Mubasher Lucman exposes about the “Theif” of his video from Dunya Tv


Mubaasher Lucman exposes

  • Siraj Khan

    Brave & Bold, Bravo, keep it up

  • Subscriber

    Look Who is talking. I saw him yesterday with "Salman Butt (Cricketer)" They both were talking Bullshit about our Cricket Legends "Wasim Akram" "Javed Miadad" and Salman Butt was Over Judging Like a Specialist LoL. I wana phuk these corrupt fkrs.

  • Sajid123

    Lakh Lanat tere moon pe !!!!

  • JevePakistan

    Sharm ani chahye tumhen mubashir luqman. Is tarha tum lo0gon ko bewaqoof nahen bana sakte tum kitne bare kamene ho sab jante hen aur sharm ani chheye ARY walon ko jo tumhen wapis le aye hen aur tumhari harkatoon ke sathi bane

  • Muhammad Tahir

    Shut ur speaking hole…chawaly nahi mar…tum koi arastu nahi ho jiss ki koi baat sunay

  • nadeem3781

    Very strange Mubasher Lucman, a traitor is calling to the patriot who exposed your real face, "a thief". Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are really a shameless person, I believed after so much happened, in the interview with Mistri Riaz, you were supposed to leave this profession, but you do have connection with political people of your catagory in this country. As most of the viewers have been commenting at this page against you. If you have really noble thoughts after what you did, you have no space left in this profession? So please quit, you will have better image with the passage of time.

    BY the way, where this so much money got Mistri Riaz from? Did he declare all his earnings to the income tax deptt & paid the appropriate taxes on? As per his interview on TV Channel, he admitted that 10- 15 years ago, he had nothing in his pocket & used to walk on the roads of Rawalpindi, that is his reality.

  • Aamir14

    I have an great idea for your program,this program name should be……….KHARA JHOOT.

    I like

    Talat Hussein

    Hamid Mer

    • abu hamza

      is jhootay nay us video mai kaha to tha k hamid mir ko riaz thaikaydaar nay plot dia hai

  • grow

    Ab ess mamaley per mati phao. jo ho gaia wo accha ho gaia. kuchh chahray banqab ho gaey. sabaq yeh hay ka kisse ki mukhalfat main itna aget na jao ka wapis ana mushqal ho jai. bus ab mafi mang lo sachay dil say. toba kar lo ziada explanation na do.

  • kaloo

    Mubashir Lucquman = MQM=ARm news

    • ahmedwaqas

      Mubashir Luqman = MQM = ARY News (100% agree). MQM walay ARY News say bhatta nahin letay balkay unhain kehtay hain keh hamari khabar chalao…. hahahhaa

  • pakistaniMn

    All muslims ppp pmln pti all pakistanis please rasul Allah ka Akhlaq apna lo

    apni zuban se ache baat karo warna khamosh raho

    aur agar koi ghalat bolta he to

    koi baat naheen tum acha bolo

    han jawab do magar galian na do

  • waheedakram

    mubashir luqman is true pakistani

  • Mr.kayani

    acha jee…ak baar main chori kr rha tha k meri video cctv main aa gai..kisi banday nay wo video media pay laga main to innocent hun kiu k mujay to ni pata tha k meri iss chori ki video ban rhe jiss banday nay ye video leak ki ussay saza milni chaaye..

    ye hai mubasshar kameena ka muqqaf..

  • mudassar.sharif9

    allah tuji zaleel kerrey ess dunea main be ore akhrat main bi………..lanate insaan

  • chahat_cc

    yes ur wrong sub pakistan channels walo pe lanat ho with out talat hussain

  • mudassar.sharif9

    @mobusher luqmaan

    eak intahe basheram insaan ho tum……….allah ki lanaat tum pa…….hazar bar lanat

  • Secular-Pakistani

    People who say to forgive Mubashir Luqman are either very innocent Or very idiot because forgiveness is a good decision when someone makes a mistake and regrets it . In case of Mubashir Luqman , he is trying to defend himself through cheap and stubborn behavior. On top of the previous wicked act which he did in the live program , he is now more offending because he is ignoring the hundreds of viewers who are condemning him and telling him to shut Up . He also receives hundreds of phone rings and messages telling him that he should apologize But the pity in this country ( called pakistan ) is that nobody gets punished for Crimes and deceits . For example , it is equally wicked and condemnable for the New Channel Owner who hired mubashir Luqman right away . If we were intelligent , we would have cursed the new Channel in the same way as we cursed Mubashir Luqman . Now that he is earning a good salary , gets good respect from the new channel owner and runs the same type of Program ( Kharra Such Vs Kharri Baath ) , then why will he apologize OR why will he change his behavior ? A large Part of Human behavior is determined by the consequences and results of human actions. As far as mubahsir Luqman does not face bad consequences , he will remain Stubborn and the chances for future similar damage will continue . Those who want to forgive in such a situation are actually giving strength to Media anchors to carry on the way they want and we will keep forgiving and they will keep defending but it wont affect their employment, salaries , influence or even their suit and tie.

  • usaidarif

    Bhai ab to kuch sharm kr lay.

  • adan

    Riaz thekaydar ka tissupapper

  • adan

    Laanti Banda

  • 964060045

    good mubashir lucman carry on we are with you you are good person may allah bless you

  • shumaila rani

    jitni murzi expalination de do jo kaam kia ha woh bhugtna pere ga,orr zindgi kitni reh gai ha baqi ?khuda ka khouf kero us ko bhi juwab dena ha

    • Attaa

      App b khuda k khoof kr loe, Allah apnay bando koe maaf kr deta hai,, toe tum loog kia cheze hoe ..Allah kie theek maar rahie hai sub pakistanio koe..

      • sud

        allah ke maar boohat buri hoti hai is ka allaj hai ke sab ko shachay dil sae maafi maang leni chahaye hai or toba kar ke iraada kar lae hum sub koi bura kam aaj ke baad nahi karae gaye or phir dekho ke pakistan kitne arooj per jaye ga.

