8pm with Fareeha Idrees (Anti-Islam film, who is responsible ?) – 14th September 2012


Ansar Abbasi(Analyst), Dr Amir Liaqat Joins Fareeha Idrees – 14th September 2012

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  • Fara ali

    Blasphemous Movie: Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain is exposing conspiracy theory, please WATCH LIVE on "Off The Record, ARY News" @ 8pm, and "Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath, Geo News" @ 10pm Tonight …

  • jalismirza

    Dr. Aamir Liaquat exposes conspiracy of Blasphemous Movie “Innocence of Muslims”

    Recent wake of agitation started in Muslim world, when Blasphemous Movie “Innocence of Muslims” was released on YouTube, this movie is without any doubt condemnable, and forces working to damage peace round the globe have successfully executed their wicked plan, Tery Jones have burnt Quran last year on 9/11 and current crises happens to start just before the celebration of Jewish new year and above of everything they also have plan of arrange exotic dance party at Bait-ul-Muqqadus when Muslims offer prayers. According to ‘Talmoot’, this is really ironic to learnt that it is religious (Jewish) obligation to hurt and harm Muslims and other religions round the globe, that is why 100 Jews have financed the film.

    In this wake of crises, renowned religious scholar Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, not only have expressed his views on News Channel, but also have exposed conspiracy, he address the topic in video statement released on his official website. aamirliaquatdotcom (www.amirliaquat.com).

    In his video response he pointed out various aspects of this crises, and address the root cause, for the release of the said movie, that the forces working against Islam, have taken such drastic steps just to check the temperament of Muslims round the globe, so, they can judge the level of our Emaan (belief), but the beauty of our religion is that it guides us in each and every aspect of life, and we must condemn this movie in a rather intellectual manner, we should be very careful in our actions, as our actions most of the times, damage the image of our peaceful religion worldwide.

    What happened in Tunis is also condemnable, as killing of diplomat is prohibited in Islam by all means, we are living in a civilized world and we must opt to agitate on various forums, with great deal of responsibility, our president should have talked to US president, from where this movie is released, and diplomat of harboring blasphemous movie should be summoned and stern reaction should be recorded, so, that they get the message loud and clear.

    We should be asking US president to give stern punishments to both culprits, Terry Jones who had burnt Verses of Quran just before the Jewish New Year celebrations last year on 9/11 and on this new year Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (the real name of blasphemous film producer) have damaged peace worldwide, and put ban on the making of such blasphemous movies, and also that the financers of the film should also be trailed in the court of law.

  • Fara ali

    Assalam-0-Alikum to AllSuch to ye hai ke "Mola Ali ne Fermaya hai ke "YE MET DEKHOO HOUN KERAHA HAI….. MUGGER YE DEKHOO KE KYA KERAHA HAI…….!!! hum Khush naseeb hain ke koi to hai jo hum musalmano ke leye awazz utha raha hai jese Aamir liaquat Hussain…!!! We proud Aamir liaquat hussain

  • saveranadeem6

    آسلام علیکم

    پاکستان کی سب سے بڑی ویڈیو پورٹل پر اتنے ٖفحش اور ناقابل بیان کمنٹس دیکھ کر با حیثیت مسلمان میرا سر شرم سے جھک گیا ہے ایک ایسے موضوع اور ایسے وقت پر جب تمام عالم اسلام کو متحد ہوکر اپنےخلاف ہونے والی اس سازش کا مقابلہ صبر اور پرامن احتجاج سے کرنا چاہیے،ہم اپنےاسکالرزاور مذہبی رہنماوں کے بارے میں اتنی گھٹیا زبان استعمال کرکے دنیا کو کیا پیغام دے رہے ہیں کہ یہ ہیں عاشقان رسول ﷺ ؟کیا یہ ہمارے پیغمبرکی تعلیمات تھی؟کیا یہ ہمارے پیارے نبی کا اسوہ حسن تھا؟،یہ کمنٹس ہماری زہنی پسماندگی کا منہ بولتا ثبوت ہے،عامر لیاقت نے بالکل ٹھیک کہا کہ یہ تشدت کی فضاء سے ہم کسے نقصان پہنچا رہے ہیں صر ف اور صرف اپنے آپ کو ،احتجاج ہمارا حق ہے اور ہم پرامن طور پر احتجاج کرکے بھی بتا سکتے ہیں کہ اسلام ایک امن پسند امہ ہے دوسروں کی جان اور مال کو نقصان پہنچا کر اپنے غصے کا اظہار کرنا کون سے اسلام ہے میری تمام ریڈر سے گزارش ہے کہ عامر لیاقت نے جو پیغام دیا ہے اس کی روح کو سمجھے بج یے ان کی زات پر تنقید کرنے کے کیوں کے کسی نے کیا خوب کہا ہےیہ مت دیکھو کے اچھی بات کون کہے رہا ہے بلکہ یہ دیکھو کے اچھی بات یا کہی جارہی ہے،ہر انسان کو اپنی پسند ناپسند کی رایے کے اظہار کا پورا پورا حق ہے مگر اس حق کا استعمال بھی ایک حد کے دایر ہ کار میں ہونا چاہیے،میری آپ سے گزارش ہے کہ یہ سازشی اور مذہبی منافرت پھیلانے والے مسلامان نہیں بلکہ یہودونصارہ ہیں،اور میری زیم ٹی وی کی انتظامیہ سے گزارش کے کہ ایسے کمنٹس پبلش کرکے منافرت پھیلانے والوں کا ساتھ نہ دیں۔

