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  • facelifter

    if a woman of her age is not satisfied with her sexuel life she tends to talk bull-shit to release some furstration, i will request her man to do his "job" to her satisfaction, show some effort…………………c'mon wake-up

  • ali_malaysia

    Is there any member of parliament (who claim they are superior and great) who can take notice of this idiot lady speech? Or all busy just to making money only and killing 180 million of peoples…

    IS there anyone?????

  • kashif123

    Na na kar kanjre,haraman tere tereeeeeeeeeeeeee wo ju tumhare do legs k between…………..

  • faisalisrar

    Pitty on your thoughts and knowledge.

    Faisal Israr


  • jalal

    Abb iftkhar chaudry ka kuch na karska tao Abb father of nation Q.ali jinnah ko badnaam karnay chaley yeh zardari to suwar ka aulad say bhi bataar hai.

  • abc123

    Look at your leader first before you speak about Jinnah. Dictator is your president.

  • Bawa

    Faiza Rasheed…. so long as you remain with Peoples Party and Zardari is alive, you can say whatever you like and when you like… no prblem….because Awam is stupid, jahil and junglee. We love bloody Bhutto Khandan.

  • movsaqib

    WTF ye lanti loog jinhon nay Pakistan ka bera garak kr dia hai aaj Quaid pr tanqeed karen gay ppp walay itnay had say zyada guzar jayen gay main ye nahi sooch sakta tha lekin aaj to had kar di is begairat nay. lakh di lanat

  • pakistani123

    ooooooooooooooooyeeeeeeeeeeeeee PPP pagal hoo gayee

  • tanveer saudi arab


  • Linkoping

    Ye sirf is ki sooch ni ye PPP k sab loggon ki sooch hay.

    They r in strugle to divide Pakistan into pieces.

    Why not PML-N and other parties stand against such views against founder of Pakistan.

    PPP is in real words Non-Muslim Party.

    They did nothing for the sake of Pakistan and Islam.

  • rashid79

    Jinnah sb galat hain ed ki maan ka yar zardari theek ker raha hy sub kuch

  • Agent

    What a joke? brainless lady, where is Roti, Kapra and Makan????Zardari is very democratic, and you should be living in India.

  • we-love-pakistan

    How would she feel if she was still under Indian control with no rights at all.

  • Ali_ss

    wah wah wah ,, she want to say zardari is better than QUAID E AZAM,,, most stupid lady wid disgusting thoughts …