Drone Attacks cause increase in more terrorists: Imran Khan Message to the world

Imran Khan’s Message centenary Square Bradford DRONE Protest Friday 14th September 2012.
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Drone Attacks cause increase in more terrorists: Imran Khan Message to the world, 9.7 out of 10 based on 369 ratings

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  1. lmnabeel says:

    aap sub sa bara chor ho imran khan

  2. GoodDeedsLeadTo says:

    IT is the fundamental principle of life. There is no other way to resolve critical issues in the world, except by dealing with the underlying cause (s), clearly understanding the underlying cause (s), sincerely acknowledging the underlying cause(s), and finding the solution to the problem based on the underlying cause. The solution does not lie in fighting back with symtomps only. Symptom are only the natural reaction to the disease or issue at hand.

    Imran Khan is the only leader, who clearly understands the underlying causes of the critical issues the country is facing, and his responses, unlike all other politicans in general, are always based on the underlying causes, and finding the solution to deal with them.

    You cannot eradicate corruption, if you are not ready to disclose everything you made in your public life, or of if you refuse to show the banking transaction used to transfer funds to England or abraod, because you used other illegal methods to transfer funds.

    Anyone, old & new faces, can join PTI, as long as that anyone is wiilling to fight the status quo, willing to completely disclose assets, willing to be challenged.

    You can only be guided by your vision, which alone Imran Khan is, if you can lead by your own example, and Imran Khan is the only one who can lead by his own example.

    How can you ask someone to accede to the order of supreme court, when you are not not willing to show the method used to transfer funds overseas, kept assets in other names, your income tax does not reconcile with your earnings, your possessions, your standard of living.

    • pakilover says:

      yeh agent sirf politic point scoring kar raha hai

      asal mei yeh america ka agent hai

      • purepakistan says:

        theek kaha

        Anp MQM Deiza aur Nawaz Sheep amrkia ka ajent nahi hai

        jo her moqqa per bahir bhagg jatta hai,

        Raymond Devis ke moqqa per donno ghunjaa brothers Uk bhagh gaiy 2 maa tuk wapis nahi ayee,

        Nato Supply khullnaiy pe Uk bhagg ghiaa,

        Ye patta tha ky Zardari chorr hai phirr b uss ke Sadar buntaiy waqqt uss ke papers ko Chanllange nahi kia

        Uk main Arrboo ropaiy ki Jaidaad, Orr Punjab main law and order dekho,


        Tum jaisaiy Laptop py bikk janaiy wallaiy Uqull ke Undhaiy nahi baaz aa suktaiy, khamkhaa in 65 saaloon sy baithaiy Sanmppoon ky mamaiy bunnaiy hoaiy ho, Tumhara hoon choosnaiy wallaiy hee tum looggon ke leader hain,

        Uss ko tou yahoodi keh dia,

        Kabi Aanaiy ke samnaiy kharaiy ho ke hood sy puchnna tum kia ho,

        Khaamkhaa kissi sy Naffratt kernaiy sy pehlaiy kabi apnaiy damagh sy bi kaam lataiy hain, kabi dill ki awaz b sunntaiy hai

        Main b kabi PML-N main thaa abb nahi, aur yehi sumjhtta tha jo tum sumjhtaiy ho, abb nahi,

        inn subb sy bekhter Honestly there is no one bettere

        Than Imran Khan,

        Imran is the Best baqi aap ki murzi

        PTI is the Best

        No matter what I will Vote for PTI

  3. karwasuch says:


