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Live with Talat on Express News [Muslims Vs America?] – 18th September 2012

Watch Latest Live with Talat on Express News [Muslims Vs America?] – 18th September 2012

  • Truth only

    Ye sab programs aor mubahesey jhoot hein, hum apney pyaarey Rasool Allah se koi mohabat nahi kertey, hum sirf batein kertey aor time to time jab koi aisa waqiya roonama hota hei tou hum sirf na'arey lagatey hein ya phir aik bewakoof pehalwan ki tarha taqat ka muzahira kertey howey dewaar bhi apney hi ouper gira laitey hein, apney hi muslim bhaiyon ko marney lagtey hein aor apni hi imlaak ko tabah kerna shooro ho jatey hein.

    Insaan ko jis se mohabbat hoti hei tou ous ka izhar apney amal se kerta hei, aik dunyavee sachaa ashiq bhi apney mehboob ke pyaar mein tou dhood ki nahrein khod dalta hei, apney jism ka ghoosht kaat khilata hei, jungalon aor biyabaano mein apna mehboob talash kerta hei aor jis se pyaar kerta hei ous ki kushnoodi ke liye ous ki har baat manta hei ous ka har khukam baja lata hei.

    Aor hum tou khud apney aap se bhi sachey nahi… hum ne khud apna zameer hi aik gehri neind sulla diya howa hei ….Rasool Allah se sachi mohabbat aor ishq e haqeeqi aor ous ishq mein dil ki sachaayitou booooooooohaoooooooooot door ki baat hei.

    Hum ne Rasool Allah ki konsi baat maani hei, hum kab oun ki Aouswaay e Husna pe chaley hein aor iss se kiya sabaq seekha hei, hum tou Qur'aan e Kareem ki ayaat e kareema ko restaurant ka menu samjhe ker pasand kertey hein ya phir oun se ankh churaa laitey hein. Hum ne tou Qur'aan e kareem ko bas parhney ki had tak maqdoor kiya hei, iss ke ander ke 'taryaaq' se khud ko kab mustafeez kiya hei.

    Hum tou sab tou sirf apney 'naffss' ke ghulam hei na ke Rasool Allah ke.

    Kiya inn ''da'aimi'' maasayail ka hul sirf ahtejaj aor qarardadein paas kerna hi hei, ya USA ke products ka boycott kerney se hei, ya oun ke embassies jala deney ya ambassadors ko qatl kerney mein hei, aor kiya ye sab pehli dafa howa hei, kiya hum ne pehley bhi aisey mawaqeh pe apna ahtejaj record nahi kerwaya tha….tou ous ka kiya nateejha samney aya …. phir aik aor blasphemy ka event…

    Tou phir hul kiya hei…..?


    (baishakk Allah (swt) sabrr kerney walon ke saath hei)

    Allah (swt) ki zaat e aqdas se madad maanein, WO apney MEHBOOB ki Hurmat ka aor apney ghar ka khud zimadaar hei. ref: sorah 'alfeil'. (The absolute & eternal belief in Allah (swt)

    (Apney islaaf ko behtar banayein, Apney kirdar ko buland kerein, sachaayi ka saath dein aor burayee ko rokein) ref: sorah 'alasr' (The essence of Qur'aan e kareem)

    (Apney Allah (swt) ki Ebadat kerein aor ous se hi madad maangein) ref: sorah 'alfateha' ( The extract of Qur'aan e kareem)

    (Allah (swt) ka har waqt shukkar guzar rahein) ref: sorah 'Rehman' (The merciful and The unanimous creator of the universes)…………….AOR ……….

    Merey Parwardigar ne via apney pyaarey Rasool sari wisdom iss Qur'aan e kareem Kitabul hadaya mein dey tou di hei ….. Tou ab hum ous per amal pairah hi na hoon tou baad mein chillaney aor cheekhney ka kiya matlab aor kiya fa'aidah, aor ba'ad'azan talk shows mein sirf iss conspiracy aor iss ke muharreykat ko define ker leiney se kiya ho jaye ga, hum inn jahannamiyon ka ab kiya bigarr saktey hei….hum tou kaaei sadyoon se pehley hi khud derailed hein tou jo (we the so-called) muslims ke saath ho raha hei faqat humari apni jahalton ka hi shahasana hei.

