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8pm with Fareeha Idrees (Anti-Islam film, who is responsible ?) – 14th September 2012

Ansar Abbasi(Analyst), Dr Amir Liaqat Joins Fareeha Idrees – 14th September 2012

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  • Fara ali

    Blasphemous Movie: Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain is exposing conspiracy theory, please WATCH LIVE on "Off The Record, ARY News" @ 8pm, and "Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath, Geo News" @ 10pm Tonight …

  • jalismirza

    Dr. Aamir Liaquat exposes conspiracy of Blasphemous Movie “Innocence of Muslims”

    Recent wake of agitation started in Muslim world, when Blasphemous Movie “Innocence of Muslims” was released on YouTube, this movie is without any doubt condemnable, and forces working to damage peace round the globe have successfully executed their wicked plan, Tery Jones have burnt Quran last year on 9/11 and current crises happens to start just before the celebration of Jewish new year and above of everything they also have plan of arrange exotic dance party at Bait-ul-Muqqadus when Muslims offer prayers. According to ‘Talmoot’, this is really ironic to learnt that it is religious (Jewish) obligation to hurt and harm Muslims and other religions round the globe, that is why 100 Jews have financed the film.

    In this wake of crises, renowned religious scholar Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, not only have expressed his views on News Channel, but also have exposed conspiracy, he address the topic in video statement released on his official website. aamirliaquatdotcom (www.amirliaquat.com).

    In his video response he pointed out various aspects of this crises, and address the root cause, for the release of the said movie, that the forces working against Islam, have taken such drastic steps just to check the temperament of Muslims round the globe, so, they can judge the level of our Emaan (belief), but the beauty of our religion is that it guides us in each and every aspect of life, and we must condemn this movie in a rather intellectual manner, we should be very careful in our actions, as our actions most of the times, damage the image of our peaceful religion worldwide.

    What happened in Tunis is also condemnable, as killing of diplomat is prohibited in Islam by all means, we are living in a civilized world and we must opt to agitate on various forums, with great deal of responsibility, our president should have talked to US president, from where this movie is released, and diplomat of harboring blasphemous movie should be summoned and stern reaction should be recorded, so, that they get the message loud and clear.

    We should be asking US president to give stern punishments to both culprits, Terry Jones who had burnt Verses of Quran just before the Jewish New Year celebrations last year on 9/11 and on this new year Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (the real name of blasphemous film producer) have damaged peace worldwide, and put ban on the making of such blasphemous movies, and also that the financers of the film should also be trailed in the court of law.

  • Fara ali

    Assalam-0-Alikum to AllSuch to ye hai ke "Mola Ali ne Fermaya hai ke "YE MET DEKHOO HOUN KERAHA HAI….. MUGGER YE DEKHOO KE KYA KERAHA HAI…….!!! hum Khush naseeb hain ke koi to hai jo hum musalmano ke leye awazz utha raha hai jese Aamir liaquat Hussain…!!! We proud Aamir liaquat hussain