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  • Ali Thamer

    Mr Gilani you should knw taht your father had given statement in Parliament that there is “STATE WITH IN STATE” so he was removed by the judiciary now you have to face the music.Those who are submitting abusive comments against the politician and supporting Sheda Telli they are in fact from the AGENCIES this we know very well. Insha Allah you will see the corrupt Generals will be drag on the street very soon.

  • rizwansarwar

    Ye mosa gillani peoples party ka hay to abi tk zinda q hay lanat hay chief justice per isay hanag kr dena chahiye balkay peoples party k her banday ko mar dena chahiye is k baray faiday hain is mulk ki abadi kam ho jaye gi or pakistan din dogni rat chogni taraki kray gay kill all the poor bastards who are with peoples party who are not from rawalpindi, lahre, gujranwala and faisalabad and who are not punjabi specially ye jo sindhi harami hain na in ko to aik ko be na choro

    GA punjab, GA army, GA chief Justice

  • Pakistani786

    He is more currupt then is father becuase these type of peoples does not like law and justic. If these type of politican are in any other country i.e. UK, or USA they are in jail until they proved any thing but in Pakistan they shamless came in media and say they belive on judicary but his father does not belive on CJ.

  • jaj

    The ancestors of Gillanis knew how to make money from graves as there was never a shortage of grave worshippers in our society. The new generation of Gillanis have acquired better skills to make instant money. One Ephedrine consignment generates more money than all graves in Multan. They keep telling how much sacrifices their ancestors have made for Pakistan and continue to plunder our national wealth as a matter of right. How conveniently they forget the rewards they have reaped because of this country? Why it never struck to them that common man also rendered sacrifices for this country? What about those who perished on the way and never asked for anything ? The time has come to take our country back from blood suckers and make them face accountability.

  • lyari

    ye mulk in fujiyun k bap ki nai ha , k har kisi ko taqat k nashy me kahin se b utha kr gayab kia jahe , aj jo kuch in naam nehad anf walon ne kia wo ek aur sabot ha k is mulk aj b taqat ka sarchashma fauj ha , chahe wo iqtidar me ho ya na ho , magar hum muqaba karenge in currpt faujiyun ka jo apne mulk logon ko gayab kr ke aur dosron mulkon k hawale kr k khoob paisa kamte ha aur yahan mulk me mohaib e watni k certificates bant te ha , khud manshiyat k ismagling me invole ha aur dosron ko manshiyat k case me gair kanono arrest krty ha ,

  • Ali Thamer

    Insha Allah corrupt Generals shall be drag on street very soon.

    • arifwaheed80

      Jab Hazrat Umer bin Abulaziz ke dwor mai,n kaha gia ke AHL,E BAIT apna SHAJARA,ENASAB dekhai,n ke oon ka liya WAZIFA muqarrar kiajai yad rahay ke BACHE KOOCHE Ahl,e bait mazalim ki waja se underground chale gai thay to jab asli Ahl,e bait apna SHAJARA,E NASAB laker jatathay to rastay mai,n MUJRIM AUR QATIL asli Ahl,e bait ko QATAL karke khood Ahl,e bait banker wazafa muqarrar kartethay ye GILANI KHANDAN shai,d woh MUJRIM AUR QATILO,N ki nasal se hay dekho BAP MA BACHAY sab hi shor kia AHL,E BAIT asay hotay hay ? mai,n Pakistan se bahar ARAB AHL,E BAIT ke sat lambay arsay se kam karta hoo,n ager chay mai,n SUNI hoo,n mager onka AKHLAQ, SADGI DIYANATDARI dekhker apnay tajrbe ke BOONYAD per Pakistan ke is Gilani Khanadan ko marte dam tak SAYYAD mannay ko TAYYAR nahi

  • Ali Thamer

    Insha Allah the time will be come very soon when the corrupt & disloyal Generals will be drag on the street by the peoples of Pakistan.