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Sawal yeh hai (who is actual culprit of Karachi Disaster) – 15th September 2012

Watch Latest Sawal yeh hai with Dr. Danish – 15th September 2012

  • calico

    Khawateen do no Perform Phallus Puja or Lap dance in Parliament…….Do Something for PUBLIC too??

  • darday pakistan

    salam to all pakistani

    gidhar key so sal key zidagi say bahtar ha shar key ak din key zindagi

    pahlay ma pakistani awam ko kuch kahna chahta hon wo yah k pahlay ham pakistani han us kay bad kisi be party k ma as a pakistani apnay pakistanio ko ak mashwara dayna chahta hon hamara pakistan in nikamay sayasat dano say thek nahi ho ga ham sab awam ko mil kar pakistan koo thek karna hoo ga wo is tarha k koi be manistor koi mna mpa wazir police our koi be mahkama caraption us ilakay kay log mil kar us key pitayai kar day dakay inshallah caraption thek hoo jay gi our agar koi dosra caraption walay admai ka koi dosra sath dayta ha too os key be pitayai kar day inshallah pir in koo daykh kar koi be caraption walay admi ka sath nahi day ga our os koo dakh kar hud be thek hoo jayay ga. hamay haq k layay larna hoo ga ma nay bohat saray kissay dakhay han k haq k layay bahi bahi ko mar dayta ha chahay zamin ho our chahay pasa

    too ham pakistan k layay koun nahi lar saktay. please koi bi hokamran kisi k layay koch nahi karay ga yah sab sayasat dan chot boltay han our chotay waday kartay han. hamay hud he pakistan k baray ma sochna ho ga. misal k toor par missar may inqalab ayya awam say libiya may inqalab ayya awam say tunas yaman siryha in sab may inqalab awam lay kar aai ha hokam ran nahi. agar sab pakistani awam mayra mashwara manay too pakistan may change aa sakta ha agar ham log sochay k yah hokamran change lay kar ayay gay too yah hamahi soch 100 parsant galat ha. how many people are agree with me please reply me thanks for all pakistani.pakistan zida bad. allah hamaray pakistan ko tarakki day.

    • mohammed rafiq

      this barbbie doll never admit any wronge doing by goverment .

  • darday pakistan

    salam to all pakistani

    awam kuch bi kar lay our media kuch bi kar lay hamaray sorry to say hamaray nahi

    bagarat gatiay nikamay faradayay our baysharam hokamran kabi be apni galti nahi manay

    gay chhay ppp baygarat mqm dikhawa bagarat nawaz bagarat anp bagarat all bagarat

    sirf ak hi good pti laykin wo bi alaction say pahlay un ka pata tab chalay ga jab wo iqtadar may ayay ge. pakistan ka allah he hafiz. please pakistani people i request you try to change the pakistan.

  • IHAN

    Remember the incident happened with dawlance company for bhttta delay search the news you will find out

  • calico

    Shermila shameless vermin has no remorse; Her Skin Tight clothes…..Stink with ill-gotten money…from Poor’s Tax payer??

  • calico

    Cold to the Core, buried in Corruption continuously…….No time to provide ………..Justice to BENAZIR BHUTTO??

    • mohsin e watan

      because zardari himself is invovled upto neck that is why he is quiet on bibi's murder, he doesn't want to talk on this matter, he spent 5 years everything was in his hand to get bibi's murderer but he can't arrest himself for her (and mir murtaza bhutto's) murder charges

  • calico

    Shermila, Stoned faced… Parasite thrives…on Poor’s Tax payer Money.

  • calico

    Convict Creep, Shermila Sleaze and her father…Pleaded guilty in scam case ;(Ansar abbassi)…

  • calico

    Shermila Sleez, Deep throat w/Botox Lips….Swallow Bone marrow out of Poor’s Skelton.

  • calico

    Khawateen do no Perform Phallus Puja or Lap dance in Parliament…….Do NOTHING for PUBLIC??

  • Inqlaab

    Cheif Minister ka to koi haal nahin woh to sirf ek puppet hey, baqi us key jo ird gird hain sab key sab ignorants, aur us key ooper MQM suney pey suhaaga. Kahan gum ho gaye sab key sab, sirf sharmili ko agey kar diya hey. kiya sab apni apni bilon main chaley gaye, jab tak halaat cool na ho jayein. phir yeh bahar bilon sey niklein gey aur choon choon karna shuroo kar deingey.

  • sunlight123

    I think this fire incident and 300 people burned to death is not due to violation of rules and regulation this is purely criminal act ,Bugtta group in involve, Dr danish shifting the issue .In Pakistan 100% inspectors of fire and safety department. building control department,excise department,and all other department are corrupt not from today but last 30-40 years,they are taking Bribery and the money disturbed to top level ,this every Pakistani knows . Now question is if it is due to criminal act of Bugtta group than who is responsible, some of the Bugtta groups are working for political parties, business community hi lighted this problem at every forum but no action was taken.Neutral investigation is necessary to unfold the facts,international police should be call for fair investigation otherwise politicians keep playing the blame game and truth never be unfold.

  • mohsin e watan

    Karachi terrorists are consist of PPP+MQM. I am from Karachi and I know this very well.

  • Bawa

    Yes, Dr Danish did take the negligence factor of the Fire incident. But please be advised that this Dr Danish frequently calls Bhutto's 'a Shaheed'. He definitely has a soft corner for Bhuttos/Zardari.

    Now it is a useless discussion. And I am sorry to say that this stupid Awam will still vote for bloody Zardari.

  • amirkhan6

    i hate that b***h

    • faisal980

      this time the setting goverment(ppp and MQM) is responsible.why the CM stop the minister of labour to take action against these irregularities.

  • Jhon Smith

    The fire in factory put by some Bathia mafia. They used petrol to burn the factory. Why they look the main gates?? why Owner of factory left country and now he is back within 15 hours from Dubai and he is saying I was standing out side factory when it was burning. He bring back from Dubai within one night by MQM. To save MQM face. If owner was out side the factory than why media not found him. He is saying under pressure MQM. Other wise He and his family will be Killed.

    It is now becoming clear that some Bhutta-Khor Group is involved in this tragic Factory Fire,, I think MQM fier the factory as factory owner have not give the Bathia to MQM>So MQM fier the factory and Locked the main gate of factory with the help of watch man. As watch man of Factory belong to MQM. Already One TV programme announced factory owner is in Dubai he left the country on threat of fier by mathia mafia..

  • honest1

    .INSHALLAH imran will be our

    next PM…IMRAN ke PM bantey hi…pehlay din se hi pakistan khush hali ki rah par chal

    paray ga..baqi..PPP…PMLN.Q MQM..ANP JUI..ne zardari dakoo ka sath de kar.

    mulk aur awam se gaddari ki,..shame on them….

    • malik32

      haqit ya ha ka ,,1947 sa ag tak banay wali tamam hakomataan is jurm ma barabar ka sareek han,,,they are most wanted ciremnels,,,,allah hum sub ko bhi insan bana da ameeen,,,,

      • mohsin e watan

        you are wrong Quaid-e-Azam wasn't shericq in any jurm, he is our greatest leader in histories of mankind, he died in 1948, killing of Quaid-e-Azam in Ziyarat was definately jurm-e-Azim. If you question Quaid-e-Azam then you better go to india, and never come back to Pakistan, we don't need you. I know the conditions of muslims there, I met thousand of indian muslims and they said to me that hindu discriminate us in everything. Not only that indian congress accepted that muslims are keep behind intentional.