    main aaj plmln ke un supporters se mukhatib hun jo aql o shaoor rakhte hain logic ko samjhte hain such pe yaqeen rakhte hain aur pehle sache musalaman aur pakistani aur bad mein punjabi hain main aap ko aik simple si logic de raha hun agar dil mane to apne faisle ko review karen ab main batata hun ke main ne kala bagh dam ka ziker kyun kia mujhe poora yaqeen hai ke kala bagh dam bohat acha project hai us se khush hali a sakati hai energy crises khatam ho sakta hai lakin ye bhi such hai ke kala bagh dam teen soobe qubool nahi karte sirf punjab chahta hai tau phir aisi khush hali ka kia faida jo soobon ko apas mein lara de balochistan pehle hi alag hone ke dar pe hai to khush hali ke badle hum kia pakistan ki salmyet ko khatre mein dal sakte hain har sucha pakistani yehi kahe ga ke nahi hame pakistan ko jor ke rakhna hai torna nahi hai ab main aap ko batata hun ke main pmln ke supporters se kyun mukhatib hun us ki wajah ye hai ke nawaz shareef sahab mana bohat ache hon ge unho ne bohat ache kam bhi kye hon ge lakin ye bhi such hai ke nawaz shaif sahab ko baqi teen soobe qubool nahi karte specially pakistan ka doosra bara sooba sindh aur sub se bara sooba balochistan aur kpk mein bhi thori bohat qabooliyet hai tau mera sawal ye hai ke kia aap sirf punjab ka sochte hain baqi soobe aap ke bhai nahi hain aap kia un ke sath nahi rehna chahte kia aap ko unki rai ka koi ahteram nahi hai ab aap imran khan ke bare mein sochen jis ko sara pakistan qubool karta hai pasand karta hai to kia aap ko aisa leader nahi chahye jo sare pakistan ko qubool jo sare pakistan ko jor ke rakhe jo tassub se bala tar ho main aap ko batata hun main mqm ka supporter tha jese baqi karachi ke loag hain lakin ab imran khan ko pasand karta hun aur main mqm ko janta tha mujhe us se ikhtelaf tha lakin sirf is liye support karta tha kyun ke mujhe lagta tha ke karachi ke logon ko koi aur apna nahi samjhta sirf baten karne ki had tak sub bolte hain lakin imran wahid leader hai jis ki baton se tassub ki boo nahi ati jo sare pakistan ko aik nazar se dekhta hai jo mqm ke khilaf bhi hai tau real grounds ke ooper na ke tassub ki bunyad pe jub ke pmln mqm ke khilaf sirf tasuub ki bunyad par hai un ke tamam logon ki baton se tassub ki badboo ati hai us ki taza misal aap khawja saad rafiq ki baton se laga sakte hain ke unho ne kaha sari partyon ko chahe wo sare pakistan mein aik dusre ke mukhlif lakin sub ko karachi mein mqm ke khilaf aik ho jana chahye koi un se pooche ke kia is tarah mqm khatam ho jaye gi i am sure ke aur mazboot ho jaye gi kia aap karachi ko doosra balochistan banana chahte hain kia aap mqm ko bla banana chahte hain aur aik bat aur bata dun ye jo loag kehte hain ke mqm ne bandooq ke zarye karachi ko yerghamal banaya hua hai jhoot bolte hain itne bare sheher koi yerghamal nahi bana sakta wajah sirf yehi ke karachi walon ko koi apna nahi samajhta is mitti ka nahi samajhta isi tassub ki wajah se mqm ko loag qubool karte hain lakin mujhe yaqyeen hai jub kisi ne ise apna samjha ye sheher usi ka ho jaye ga jese ke imran khan jo kam establishment mazhabi jamate aur siyasi jamaten nahi kar saki mujhe yaqeen hai wo kam imran khan kare ga aur karachi ko mqm se najat dilaye ga aap khud sochen jub bhi kisi party ka zikar ata hai tau lashaoori tor hamara zehen us ke bare mein hame bata deta hai maslan ppp ka zikar aye to chahye wo khud ko jitna bhi federation ki jamat bole mager sub ko pata hai ke us ke liye sindh sub se pehle hai anp ke liye kpk mqm ke liye karachi aur pmln ke liye punjab chahe wo jitna bhi inkar karen lakin ye haqeeqat hai sirf aur sirf tehreek e insaf wahid jamat hai jis ke bare mein aap nahi keh sakte ke wo falan soobe ki party hai kyun ke un ka base poora pakistan hai.

    is liye meri aap logon se ilteja hai ke khudaa ke liye apne dil se poochen har tassub se bala tar ho kar pakistan ke liye sochen aur imran khan ko kamyab karen agar aap ke dil mein pakistan ka dard hai. meri baton par ghor zaroor kijye ga shayed main apni bat nahi samjha paya hun lakin phir bhi aik koshish ki hai is bharoose ke sath shayed ke utar jaye tere dil mein meri bat

  4. GoodDeedsLeadTo says:

    Look at the actions only, and make your own choice.

