Sharmila Farooqi get Shut up on Live TV and Walk Out Amazingly Funny


Sharmila Farooqi get Shut up on Live TV and Walk Out Amazingly Funny

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  • M. Arif

    It’s not behavior of Democratic Party . Ye tu mafad parasto ka tola hay .

  • pervez

    Ayub khan nay keha tha keh main Election Karwata hoon. Magar Butto nay keha tum kurshi choor do. To Ayub khan nay Qanoon kay mutabik Yahya Khan ko kursi di aur us a sathi Butto tha. Aur Result Pakistan Qoum kay samnay hay. PPP kay leaders agar Iqtedar na ho to England dubai usa main. Jab Iqtedar ka moqa ho to pakistan main. Mall bana phar chalay jatay hain.

  • Saleem Jaffer

    Although Sharmila Farooqi walked out, but the Interview gives me the smell that the questions were pre-planned. Just look at the wordings of the Anchor, when he says that , ' aapke Leaders Bhutto aur BB ne jamhooriat kelei bahaut kaam kia hai'.

    Apart from breaking Pakistan, that bloody Bhutto didn't do anything and that Fraud Shaheed BB apart from signing NRO to protect Zardari, she didn't do anything either.

    I hope all these bloody Bhuttos are burning in Hell.

    My prayers and thoughts are with 300 people who has lost their lives yesterday in Karachi and Lahore.

  • Pakistan81447

    acha chun kay naam rakha ha is kay man baap nay sermati ha jawab denay see ya hoi na baat sharmeela farooqi. zardari league nay apni hi party kay loogoon ko zalil kerwa ka rakh dya ha

    Imran Khan nay sahee kaha tha ka Zardari nay ppp par khud kash hamla kar dya ha. PTI Zindabad Imran Khan Zindabad Pakistan Paidabad

  • k.p.k

    good job for pppppppppppppppppppppp

    • giala


  • mudassar.sharif9

    main to hamesha sa kehta reha hoon…….ke ya shermila farooke…….shermila farooke ne ha ya ….HAALA FAROOKI HA………zaleel urat…..ore ghatea be

  • Mubashar Wahla

    A Slap for those voters who give their vote to this PPP in the name of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Marhoom Mohterma Benazir

    • giala

      Don't compare this Tlaban khan with Saheed Bhuttos. Stupid

  • SwedMir

    I believe PPP lost it's credibility after Benazir Bhuto. This shameless lady is just another victim of Zardari, Why don't these people understand that they have been used by pig Zardari.

    I feel really sorry for this lady, If i was in her shoes i would resign.

    Pakistan Zindabad

    Imran Khan Zindabad

    • giala

      Imran khan to Pakistan ka dushman hay ghdar watun aur terrorists ka Hamilton. Lanaut ho is per aur tum per bhee

    • giala

      Stupid look your leader he did not want to marry a Pakistani girl. maybe if U like him tell him to marry your sister, maybe this playboy pig will marry her . This way, u will very popular like him

  • aman abbasi

    ROOTI KAPRA or MAAKAN ky badly GOOLI KAFAN or QABARSTAN ye harmkhoor kasa jwab dayn gy.KUDA ki Lanat Zardari or is ki najaiz oladoon pr Pakistan KHAPY Pakistan KHAPY

  • calico

    Because she is Hermaphrodite……..also have male features….sound like man.

  • tanveer saudi arab



    • ssulehria1

      I don’t want my mouth dirtied

    • giala

      Your sister does the same hhhhhh

  • tanveer saudi arab

    khana khilana ki bat karo

    dollar pound ki bat karo

    london sar saptay ki bat

    pana pilanan ki bat karo

    ya kia tum fazool si bahas lakar bath gay ho k 4 sal main kia

    railway TBAH ki

    PIA ko lota







  • chali

    ppp ki chorni hai

    • tanveer saudi arab


      • giala

        Pti has so many pretty ladies I love them.

