa

    ham PPP.PML N,Q.ANP JUI…aur firqa parast shatain mullah aur tanzeemo ki support

    bhi karya in ko vote bhi dey..aur ham dawah karay ke ham NAMOSAY RASALAT.k

    lia jaan bhi dey gein..ye sirf hamari riya kari ha.aur kuch nahi..jab ham na mulk se

    na ALLAH ke deen se mukhlas hain then how come we say we are defender of


  • orakzai110

    اسلام آباد ریڈزون کے مناظر ہیں جہاں کھلے عام کالعدم سپاہ صحابہ کے دہشتگرد کلاشکوف لے کر گھوم رہے ہیں۔

    جب ریڈزون میں یہ حالت ہے تو پھر یہ دہشتگرد عام علاقوں شہروں میں کس وحشیانہ طریقے سے غنڈہ گردی

    کرتے ہونگے۔۔۔۔۔ سوچے

  • calico

    If you Deny HOLOCAUST…………They would hung you by the BALLS??

    Freedom of Speech has Limitation……………………..But you have to have BALLS??

    Most of Muslim Leaders have………………………………Vasectomy

    Weak/Beggar/Greedy/Superficial/…………………….Dentine to Suffer, which they Must.


    Accountability including Generals

    Level Plain Field for everyone……….No to Dynasty/Nepotism

    Stop Begging…….IMF/LOANS

    Stop Corruption…….Fringe benefits to Darbaries

    Stop Money laundering…………..Oversees

    Tax …………………………Crooks

  • calico

    Political Wizard/Smartness/Experience……Scammed /stole the most of Public Funds and left no trace..……….Nawaz/Zardari/Gilani/Diesel/ANP/MQM/Generals

    Prove it………Take it to the Courts…..Political victimization…..

    CROOKS Tampered.…INVESTIGATION, Witnesses and No Accountability Laws..?

  • Mo

    Huzoor ki zaat hum insano ki sataish aur tareef se bala tar hai jis ki tareef khud allah rub ul izzat apni muqadus kitab quran me kerta hai ke wo aur sub farishte un per har waqt doorood o salaam bhejte hain un ke leye hum ghuannagar log kiya kerne ke qabil hain na kisi ke mazaq urane se unka kuch bigar sakta hai jo ye zalil harkat kerta hai apna hi nuqsan kerta hia wo pak hasti to apne rab ke pas jannat me hain is dunya me jo kuch bhi ho raha hai unko sub pata hai.ye hum jese musalmano ki aazmaish hai ke ham is ko rokne ke leye kiya kerte hain. Is waqt dunya me do arb musalman hain ager aaj ye faila ker len ki wo america ya europe ki bani hui koi cheeze nahin khareeden ge to un mulkon ko nani yad aa jae. Kiya hum ye ker sakte hain is hangama aaraai se unka kuch nahin bigarne wala apna hi nuqsan hai.kerna hai to wo karo jiska asar inki jaib per pere. Phir wo apne mulk me khud ye qanoon banen ge ke koi aisi baat na ho jis se musalman naraz hon. sharat ye hai sub milker keren tab asar hoga warna nahin.

  • a patriot

    Pakistanis are presenting a spectre of a nation on auto self-destruction mode. The maulvis thrive the the environment of poverty, disillusionment, agitation, lack of governance, etc, we must not let them to take advantage of ongoing situation. PNA's movement resulted into Zia's ascent to power, the consequences of which we are suffering till today.

    Media needs to educate the masses, not agitate.

  • gulamzohra

    Dear Readers

    This recent insult against Islam is a calculated terrorism. Protest is MUST but peacful no violance, no damage to anybody property, protest as Islam suggest. How a Muslim should behave.

    Government of Pakistan and all other so called political parties are taking apportunity to stir things. Innocent people of Pakistan are expolited by them.Zardari Government and his TOA is not seriously interested to do anything againest American and neither Army because they all are paid hansomly by USA. Saudi Arabia who claim they are Guardian of Islam is one of the rich Arabs who protect Americn and Isreal. Who paid to remove Col Gadaffi and creating trouble in Syria. Saudi,Qatri,Kuwati and other self created AMEER and responsible for insult of Islam. All these earn Intrest from lending money buying Banks, property hotels and rececourses and other Intrest making businesess.