    Imrann Khan deserves special recognition for making SK, not because he made a hospital, many other people have made hospitals, he deserves special recognition because he made cancer hospital where those who cannot afford also get the treatment. Effectively, most of SK's patients do not pya. This is a unique thing, all over the world. The staff does not know is a being treated free of cost, & who is paid the cost of the treatment. There is no other example like this.

    Someone refuses to show the transactions used to send the funds abroad, becausee there are not banking transactions to show.

    Imran Khan is the only one, who is a self made man, did not get into politics with the support of any general.

    Imran Khan is the only one who is outstanding is what ever does, who has made many achievements, well know to the world.

    Other politiicians in Pakistan lack vision, they are not leaders, they multiplied their wealth and held top public office at the same time.

    This alone should suffice to disqualify them for running again.

  5. newbaghi says:

    At the Current situation the west appointed task of the buffer country for Pakistan has been successfully accomplished by disintegrating the USSR. Since the great game is over so they want to dismantled those forces which they used against the Russia for only one reason that they might become a threat to the western interest.

    At present time the west agenda for the Pakistan

    1. De Nuclarazation

    2. De Islamaization

    3. Make Pakistan sub State of India.

    4. Fight with China as we fight Russia

    To implement above new western agenda they have six deferent faces, for which they are using all there loyalist and beneficiary form generations for completion.

    1. Bring all the puddle racial parties into the government in four province i.e. MQM & PPP in Sindh, Nura League in Punjab, ANP in KPK. Baloch leaders in Balochistan………… ……………………………………Completed.

    2. Making the people strive for food, clean water, transport, electricity, security and Justice till they become worst then animal…………………….. completed

    3. Making deadly weapons easily cheaply available all over the country ……………………………………………………………………….completed

    4. Bring the whole nation at the verge of moral collapse, illusions in the bases of the faith, founders and country, spread hopelessness and disinformation by the use of for sale Media………………………………………… In progress

    5. Trigger racial or ethnic’s clashes to push desperate and frustrated nation in to the civil war………… ……………………………………………In progress

    6. Announce Pakistan a fail state and take over Pakistan nuclear deterrence system, break they country in to the pieces…………………to be implemented

    7. Impose a new secular puddles government in five countries 1. Jinah Pure 2. Sindudesh 3.Baluchistan 4.Puktunistan and the rest of Punjab As Pakistan and be in the rest and peace for another 100 years………….to be implemented

    The road map and even the maps and currencies were already printed and they were expecting all this six faces to be completed by 2010 in the Leadership of Musharaf.

    It seems like this time around All Mighty ALLAH has different plan for Pakistan and the restoration of judiciary hinders the whole western agenda, but the game is not over yet, if the people of Pakistan never bring a mass movement for justice from below they will remain slaves for ever.

    ALLAH have given the people of Pak land a clear chance with the a with Honest Sincere Bereave Committed & Humble Leadership to decide there own Fat. But it could only be happen if we as a Muslim and Pakistani put aside ower very personal interest aside and struggle for a just cause, as God promise that he will never waist a single dope of sincere effort or sacrifice if not we will dig our own grave as a nation and the history will never forgive us for such a blander.

  6. orakzai110 says:


    Plzz for the sake of Allah must watch dis video n then read my entire commnt n plzz gave proper suitable unbaised reply …….. @ADMIN plzz dnt delte my comnt plzz

    Regarding IK’s support for Taliban ideology, his masters have “designed” him…for this very job

    All our killers come from Waziristan, are trained in Waziristan and hide in Waziristan and IK’s whole politics is to save these killers.