  • love2pk

    yaar yeh kya jawab dein ge in ka pet bhra huwa hai wese bhi yeh khud ko bohat smart smjhti hai but shaid yeh bhool gai hai khuda ko groor nahi pasnd hai akser shows me aaj kal yeh apni prem kahani ki batein krti hui nazer aati hai be hooda orat greeb mar rhe hain rozana aor in ko muhabbat ki pari khuda ki lanat ho ese hukmrano pe mein yeh nahi kehta ke inhein muhabbat ka haq nahi hai haq hai but farz pehle hai muhabbat pehle nahi wobhi sala khbees insaan hi hoga jise yeh chahti hai kmeeeeeeeeeeeeeni

    • tanveer saudi arab


  • tanveer saudi arab




    PIA- NO


    JOBS- NO



    FOOD- NO









    • ssulehria1

      People of Pakistan Love Zardari and his PPP (Piss Pots & Parasites). Why else would they keep “selecting” them?

      I know the word “Selection”. It seems to me as if PPP, just deleted the letter ‘S’ from a word selection and call it jamhooriat.

  • bab

    This AARIF *MARDOOD*is a piece of shit and sun of**B**I**T**C**H can he use same world for his sister.he hi face he look like ***GAY***.

    • Akramalam

      yar tumhain tau word likhna he ni aata pahly kuch sekh lo phr bat karna

  • mohammad saleem

    no mazaar and no qabar will ask anything except ALLAH swt.

    this is shirk to say, benazir or bhutto's qabar will ask.

    these are all beygairats, beysharam people have noting to give this country,

    except they worship those qabars in garhi khuda baksh

    • giala

      Tum jaisay wAhbi Kutto ki Waja say mulk MAy ye fisad hay.Tum loog poori Dunya may Muslims KO qatal ker ray ho. Aur pher apnay aap KO Muslims Kay to ho Tum to insan nai ho muslamans kaisay ho gaiy.

  • Aarif Mahmood

    she got what she deserve, i hate her like poison.

    • ssulehria1

      You are not alone to be so deeply in love with her

  • Aarif Mahmood

    I think she only gets 1% of what she deserve, her and her whole party is nothing but a nightmare for us and sooner we wake up, sooner we get out of it, and then whole nation have to ask her many more question than this. she is nothing but and ignorant and self loving person. i hate her like poison.


    yaar anchor ko bura bhala kehnay say pehlay ye soch lo kay hum kab tak inn corrupt logoo ki izzat kartay rahain gay? aor ager hum izzat kartay rahein gay to kis ko hosla ho ga saza denay ka? khud batao aisay chor ki kia izzat hoti hay? basic human rights hotay hain jo inn choroo ko hum say behter milay howey hain. aor kia izzat dain inn ko? ek hi rasta hay ab kay jahan ye log nazar aayein inn ki zaleel karo. kiun kay ye ek ghar kay chor nahi, ek dukaan kay chor nahi ye mulk o qoam kay chor hain.

    aor ye sharmila farooqi hay kia? kahan ki politician hay ye? baap aor bhai corruption kar kay sab paisa pakistan say baher lay gaye, duniya janti hay iss ka baap kitna corrupt tha, baap ki corruption ko cover denay kay liye ye khud syasat main aa gai. aor app main say kuch abhi bhi sochtay hain kay inn ki izzat karni chaiye? kis bunyad par? kon inn ko bataye ga kay ye chor hain? ab nahi to kab? hum nahi to kon?

  • calico

    Abbassi is a man of credibility…………well prepared……and asked the real hard questoin which most of the pulbic would like to hear……….Salute to Anchor….

  • calico

    Shermila Sleez, Deep throat w/Botox Lips….Swallow Bone marrow out of Poor’s Skelton.

    Convict Creep, Shermila Sleaze and her father…Pleaded guilty in scam case ;(Ansar abbassi)…

    Shermila, Stoned faced… Parasite thrives…on Poor’s Tax payer Money.

  • calico

    Political Wizard/Smartness/Experience……Scammed /stole the most of Public Funds and left no trace..……….Nawaz/Zardari/Gilani/Diesel/ANP/MQM/Generals

    Prove it………Take it to the Courts…..Political victimization…..