  • zaiiny brainy

    There is virtually nothing manufactured in the US. The industry is all outsourced. If you do find something then you can probably replace it with something better and cheaper made elsewhere i. e China.

    If you want to boycott American products here is a list.

    Financial and banking systems that suck the blood of the poor and rob the elderly of their pensions.

    Decaying moral and family values

    Hypocrisy of the ruling class

    Spiritual bankruptcy

    America is hostage to the Jewish lobby and it owned by them.

    The president cannot fart without the approval of Jewish lobby.

    What is left is owed to China.

  • FunnyBunny

    Aman Brar you come here again on this site, you are the only one here who use abusive language all the time, why dont you go to the youtube , you will find so many gutters where your type of cockroaches feel happy when they use abusive language, by the way last time i asked one question from you but you didnt answer , no problem i can ask again that how many time you drink cow pee in a day? i found your favourate drink on a youtube unfortunately so dont be so angry.

    • amanbrar

      I just wished you Happy Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) to all Pakstani muslims and asked for blessings from jews god. Where is the abousive language. By the way we only dirink milk and water here. That kind of bad stuff you porkis drink nit us. I know you porkies are Pathological liars it is not your falt. That's why you should read torah may be you will learn some sence.

  • darday pakistan

    salam to all muslims

    mary payary muslim bhio our bahno ma app ko ak bat batana chahtan hon wo yah k musalmano k jitnay bi mulak han un k hukamran sab k sab gandoo han iss leyay ham sab musalman iss cheze ko support kar saktay han wo iss tarha k hum sab musalman usa our israel key sab chezany tarak kar day chahay woo khanay key hon yah pahnany key yah our koi bee cheze jis kay uoper made in usa yah made in israel likha hoo. hum sab musalman yah kar saktay han agar ham chahay. allah un logon ko garak karay jinhon nay app mohmmad (p-b-u-h) kay baray may film banai ha. ameen suma amenn.

  • sar

    all comments endorsed and supported…..just adding this…Pakistan needs a cultural and a social revolution the likes of which have never been seen since 1917 in Russia or that of Maoz Cultural revolution in China…ban the commision agents of foreign corporations in Pakistan whose lloyalties are with their parent countries….with the help of China and Russia all US-Israeli agents and companies in Pakistan can be replaced

  • calico

    Aman bahi,

    Atleast, Jewish are people of the BOOK….. and Cousins….

  • Tanha47

    I agree to boycott US products, no if and no buts. just do it. I know I am not buying anything made in USA. I will make a difference period.

    • naseerahmed

      Boycott? What will you boycott?????? Start from medicine! Can you… I am not writing more… Eat well and sleep to wake up for another day…. It's only because of .america Pakistani surviving and you people bark against your own master…..

      • zaiiny brainy

        What the heck are you smoking. You think you are getting American medicines hahahaha Medical research is done in India and medicines are made in Africa and China.

        • mohsin e watan

          forgive naseerahmed for his ignorance, how many days aid of $ 1.25B, will last for really deserver that is people of Pakistan?? Aid is actually political bribe to politicians/rulers so they can deposit into their offshore accounts, why you know that?? Just imagine out of $1.25B how much acutally people of Pakistan gets?? Just peanuts, minus 37% aid management charges, minus 20% goes to Mr. 10%, minus 15% goes to ministers and remain 20% goes is eaten up by our corrupt government servants, when it reaches to common men it is just 8% of actual aid.

        • mohsin e watan

          amanbrar has "kina & bugas" in his heart against muslims and Pakistan

        • mohsin e watan

          treat "amanbrar" like piece of sh!t, dis-grace him, and treat him like mad d_g, he is holding too much "bugaz & kinda" against muslims and Pakistan.

        • mohsin e watan

          @amanbrar you are gay hind, indian hindu banday pent may mutrum

      • chaudry

        Answer Ahmad …I fully support your Argument that we are only surviving because of US aid and We should not bark against our masters……best wishes…..

  • kalubaba

    Made in USA………….DONT BUY IT.Made in USA ………..DONT BUY IT

    1.5 Billion muslims not buying US goods and srvices just for one day is equal to $3 Billion dollars.No matter how big the American economy is,it will not be able to sustain that kind of loss.It will be American people themselves who will demand from their government to introduce laws to respect the sentiments of Muslims.