  • Adnan ji

    Oo,,,Bhai ji jo hona tha wo ho chuka hai ab kiya nikalna cahty ho app is baat mien se app direct koum se muafi mango gy na to pher baat ban sakti hai ,,,,,,,,

    • Attaa

      kon si qoom say maafi ..jiss k apny leader aus koe zalil krtay haan ..bhai ja kaam kr

  • chali

    ye admi malik reaz se khta hai hamid meer no tai ak well dai deta hai meno well kado dena ai

  • calico

    Rumor has it……….Rumor has it……….Rumor has it……….Rumor has it

    Nawaz/Zardari leaving Pakistan………Spending rest of their life with their long lost Brother Altaf in ENGLISTAN……


  • Minhas

    bara islam yaad aa rahe iss joothe mubashir ko ye jootha admi hae.

  • Amiraswad

    Mubashar sb aik shair ap ki nazar hay

    Khatawar samjhay gi dunya dujhay…….

    Ab itni zyada safai na day

  • Minhas

    chour ka puter apni saafay kaise dae raha hae???abe beita tou jitne be safaye dae iss se koie faraq nahe perta jitna tou gandaa ho sakta thaa wo ho giya mr mubashir luqmannnnnnn

    • Attaa

      aur tum loog apni adto say ganday hoe ..ganday chotay pakistani zehan

  • love2pk

    dub ke mar jao

  • love2pk

    lanat lanat lanat lanat lanat lanat

  • mudassar.sharif9

    go to hell and take mehar bukhary with you……….lante insaan

  • mudassar.sharif9

    allah tum ko garat kerrey…..tum na marey bhorasey ko chkna choor kia ha…

    • Attaa

      Allah aus koe b garat karay joe logo p ungliyan uathata hai

  • mudassar.sharif9

    tum eak bazameer insaan ho……..tum dhoke baz ore black mailer ho

  • mudassar.sharif9

    thats write…..who cares

  • mudassar.sharif9

    hazar dafa lanat tum pa luqmaan

  • mudassar.sharif9

    dam on you mobusher…….who cares……go to hell

  • yousufsultan

    چلو ٹی وی 1 والا چور ثابت بھی ھوجاےمگر ویڈیوکلپ تو جھوٹا ثابت نھیں ھو گا تم کھرے سچ میں الٹے بھی کھڑے ھو جاو تو بھی وہ کالک جو تم نے،ملک ریاض اور مھر بخاری نے اپنے چہروں پہ ملی ھے وہ نھیں اترےگی پھر کیسے ڈھٹای سے تم لوگ پروگرام کر رھے ھو جتنے مرضی چینل بدل لو سچ ھمیشہ کھراســـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــچ رھے گا

  • inamsh

    Who cares?

  • daylight

    answer is just three words

    پاگل ای اوے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • bajwavet

    Dear All.

    I don't support the argument that so and so 'could be' bad so why not forgive Luckman. Come on guys, let the process work. If he is caught he should be out. If any one else will be caught let that person suffer too. This will slowly clean the system. If we will start forgiving them, these idiots will laugh on us and will say" see how we have made them fool" I don't ask you to abuse him at all. I ask you to leave listening his show. 'We will stand with principles not with persons.

    Move on guys, don't keep sticking to these type of people.

    Every body has the right to differ from my opinion and I respect the difference of opinion.

  • Pakistan81447

    well done mubashar bhai i strongly agree with you to bring him in the court of justice.

  • khalid64

    chall bus kar sharam kar tu too padachi bagarat haya

  • sudais

    Mubasher tum sub kuch tehk kehrahy ho chalo hum man jatay ha,Meger tum 12 May 2007 ko NEWS ONE per jo bakwas karahata per wo kia ta? zara us ke be wazahat karna, 3.5 BRGUR????????????????

  • J

    دم پر پاؤں پڑنا کسے کہتے ہیں سنیے مبشر لقمان کو ،برے کو برا تب کہا جا رہا ہے جب خود کی ذات سے پردہ اٹھا پہلے کام کرتے ہوۓ احتجاج نہیں کیا کہ اوروں کو تنخوائیں نہیں مل رہیں وغیرہ وغیرہ اب اگر سچ بھی کہو گے تو الٹا تمھارے گلے پڑے گا بہتر ہے چپ رہو شائد کسی حد تک لوگ بھول جائیں ورنہ تو یہ یقین ہمیشہ رکھو یہ واقعہ زندگی میں تو کیا مرنے کے بعد بھی نام کے ساتھ لگا رہے گا سلمان بٹ ،محمد آصف ،محمد عامر،عامر لیاقت حسین ،مہر بخاری ، مبشرلقمان اور ایسے کئی لوگ ایک ٹیم کا حصہ ہیں جنھیں الله کی ذات نے بے پردہ کیا نہ کہ انسانوں نے اور ایسے ہزاروں ہیں جنھیں الله نے موقع دیا ہوا ہے اگر وہ سمجھیں تو باز آ جائیں یہ تو دنیاوی رسوائی ہے خوف اس رسوائی کا ہونا چاہیے جہاں کوئی بہانہ نہیں چلے گا

  • tahir3005

    Mr Luqman, might be you are right and suppose if you are right then don't need to worry God will definitely help you, but I personally believe that it is not possible for you to prove that you are not telling a lie because this is 21st century with the inventions of latest media technologies. Infact you did a good job to open our eyes to understand that media is one of the big enemy and threat to Pakistan.I watch your programme against Dr Amir Liaqat and you challenge him for showing his degrees and later confirm he has not any degrees and still people watching his programme. You know one thing you lost your trust and to get the trust of people is not possible at the moment and might be people will forget all this tomorrow like Amir Liaqat and start to watch your programme but atleast I will not. I will suggest you one thing confess your sins that might be help you in this and other world.