    WHY he does not go to Gilgit, Quetta, Skardu, Baltistan, Hnagu, Jhang, D.i Khan. Kohat, Parachinar with 1 lac people where children are dying without medicines and the whole area is besiged by IK’s beloved and innocent Taliban?


    He did a drama to retire from Cricket and then got it back on Zia's demand, just to please Zia and make him popular when public hated him extremely.

    He married Jamaima for 2 goals (I do not see any other quality in that Jewish girl apart from below 2 things)

    1: Developing relations with powerful Zionist lobby to support him in Pakistani politics

    2: Wealth of Sir Gold Smith (A strong and powerful supporter of Israel)

    THIS is the reason why IK never speaks of Iran, supports Taliban and is always dumb and deaf on Shia Genocide.

    Then he supported Musharraf with same hope, but Musharraf was too crooked to realize that IK is an absolute nutter in politics (Social Work is an ENTIRELY Different thing to running the country). Musharraf kicked him and he became his opponent.

    Finally, he went to the lap of ISI for the same dream "Direct Prime Minister"

    Save Pakistan frm TALIBAAN

    Pakistan Hamari Jan ::: SAB SY PEHLY PAKISTAN

  7. warraich1853 says:

    it,s time to save pakistan and we should join with imran khan for pakistan.imran is a brave leader

  8. moulajat says:

    اے مرد مجاھد، اے مرد حق اللہ تیرا حامی و ناصر

  9. A2B says:

    This man In Chitral supported Jews and openly defended them.

    This man is finally exposed, He is now openly defending the Jews saying the holocaust was the cruel incident where millions of Jews were brutally killed. He should know the holocaust was just propaganda of Jews. This man is working on the agenda of Jews. He is funded by West.

  10. 7sky says:

    There are A lot of problems in Pakistan but The Solution is one now Vote & Support IMRAN KAHN

  11. liaqat gondal says:

    vote for transparent PTI,

  12. Unknown Pakistani says:

    To all muslims:

    Search ‘Innocence of Muslims’ in youtube

    Login with your Yuotube account & click on Flag botton

  13. IKBandarHay says:

    IKBandarHay mean Imran Khan bandar hay apnay bachay yahudi ma k pas yahudi nana k gher or yaha terroristo ko support kr raha hay zalim aadmi

  14. BABAR BHATTI says:

    salam 2 all kabhi N AUR Z NAI kabhi drone ke bare main koi bayan nahi diya they are both doberman

  15. abidali says:

    Big message Khan! I think we should get it now after 11 years of suffering

  16. sk_123 says:

    Imran i have always liked you but ever since your party have become a political force your paving way for mulahs and thinking like jamaati people, please keep the islam religion out of politics and dont use it as a tool to chase political power, lastly if you make alliance with jaaamte islaami and follow the footsteps of Maudoodi i will withdraw my support from you cause it will be disaster for everyone.

  17. riaz127 says:


  18. ebiz110 says:

    This is all about Money, in USA there are wealthy lobbies AKA war machines, they need to produce products and they need to make billions of dollars. If everywhere is peace then who would buy theirs products????. go read USA history since WW1, they are engaged in some kind of war always with someone!!

    Our Beloved chor Noora corrupt leaders needs their share too, so they don't take any actions about it, basically they are selling Pakistani awam for $$$$$, USA never care, so these Nooras Dont give a whack also as long they are getting paid…. What Imran Khan is doing its a very right way there is no way around it.. If you kill them they will kill you……..If you kill them they will kill you……..If you kill them they will kill you……..If you kill them they will kill you……..If you kill them they will kill you……..If you kill them they will kill you……..If you kill them they will kill you……..If you kill them they will kill you……..If you kill them they will kill you……..If you kill them they will kill you……..If you kill them they will kill you……..If you kill them they will kill you……..If you kill them they will kill you……..