  • Naqviaon

    Salam to All,

    Dear Jalis Mirza

    I appreciate your post, I respect your point of view, I would like to draw attention of Zem TV About their Moto

    Do not use vulgar or abusive words.

    Are they following this??if they are following then how could abusive language possibly published?

    I am not die heart fan of Amir liaquat or any other Pakistani Celebrity, But I appreciate Version of Amir Liaquat about how to React on this issue…What's Wrong in this? Is protesting is just burn and Violence?

    Alhamdulillah i proud to be a Muslim and i am doing my effort to condemn this Act but why violate if you want do these thing than go to their country why are you making trouble for your own people, Go to YouTube launch camplaint,Peacfully Protest in front of International Embassies Why this Violence?

    Kindly Portrait Positive image of Islam by Peaceful Protest.

  • hamna


    It is time for mulims to reject the uncivilized western values and gather together to establish a state that will defend Islam.

    Jesy Dr. Aamir Liaquat nay kaha ky aik qom aor msulim ki haysiat ehtajaj hamara haq hay, magar ishtaal aor nuqsan say kuch nahi hoga, hamen apny kirdar aor Nabi Kareem SAW ki taleemat say Sabit karna hoga kay Hamary Nabi Pak ki hurmat, tazeeem, toqeer in kuffar kay hathon men naheeen,

    Hamen social media par messages say ehtajaj karna chahiyee, facebook par Ishq e Rasool SAW kay pages banaeen, aor YouTube ki video ka boycott karen.

    Kisi Aalim ki kirdar kushi kay bajay, yeh waqt hay ky Ummat e Muslima mutahhid hokar, shatimeen Rashool ka is gustakhana harkat ka bharpoor jawab day.

    Sallal Allahu Taala wasallim aala Muhammad

    • jalismirza

      Dear Members,

      You are right,

      I was just going through this video and then i noticed such bawdry and disgusting language we should condemn the act of Blasphemous Movie Who Plotted This Conspiracy against muslims,but we are using abusive language against those who are condemning this, is Islam teach us? What we are doing? Is this service of Islam?

      We are creating worst image of Muslim by using this language we should think about this, It’s my humble request to Zem Tv Administration kindly moderate these type of comments, or explain how this portal publishing these type of comments condemn these comments and it is real conspiracy against Muslims.

      There are other way by which you can record your protest, You can launch complaint against video on youtube, google, Online create video deletion polls, Peacfully protest in front of International Embassies.

      Try to Portrait Positive image as Islam teach us don’t show yourself as terrorist, Exremist.


  • sar

    when you eat from someones palms all yr life that hand becomes your master….then the master will make you eat shit and you will….this is the message of "that" film…

    now ask yourselves this….what did the Soviet Union in the past had done to the people of Pakistan or Muslims around the world…no former communist nation then and now ever did anything to hurt the religious feelings of anyone yet blindly the "muslims" went into "jihad" against them….the "muslims" were eating from the hands of the CIA and liking what was fed to them from the USA…..

    so why so much agitation today?….

    "pornography" is one of the facts of freedom of speech in the US……it is all over the media of all kinds……yet Muslims in Pakistan line up along the walls of US embassy and counsulates to get any kind of visas to get into the US….

    this film being talked about is pornography and should be dealt with as such…..you dont like it dont watch it…..but do not attach a religious significance to the film….or else there will be more to come….what the US "shaitans" are saying is "what are you going to do about it?"….or for that matter the drones too….

    • mohsin e watan

      Hey Raw's agent shut up you are indian hindu or ppp, you are trying to demoralize our nation, I can read hidden arrows against Pakistan in your writings. We know indian raws agents are wandering on our site to demoralized our nation. It is said "you can fool some people at sometimes, but not all the people at all the times, I understand you trick. You are clearly our enemies agent.