  • abu hamza

    agar iski baat sach hai to hamam mai dono nangay hai. iski khud to waise sari credibility khatam hogai us show ki recording youtube pe anay k baad aur woh besharam aurat to aaj tuk apna show usee bikao channe

    pe kar rahi hai. inki baaton pe ab koi aitebaar nahi .

  • khizere

    ap b to logon k izat isi tara uchalte the.ab p se sath asa hoa he to ap ko tazirate pakistan yad a geya he

  • Secular-Pakistani

    Mubashir Luqman has the skin of a do.g and he is a very deat person . It is a moment of sorrow that he has not learned any lesson and people like him still carry-on with the same role as before .

  • hamazarashid

    یہ آدمی پاگل ہو گیا ہے .یہ بو آدمی ہے جو ہمیسہ چیف جسٹس کے خلاف بولتا تھا اور مشرف کا کتا بنا ہوا تھا

    ،لوگوں کو tv پربے عزت کرتا تھا

    ،آج اس کی اپنی عزت سرے عام نیلام ہوئی ہے تو کیا لال پیلا ہو رہا ہے .پاگل ای پاگل دا پتر

    • smg

      یہ آدمی پاگل ہو گیا ہے yeh admi waqy pagal ho gya hai tahir khan ka aik naam hai pagal he oaay

  • ali123



    • KABIR

      Mubasher Luqman Chori ye ni jo tum dekha rahay ho chori vo thi jo tm ne apnay profession k sath ki, apnay viewers ko jo kehty they sb us ka ult behind the scene nazar aya, apnay kie pe Allah se mafi mango and deeply realize that k jb app powerfull hotay hain tu taqat k nashay ma admi kisi se ziadeiti karta hai tm ne b bot kuch kia hai logon k sath logon k sath batameezi karna logon ko malayn karna ye sb tmra daily ka kam tha Allah ki lathi beawaz hai zaroor kisi ki ahhhhhhhhhha lagi tmn

  • adeelkamboh

    Chawal aur bhonka aadmi, we boycott your drama shows

  • adeelkamboh

    Chawal aadmi hai, bhonka…..

    Musharraf ki baqiyat. Besharam aur dheet aadmi!

    Ham iss key program ka boycott krtey hain!

  • amalick

    Ist of all u accpted dat all dat conversation was hapned bt now u r saying k " tor muror ker dikhai gai hy video". Us k badd chori kioun bolty ho jigrr investigative reporting tum b yehi kerty ho na k logoun k gheroun ke batien utha k tv per ly aty ho unhy nunga kerty ho tu jis ny b yeh video leak ke us ny b reportng hi ke na. Tum jub logoun per ilzam ligaty ho tu kya un sy un ka mouqaf pochty ho? Islam ke batt krty ho tu kya us waqt shurm nhi aii k aik ourat ko itny logoun k sny cigrt ofr kr ry thy ya hath py hath marr ry thy? Kis ko bywaqof bunaty ho yarr? U r just a lier on dis matter. SC ke himayt kro byshuk bt public itni b sadi nhi hy. Gadha kahen ka.

  • iq

    mubashar luqman u can bark as much as u can . i know one thing two wrong never be right . who ever u talking about i rely dont him . he also can bad like u. but plz u get loss from mida , that only way, we know that in pakistan many more shit is there like u. but still kept talking . talking about ALLAH. MAY ALLAH show every one right path .still plz leve mida alon . do some thing else . and get your rizk , . plz ,,,,,,,,,,,,,get losss ssssss , we dont want see u on tv any more , thanks

  • bab

    sala pagal ho gia hi satpta gia hi***pagal he hoe***

  • rizwansarwar

    lanat mubashar luqman iftikhar choudhry nay wo clip daikh kr jo remarks diye thay us k bad phir usi cheap justice per aitbar hay oye lanti insan ab to himat kr bol k iftikhar chaudhry chor hay.

  • awazeHaq

    Bhayo Bhayo o Bhayo , hum sub hote kon hain kissi ko muaf na krne wale , apni zindagion pr zra

    Nazar dalo , kitne gunah hain Jo din Raat hum ankhon , kanon ,jayin, zuban , se aur pta nae kaise Kaise dhoke , Allah se , apni bewion se , apne waaldain se , kia kia jurm hain Jo hum Sara din nae krte , aur agar koii apne aap ko in jraaim se Osaka smjhta hai , to wo to phir wali ho ga , phir b Allah muaf kie jata hi , rizq , khusian ,awlaad , daita rehta hi , to phir kun ISS muslman k peeche pre ho aur galoan de kr Allah ko khafa keie ja rhe ho , o Allah k bndo choro ISS luqman ko , ISS ko sudhrne ka moqa do

    • khusra khan imran

      oh bhai, oh molvi sahb, AALH MUAAF KER DETA HAI, INSAAN NEHIN,

      Sach ko dekh ker sach KA SAATH na DENAY walon per khuda lanat baijay ga.

      You have seen this luqman and Mehar saying the show was plotted.

      there is no doubt about there corruption, if you are good muslim then why dont you admit what you saw with your eyes ????

      We don’t need like this Mulla, nor we need like this anchors, nor judges who cannot make decission.

      it is time we take the decisiion and move to the RIGHT side and not stand with the LEFT hand people.

  • maverick

    Is main koi shal nahi kay Mubashir lUQMAN NAY ppp AUR pml-n dono ko bohat Nukassan ponchaya,ionkay scandels on air kiaye, Supreme court mainkhud jaali voton ka masla lay ker gaya, aur Musa Gilani case main bhi khud gaya,…..Log uloo kay pathay hain, i have seen, haqeqat ko janay bageri bher chaalmain buss galian denay lag jatay hain, ..

    o pagel logo yae tu socho kay is banday nay baqi anchors ki terhan sirf galan batein nahi kien balkay REAL kaam kia, scandels lay ker aya, CDA, Laptop , Afeedreen, aur najanay lutnay blundeers is hakomat aur punjab Govt kay Mubashir Luqman nay on air kiaye..