  19. nomankhan123 says:

    Right on Imran Khan.

    I am mind boggled to see some of the comments on this forum. are there people really this blind to see the truth behind drones? are they blind to see that drones in not only spreading terrorism but are actually terrorsitc in nature for the children growing up in waziristan?

    There is a basic assumption behind drones attacks –> everyone in Waziristan is a terrorist. that is simply not possible. no logical mind will accept this. If thats not possible than any drone attack will inevitably kill innocents.

    Lets just say there is a bank robbery and 10 robbers are holding 100 hostages. should we use drones in that case? obviously not.

    Now imagine you are having dinner with your 4-yr old child in Waziristan and you hear a drone above your head. Can you possibly imagine the trauma that child is going through? That child is terrorized. so drones = terrorism.

    Kissing the behinds of NATO and US forces will only give you what comes out of the behind. The nation and the leaders need dignity. Dignity that lifts you up to empower you to chart your own destiny. The dignity that lifts you out of victimhood and puts you on the path of responsibility. Lack of dignity leads to victimhood that then turns into persecution – the seed for injustice and terrorism. War on Terror means helping people achieve their human dignity.

  20. khankhankhan says:


  21. Secular-Pakistani says:

    Mr Establishment Pawn , We already heard you many times the same dialogue that drone attacks have some negatives effects but can you please also Elaborate on the negatives effects of harboring terrorists from dozens of countries like uzbekistan, yemen, Chechnya, Egypt , Sudan , Saudi Arab and many arab countries ? Which damage is more for Pakistan , hitting selected Terrorists with drones OR the 42000 innocent Pakistanis killed by terrorists ? If the change you are talking about is to Promote Pakistani Army's failed policies , then to hell with you , and please dont give false hopes to people .

    • jobi110 says:

      Totally agree. and by the way I like your name…Secular pakistan is way forward. Kick the religion out of state matters

      • Secular-Pakistani says:

        Thanks for liking my username. I kept this name to tell people that in order to be pakistani it is neither a requirement nor needed to be a muslim . In fact I am tired of the insane ideology of going to heaven by taking someone's life or forcing belief on others . Why People dont understand that other religions Or sections are equally Pakistanis if the constitution says so .

    • neo9xt says:

      ignorance of your comment amazes me

      total of 5000,10,000 terrorist , drone attacks have killed 40000 people. the stats reflect what is being said

      tomorrow these drones will attack us in lahore,karachi,islamabd etc… i wonder you would say the same then.

      you really need to use your brain and get some real facts

  22. Aqib says:

    ——- we love this man —– jo banda haq or sach ka sath deta hai wo imran khan ka sath deta hai——PTI ZINDABAD——–GODBLESS you khan sahb

  23. jobi110 says:

    Imran khan saab have same answers of every question in all programs… if you ask about corruption..its zardari chor, nawaz chor etc if you ask about terrorism…its all americas fault…

    O yeh kitna pagal aadmi hey yaar….. Drones rookany kay liey zor laga raha hey…kabhi koi anti terrorism march bhi kar mar lay…

    PTI is new JAmat-e-islami

    • calico says:

      Foreign aid in Billions for Pakistani Public……. stolen by 5% Minority (Generals, Politicians, NGO’s Liberal)….. Corrupt Mafia thrives on chaos.

      Educated Pharisee part of the oppressive regime……..Phony Philosopher ??

      Child Labor………………………………………………………. Blame the mullah.

      Corruption: 200 Billion in Europe,Politician/Generals………..Blame the mullah.

      Dirty Hospital …………………………………………………. Blame the mullah.

      Dynasty…Political……………………………………Blame the Mullah

      Education 60% no schools……………………………………….Blame the Mullah.

      Institution destroyed PIA, Railway, Steel Mill, Wapada……Blame the mullah.

      Media: Sold out for 50 Million, mouth piece of status quo…… Blame the Mullah

      Nawaz/Zardari/Genenral: ill-gotten money oversees….Blame the Mullah.

