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  • urzusman1

    very right i agree…in 107 ODI his strike rate is only 68 and average is 26.can u imagine?he is opner of world class team…he has no strokes like imran nazir Ahmad shahzad and awais zia..if he does good bowling bring him down at number 6 opner strike should be at least 85 and average should be 40 in ODIs he got same record of t 20, we need dashing opners but he always dance against good bowling attacks….

    • waqarahmedkhan

      100 % agree, thats what i always say, he is too slow as a opener. In ODI his strike rate is 67 which makes him slowest opener in the world, slower than zimbabwe and bangladesh's openers. In 20 20 his strike rate is 110 which also make him slowest opener in the world alongside with zimbabwe's opener who is also on 110. and the worse part is that he turns an easy match into difficult one, people call him professor but this man is dumb. he never had a great plan tough he always pretend that he is thinking a lot

    • waqarahmedkhan

      he is worse than misbah. u guys will find out soon. this guy is pathetic

  • longlivePakistan

    very bad,i don'nt agree with that,Muhammad hafeez is very talented newcomber,although misbah is not sutable with bating he plays very slow,but i think Muhammad hafeez is not like misbah,he is a good bowler,good filder with good batsman,agaar kabi kabar koi ghalti ho jia to maaf ker dana chahia,maybe vo ayanda apni ghalti sa kuch sikh saka.her aik ka picha asa hath dho ker nahi per jana chahia.

  • real_man_2010

    All media should be ban for one year.

  • eagle

    very true.hes now a big ass took took. the main danger is this that this turtle ask a firy player like imrazn nazir asking him to play like to be a tok tuk.someone told this duffer that imran nazir is a fast player u cant ask him to play silent.ur destroying him by ur stupid suggestions.n forgadesake dont come openner if u cant hit the ball.

    ur discouriaging imran nazir too.u better send afridi and imran nazir they r best opener for t20.

  • Pakistani_1

    Pathetic reporting….. sometimes it really feels that these Channels are not Pakistani… Instead of standing behind the Team as they are going to start the WC.. these Idiots are doing false reporting..

  • rashid79

    yar kise ko tu chor do praise ur hero,s he is our team kaptan so give him respect