    Punjab Govt kay against Doctors ko support kerta raha, lakin shayed Pakistan kay log itnay hi pagel hain, jo aqal aur samjh nahi rekhtay, …aik fone kia gaya program kay doraan , pagel hi hogaye hain, …o bhai, anchors hon ya journalists, political leaders say miltay bhi hain,unkay fone bhi atay hain, sab hota ahe, ..dekho tu yae dekho kay kiss kay program main kon promote ho raha hae, …aur Mubashir Luqman jesa banda, brave jiss nay Punjab Govt aur PPP ki govt dono kay against sab say ziada programs kiaye….yaqeen naa aye tu khud issi site per dekh lo ….

    Jiyo..Mubashir, we know you are a jem….aur shayed insaaf kernay walay, aur aqal rekhnay waly tumahray sath hain, baqi sab Bherain hain…Bher chal walay…

  • hassanch09

    new bakawas from mubasher lukman…………………………….besharam logoon ki kami nahi pakistan main…….


    he is lying

  • khusra khan imran

    Very good mubashir, you and your party PTI, dono khabhee sach mat bolna.

    Vote For PTI Bcoz PTI na MQM sa Muk MUka Ker Liya Hai.

    Vote For PTI Bcoz PTI na Choudry Brothran sa Muk Muka Hai.

    Vote For PTI Bcoz Hum PTI walay General Pasha Ke Oulad Hein.

    Hum Musharif ke Oulad sa Thay, Per Yateem Honay kay Bad Hum Pashane god lay liya aur hum us ke oulad Ban Gayay. Afsos ab woh bhee chala gaya.

    Vote For PTI Bcoz We have Deal with PPP just to target Only PML N, No one else, We are B Team of PPP Zardari and Co.

    Vote For PTI Bcoz We r all Together against the biggest Right Wing Party.

    Vote For PTI Bcoz We will not let the change come to This Country.

    Vote our leader Imran khan, Bcoz he is Seeta White X boy friend and Bring illegal Daughter from Her. Biggest leader, biggest Zani.

    Vote PTI Bcoz our Leader did promise and forgot those promise after some time that Derna against Zardari corruption in ramzan after two tv show you vanish, Derna against Nato supply, Derna Against MQM and Court case against Iltaf Hussian. Long march against Gilani Blaa Blaa Blaa.

    Vote for PTI Coz After pasha Now Malik Riaz is also GONE too.

    Vote For Begharats and we will Destroy this country Together. This is what we call change and we will make a new country.

    This so called TSUNAMI is fast becoming a BADNAAMI, BAY-NAAMI and GUM- NAAMI.

  • abdulhakim

    Kharra sach- is the opposite form of the anchor's behavior. He and mrs, mahar bokhari shoulde hide from society if They have smallest quantity of human values. These are the paid so called journalists, or black sheeps

    In society. Besharram.

  • imran tahir

    Dj'z Aamir Suppose you are the Last Person on earth and suddenly your door knocks

    the first thing that came into your mind who is @ the door NOW

    Like for the Answer

    Hey Man Lets Have some Fun

    22 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Sardar Shahid Khan mubsher lucman is real thief

    21 minutes ago · Like · 4

    Malik Qasim Ali Gouri genius janab dailymotion pr upload kr di :p mecafe b acha hai

    21 minutes ago · Like

    Malik Qasim Ali Gouri sorry metacafe, i think , ap wha upload kre jaldi play hoti hai wo

    20 minutes ago · Like

    Ayesha Malik biggest fool on earth

    19 minutes ago · Like · 5

    Imran Khan Munafiq is for always Munafiq and when we already know that all News channel persons are the same then what to listen we dont need your Explanation

    19 minutes ago · Like · 1 Malik Qasim Ali Gouri meta cafe pe upload speed slow hai here from Karachi

    18 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Omer Butt To whom he is saying all this

    18 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Umair Hafeez ur liar mubshar

    17 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Amin Hafeez Ab sala khud ko bchany ki koshish kr rha hy………. Bharwa sala………

    17 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Majid Mir Fool

    16 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 2

    Yasir Ali Known Crook going to clarify himself lolxxxx

    16 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Taha Babar is khusse k munh wale maddari ko dafa karo ktna dheet he abhi tk idhr hi phr raha he

    15 minutes ago · Like

    Ihsan Safi sub humam me ek jese hen

    15 minutes ago · Edited · Like

    Zeeshan Younis Kuch ALLAH ka khauf karo tum aur AAmir liaqat, Meher bukhari etc, kitny besharam aur begaiart ho tum log !!!!!!

    2 minutes ago · Edited · Like · 1 Owner of NewsOne, WasebTv …

    14 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Ihsan Safi koi musharaf ka chaheta he tu koi nawaz ka awar koi hanif abasi awar asma jehangir ka

    14 minutes ago · Like · 1

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    Thank u..

    14 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Khansa Naeem dramas………!!!bus kr do yr already itny dramy hain kuch tu rehm kr do…ab na tum ko izzat wapis milny sy rahi so….

    13 minutes ago · Like · 2

    Fatima Hasan icka apna bhanda phoot chuka hy,ic ny ab kci ka phor k lea lena hy..:D

    12 minutes ago · Like · 3

    Abubakar Siddiqui so gross and baseless explanations…this guys career is finished now…he would just clarify himself for the whole of his life now….he should just take it lightly, let it go and accept that what he did was wrong

    11 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Asif Naeem Siddiqui ya khud drama ha bhot bara

    9 minutes ago · Like

    Abdul Hafeez Afridi Sab bakwas hai

    9 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Rehman Chaudry such ko jhoot sabit krna …yah to aam hay pakistan may…baysharmy ke had hay

    9 minutes ago · Like

    Spin Han Yar jese, Uni or college me sniors ki previous year mei ragging hoti hai na, phir wo uska badla senior hokar apne junior se nikalte hai, ye wahi process hai… ;)

    9 minutes ago · Edited · Like

    Arsalan Choudhary Mubashar luqman is innocent and good anchor.

