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  • Siraj Khan

    Brave & Bold, Bravo, keep it up

  • Subscriber

    Look Who is talking. I saw him yesterday with "Salman Butt (Cricketer)" They both were talking Bullshit about our Cricket Legends "Wasim Akram" "Javed Miadad" and Salman Butt was Over Judging Like a Specialist LoL. I wana phuk these corrupt fkrs.

  • Sajid123

    Lakh Lanat tere moon pe !!!!

  • JevePakistan

    Sharm ani chahye tumhen mubashir luqman. Is tarha tum lo0gon ko bewaqoof nahen bana sakte tum kitne bare kamene ho sab jante hen aur sharm ani chheye ARY walon ko jo tumhen wapis le aye hen aur tumhari harkatoon ke sathi bane

  • Muhammad Tahir

    Shut ur speaking hole…chawaly nahi mar…tum koi arastu nahi ho jiss ki koi baat sunay

  • nadeem3781

    Very strange Mubasher Lucman, a traitor is calling to the patriot who exposed your real face, "a thief". Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are really a shameless person, I believed after so much happened, in the interview with Mistri Riaz, you were supposed to leave this profession, but you do have connection with political people of your catagory in this country. As most of the viewers have been commenting at this page against you. If you have really noble thoughts after what you did, you have no space left in this profession? So please quit, you will have better image with the passage of time.

    BY the way, where this so much money got Mistri Riaz from? Did he declare all his earnings to the income tax deptt & paid the appropriate taxes on? As per his interview on TV Channel, he admitted that 10- 15 years ago, he had nothing in his pocket & used to walk on the roads of Rawalpindi, that is his reality.

  • Aamir14

    I have an great idea for your program,this program name should be……….KHARA JHOOT.

    I like

    Talat Hussein

    Hamid Mer

    • abu hamza

      is jhootay nay us video mai kaha to tha k hamid mir ko riaz thaikaydaar nay plot dia hai

  • grow

    Ab ess mamaley per mati phao. jo ho gaia wo accha ho gaia. kuchh chahray banqab ho gaey. sabaq yeh hay ka kisse ki mukhalfat main itna aget na jao ka wapis ana mushqal ho jai. bus ab mafi mang lo sachay dil say. toba kar lo ziada explanation na do.

  • kaloo

    Mubashir Lucquman = MQM=ARm news

    • ahmedwaqas

      Mubashir Luqman = MQM = ARY News (100% agree). MQM walay ARY News say bhatta nahin letay balkay unhain kehtay hain keh hamari khabar chalao…. hahahhaa

  • pakistaniMn

    All muslims ppp pmln pti all pakistanis please rasul Allah ka Akhlaq apna lo

    apni zuban se ache baat karo warna khamosh raho

    aur agar koi ghalat bolta he to

    koi baat naheen tum acha bolo

    han jawab do magar galian na do

  • waheedakram

    mubashir luqman is true pakistani

  • Mr.kayani

    acha jee…ak baar main chori kr rha tha k meri video cctv main aa gai..kisi banday nay wo video media pay laga di..abb main to innocent hun kiu k mujay to ni pata tha k meri iss chori ki video ban rhe hai..so jiss banday nay ye video leak ki ussay saza milni chaaye..

    ye hai mubasshar kameena ka muqqaf..

  • mudassar.sharif9

    allah tuji zaleel kerrey ess dunea main be ore akhrat main bi………..lanate insaan