Tonight with Fahd (Is Public Money Being Used Properly?) 10th September 2012


GUESTS:-Nadeem Afzal Chan(PPP),Fauzia Kasuri(PTI),!

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  • Feeka

    Qurazay Kay Lap Top Aur Qurzay say Susta Tundooor What A Great Khadim e Ala Kia Baaaat Hai

  • calico

    Here how these PIGS…….Wated POOR Public FUNDS ????

    Gilani Garbage…Spent $1 Million of Public’s Money…… on Edible

    Panties/Bikinis/Condoms for Corrupt Parliament… they put it on and start licking each other’s and stay in practice to suck the blood of People in next term…………..wake up from Coma ?

  • Chatterbox

    Even without watching the whole progrmme I can answer the question posed in the heading. NO!!!

  • waqasvicky209

    proud to be a PTI voter……….

  • glasgow

    fauzia kasuri is great pti zindabad

  • ansari


  • ansari


  • Mo

    very properly it is being stacked in dubai and swizerland to buy more properties for the right owners of pakistan can you or any body do any thing just try it.