    8 minutes ago · Like

    Abdul Hafeez Afridi Mr. Arsalan choudhary how u can say he is innocent it's all dramas just drama

    7 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Intsar Naru shakal say hi jhota lugta hai ye.

    5 minutes ago · Like

    Hafiz Usama fuck u u son of a bitch mubashar :@

    4 minutes ago · Like

    Sajid Khan waj chuwary zaleel tu ho gya hy …..ab kya put rha hy

    3 minutes ago · Like

    Umar Ch bagirat insan khud sucha hoo raha hai

    3 minutes ago · Like

    Humayun Akhund bakwas kay hay kuch be nahee batya

    3 minutes ago · Like

    Imran Tahir mother choud aaj malik raiz ka case tha . es leya tum na aaj phir mam chudiyeea ha . gundoo family .

    about a minute ago · Like

    Imran Tahir ager pakistani pepole ke ager koi oqat ha tu , laquman sa bycut keran . aur jis tv pa jay os tv sa b .

    a few seconds ago · Like

  • lanatganjetezardarit

    mubashr luqman date raho sab pmln ke choro or zardari tole ko or geo yahodi tv walo ko awam ke age be nkab kar do jese ke tum ne pehle boht se pakstan ko lotne walo ko be nakab kiya jese ke pmln jese pakistan ko lutne wale or ahmed meer or najm sethi jese gadhre watan logo ko tum ne be nakab kiya ese phir ek bar sab ko be nkab kar do or ye chand log jo tmare khlah bonkte he ye sab geo or pmln ke dalalo se mat gabrana sache pakestani hamesha sacha ka sath de ge or sach ki rah me ane wali har rkawt ko nakam bna de ge

  • nas

    Jo hua acha hua jo tum jaisa chor anchor kaa mallom chal gaya. Tuu tau shakal say hee chor lagta hai. Friend watch bollywood move 'Raan' from Amitabh. Yeh log media kay chor hain aur khabrain baanatay hain


  • Ilyas

    Tumhari shakal pe hi lanat pari hui hay jitni marzii safai do logon ko abhi tak sochnahy smajhnay taufeeque hasil hay

  • ZahidNaqvi

    That Dunya TV Cameraman is now a National Hero. Oye Mubasher Luqman you are lying.

    Oye Bunny ki haal ehhhhhhhhhh……..

    Hamid Mir ne luche tul dia hai….

    Apni umar dekh…. te galaan vekh

    You all TV ancors are bikao maal.

    • lanatganjetezardarit

      dunya tv ka ye cemramen tumare gar walo ki filam bna kar jab uplod kare ga tab tum ko pata chale ga ke kisi ki zati zingi ko intrnet par uchlne ko chori kehte he ya hero tum log keyou nahi samjte chori chori hoti he chahe vo pese ho ya koi deni katab (qoran)

  • Secular-Pakistani

    Apni Bakwas Bandh Karo . People are not interested in whether someone stole the video or not because that was understood on the first day when video was released. People are also not interested whether Tahir khan or whatever his name , pays his employees in time or not . People are also not interested in whether somebody tried to be personal with you or not , because all these things dont change the fact that you planted the interview and misguided the millions of Pakistani Public who put trust on Media for a better change . And for God sake , before you give lecture about the Ant-Islam movie , look into your own character where you are using the media and television for your personal anger and revenges .

    Khouthay Ki tharah thumhaari shakal Hay , aur baathain Aasmaan ki karthay ho .

  • loveyou_pakistan

    I haven't seen this kind of stupid person on the earth -;)

  • afzal.khan

    I am no PMLN nor GEO nor anything but PTI. Only (REALLY ONLY) talk show I ever used to watch without missing any episode was Khari Baat Lucman ke sath. I tell you why. The only reason was that I always thought this person is so trustworthy and honest. Therefore all his shows were extremely effective as far as I'm concerned. But you see when that leakage went onto YouTube ( regardless anyone's motive, jealousy or greed against Lucman), I was quite shocked and couldn't believe my eyes and ears, how different that person appeared when not on air.

    I was so hurt, extremely hurt and since then I have lost my trust on not only him but entire media.

    When you hear Nawaz, Shahbaz or Zardari or any of their pets talking about good things, it appears nothing but hypocrisy or Munafiqat, but when you hear Imran Khan saying good things, you want to believe, I want to believe and I witness to Allah that I believe IK for every single word he utters. The one and only reason is that he is not munafiq, nor a liar in my eyes. So same goes with Lucman, I loved and trusted this person and had absolutely no doubt about his character until the footage leak.

    So to me, when I watched this particular clip, only thing popped up in my head was that 'one cheater is cursing and challenging another bigger cheater'.

    Allah knows best.

  • Raja Junaid


  • awazeHaq

    Ere bhii mi b supporter hoon Pti ka , Jo b ho ISS bnde ne nawaz ganje kee corruption ko kaii bar be naqab kia hi , aur kabhee Imran k bare ghulat bayanee nae kee , kia ye kafi nae hi . Baqi kia such kia jhoot Allah bhtr janta hi

  • Raja Junaid


  • Attaa

    Mubashar luqman is a true man in media…yeh jahil logo koe choro app apna kaam emaan dari s jaari rakho..

