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Hasb e Haal – 16th September 2012

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  • naveelasaleem

    I love your show; listen to it all the time

  • Adil J

    This program was a reply to other duniya show which aired few weeks ago where Sohail Ahmed was discussing the same issue……iss program mein aisa lag reha tha kay 3 auretein bhaith kar apnay dil ko thandank pohancha rehi hein kiyunkay ab unko bolnay ka mooqa milla hei……..Hasb e haal you have lost one more viewer….

  • bushra naheed


  • leon

    If u talk about Europe or west , they sectionize their channels for example , adult channels and under age channels including family channels , so it's people choice what they wanna watch . So what I reckon set some rules & regulations .

  • SuperDuperKhan

    Mr Junaid Saleem and Sohail Ahmed Comedian do't talk Europe ..Stop spreading lies about Europe. I am sick of the people like you who are lying. Europe is far far better than Pakistan and stop blaming and comparing Europe with Pakistan. Europeans dont have a time to discuss these topics and here even in the night woman can go out while i remember in Pakistan my mother used to tell me to go with my sister everywhere because of Security issues and guys teasing.where Intellectuals are still demonizing Europe while living in Developing nation.

  • muhammad touqir

    what about programes shown at dunya news channel in the name of advertisement of different product and in the name of entainment of indian film actresses naked and what about fashion shows items shown in each news bullition . is it not fahashai… mr junaid saleem you are defending fahashi or conduming this fahashi on dunya news . cannt you not see it….. but you will see it as you not paid to critise your channel fahashi….but on other channels….. listen….. all channel doing such job are equally responsible for this sin…. in the name of freedom of personal rights. one who condumn it, you people very suddenly call him mullah……. allah aapp sub ko hidayat day….aameen…..

  • mohsin e watan

    no nation of the world progressed on the basis of fahashi, corruption, expensive clothing & expensive way of life. If fahashi was way to progress then Thailand should have been richiest country of the world, because fahashi over there prevailing for last so many decades.

  • mohsin e watan

    We have adopted bad stuffs of others, but don't adopt their good things like puntuality of time, on time reaching, honesty with work and nation, faithful to own country and don't tolerate a single word against their country. You go and tell any indian bad thing about india they will come after you like Mad D_G, even you go and try their social sites.

  • shahid

    bohat achi batain kartain hain aap log iagree with you

  • mohsin e watan

    All Pakistanis Brothers and Sisters put + (plus) to good and true comments, since indian IPS waley good comments ko (-) minus aur bad comments ko (+) plus kertie'n hein to demoralize our nation, please make their mission impossible thanks.

  • attitude adjuster

    Hassan Nisar shahib " Hoor Chupo " hehehe

  • azaan16

    NYC show and very gud comments against fahashi

    Junaid saleem and azizi u r Doing brilliant job and I impress

    Junaid gerenal knowledge.

  • warraich1853

    thank you hasbehall team jitni achi gufatgu ap ke show main sunney ko milti hai kisi aur main nehi, allah ap per apni rahmat karey

  • Chatha

    Thanks J.S. aap logon ne aaj fahashi k uper bahot achi baatein ki………hamesha essay hi in so called roshan khialon k munh band kartey rahein Allah aap ka hamio nasir ho

  • yasin butt

    thanks hasehal is topic pe bat ker ke un logoon ka mun kala kiya jo goroon ke pechey bhagtey hai,wel don junaid and azizi ALLAH ap ko jazae khair de,AMEEN,,,,,,,PAKISTAN ,,,,,,,,,ZINDABAD,

  • zamzam

    Hafiz saeed shibn please call to tableeghi jamat,,,,and also call brali ulma and is government ko gher bhajo or Islami nazam nafiz karo,,,Please,,,

    Tebleeghi jamat sa request ha k wo pakistan k seb sa bara ijtama kerta hain 30 sa 40 lakh loog akhata ker laita hain,,,Apna NABI SAW or is ummat ki khater ab chup na raho baher niklo,,,Or islam ko bachayio,,,or is mulak ko bachayo,,,

    Black cheap media all peoples they LOVE NABI SAW and islam PLease please please,,,Her jaga per pakistani media k khilaf ahtejaj karo,,,,Is kutta k bachoon k lia NABI SAW k khilaf bani film bohet choti si news ha isi lia END per ja ker deta raha hain pichla 4 din sa as 3 seconds only,,,Lannat ho aisa muslimanoon k media per,,,Or AB ya jitna b deeni jamatain ahtjaj ker rahi hain us ko b as khas news nahi da raha hain,,,,Laanat ho aisa media per,,,Shame on you all corrupt media,,,

    Pakistan ko bednaam kerna main or islam ko bednaam kerna main seb sa ziada kaam isi lannti media na kia ha,,,India main b bohet sari problems hain mager media 99% covereg positive chezoon ko deta ha or Pakistan media 99% negitive cheezoon ko dikhata ha,,,