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Bottom line on aaj news – 16th september 2012

Bottom line on aaj news – 16th september 2012

  • itishan

    nihait afsoos hai keh Pakistan mein jis ki lathy us ki bhains kaa qanun hai, in chor generals ko bad mein ba-izzat case se baree kar diaa jai gaa aur phir tumam benefits bhi dai die jain gay.

    in chor gen. ko n.a.b. ya sup.court mein paish karnaa chahye aur in ko 14 years ji bajay 28 years ki sazaa di jai.

    laikin insaf kai tumam taqazay puray kie jain, shaffaf inquiry hony chahye, ziada sazaa iss liye dii jai takeh mazeed chorun ko pataa chalay keh jitnaa baraa chor h gaa uss kai liye sazaa bhi special yeni double hoooo giii

  • shamsims

    You are a two bit thug paid by Noora League Private Limited, its people like you who give journalist a bad name, you people think you are smart, you, Hamid Mir are both touts who have been paid by Noora League, and your disguise to go to Supreme Court to ask to check the government spending, clearly shows that you are trying to pull a fast one, otherwise you would have also mentioned that any Anchors who has taken money from any political party should also be investigated.

    Noora League Private Limited can try its best through touts like you to go after President Perwaiz Mushrraf, but it will never happened with all the peoples money looted by your leader and parked in London, Dubai, Spain, Saudi Arabia and God knows where else, will not do any good for him or his family, Allah ke lathi jab chla ge to sub pata chal jaiga.

    Allah ka pas der ha andher nahi