  • hassanzameer

    ya sab anchar biky hai in sab kay pass arbon karoro kahan sa aaty hain ya sab jamhorait jamhorait kartay hain jamhorait ka kuch to faida ho bhar ma jaye jamhorait

  • umaaiirr

    Yaar almost everyone is speaking against Mubashir Luqman due to that progm…. i have also seen dat both on air n off air…. wat was wrong wid dat progm… the progm which was on air there was nothing against judiciary or supreme court infact he kept on talking against Malik Riaz. If u see dat being a neutral person one can easily access dat it's a conspiracy against him…

    • lanatganjetezardarit

      @umaaiirr zeyada tar log jin ko takleef ho rahi he on me zeyada pmln or geo tv ke log he or geo tu hamesha pakstan ke khlaf he en ke sare program dekh lo foj or pk ke khlaf ab hamed meer jo he thora sa theek ho geya he jab os ne dekha ke log ab os ke khaf hona shuro ho gaye he tu vo ab apne ap ko bara pakstani ban ke pesh karta he baqi es ke 2 ya 3 maheene ke pahle wale program dekhlo sare pakistanke khaf thy ar pmln ne maryam nawz or mehr bukhri ko bari chalki se nkal kar mubashr luqman ko dunya tv se nkal dya m l ka kasur sirf ye tha ke os pmln ke khlaf bolta tha

  • mudassar.sharif9

    @mobusher luqmaan

    tum na channel choor dea tha……….hahahahahahh………lanat khuda ke tum pa luqmaan…….ab to sach bool loo………tum ko nikala gea tha dunea news sa….fix programme kerny par………….

    • umaaiirr

      yaar it's quite obvious k isne khud chora tha… agar duniya tv walon ne nikaalne hota to meher bukhari ko b na nikaalte sath…. n interview agar fix hota to dono anchors ki aapis mei larai na hoti…. n jahan tak baat thi k aik aad ques fiz tha… to koi guest just apni bisti kraane nai aata kisi progm mei… uski kuch demands hoti hain k atleast ye sawaal laazmi poocho i wanna give my view point….. n dat day it was the main show… islia aik aad ques uski pasand ka b in logon ne poocha…

      • mudassar.sharif9


        i am sorrey i disagree with you more than 100%……..but i respect your opinion….it was a fix programme….and i know persanly know raiz behria……that man luqmaan is the most currept anchor in pakistan……..

        • umaaiirr

          Yaar just leave dat progm n uske baaki progms dekh lo… har jagha is bande ne main issues uthaye hain n har kisam ki corruption expose ki hai chaahe wo PML-N ki ho ya PPP ki.2ndly har banda farishta nahi hota.. Agar kisi aur progm ki is type ki off air video leak hojaye to im sure aap logon ko wo anchors issey b ziada bure lagen ge…us progm mei b ye throughout malik riaz k khilaaf hi bolta raha tha….

  • awazeHaq

    Mr Luqman , AAP Imran ka sath dain , aur on kee awaz bn Jaain , k wo mulk bachane nikla hi , jitna support chaye mil jaye ga , yehee ISS wqt kee zaroorat b hi

    • mudassar.sharif9

      @awaze haq

      ohh bhai main pti ka eak worker hoon….die hard worker….hamen ess tra ka bandey ki support ne chahey bhai app he essy rakhoo ore sanbhall ka rakhooooooo

    • mudassar.sharif9


      ager tuj main sheram hotey to too porey quam sa mueafe mangta…….apna jurram kobool kerta………lakin marey pearey mulk main to koi be apny galtey manany ki lia teyyar he ne ha

  • nab khab

    guys….can u name any news anchor/columnist/journalist,who dont have relations with politicians/celebrities???even tallat must have such relations with mian sahibaan….n off the camera yeh sab aisi hi guftagu kartay hain…yeh iski kismat buri thi k iski tape dhokay se leak kar di gai…warna yeah baat sach hai k is se b baday baday azeem anchors bethay hain jo apni powers enjoy kar rahay hain….iska kasoor itna zarooor tha k yeh aik tu noon league ko bht ziada expose kar rha tha n doosra PTI ko thoda support b kar rha tha….jo k merey nazdeek koi khas buri baat is liay nahi hai …kyun k almost her anchor/journalist aaj kisi na kisi party k sath attach hai under hand….yeh zara open ho k samnay aa gya…is liay isay PMLN or GEO walon ne ibrat ka nishan bana diya…..baki aap smjhdar hain….PTI ko jo b banda support karay ga…uska haal tu PMLN yehi karay gi… main raaj jo hai unka….

    • lanatganjetezardarit

      @nab khab 100 % theek kaha apne

      • mudassar.sharif9

        @nab khab & lanatganjetazardarite

        i am 100% disagree……taulkaat kiassy insaan sa hona koi galat ni ha…..anchors do have relationship to get to the bottom of new and their hakeqat……..but to do a fix programme……..and get car(bmw555) from raiz behria as bribe and then do a fix programme on CJ is totally wrong and immoral, unethical, balke it is a drammaaa. and ya mobusher eak bahut bara drame baz ha. lanat ess pa

        • lanatganjetezardarit

          dunya me vo jagha bta do jis jagha frshte rahte ho muje nahi pata ke anchors camre ke piche on ki zati zindgi kesi he muje ye pta he ke camre ke age bore logo ki burai jo ke pakistan ko nuksan poncha rahi he os ko samne lane wala apna kam theek kar raha he baqi rahe geya os ko ham kese pehchane ge ke kis ne apna kam iman dari se kiya os ke liye os ne jo pahle kam kiya he osa ko dekhe ge or mubashr luqman ke jitne bi program kiye vo sab ke sab pakistan ke mufad me thy or baqi boht se anchors se ache thy malik raeaz wala bi theek hi tha agar ap logo ke samne os ki parsnal zingi ki vo film na ati tu agar ap har kisi ki parsnal zingi ke bare me jan ke os ke kam ko pasand kare ge tu shayed ap ko esa admi pori dunya me na mile keyou ke ye insano ki duya he frashtu ki nahi

    • My Real Father

      You are right My Son NAB,

      Either it is N.League or PTI or PPP all of them are in process to make a real deal with USA/UK how to dis-integrate the country and sell its components to these so called powers. This Nawaz Sheriff is the agent of USA's agent Saudi Arabia and PTI's Imran Khan has been implanted here by U.K. while PPP is directly in deal with USA.