      No Electricity………………………………………. Blame the Mullah

      No gas ……………………………………………… Blame the Mullah

      No Schools for 40% of Poor children………………….. Blame the mullah

      Price Hike: To cover corruption……… ………………….Blame the Mullah.

      Suicide due to hunger……………………………………. Blame the Mullah.

      Target killing by Political Armed wings………………………..Blame the mullah.

      Tax evasion by Rich………………………………………… Blame the Mullah.

  24. azeem_bakhsh says:

    I love Imran Khan !

    He is the true and brave leader!

  25. truepakistani111 says:

    "I SUPPORT DRONE ATTACKS.n i do this with reasons"

    ppl here r calling me anti pakistani.wow.thats our problem.who does not support ur views,he is anti pakistani,kaafir or psycho…thats the criteria now in pakistan.unfortunately…..i know its against sovernity of pakistan..i give u example.u would never allow any stranger in ur home.thats against ur sovernity of home.BUT if a daakoo gets inside ur home n makes u n ur children hostage,some brave strange man breaks into ur home n kill that daakoo.wud u call that brave man an enemy of ur home sovernity????? its a difficult question to ask urself when PAKISTAN IS UR HOME,TALIBAANS THE DACOIT(DAKOO) AND AMERICA THE BRAVE MAN

    • ImranMeriJaan says:



    • trueknowledge2k says:

      I know what u mean. If dacoit (dakoo)enter ur house and make your children and your parents hostage. and the brave man so called america comes for help. kills the dakoo and ur parents wife and children calling it war on terror.im sure you wont mind coz the brave man is doing the good thing. and at that point i will support america coz that was ur family not mine. and i be celebrating because the kafir dacoit is dead. who gives a flying monkey about your family because its about killing that dacoit. good luck mate.

      • jobi110 says:

        America is killing the people with in the house supporting DAkoo..and helping to survide and destroy our home.

        Drones are only way which is hiting the taliban hard…..and taliban aplogists cant see that.

        • chali says:

          jobi110 aik Drone teri gand mai gusai pher tugai pata lagai

          • jobi110 says:

            Chali bhai…

            I feel sorry your mum and sisters ;)

            you language shows your "Ghar ka mahool"

          • chali says:

            my friend you cannot bomb on civilian population

            it is against the charter of human right

          • jobi110 says:

            Jab taliban logoon kay galay kaat rahy hotey hein ya Army kay jawan shaheed kar rahy hotey hein…jab bazaroon mein bomb plast hotey hein….uss waqat app ka human right kahan hota hey janab?

            …..we will fight until this virus known as Taliban is finished.

  26. sar says:

    but Imran Khan please understand…the US does not consider the people humans…drones are a test weapon for more vicious ones to come including chemicals and biological……for the US the population of that region is a worthless heap of life…US doesnt make any diff who is innocent or not…what the US is saying is "we are going to drone you all"…see if you can do anything about it…..had they not used all kinds of weaponery including agent orange in Vietnam and other potent de-forestation chemicals …. and if you think China and Russia are going to help Pakistan dream on…

  27. jobi110 says:

    Pakistan is at war. This is our war and America (NATO) is our strategic partner.

    we have a common enemy (TTP, Terrorists etc) and if NATO use drones to attack our enemy, whats wrong with that?

    Fact: Drone attacks have killed more terrorists than pakistan army did in 11 years.

    I love my pakistan and I love pakistan Army but need to understand that Imran khan is just a naive and stupid person who keep on repeating same bullshit again and again.

    • chali says:

      By international law nobody bomb on civilian population stop drone attack

    • Nkhan says:


      Why don't you give this govt/army/ppl a solution to solve this matter Mr Suqarrat???

      Its easy to criticize people rather than do some thing in practical.

      • jobi110 says:

        nkhan bhai…..yaar I do my part…I support war on terror at every platform I could.