    Currently, United Nation is in session in America and Zardari is there representin people of Pakistan. He should moblise Musim countries and table a resolution to condem this insult againest Islam and try to pass a resolution to forbid any Insult againest any Religion of the world in a same way as Jews or zionist have manage to pass the resolution to forbid talking about or denial about HOLOCAUST which took place during the 2nd World War by Nazi in Europe Pakistan Government should summon American Ambassador and protet very strongly and even threat withdrawal of American Ambassador from Pakistan. We must show calmness,wisdom and intelegence to resolve this issue. Emotions and sentiments not always woks. People of Pakistani should prepare to organise to get rid of these corrupt Politicion, Landlords to bring revolution without mass elimination of these Corrupt and liars, there will not be AMAN and prospeeity and poor will not get their rights. We have to change the system. We have no religion and Democracy in Pakistan. We all Pakistani, whatever your faith is should be abl to practice in peace and Life and property should be guarantee ,as our Constitution say,secure. Every Pakistani hould be respected and abide by rule of Law of the land.


    حکومت نے یوم عشق رسول صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم منا کر عوام کا غصہ تھنڈہ کرنے کی کوشش کی ہے جب کہ پس ہردہ یہ اُن سے معافی مانگ رہے ہوں گے ہماری ہر سانس اورہر دن آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم پر قربان

  • amanbrar

    These muslims are sooooo dumb, stupied and brain dead and they prove over and over again. They are burning and distroying their own property. It is like you are fighting some one and salpping your own face. How dumb is that.

    By the way Happy Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) to all Pakstani muslims. May Jewish Lord bless you, protect you and give you some wisdom.

    • Fahid aslam

      what a comment, can you tell me any thing regarding Holocaust Mr. jew, my email adress is [email protected] if you are champions of wisdom then lets talk on the basis of some logic not bullshits like cartoons and films, i respect all prophets and all books send by GOD of whole universe, i think you have different GOD than other universe, this my challenge if you have logic then contact me on my email ID i will respond any of your question logically and will prove that Jews and Christians are the terrorists of the world, waiting for your reply on my email ID if you are true

      • iffitheking

        Why the hell you are even talking about Holocaust, don't give that example, because it is self refuting, because tomorrow if they if they decide to abandon the law of Holocaust.. then it will be alright to bash Muhamamd??? you are stupid, nothing is in favor of Holocaust, the law is about not to pass Racial and hatred comments, because you can make fun of Jews religion they have made fun of Moses in many hollywood movies, In US and other countries if they racist because you are Asian or south Asian that is a crime, making comment about holocaust is against the race of jews.. hence its a valid law..

      • amanbrar

        We already know what a stupid and igenorant muslims are you don;t have to prove it you dumb ass porki. Holocoust is open trouth every one know. But you muslims are so dumb and stupied don't know any thing about reality. Get your head out of your dumb porki ass you will under stand.

        • Fahid aslam

          then come for dialog, if you understand and then i will tell you all Jews and Christians are actually the terrorists

          • amanbrar

            you don't have to tell us we know and see on TV every day who is terrerest. It's muslims. If you don;t want to admit them keep living in 3rd century .

        • Fahid aslam

          ok, Muslims are terrorists….. know give me answer of few questions, why all Jews are on vacation on 9/11 day????? , if you have sense then please tell me is the failure of world trade center is due to airplane striking?? failure due to airplane striking is like this??? on which basics Israel is a country in Arab??? what is proof that usama bin laden have been killed in Pakistan? why Americans has not publically declare his pictures… i have more questions if you want to talk this is my open challenge i will prove that Jews and christian are terrorists my email ID is given above any body who want to accept my challenge can contact me

    • F Khan Jani

      if u r a pakistani so shamefull and mean human u r? here we are crying for the dignity of all the religions over the world and just come and buck buck here. stupid person u r and don't these stupid words again or otherwise u will be punished properly if me or someone else found you. b carefull

      • amanbrar

        Punish me … hahahaha. What a dumb ass porki you are. Oh what elis any one can expect form muslim religion on terrerest. We belive in freedom and freedom of speach. We don,t care about you and your stupid thought.