Suleman Malik triple world record Samaa news exclusive

Suleman Malik made 3 world records according to
guinness book of world records. and invited by
microsoft to meet the microsoft team and founder in
united state . Also invited by guinness world record
ORG (Samaa)
for further detail:-
Staff Report
PESHAWAR: A teenage Pakistani student has
achieved the distinction of the world’s youngest
programmer by making three world records in the
field of information technology.
Suleman Malik, 18, a student of Peshawar, has been
invited by the Microsoft Corporation to UK over his
outstanding achievements.
He also set a world record of creating a computer
browser at the age of 12.

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  1. He is son of pakistan . hes founder of ESL(extreme secure layer) this service has been registered all over the world . a youngest founder who made our country name we really proud of his well achievements


  2. Engr. Faheem Khan says:

    Buhut takleef hote hi keh, Europe Countries choon choon ker gohar-e-nayaab ham say apny mulk lay jaate hi, oor hamaree hukumraan chain kee neendh so rahee hi,

  3. calico says:


    OUR Politicians ….PPP/PML/ANP/MQM/Diesel are busy in …..LOOTO AUR PHOOTO games……….they scums are not concerned about people…

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