        The problem is…salafi/wahabi/deobandi way of thinking is gone too much into our army and in our society..its hard to cure it with words only….we have to crush these extremists by force before its too late

  28. chali says:

    Pakistan's government publicly condemns these

    attacks, but has secretly shared intelligence

    with the United States shame on you ZARDARI (HARAM KI KAMAI KHANAI WALAI)

    drone missiles cause collateral damage. the

    majority of victims are innocent citizens. By international law nobody bomb on civilian population stop drone attack

    we are with you brave man imran khan

  29. truepakistani111 says:

    i am a pakistani.n i support drone attacks.because they r killing those terrorists who r killing innocent pakistanis daily..al qaida n taliban leaders hav been killed in these drone attacks.its true that some "innocent" civilians also get killed in drone attacks but R THEY INNOCENT???? taliban terrorists use these so called innocent people as shields by living in their house.

    • Nkhan says:

      First of all drone attacks are violation of Pakistan's sovereignty.

      How come your id is truepakistani?? from your comment you seems to me AntiPakistani. stop watching fox and cnn news to much Face the ground realities ask those who are effected and still effecting from those drones attacks. i am doubtful about your ears their must be some sort of hearing problem. don't you see what IK is saying that out of 20, 18 were civilians 2 were militants he is just giving you one example And you are justifying that killing 18 is okay and there lives have no value??

      Wake up!!!


      • truepakistani111 says:

        calling me anti pakistani.wow.thats our problem.who does not support ur views,he is anti pakistani,kaafir or psycho…thats the criteria now in pakistan.unfortunately…..i know its against sovernity of pakistan..i give u example.u would never allow any stranger in ur home.thats against ur sovernity of home.BUT if a daakoo gets inside ur home n makes u n ur children hostage,some brave strange man breaks into ur home n kill that daakoo.wud u call that brave man an enemy of ur home sovernity????? its a difficult question to ask urself when PAKISTAN IS UR HOME,TALIBAANS THE DACOIT(DAKOO) AND AMERICA THE BRAVE MAN

  30. drirfantariq says:

    Go Go Khan, We are with you ♥

  31. luz says:

    imran khan is only brave leader in pakistan

  32. kawar says:











  33. Shahid Mirza says:

    the Government of Pakistan should be raising the highest voice and they HAVE THE POSITION & THE POWER to stop the drone attacks. The fact they don't and haven't means that they are as guilty as the Americans. They all including Musharraf who dropped his trousers on America's first call, must be made accountable.

    i would place them in the tribal area in some sheltered housing and leave it to fate/destiny to see if they get blown up …. this is all after having confiscated all their assets …. so there isn't much to live for anyway!

    Imran Khan … you are the voice of the masses and the poor and the downtrodden.

    You are an example to all that living is not about oneself and fending for one's own. It goes beyond that and you hav proved that many times already. May Allah give you His protection on every journey you make.

    New Malden, Surrey

  34. nonelitepakamerican says:

    This is a blatant war crime and our current criminal syndicate imposed upon the poor people via NRO is so compromised that they are willing to sacrifice every single human in this planet as long as it is not them and their family. I support Imran's stand on this with my full heart.one can disagree on the issues, but humanity should not be hostage of race,creed,color,politcal affiliations or personal, likes and dislikes.our incompetent establishment is part and parcel of these war crims.shame on you Gen. Kiayni, walk out on the Westren colonizing and massmurdrifng cabal of warmongers..

  35. mudassar.sharif9 says:

    EYYA KA NA BO DO WA EYYA KA NASTAEEN…………eA ALLAH terey he ebadat kerte haan…..tuje sa madad mangtey haan……..

  36. mudassar.sharif9 says:


  37. mudassar.sharif9 says:

    marey jann merey shan


    marey aan marey baan


  38. mudassar.sharif9 says:

    21st century leader

  39. mudassar.sharif9 says:

    WE believe in you khan saheb

  40. mudassar.sharif9 says:

    khuda app ka ess mushkal safer main hami o naser ho……..IK……LONG LIVE IK

  41. mudassar.sharif9 says:

    there is no one like you IK………and there will be no one……a lot of respect for you khan saheb

  42. mudassar.sharif9 says:

    geo marey khan …….geo hazaroon sal………..