      • khusra khan imran

        ha ha ha , chalo fer Musharif ko bula lo, baqi to koi chora nehin tum ne ?

  • sar

    mr Luqman. Mehr.Kashif is all yesterdays story….done is done not many interested why bother to rehash all that

  • tariqgul

    Mr. Lukman you suck. Please leave us alone. We know you better now. You are a curropt yourself. You have no right to question others honesty. whoever has done to you is really what you deserved. Stop complaining, you were doing exactly the same to other. Just check out your own programs and you will what goes around comes around.

    • lanatganjetezardarit

      tumare jese hote he jo kisi be gunah ki bat sune bager pansi par chrwa dete or bad me sari zindgi on ki kabro ka mazar bna ka on se mafiyan mangte ho sar tv chals pe ye hi hota he os waqt tumari gert keya tel lene c ali jati he

  • tulip25

    O My God! hum to aap ko bura samjhne lag gay thy aap ka prog nai deikhte thy humein to definetly sure tha aap aisa kar he nai sakte aap to khara such bolne wale hein, agar aap abi b hum se expect karte hein k hum tumhare liye yeh kahein gey to pagal tum ho hum nai, idot jitni ghaliyan di jaein utni kam hein

    • lanatganjetezardarit

      nahi nahi beta tum tu najam sethi or kamran khan hamed meer or nosrat javed ko or baqi sare choro ki hamdardi karo ge sach samjne keliye damga ki zrorat hoti he jo ap jese logo ke pas he hi nahi kabi kabi ankho se dekhi or kano se suni bi joth hoti he par os ko samjne keliye damg chahiye jo ap lgo ke pas nahi or jab dmag ho hi na tu galiya hi nkao ge

    • mudassar.sharif9


      bhai main na to ess ka programme dekhna ussey din band ker dea tha……..jis din ess ke ore mehar ki cradibility zerooooooooooo ho gy thy………ya sab sa corrupt insaan ha pakistani anchors main…….lanat….hazar bar lanat tuj pa mobusher……..but we will keep respecting the respected………hamid,talat,kashif,kamran,

    • mudassar.sharif9

      @mobusher luqmaan

      cradibility is always for ever……when it goes ,,,it also goes for ever………khuda ke lanat ho tuj pa………to ne merra etmaad khoea ha.

      • Attaa

        khuda ki lanat jhootay per hoe ..khabi kahbi samnay say nazar ati cheez such naie hoti ..oe shaks kisi per bila waja lanat bejhta hai Allah aus per lanat bejhta hai

        • khusra khan imran

          Sach ko dekh ker sach na kehany walon per bhee khuda lanat baijay ga.

          You have seen this luqman and mubashir saying the show was plotted.

          there is no doubt about there corruption, if you are good muslim then why dont you believe what you saw with your eyes ????

          We don't need like this Mulla, nor we need like this anchors, nor judges who cannot make decision. it is time we take the decisiion and move to the RIGHT side and not stand with the LEFT hand people.

    • mudassar.sharif9

      @mobusher luqmaan

      kash marey pearey watten main terey jessy MEER JAFER, ore MEER SADAQ na hoon, too mera mulk eak jannat ha………khuda tum ko garat kerrey luqmaan

    • mudassar.sharif9


      terey lia soway bud dua ka ore kuch ne ha hamerey pass……khuda ki lia dufaaaaaaaaaaa ho ja………..chor dy hamery jann……….ja ki koi ore kaam ker…….

      • day-journey

        Tum tuo ese baddua de raha he ke jese ke tere gar walo ke sath os ne dokha kiya he aam admi tu esa nahi kar sakta vo tu ye soche ga hosakta he ke vo begunha ho chahe thori ameed hi ho

    • mudassar.sharif9


      mujy qasam ha jo main na kabi terra programme suna ho ya dekha ho… din ka baud sa…..too na marey qaid IK ka interview kia………marey jaan be qurbaan IK pa…..main na wo ne dekha…..ore na kabi dekhoon ga………lanat tuj pa…….khuda ke lannat

      • lanatganjetezardarit

        mere kheyal se kobutar ki tara ankhe band karne se kuch nahi hota me tu har ek ki bat sunta hoo ho sakta he ke mere samjne me galti ho jo me os ko bora samjta hoo agar cot kisi ko sune bagar mujaram bna de tu vo kot nahi he pata nahi ap log kab bare hoge or ye bacho wali bate choro ge or kab pakistan sudhre ga

        • mudassar.sharif9


          ya mulk us din suthrey ga………jab ess tra ka mobusher luqmaan jessy lanatey loog jo pessey la ke fix programme kerty haan jail main band hoon gy………..

          • lanatganjetezardarit

            keya tum ne apne hathu se pese diye mubashr luqman ko keya tum apne pore iman se or quran otha kar es bat ki guwahi de sakte ho????

      • bajwavet

        You are a tiger Mudassar

  • lanatganjetezardarit

    mubashar loqman 100 % theek kehe raha he is sab se zeyada punjab or zardari hakomat ko or es mulk ke lootne walo ko xpos kiya he or ache logo ka hamesha sath diya he jese ke pti . baqi sare anchors se bar kar punjab hakomat es ke khalf thi zardari tola bi es ke khlaf tha or bi sar chor es ke khalaf thy osi program me maryam nawaz ka bi phone ata he jo ke reaz thekethar ki mun boli beti he os ka kisi ne aj tak zekar nahi kiya keyou k pmln ke jitne bi pese le ke intr net pe likhne wale he vo os taraf eshar bi nahi karte ye jitne bi mubashr luqman ke khlaf likhte he in me se zeyada tar pmln or jeo tv se pese le kar likhne wale he or kuch ese he jo en sab ki bato se canfus ho kar likhte he mere kheya se koi bi samj dar admi mubashr luqman ko kasur war nahi samjta balke os ke khlaf sazash samjta he

    • khusra khan imran

      Lanat ho mubashir per, aur 100 bar lanat ho us ko support kernay walon per.

