8pm with Fareeha Idrees (Protests over the world on Anti-Islam Film) – 17th September 2012

Dr Shahid Masood, Gen Hameel Gul, Orya Maqbool Jan Joins Fareeha Idrees – 17th September 2012

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8pm with Fareeha Idrees (Protests over the world on Anti-Islam Film) - 17th September 2012, 8.9 out of 10 based on 184 ratings

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  1. Truth only says:

    Ye sab programs aor mubahesey jhoot hein, hum apney pyaarey Rasool Allah se koi mohabat nahi kertey, hum sirf batein kertey aor time to time jab koi aisa waqiya roonama hota hei tou hum sirf na’arey lagatey hein ya phir aik bewakoof pehalwan ki tarha taqat ka muzahira kertey howey dewaar bhi apney hi ouper gira laitey hein, apney hi muslim bhaiyon ko marney lagtey hein aor apni hi imlaak ko tabah kerna shooro ho jatey hein.

    Insaan ko jis se mohabbat hoti hei tou ous ka izhar apney amal se kerta hei, aik dunyavee sachaa ashiq bhi apney mehboob ke pyaar mein tou dhood ki nahrein khod dalta hei, apney jism ka ghoosht kaat khilata hei, jungalon aor biyabaano mein apna mehboob talash kerta hei aor jis se pyaar kerta hei ous ki kushnoodi ke liye ous ki har baat manta hei ous ka har khukam baja lata hei.

    Aor hum tou khud apney aap se bhi sachey nahi… hum ne khud apna zameer hi aik gehri neind sulla diya howa hei ….Rasool Allah se sachi mohabbat aor ishq e haqeeqi aor ous ishq mein dil ki sachaayitou booooooooohaoooooooooot door ki baat hei.

    Hum ne Rasool Allah ki konsi baat maani hei, hum kab oun ki Aouswaay e Husna pe chaley hein aor iss se kiya sabaq seekha hei, hum tou Qur’aan e Kareem ki ayaat e kareema ko restaurant ka menu samjhe ker pasand kertey hein ya phir oun se ankh churaa laitey hein. Hum ne tou Qur’aan e kareem ko bas parhney ki had tak maqdoor kiya hei, iss ke ander ke ‘taryaaq’ se khud ko kab mustafeez kiya hei.

    Hum tou sab tou sirf apney ‘naffss’ ke ghulam hei na ke Rasool Allah ke.

    Kiya inn ”da’aimi” maasayail ka hul sirf ahtejaj aor qarardadein paas kerna hi hei, ya USA ke products ka boycott kerney se hei, ya oun ke embassies jala deney ya ambassadors ko qatl kerney mein hei, aor kiya ye sab pehli dafa howa hei, kiya hum ne pehley bhi aisey mawaqeh pe apna ahtejaj record nahi kerwaya tha….tou ous ka kiya nateejha samney aya …. phir aik aor blasphemy ka event…

    Tou phir hul kiya hei…..?


    (baishakk Allah (swt) sabrr kerney walon ke saath hei)

    Allah (swt) ki zaat e aqdas se madad maanein, WO apney MEHBOOB ki Hurmat ka aor apney ghar ka khud zimadaar hei. ref: sorah ‘alfeil’. (The absolute & eternal belief in Allah (swt)

    (Apney islaaf ko behtar banayein, Apney kirdar ko buland kerein, sachaayi ka saath dein aor burayee ko rokein) ref: sorah ‘alasr’ (The essence of Qur’aan e kareem)

    (Apney Allah (swt) ki Ebadat kerein aor ous se hi madad maangein) ref: sorah ‘alfateha’ ( The extract of Qur’aan e kareem)

    (Allah (swt) ka har waqt shukkar guzar rahein) ref: sorah ‘Rehman’ (The merciful and The unanimous creator of the universes)…………….AOR ……….