    • mohsin e watan

      ya Allah Pakistan kay dushmanoo ko dafa ker.

    • mohsin e watan

      we will definately have friendship with Russia and China. So don't worry about us we are not going to litsen you, we will do what is in our interest today not in the past, in the past that was interest, today they are our in our interest so you buzz off, jealous indian.

  • rajavicky

    Our Prophet our Love………We Love Muhammad (PBUH)

  • naeem_9786

    LAAANAT HO US PER JO IS gustakhana movie KA DIRECTOR OR SUPPORTER HEY WO CHAHEY USA HO , ISREAL HO KOI BHI HO and i strongly condemn this movie and they are all son of bitch and they are all son of pig. And will go to hell inshaAllah .



  • ToobaTooba

    All Muslims condemn this Film ,but there is LESSON for Muslims to RESPECT other Religions and their Holy Figures.Making Mockery of Hindu Dietes in the Streets and ,Stage Shows,Films in Pakistan.
    Using VULGAR language about the Last Prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(PBUH) is done not only by Commoners but By Mullah,s and Media.
    Hazoor Mirza Ghulam ahmad(PBUH) is more than their parents to 100 Karores Ahmades Worldover so to respect hazoor Ahmad(PBUH) is to respect Prophet Mohamed.Again———-LOVE FOR ALL,HATE FOR NONE.

    • leo78

      100 Karores Qadyani ? lol .. what a bullshit .. u need to learn how to count again … SO YOU AGREE YOU RELIGION IS NOT ISLAM ? stop calling yourself MUSLIM and we will start giving your Mirza respect

  • jawadiqbal0

    Salawat on our beloved Prophet Sarkar Do Alam Huzoor PAK S.A.W.

    (Lanat Beshumar) May Allah curse on anti-Islamic movie makers and to those Terrorist who murder innocent people and give false message about Islam. Salafi and Zionist are the 2 sides of one coin.

    Mazhar Abbas as usual gave very sensible comments on the issue. Unexpectedly Amir Liaquat also made sensible comments too.

    Tahir Ashrafi damn you maggot Salafi terrorist you don’t care about anything , First stop supporting Anti Islam Salafi extremist in Pakistan, stop supporting TTP Salafi.

    Please Read Please Read http://criticalppp.com/archives/228031

  • aslambutt

    It is time for mulims to reject the uncivilized western values and gather together to establish a state that will defend Islam.

    Hizb ut Tahrir is struggling to establish the Islamic System in Pakistan and we, young and old; men and women should rise and help them in this noble cause.

    Once these corrupt rulers are removed and replaced with Momens and God fearing persons, this type of hate-filled, filthy and cheap and provocative way of insult to the Messenger of Allah(SAW) will be encountered. People do not have to come out and protest and show angers as Khilafat will deal with these matters and Uphold the Sancitity of our beloved Prophent saw.

    Until the time of noting the pupets Zardari and foreign secretary have not protested

  • Ali Khan Murdana

    We have tiered… its enough…. how much more will all of us talk about this???? we couldn't even decide that whether it is right or wrong???? and we are talking about the shameless comments of american govt……. we are still thinking that this act is just belongs to a single person/??? well done all Pak ankers well done…. how innocent all of you are!!!!!! I will pray for you that on the day of judgement Allah and His Holy Prophet S.A.W.W. accept you these fake innocence and excuses….

  • zamzam

    Fareeha main to tyumhain semjhdar semjhta tha ya kia is pakistani sharuk khan ko bulaya hua ha tum na,,,Is ko deen k mamlat per na bulaya karo as actor bula lia karo hamain koie mesla nahi ha,,,But don,t call as a religions issue,,,Abbasi bahi jeb ya insan btha tha to aap ko uth ker jana chaiya tha,,,Mager ya to GEO ko vice presedent ha,,,

    • hamna

      کروڑہا کروڑ درود و سلام نبی کریم محسن عظیم رحمت اللعالمین پر۔۔۔ جس کی عظمت پر ہماری جان آن قربان

      مسلمانوں کے درجہ ایمانی کی حرارت کو ناپنے کے لیے ایسے اشتعال آمیز حرکات کوئی نہیں، مگر ہمیں اشتعال کے بجائے صبر کا دامن ہاتھ سے نہیں چھوڑنا چاہیے۔۔ جیسا کہ ڈاکٹر عامر لیاقت نے کہا کہ ہمیں احتجاج کے مہذب طریقے استعمال کرنے چاہیے جس کی تعلیم و تلقین خود نبی پاک نے فرمائی۔

      ہم یہاں ایک دوسرے کو گالیاں دے کر کیا ثابت کرنا چاہتے ہیں، مولا علی کا قول ہے کہ یہ مت دیکھیں کون کہہ رہا ہے، یہ دیکھیں کیا کیا کہہ رہا ہے۔

  • jawadiqbal0

    Salawat on our beloved Prophet Sarkar Do Alam Huzoor PAK S.A.W.