    Mulims of the world must unite and hit them where it hurts…Their pockets.

    Violence will malign us as crazy people…………..so no violence please.

    • Mirza

      oh bhai do u kno the fav car of these arabs (gulf) ?

      it was chevy Caprice up until the late 90s n i'm sure it still is

      they luv their SAYARA GAABREECE :)

      so i don't think that we'll ever boycott their products.

      we're HOOKED

  • kalubaba

    Where are all those dollar driven NGOS who talk about human rights.I havent heard any one of them demanding a change in us constituition,whic will prohibit disrespect for our prophet[sallalahu alihe wasallam].

    In the name of freedom of expression,all the westeren nations allow disrespect and insult against islam…………..You dare say a single word against any thing jewish and all the laws will come down hard.

    Double standards,,,,isnt it?Has any NGO raised this point with their Dollar masters?.Off course not.

    I love Rasulullah[sullal lahu alihe wasallam]more than my life,like all the muslims of the world.BOYCOT US GOODS AND SEVICES will be the practical answer to let them know ,what we think about them.

  • golle

    Mr Talat bekwoo mall es dafa ketny meen soda howa

    • Jan786

      Mr talat you are great man we respect you we will pray 4u

    • warraich1853

      mr.talat is the best, honest ,decent and intelligent anchor in all media

  • Mirza

    MQM TERRORISTS r behind these bombings so that they can divert attention from these protests and secure Nato supplies. in return America will order London to take it easy on Imran Farooq's murder case.

    POLITICS it's a DUTTY DUTTY game !!!!

  • Mo

    musalmano me khahan itna dam kham hai ke wo wahid super powwer america se takar len yahan to america ki ghualmi aur chakri per hi iktifa hai. aur us hi me

    khush hain.

    • warraich1853

      ager muslimano main ithaad ho to amercia kuch bhee nehi hai

  • amanbrar

    Happy Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) to all Pakstani muslims. May Rabbi Jewish Lord bless you and protect you.

    • mararaha

      you r a one mother f uck er, go on fu c k you mother.

      • Mirza

        thx mararaha

        isay hindoos ko issi taraha treat karo

      • amanbrar

        We respect our mothers. We are not porki pig like you @mararaha who has no respect for your mother. May Rabbi Jewish Lord give you some wisdom and bless you so you can stop doing bad things to your mother and start respecting her. We will pray for you to our god. Because based on what you write your alla has not going you any wisom or sence.

    • inamsh

      Our Allah is enough to bless not only us but the whole humanity! May Allah guide you and people like you to the correct path. Ameen

    • amanbrar

      @mararaha you are one dumb porki pig who need to get his head out of his porki ass.

      @inamsh we do not any alla's bleesing your alla and muslim only know how ti kill each others. We are blessed with out own gods. As long as you muslim stop killing innocnt people that will be good for whole huminity.

      • sajiddanish242

        you will forget holocaust. you time is come the new holocaust start. you know about

  • luv@pakistan

    Mr aman barar,ignorant jews and there followers like u had made cows when moses went for 40 days,yes u r blessed cuz mosses spent his whole life to to pray to Allah and ask for forgiveness to any act like people like u had always done and yes u r given everything in this life cuz Allah promised mosses for that but Allah says in quran the same quran which is an evidence of ur book and bible that who ever wants everything in this world i will give him everything but they will not have any part in the after life,ur kind of people after seing all the miracles Allah gave mosses denied everything cuz u r ignorant b—–ds and p–s.sorry i cant say the words cuz being a muslim my quran tells me not to abuse others.so laqum deena qum wali adein.u have ur religion and i have mine so we r different but u r so stupid to say my G od has done this and that u dont even know this that God of jesus mosses and Muhammad(pbuh) is the same,go do some research or atleast read ur book carefully,and muslim brothers it is written clearly in surat maida that christians and jews will never accept u and will never be ur friends,so open ur eyes and ignore these kind of idiots.they have only mission in life which is to destroy everyone and everything not related to their religion.may Allah bless us and guide us in this life and the one after this which is the real one.