    Merey Parwardigar ne via apney pyaarey Rasool sari wisdom iss Qur’aan e kareem Kitabul hadaya mein dey tou di hei ….. Tou ab hum ous per amal pairah hi na hoon tou baad mein chillaney aor cheekhney ka kiya matlab aor kiya fa’aidah, aor ba’ad’azan talk shows mein sirf iss conspiracy aor iss ke muharreykat ko define ker leiney se kiya ho jaye ga, hum inn jahannamiyon ka ab kiya bigarr saktey hei….hum tou kaaei sadyoon se pehley hi khud derailed hein tou jo (we the so-called) muslims ke saath ho raha hei faqat humari apni jahalton ka hi shahasana hei.

  2. pakistani123 says:

    yaar koi gaeratt mnd hacker nahii haii yaha per ? please do some thing

  3. amanbrar says:

    Happy Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) to all Pakstani muslims. May Rabbi Jewish Lord bless you and protect you.

  4. mohsin e watan says:

    Lanat on zardari government he didn't order PTA to band youtube in Pakistan, that was Chief Justice Iftikhar who ordered youtube. Zardari & Co., is not enemy of Pakistan but he is enemy of Islam too and he has no faith in All mighty God, that is why he is doing zulum on poor Pakistanis

  5. Tanha47 says:

    So far I do not see any apology from Egyptian Coptic Christian leader. Since there is an organization in US for Egyptian Coptic minority and its leader is involved in the pornographic movie. So I will knock in Cairo on Coptic neighbor to explain me why your leaders doing this in far away land call USA. USA government in complicit every step in this movie. Do not buy garbage talk from any US official. Next any Christian in Pakistan burning Quran, writing insulting remarks on walls or any act to hurt Muslim needs to be dealt accordingly. Do not give safe passage, refuge on the name of any thing. They have to abide the law and respect the emotions of Muslims or leave Pakistan for good.l

  6. maverick says:

    I think we all must understand the reason and sazish behind it…

  7. inamsh says:

    I tried to watch this stupid movie. I hardly watch for few minutes and then decided not to watch. Its seems absolutely baseless and the clear objective seems to provoke all Muslims. This idiot does not know that Muslims love their Prophet and all prophets before him more than anything else in this world. May Allah unite Ummah on this issue and OIC meeting should be called and a stern warning should be issued and through UNO a law should be passed to take care of such issues internationally so that no one dare to provoke religious bias and propaganda of any sort.

  8. inamsh says:

    Great views with honest reviews! May Allah keep all Muslims united under our Prophet's (SAW) flag!

  9. mujahidulislam says:

    America is facing defeat on the hands of taliban . America has been defeated and now they are trying to defeat the muslims by attacking our hearts

  10. sar says:

    seems unity exists regarding the sentimental aspects about "The FILM" and the Pakistan Govt has taken a good stand by banning the U-Tube (is it total ban on U-Tube site or just that site that showed this film ?"….but this is not enough…

    the Govt of Pakistan the Military and the Politicians/political parties have to set the future agenda since a "war" has been declared upon the people…..

    that future "Agenda" must include:

    a Total ban on US based AID such as AID programmes /IMF-World Bank Loans US consultants that are operating in Pakistan…..total ban on US Development Funds and Technologies Products and Services and most of all ban on Trading in "dollars"….buy use and live with Pakistan made products and services be they of lower quality ….."kill" all "foreign" investments and stock markets in Pakistan…..

    replace all of the above with Chinese-Japanese-Russian Aid assistance /products and services and trade only in their currencies …..make "Yuan" the currency of choice…

    after all Chinese have been given to develop Gawadar why not rest of the country…

    a total ban should be imposed upon agents of US Corporations registered and operating in Pakistan such as the Rand Corporation/Boeing etc and the like….these are those "draconian" measures that must be taken now and its consequences absorbed and sacrifices made…..it is just such measures for which Sadam Hussein/Ghaddafy and even the Shah of Iran were all hanged or killed by the US-Israeli Govts…..

    or else keep shouting and express griefs until silence once again

    • Truth only says:

      Respected friend sar, You forgot in the flow to mention the most important and literally draconian step which could probably put a halt to such heinous blasphemous daredevil.

      The Saudis & all middle eastern countries should immediately stop investing in Europe & USA and pour down their wealth in the Muslim countries ……….

      Do you think they would Do it ? …..

      Well I Don't !!