  43. saaen baba says:

    khan ,stand over this innocent people killing is right ,,,although those tribes are ignorant that makes this situation worse when some one start misusing of some ones innocence

    please try to understand that those people being murdered unlawfully and human rights are being violated through on purpose strategic agenda through which Pakistan is being dragged into this war ,,,,,

    i support imran khan on this ,,

  44. khan_ezzy says:

    stop drone attacks……stop killing innocent people…

    Imran Khan is the only hope to rebuilt Pakistan,,,,,,,,,,,

    Insha Allah,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • amjad1234 says:

      thanks Imran for raising ur voice for our trible pakistani brothers. Please support this cause because if pakistani's don't support pakistani, who else will support us. stay unite . jazakullah

  45. Mirza says:

    i kno tht IMRANA BAJI

    i've the ability to put two and two together :)

    i don't need ur assistance for tht :)

    • ImranMeriJaan says:





    • mudassar.sharif9 says:


      lante bhai app pher aa gey ho………bhai dufa kuin ne hoty app

      • Bundu Khan says:


        Bhai this is regarding your old post in Barkha-Imran interview on 13Sept. you gave me a new name thanks but no thanks,I like my name. Now I believe its purely misunderstanding from your side. I have seen a lot of comments that shows you are a intelligent person but on that posting I didn't see it.In order to preserve intelligence you need to see few things.1) is this man really anti Mr.so and so.2)checked his previous comments.

        Lets go back to original point,On that day I replied to low life Noora(Liaqat)

        Imran is my hero and it is 100% right that he is the last and final hope of Pakistan,you say he is legend I say he is living legend.

        We the supporters should take his message to every nook and corner, because 80% people of PK have no access to internet.Its hard work but not impossible.

    • mudassar.sharif9 says:

      allah app ko her imtahaan main kamyab kerrey IK…….pti zindhabad

    • mudassar.sharif9 says:


      khuda app ko hadeat dy mirza……badzuban to tum pehly he thy…….ab be aqal be ho gy ho

  46. Linkoping says:

    Please active ur friends ur relatives at village level, because I found in rural area PTI is not active as it should be.

    Please make ur strong influence on ur relatives ur friends and any one known to u before election .

    Please make this leader to win!

    Then we will win

    Then Pakistan will win.

  47. saaen baba says:

    please hands for this movement and separate,,and isolate those few groups ,,working for

    foreign powers,,against Pakistan,s interests and against Islamic teachings and please

    realise the tragedy of those people who are not militants but being victimised and killed by

    drones on the name anti terrorism … war,,

    i support imran khan on this issue ,,

  48. kashifqbl2 says:

    in real word imran khan is the great leader this is the work which should be perform to the govt.parties as well as other parties which are existing in the govt.as well as position even every Pakistani because country is same and mission is same to safe the Pakistan as well as human

  49. tanveer saudi arab says:

    is waqat tamam seyasi partis ko imran ka sath dana chahya

    • afzal.khan says:

      How I wish that it's possible. But believe me my brother, this so called current regime's leadership is nothing but what Washington Times cartoonist Bill Garner drew back in 2005. Have we forgotten it?

  50. Truth only says:

    You are very right My Leader IMRAN KHAN.

    Jazak Allah for speaking for the cause innocents being killed in drones attacks.

    This Stupid war has to be finished NOW.

    It is causing more damage than what usa is thinking of worthwhile with drones attacks.

    It is creating more hate, hence more militancy within tribes towards usa & west.

    Please stop this coward way of killing innocents in the name of collateral damage.

  51. Amjad says:

    Good Step Nawaz Sharif and Others r not important

    this is the most part which u r doing and no one else !!

  52. afzal.khan says:

    It is time to get united against all odds which are making my Pakistan a country full of disaster. For that just cause, I support IK and will not give up until we make my Pakistan a better place. InshaAllah

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