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Aapas ki Baat with Najam Sethi – 20th September 2012

Watch Latest Aapas ki Baat with Najam Sethi – 20th September 2012

  • redbullz00

    Aapas Ki Bakwaas!!!

  • calico

    Political Wizard/Smartness/Experience……Scammed /stole the most of Public Funds and left no trace..……….Nawaz/Zardari/Gilani/Diesel/ANP/MQM/Generals

    Prove it………Take it to the Courts…..Political victimization…..

    CROOKS Tampered.…INVESTIGATION, Witnesses and No Accountability Laws..?

  • usmanakbar123

    Nawaz sharif ZindaBad

    Pmln Zindabad

    I am Just worried that the corrupt lotaas from PTI are joining Pmln which is not good for party.

    I Think Nawaz sharif should not accept these garbage. I am confident that Pmln with the Grace of Allah (S.W.T) can win upcoming election with out these seasonal politicians.

    Bless Nawaz sharif

    Bless Pakistan.

  • pti meri jan

    Shit program…

  • faisalyamin

    nice program ,yar tell me one thing pti wallon ki chowan kiyou sard jati hain when some one speaks good about navaz shareef ? plz answer me any pti chaela

    • http://www.insaf.pk G mair G

      faisalyamin sahab kina to boht koh tha lakin

      jo apka hal comment parh kay hea apna to btaooooooo

  • warraich1853

    this oldman have chirhia like riaz malik

  • calico

    SHALLOW MAN what is IN for ME…………….PUBLIC nowhere in the Picture.

    Hoti’s Loyalty = = = = = = = = = = = I/ME/MY

    I ………..Should be promised…………….MNA Ticket/Protocols

    ME……..Public Service…………………..Not ME

    MY……..Public Funds…………………..MY Job….Yes….Yes…Yes…..

  • abdul.66

    Apnai barai b btao k Ra sai pasai liyai thai Baad jab poucha Gaya tho kaha nai onho nai diyai Thai mujai nai PTA tha Kis kam k pasai hain or aag ik shakhas k oper ilzam lagana ye b pasai ka mamla lagta hai Kun k Baad mean aap nai kehna hai k mujai nai ptha tha CAWAL ADMI NA HO

  • abdul.66

    Shit program

  • abdul.66

    Shit p

  • Shoaib Aslam

    A.Q Khan is Mohsin E Pakistan But he is not a Farishta…….. Sethi Sb has talked with facts and figures if someone has to criticise him than he must adopt the same way…………….

  • Shoaib Aslam

    A.Q Khan is Mohsin E Pakistan but he is not a frishta……Sethi sahb has talked with facts and figures….. If someone has to criticise him, than he must do in the same way……..

  • calico


    PPP/PML, both are two sides of the same coin, Corruption, and Deception, Lying and Flying with stolen money from PAKISTAN to ENGLISTAN

  • naveed

    Certified advisor to Malik Riaz and company. You have tried it again and again to involve CJ in this mess. For your frustration it did'nt work. Malik Riaz, Abidi, Sharjeel Maymona etc. are given the agenda against CJ. Their investigation is disturbing you. It was a trap against CJ. For your information, real Directors and Script writers of this dirty attack are about to be unvieled. I won't be surprised to see your name in that list.

  • golle

    cj koo tu koi salut nahee woo ik dakoo hia

    • minhasnaseer

      AQ Khan ki phely bat sach kyoun ky wo Banazeer ky khlaf hy

      Dosri bat jhoot kyoun ky wo Sathy ky baap nawaz ky khlaf hy.

      Wah bey sathy tery kya kany.

      • minhasnaseer

        Acha tumary chria ny tumy India ky dhmaky ky barry maan bee batya?

        wasy tumary chrai tu zayada news USA sy laty hy.

      • Sheekhs

        @minhasnaseer Ap bilkul thik kah rahay hey Mujay ya Samaj nahi ati hey ya Sub log Corrupt Leaders k Pichay kiyo jatay hey Zaida Paisay miltay hey or Waisay b Najam Saithi ko kon Ahmiyat daita hey i dont think soo..

  • Never_lose_hope

    In part !, at around 11:10, this foreign sponsored "intellectual" is not condemning the practice of insulting our dear prophet (PBUH) by certain quarters in the west, but rather asking for " moderation and tolerance" by Pakistani muslims. Allah ki Lanat ho mazhab or watan kay gaddaron per!

  • nadeemiqbal

    Only put supporting words to PTI and dont give ur commetnts on other people comments.BCZ this is waste of time and giving value to your opponents.

    PTI zinda bad,Pakistan Zinda bad

    • arifwaheed80

      Najam sethi apnay MAFAD ke liya tum her doosre hafte America bhagte rehte ho ab jab NAMOS,E RESALAT ka masla peda hogia hay to kiyu nahi jaker LOBING karke waha bare bare muslim doctor ,lawyers,engineers ,businessmens, se milker USA supreme court mai,n rit dakhil karke ke IN KAMO,N se kroro,n mulsalmano ki DILAZARI hoti hay is liya is per pabandi lagane ki koshish hi kar dalo mager tum kaha,n APNE AQAWO ko naraz karogay tumhara asal kam to Pakistani qum mai,n MAYUSI phelana hay

  • sar

    why mince words say it out loud it is the truth,,,when Bhutto plane stopped in N.Korean Caoital it was not for "refuelling" …what was loaded up in the plane was billions of US dollars for m/s Benazir Bhutto who the took it all into her and Zardari Bank Accounts abroad…same time the then General Karamat got his share of 3 million dollars too……it is this thing that Zardari keeps saying that he will never write "That Letter'…..cuz that will lead to all the monies the Zardari-Bhuttoo made and expose their corruption

  • Ali_ss

    such a retard,, this old man

  • salah13

    IDM not downloading Dailymotion Videos ??