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  • Sadaf Jamal

    Nawaz Sharif seems badly caught in nostalgia. Times have changed but he is still stuck with Zardari’s corruption, PPP’s misgovernance and military phobia. Who is not aware of the rampant corruption in the country? Who is not worried about it? But what better solution Nawaz Sharif has to offer except himself? He does not have any visionaries around him. The few good and educated people he has are overshadowed by the hawks in his party, the majority of whom could be described, at best, as good street fighters. The AJK election should be a wake-up call for him as his mantra of fighting against corruption has no buyers anymore. Nawaz Sharif is very much proving that he is a true offspring of Zia’s dictatorship. After seeing the election results in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir, he has read the writing on the wall. After the Sariki province demand in south Punjab, he has no chance in the next election. Just like attacking the SC building, now he may attack national assembly? Looking at his long history of alliances with rightwing parties, no secular party is going to side with PML-N. People know that his party does not have angels either. Mian Sahib, pleas offer something different if you want to survive politically, something novel and progressive to convince the people who are much smarter than you suppose. People still remember that you were stunt man of military and you are clone baby of garrison hatcheries, erstwhile man of agencies and the invader of the Supreme Court and the conqueror of the superior judiciary himself must know he stinks, his politics stinks, his pretences stink and his posturing stinks. And the stench is too pungent for the citizens to stand him any more.

  • azeem_bakhsh

    Leader and all members of Norra League chor badmash!

  • pakistaniMn

    imran ko hee vote mile ga

  • luz


  • calico

    Nawaz/Zardari leaving Pakistan………Spending rest of their life with their long lost Brother Altaf in ENGLISTAN……


  • candid

    Mr. Mahmood (comments below) being paid person of PML (n) media cell you must not lose sight of very basics .

    1. Did he give plot from his pocket – it was for a public welfare project and GOVERNMENT land. So how does it prove as great GOODNESS of nawaz shareef?

    2. Where did he give him the house to live ?? For God’s sake Imran was and is an international celebrity – his just few hrs commentary fetches him huge amounts.

    3. I can go on and on – and against that the shareefs have nothing in credit except corruption and nothing but corruption. Do you need proofs of SROs issued to give monopoly rights to Ittafaq foundries. I would require hrs and hrs to list all wrong doings.

    4. See what Dr. Israr late had to say about shareefs.

    Please be a bit rational so that if you read your own comments you don’t have to cut a sorry figure in your eyes .

    Have a good day and have a few of introspective moments for yourself it will help you shrug off frustration .

    • arifwaheed80

      Is MUAFIQ,E Ganje ka LIBAS dekho London ki tarif karte howe dekho aur karega bhi kiu nahi ASAL ghar to inka London hay bivi bachey bhai sab elaj ke liya oodher jate hay ager is BEHIS QUM mai,n GHAIRAT agai to baqi ki zindagi Ye munafiq Ganje oodher hi gozarengay Pakistan aker kehta hay ke mai,n to bacho,n ka QARAZDAR hoo,n is ke bacho,n ke pas itni dowlat kaha se agai Allah ki lanat ho is MUNAFIQ +MAKKAR per kash Pakistani qum ko ab bhi HOSH ajai

  • abidali

    They have looted public money and kept people ignorant.

  • s mahmood


    • mohammed rafiq


  • s mahmood

    koi chal nhin chala gu yohodiyon ke.mulana tariq jamil na masal di ha kase ka nam nhin liya. imran khan sahib mr u trun apni baat kro . tum na maal khan sa banaya . nawaz sharef tu sayasat min ana sa pahla bhe industrialist tha. imran khan ka pas rahna ka liya ghar nhin tha.wo nawaz sharef sa mangta pharta tha.nawaz sharef na un ko ghar diya.hospital ka liya zamin de.cash diya.imran khan na hospital pr siyasat shro kr le aor nawz shref ka he dushman ho gay.hazrat ali na sahi frmaya ha jis pr ahsan kro us ka shar sa bacho. pakistani bhayo yaqeen kro imran khan ko asif zrdari aor yahodi support kr raha hin nawaz sharef dardi dil rakhna wala admi hin . asi liya imran khan is ka dushman hin. pls pls vot for PLM(N) INSHA ALLAH NEXT GOVERNMENT PMLN MIAN NAWAZ SHAREF ZINDA BAD . YAHODIYON KA GHALAM MURDA BAD YAHODI AGENDA MURDABAD. PMLN ZINDABAD PAKISTAN ZINDABAD NAWAZ SHAREF ZINDABAD.

    • Akku

      Bhai sahab sirf ek sawal ka jawab de do…" Qarz utaro mulk sanwaro " me kitna pesa jama kiya tha "Shareef" sahab ne aur wo pesa kaha he??

      If he is not guilty of this corruption, I will vote and promote NS !

    • My Real Father

      Problem is with your rotten Punjabi feudal operated mind Mr. Bullshit mamoooood. You people are so much prejudice “Kammies” of your masters who first played their role in dis-integrating East Pakistan by the help of “Jamaat e Harami”(calling themself “Islami” Naooz o be ALLAH) and now as the paid agent of USA and keeping different names such as N-League, PTI, PPP and Jamaat e Harami are after remaining Pakistan. Khuda tum logon ko Gharat Karay. Aameen Summa Aameen.

    • arifwaheed80

      S mehmood Imran khan ki sabqa bivi umreh ke liya gai thi jabke Makkah Madina nonmuslim nahi jasakte tum jese bizameero,n ne is mulk ka ye hal kardiya hay is liya to Ganja qum ke sat SHARAMNAK mazaq karta hay ye kehker ke mai,n apney bacho,n ka qarazdar hoo,n qarazdar bap ke beta,n arabpati kese hosakte hay mager tum jese log to ZINDA LASHO,N ke manind ho is liya to JITNA BAR CHOR ITNI BARI MASAB akhir mai,n tum jese BEZAMEERO,N ko ZILLAT hi melagi tum jese log ISI QABILho


    wah wah one of the best city in the world and he bought one of the best house there

  • Jeddi

    Zalil munafiq noora