  11. Inqelab says:

    Kee Muhammad ( PBUH) say wafa tu nay tu hum teray hain:

    Yeh Jahan cheez hay Kaya loh o kalam terya hain:

    We strongly protest the blasphemy of our beloved Prophet and condemn the role of fascist, traitor and corrupt Government.

  12. rama says:

    G. hmeeed Gul ki baat theek hay k Hitler k poster utha k nachy liko Jews k khawaf

  13. warraich1853 says:

    muslim mulkon key hukamran america key agent hain wo kiun kuch karen gey

  14. amanbrar says:

    World is tired of these muslim saying islam is a religion of peace. Can any show the world where is peace where ever muslim lives.

  15. qazi sahib says:

    America lover Musalmano and hukmarano wake up and be ready to sacrifice

    ur lives on HURMAT-E-RASOOL(PBUH).LISTEN to Oria jaan GEN hameed GUL

    AND SHAHID MASOOD.very very good programme.

  16. snarsal says:

    What does the Qur’an say about dealing with those who insult the blessed Rasool? Patience with dignity. Nowhere Allah says go and destroy properties and lives of those who insult the Messenger.

    Muslims are told to hold fast to their pledges and treaties they sign. They are obligated to provide security to various Embassies. After 911, how many Embassies of Muslim countries were attacked in Europe or US?

    This video was produced by a perverted individual who has the remote control in his hand. All he has to do is to press a button and the Muslims start jumping up and down. Don’t give your power away!! Use this opportunity to educate others about real Islam. Islam does not allow anybody to punish Paul for the crime of Peter.

    This world is a world of test for the Muslims to see if under pressure do they respond their way or Allah’s Way?

    41:34 Good and evil are not alike. Repel evil with what is good. Then you will find your erstwhile enemy like a close. affectionate friend

    41:35 but only those who are steadfast in patience, only those who are blessed with great righteousness, will attain to such goodness

    41:36 Hence, if it should happen that a prompting from Satan stirs thee up [to blind anger], seek refuge with God: behold, He alone is all-hearing, all-knowing!

    and last but not the least:

    25:63 The (true) servants of the All-Merciful are they who move on the earth gently and humbly, and when the ignorant, foolish ones address them (with insolence or vulgarity as befits their ignorance and foolishness), they response with (words of) peace, (without engaging in hostility with them);

    • worriedabtpakistan says:

      Look Mr. Snarsal,

      If I accept that American state is not responsible for this film. My question is if the American state do not bring the culprits to justice, will it not be responsible then? I hope now you would talk about American Law that permits the liberty of opinion even it creats the Fassaad on earth. Denying HollowCast and denying jews dignity is a crime in America because it hurts the feelings of the jews but producing a nonsense film against our beloved prophet and umma ha tul moumneen is the liberty of expression. Does it not hurt the feelings of the 1.5 billion Muslims. We know the American govertment does not have any logical answer on it but they will not try to stop it? Does this kind of attitude is acceptable by the Muslims on this issue? Should they keep quiet and wait for some thing next more horrible? They always have the right to protest.

      The thing which create disturbance and violance is the attitude of the ruler class in the Muslims conutries. If all the Muslim leaders would have been on same page and have led the protests them selves enforcing america to bring the culprits to book. The violance you mentioned would not have been taken place. I am from Pakistan where PMLN, PPP and MQM are main political parties. Will any party try to enforce americans to bring the culprit to the book? Do they have the courage to threaten America to break diplomatic relationship if the culprit is not sentenced? I think no party in Islamic Republic of Pakistan has this courage to do it. I heard that a Resolution ("Qarrar Daad") is passed in assembly to condemn the film. They might have strongly condemned the issue and might have requested Americans to arrest the culprit but if the Americans will not do it then what would be required actions on Pakistan's end. I hope "Qarrar Daad" will be quiet on it. what kind of sanctions the middle east will enforce on America if culprit is not brought to justice. Will these states stop the supply of the oil? No brother no. Business, money is more important. We claim we love our prophet but our actions speak louder then the words. We Muslim need to be calm and peaceful. Yes we are peaceful and want peace every where in the world but at the same time we should not allow others to play with our passions. When people see that ruler class is not representing their feelings and its actions are not aligned with the hopes and wishes of the people. People become uncontrolled in agitations.

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