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Hai Koi Jawab (Karachi 9/11 .Who is Responsible ?) 13th September 2012

Hai Koi Jawab (Karachi 9/11 .Who is Responsible ?) 13th September 2012


  • Jhon Smith

    I think MQM fier the factory as factory owner have not give the Bathia to MQM> So MQM fier the factory and Locked the main gate of factory with the help of watch man. As watch man of Factory belong to MQM.

  • Jhon Smith

    MQM is responsible to buildings laws and Fire Safety in Karachi, They are KIller of more 300 People now. Funny things that they are also showing condolence too, wow my GOd,, MQM should resigne from Sindh Govt and accept they are killing people.

    Poor people die in floods or Fire. It was better if 100 people gave there live while marching against Sindh Govt and Punjab GOVT and may find death. There death will become part of history. But to get death in floods or factory fire have no pressure to Sindh GOVT. WE have to do now other wise next year more 100s people may die in floods.

    When injustices become Law

    Resistance become a duty

    There is something about poverty that smells like death.

    There was never a war on poverty. Maybe there was a skirmish on poverty, lets get our rights.

    Otherwise poor people have to die and elite has to order inquires to get TA/DA or Punjab officiels has to get allowance to visit the flood effected areas on Helicopter in remote Punjab…,,

    • the realist

      Agreed! MQM is responsible for this incident. MQM is responsible for Lahore fire incident too. And MQM is also responsible for making your mom pregnant.

  • honest1

    PPP,MQM PMLN.Q.ANP.JUI.ye sab parties zimah dar ha pakistan ki tabaeeh aur barbadi ki

    jo bhi koi afat aa rahi ha ham par in parties ki manohsat ki wajah se aa rahi ha.ALLLAH in

    sab parties aur un k leaders ko zaleel karay aur in ka makrooh chehrah awam k samnay

    laya…….ALLAH se dua ha ke IMRAN jesa mukhlas leader hamara PM banay…AMEEN..