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Capital Circuit (Are Early elections possible ?) – 18th September 2012

Azam Khan Sawati(PTI), Abbas Khan Afridi, Akram Ch in Capital Circuit – 18th September 2012

  • calico

    Noora and Zardari lived and built their empires on IMF funds provided by Yahodis and rest of the nation have to pay it back. Now as a favor to Yahoodes, they transfer all their money in Yahodis’ banks and live on Interest, nothing but vultures

  • calico

    Nawaz is a business Partner with Yahodis…….Properties, Money in Yahodi Banks.

    • rizwansarwar

      kitni pay milti hay tum logo ko pti say jo marzi kr lo election to haro gay hi phir dalna siapa dhandhli ho gai ab javaid hashmi, shah mehmood qureshi or yahudi agent kasoori ko lay kr haro gay hi jeet to saktay ni choro ka tola pTi

  • calico

    Yahudi Lobby supported Corrupt Mafia, Zardari/Nawaz through NRO……and they replicated the same method by appointing corrupt Political poodles, in various industries to robe and to buy properties in Europe.

  • calico

    Gilani Garbage…Spent $1 Million of Public’s Funds in England…Victoria’s Secret.. Edible Panties/Bikinis/Condoms for Corrupt Parliament…..and his KIDS so they put it on and start licking each other's Crotch………Galinai would be coaching new Tricks how to suck the blood of People in next term……while looking good………..

    Parasite Proud of living on Poor's Tax money……….Fakirs………????

  • jawadiqbal0

    Aslam Aly Kum to all PTI young supporters :


    Dear friends I would highly recommend the following:

    A.Discuss issues more then personalities.Lets get out of personality Politics

    whether it be ours or the opposite side.

    B.Defend Ideology and Principles.

    C..Debate and Discuss ideology not personality because eventually ideology

    remains , it was the ideology which made IQBAL “ALLAMA, it was the ideology that made Jinnah a “QUAID”

    D.Debate more and more about Polices , discuss issues and the solution with facts and figures. Good researched numbers facts and figures always makes the argument convincible .

    E.Never compromise eloquence during any discussion on social media or any where.

    F. Be very articulate and focus when trying to make a point, example ‘ASAD UMER’

    G. Change comes with in, and then in we can transform it into the society , If PTI is a unique party from others then do everything different.


  • calico

    Rumor has it……….Rumor has it……….Rumor has it……….Rumor has it

    Nawaz/Zardari leaving Pakistan………Spending rest of their life with their long lost Brother Altaf in ENGLISTAN……


  • honest1

    KHUDA k lia pakistaniyoo ab tu hoosh karoo…..sab leaders begharat zaleel..apnay

    AC walay rooms,ghar….gari mien bethay aaish kar rehay hain….ghareeb logo k

    pass kon giya haa….sirf IMRAN….jab ke us ke pass koi hakoomat nahi ha….sirf aik

    sacha jazba haa awam ke lia….sharam ati ha PPP…PMLN.Q..ANP..JUi…ke leaders

    ki jhoti taqareerain sun kar…in sab parties ke leaders ko chouk m ulta litka kar

    jotay marnay chahay…selaab ne itni tabhae machaee howi ha..in ko sharam nahi

    ati apnay ap ko khademay aalla aur ghareeb awam ki party kehtay howay,

    zardari se bara choor jhota ghatai insan koi nahi haa….

  • rizwansarwar

    This is old agendenda of your yahudi father bandar imran his yahudi kids are in england with their yahudi mom

  • Mo

    election ho jaen na hon koi faraq nahin perta pakistan aur pakistaniyon ki halat bad se badtar hoti jae gi is ka sirf aik hi hal hai mulk mukao.