  • The Hidden Truth


  • ziii1

    luqman sharm tum ko atti nai tumay be koi or kaam nai tha sirf PML N ki wallt lagnay kay ilawa ab kider gai teri wo batay buht jata tha court may prove lay kar kider gai teri PTI hassan nasir haroon rashid ,jo jhot may tera sath datay thay

  • Tanha47

    Go away Lahori Pimp.

  • Tanha47

    Go away Luckman, you are a con artist and has no shame keep coming. You are a Lahori pimp like Mehar Bukhari and Veena Malick are Lahori whores.

  • MughalKing

    Imran Ka palu

  • warraich1853

    dramey baaz

  • awazeHaq

    Mr luqmab AAP ko chaye bjaye safayan daine k ya apni zaat ko le kr bdle kee aag le kr zindagee

    Guzaren , aur Ab Jb AAP ko Allah ne chance dia hi aik or program k host hone ka , to mere khayal mi AAP ISS chance ka raids utha kr Pakistan ke assly dushman Corrupt politicians ko sb k samne nanga kr do , aur logon ki ankhin khol do , apne aap ko bhool jao , mulk bachana ziada zaroori hi, AAP k ache kaam ko daikh kr Log AAP ko Khuda mauf kr daina ge , aur agr nae b krte , AAP ka apna zameer to mutmaen ho ga , good luck

  • KD

    Yaar aeh kehna kee chahnda ae ….. No ONE WATCHES YOU ANY MORE Mr. Bad Name .

  • addo

    luqman jasay or bhe khabees hain media main sab kay sab expose honay chahyay

  • honest1

    ap sab logo se aik sawal ha..i dont favoure dosray sab anchor ki trah hi

    ho ga….lekan is video k leak honay ki timing dekhay…ke us time

    press confrence ki wajah se..SC par bohat unglain uthei ja rahi thien..poray media par

    lekan is vidoe ki wajah se..RIAZ chor ke sab elzamat..aik taraf ho gey.aur SC

    par pressure kam ho giya..jis ne bhi leak ki..acha hi howa…supreme court k uper jo

    RIAZ..fittey uchala tha..ZARDARI choor k kehnay par.wo is ke uper

    hi waps aa giya..ap us time ki sab news dekh will observe that…

  • Shahid Mirza






  • Ilyas

    ab ye sala achha bannay kii try ker raha hay logon ko pagal samajtay ho kaya ….

  • mojojojo62001

    wah ji wah Mubashir sahb, you got caught with your pants down and you want he who cops to be hung? lol

    Mubashir wo bili hai jiske galay may ganti bandh chuki hai ;)

  • falak

    bakwas kar raha hay ab yeh . ab safaiyan pesh kar raha hay kameena. himmat ho tou is ko yeh profession ab chor dena chaeyah. agent of malik riaz. stupied

  • Malangi

    اس بندے کاں ہمشہ سفید ہی رہے گا اور چور شور مچاتا رہے گا

  • arman798

    paseeno paseen howa para ha:(

    jab air conditioned room me kisi k mathay pe pasina ata ha to uski……………..

    • sajjad982

      chup oaya lantia.. jhota insan of media

  • arman798

    mubashar sab kisi nz apki video chori ki ya nai ki humein koi maslah nai humein is bat se matlab ha k us video me ap kha chand charha rahy thy …..ab kindly apni dukan band karein ap

  • Malangi

    چور مچاے شور

  • D Lahoree

    sorry Luqman please no comments you are still bad personality in Media

  • qasim noor

    good mubashar luqman sab .,

    • mudassar.sharif9

      @qasim noor

      tuj pa be laanat……… kis tara ka pakistani ha……..lannat khuda ki mobusher luqman pa ore oss ke terey jessy satheoon pa

  • Sirf Such

    Every one knows your real face ML. Unfortunately we have worst electronic media in the whole world, which has sold its soul, that's why we have to see your pig-face ML. Otherwise people like you should be begging on streets for their livelihood.

  • i am pakistan

    chal jany dy hakeem luqman, tujhy yeh gana dedicate kr raha hoon, is ko sun, special hai tery liay……………………………………… is ko dekhna nhe, sirf sun'na hai, tumhary haal per hai……………………………………………. .

  • arkhan

    aab khuchh bhee kar lo, uss azeem admi nay tumhein sahee expose kia hai. Agar ghairat hai tow yeh profession chhor dow

  • Abdullah Mustafa

    oye DRAMAY BAAZ bakwas bund kur

  • abrar

    Mubasher Lucman ap imandar banda hai and i like you.

    • sajidmalik135

      bakwas karta ha ya sala. jetnibakwas or black mailing es ny ke ha or kesi na nahn ke or pher ya MQM ke ghood mn pala ha. air condition room mn beth kar be boltay hovy jes ko paseena aata ha wo jazbaat ka nahn uski be hayai ka hota ha

    • Aamir14

      Teri——————-Mari ha iss ne Beghairat.

      Khan se Imaan Dar ha ye

  • Unknown Pakistani

    Mein bataoon ga, sounds like Muslims league N

    • mudassar.sharif9

      @unknown pakistani.

      ni bhai ya koi noon league ne ha…… pti na ppp………haan ya seraf…RUPEYYA LEAGUE ore …….RAIZ LEAGUE….ha……khuda ke laanat ess pa

  • loverpaki

    theek kia us nay kameenay. tera mu dikhaya logo ko. chal bakwas bund kar. tera real face daikh liya hum logo nay..

  • very honest

    chor sacha sabit kr rha hia

  • Mirza

    oye DRAMAY BAAZ bakwas bund kur Riaz thekedaar kee BEACH :)

  • Malangi

    Why my comment r block

  • Malangi

    This guy is a bullshit