    (Lanat Beshumar) May Allah curse on anti-Islamic movie makers and to those Terrorist who murder innocent people and give false message about Islam. Salafi and Zionist are the 2 sides of one coin.

    Mazhar Abbas as usual gave very sensible comments on the issue. Unexpectedly Amir Liaquat also made sensible comments too.

    Tahir Ashrafi damn you maggot Salafi terrorist you don’t care about anything , First stop supporting Anti Islam Salafi extremist in Pakistan, stop supporting TTP Salafi.

    Please Read http://criticalppp.com/archives/227921

    Please Read http://criticalppp.com/archives/228031

  • leo78

    Sangar Abbasi aggar apni Nafrat aik tarf tu rakhay tu aaj 5 Program iss issue par hoya hain… worst program on such a important issue ..

    Amir Liaqat is worst

    Sangsar Abbasi is also worst..

    listen to ghamidi sb how to react to such fazool thing from west.. we should protest but peacefully not killing non Muslims

    • adeel123


  • paklover

    lanti fake alim aur dr amir………….

    fareeha tu aqal kr lo tmhain pta b hai k ye 2 number hai phr b es ko lae i…fareeha taubaa kr lo abi time hai.

  • paklover

    es lanti aur fake alim aur doctor pae b khuda ka ghazab ho

    es ny b toheen islam main koi qasar uthaa rakhi ye apni duniyaa sawarnay ki khatir islam ko baech raha hai apni acting k zareyee……

  • Mo

    zara ye baten kitne logon ne wo film dekhi hai uski story kiya hai aur kis baat ko app khilaf e isalam samajhte hain ye west walon ka aik bhaut moasar hatiyar hai ke wo aik sho sha chor dete hain aur puri dunya ke musalman ihtihjaj kerne nikal perte hain beghair dekhe aur samjhe aur puri dunya ko apna tamasha dikha dete hain yahan west me mediay ye sare jalo ghirao dekha ker ye batata hai ke dekho ye kaisi sar phir qom hai jo hamari aazadi e khayal ko bardast nahin ker sakti lehaza ye sub extremist hain in ko apne mulkon se nikalo to ye ihtijaj yahan west me basne wale karoron musalmano ke liye be shumar masail paida ker de te hain kabhi app logon ne is per bhi ghor kiya ki aap logo ki is harkat se apke hi deeni bhaiyon ko kin muskilat ka samina perta hai . khuda ra sonchen.

    • adeel123







    • Ali Khan Murdana

      Oh mister… you mean we should stand before non-Muslims with folded hands because they will kill Muslims……. sharm tm ko magar nahe aati..

      We will never ever stop the protest against blasphemy , and we dont care even every single Muslim sacrifice on the Respect oh the Holy Prophet S.A.W.W.

  • Ali_ss

    ansar abbasi really a brave guy,, and we must express our anger and record protest.

  • Jhon Smith

    Corrupt Amir laquit lanti ha! why u invite him?? Allaha Gharit kary is ko!! He is not true muslim, He is big actor

    • eyeswhite1

      Lanti John Smith Seedha ho ja… Teri dead body bhi bori me band mile gee.. apna name, mobile number aur apna ghar ka address mujh ko bhej phir dekh tere satth kiya hota hai…. Lanti aur Baghairat insaan

  • ey

    LANAT TV par aur Tv Anchor per jo amir Liaquat jaisa manhus admi ko tv per bola kar islam discuss karte hain.

    • Ali_ss

      yar is issue pe to lanat mat karo,, jaisa bhi hay akhir muslim hay,, ham sab kitnay gunahgar hain,, is issue pe sab aik hain even a gud one or bad one, we all love our prophet (S A W )

  • Jhon Smith

    The fire in factory put by MQM Bathia mafia. They used petrol and chemical to burn the factory. Why they lock the main gates?? why Owner of factory left country and now he is back within 15 hours from Dubai and he is saying I was standing out side factory when it was burning. He bring back from Dubai within one night by MQM. To save MQM face. If owner was out side the factory than why media not found him. He is saying under pressure MQM. Other wise He and his family will be Killed.

    It is now becoming clear that some Bhutta-Khor Group is involved in this tragic Factory Fire,, I think MQM fier the factory as factory owner have not give the Bathia to MQM>So MQM fier the factory and Locked the main gate of factory with the help of watch man. As watch man of Factory belong to MQM. Already One TV programme announced factory owner is in Dubai he left the country on threat of fier by Bathia mafia.