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Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry [Will Parties Agree with Prime Minister?]- 13th September 2012

Watch Latest Online Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry – 13th September 2012

  • zamzam

    Aj kel programs k ander PPP and P-OTI same page per hain shiad in K Ithad ho sekta ha,,,Zardari imran bahi bahi,,,

  • darday pakistan

    salam to all pakistani

    i want to say that is true and right

    gali gali may shor ha zardari kotta chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha nawaz kotta chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha shabaz kotta chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha qazi kotta chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha fazal kotta chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha shakh kotta chore ha not now before

    gali gali may shor ha shajaat kotta chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha parveez kotta chore ha not parveez musharaf

    gali gali may shor ha altaf kotta chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha asvand kotta chore ha biggest chore

    gali gali may shor ha media kotti chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha ancer kottay chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha ledar kottay chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha iftikhar kotta chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha mna kottay chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha mpa kottay chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha waqail kottay chore ha

    gali gali may shor ha awam sari chore ha

    the end

    good person wright person honest person awami person good thinking about pakistani awam good for pakistani feature the only one imran khan.

    imran khan mari dowa ha k allah tala bohat bari kamyabi say hamkinar karay

    ameen suma ameen allah ham sab pakistanio ko achay insan ko chunnay key hidayat day .

    imran khan zida bat pakistan painda bad.

  • Jhon Smith

    ,,MQM is responsible to buildings laws and Fire Safety in Karachi, They are KIller of more 300 People now. Funny things that they are also showing condolence too, wow my GOd,, MQM should resigne from Sindh Govt and accept they are killing people.

    Poor people die in floods or Fire. It was better if 100 people gave there live while marching against Sindh Govt and Punjab GOVT and may find death. There death will become part of history. But to get death in floods or factory fire have no pressure to Sindh GOVT. WE have to do now other wise next year more 100s people may die in floods.

    When injustices become Law

    Resistance become a duty

    There is something about poverty that smells like death.

    There was never a war on poverty. Maybe there was a skirmish on poverty, lets get our rights.

    Otherwise poor people have to die and elite has to order inquires to get TA/DA or Punjab officiels has to get allowance to visit the flood effected areas on Helicopter in remote Punjab…,,,,,

    We need to get rid of Corrupt Sharief , Zardari and Bbati Khoor Althaif killer!!

  • nayyar khan

    Pakistan is devided in all areas and politically in worse stage it has encouraged corruption because. No clear central policies and strategies vote Pakistani people should bring right people for. Next time for prosper pak. No split mandate

  • Pakistanloveu


  • zamzam

    Ya sara kaam bhatta mafia k ha,,,Or seb janta hain k bhatta koon koon laita ha,,,

    Ya hamara hathoon ki hi kamie ha jo seb kuch ho raha ha,,,Ager hamari Qoom Ik Qoom na bani to halat or kharab ho jian ga,,,Or is kaam k lia media ko bhi apni zimidari ada kerni ho gi,,,,

    Mager,,,,ya Media seb sa bara gando ha,,,Is na kia kia ha Pakistan main nationalism paida kerna k lia ya islam sa mohabet paida kerna k lia,,,Ya shia sunni or baqi logoon main mohabet paida kerna k lia,,,Her news k baad indian movies to a jati ha,,,Or dusri taraf indian channels hain jo hinduisum ko khoob phila raha hain,,,Or national song lagata hain,,,Sheikh rasheed tum na Qoom sa maafi mang li ha lal msjid per,,,Or musharaf na jitna galet kaam kia us per,,,ALLAHA k wasta ab maafi Mang lo is per Jo TUm na 80 channels k pakistan ko gift dia tha,,,Jis sa pakistan puri duniya main b bednaam hua ha or islam b bednaam hua ha,,,Or ab ya is mulak ko torna k der per hain,,,

    Pakistani Media sale very cheap and claiming they are 4th Piller of Pakistan and they are working for nation,,,But reality is totally different, mostly working on agendas it can be Pakistani government or it can be foreign agendas and conspiracy against Pakistan…

    انڈیا میں کٹریناکھانستی ہے تو بھی میڈیا میں بریکنگ نیوز چلتی ہے دین فروش ایمان فروش ضمیر فروش ملک فروش میڈیا

    Ya news k baad or pehla ik Indian movie ki news deta hain,,,Kash k as musliman ik Hadees or ya Quran ki ayat urdu translation k sath suna dia karain,,,Media walo ya duniya bohet choti ha phir tum ho ga or Tumhara amal hoon ga,,,Ya phir jannat ha ya jahanem ha,,,

    بھائی صاحب پاکستان ہی آزاد نہیں ہے آپ میڈیا کو رو رہے ہیں، پاکستانی میڈیا تو ایک فاحشہسے بھی بتر ہے

    کم سے کم وہ جس تھالی میں کھاتی ہے اس میں چھید تو نہیں کرتی

    Ya ALLAHA hamara mulak ko bacha Ya jitni b islami jamatain hain ALLAHA in ko hadayet da or akhta ho jian Islam k lia or is mulak k lia,,,|Chota chota ikhtlafat la ker batha hua hain,,,

  • Linkoping

    Ahsan Iqbal ye to bta raha hay itny teacher barti kiay hain, us se banda ye to poochy k

    Un teachers ki Tankawain kitni hain?

    Ye koi b ni btaiy ga!

    Lanat hay Punjab Govt pe, aik bijli to de ni sakti, aur jo de b hya wo b 25 rupees/ unit.

    • novice

      Pakistan has national grid.

      Many countries even the most developed countries such as the US does not have a national grid. In countries that do not have a national grid; each federating unit (such as a province or state) produces and consumes electricity within its territory. For people who don’t know what a “national grid” means; I’ll briefly try to explain. National grid is a network of electric grids (distribution stations) that are interlinked. It means that electricity produced at one place (power generation) can be transmitted to other places (like the four provinces). This is a big achievement in terms of infrastructure; however it has its downsides as well. In such a system you need a central authority that controls tariffs (in Pakistan’s context this authority is called nepra). Although provinces are authorized to allow installation of power plants; however the tariff mechanism is still controlled by the government. What this means is that if you have sufficient funds and technical knowhow to erect a power plant; you would (inevitably) need to deal with, and accept terms offered by the federal government. Furthermore, to buy fuel you would need to sign agreements with the federal government (pso; supplier of furnace oil, as well as SNGPL/SSGPL are all federally administrated). Another impediment is the “power off-take agreement” this too is signed between wapda which is (again) federally administrated and the ipp. Lastly, to procure financing any ipp would need sovereign guarantees from the federal government in favour of banks. So by saying that Punjab did not add electricity is both unfair and simplistic. The onus lies with the federal government, period.

      The idea is that; please don’t fall for mere rhetoric; specially dished out by pti. Their sole aim is to discredit pml-n so that the rightist vote gets split. Ask pertinent questions; it is naive to form opinions on mere allegations.

      • novice

        See.. mere criticism by pti supporters; NO COUNTER ARGUMENT, on my comments above. This is exactly what Imran khan has done; he has just criticized, ridiculed and demeaned others; specially pml-n, with or without reason.

  • Shoaib Aslam

    Ahsan Iqbal…..Very Professional & Real Politition…….CheeeTaaA…..

  • zaiiny brainy

    Ahsan sahib the minister that was in the drivers seat with Agha Waqar all gaga ovet the invention was from your party not PTI.Hahahaha.