    CROOKS Tampered.…INVESTIGATION, Witnesses and No Accountability Laws..?

  • theflare_007


    I wish you had looked into yourself and looked at the people around you are fed up of all these politicians for whom you are trying to support. I don't see anything bad in the anchor's way of talking. Every anchor have his/her own way of expressing and asking questions. He is sindhi and i believe his way of talking is like that in Urdu but is use to of sindhi accent.

    Stop this crap here and don't try to show me or others who innocent these politicians are.. If you have any issue with such programs please don't waste your time in posting or watching such videos then. because no one cares what so ever you typed about these politicians here because the reality is in front of everyone of how pakistan is going on and what people of pakistan are facing thesedays.. so relax n stop misleading people.

  • calico

    Gilani Garbage…Spent $1 Million of Public’s Money in England……Edible Panties/Bikinis/Condoms for Corrupt Parliament… they put it on and start licking each other’s crotch and stay in practice to suck the blood of People in next term…………..wake up from Coma

  • orakzai110

    جب نا انصافی قانون بن جائے، تو مزاحمت فرض ہوجاتی ہے۔

    لالا مسجد کا مولووی رینجرز قتل میں کیس میں آزاد ہوگیا، لشکر جھنگوی کا دہشتگرد ملک اسحاق آج جیل سے آزاد ہوگیا، گلگت میں 4 شیعہ مسلمانوں کے قتل میں ملوث عطا اللہ ثاقب بھی آج آزاد ہوگیا،

    مگر غلام رضا شاہ نقوی سمیت متعدد اسیروں کو تو اب تک سماعت کی تاریخ بھی نہیں دی جارہی ___ اس عمل کو "فرقہ پرستی" کے علاوہ اور میں کیا کہوں؟

    • giala

      He is right

  • Shahid Mirza

    This is one difficult, spoilt, unashamed and arrogant bitch. She gets away with almost everything, yet is hyper-sensitive to all who pose questions which have no real truthful answers. Up to now she has been lying through her teeth and so it should be second nature by now!

  • naseerahmed

    What this Anchor wanted to prove? Pakistani media is full of jokers, be it Ms. Bukhari or Mr. Lukman or this new guy! Everyone is an actor. Is it the way to speak to your guest? No matter if she has done or her party has done something wrong, people writing lewd remarks about the guest and it shows their mentality. surprise to see the standard of Pakistani journalists…. Recently everyone has started proving themselves HONEST ( a new trend) including hamid Mir, Talat, Ms Bukhari etc etc… What going on guys???? High time for I interospection ,stop blaming politicians look into yourself first.

    • ssulehria1

      What going on guys????

      I tell you what’s going on…

      Girls like Sharmila Farooqi & other cabbage patch dolls are probably more suitable for catwalks rather than political platforms…

  • Truth only

    Ministers are the govt servants, paid by tax payers, they are not 'baghwaan ka auwtaars'.

    In a real democratic system, people have all the rights to question their leaders about their deeds.

    Hazart Omar (razzi Allah ta'ala anho) & Hazrat Ali (razzi Allah ta'ala anho)'s ERA was the best example of the democracy and of the check & balance, just for an example they use to put off the govt paid Lamps to attend their private visitors and entertain them in the darkness or illuminating their self paid Lamps.

    Iss ko kehtey hein aik SACHAA Muslim & a sachaa democratic hona, AOR ye sab hasil hota hi apney CONSCIOUS ki Pukaar sunney se.


    Please develop & amplify this WHISPER of Allah (swt) in you, Allah (swt) is as close to you as your main blood rushing main artery.

    Please apney ZAMEER ki awaz sunney.

    Please be true to yourself & to the generations to come.

    Please be honest to yourself.

    Please think of your future.

    There won't be another chance to repair the DONE mistake.

    I have a bird's view over Pakistani Politics, I am not a Pakistani National any more, BUT my heart beats with all my poor suffering country men, I feel pain in my heart when I see their sufferings and I wish a better life for them. 'P T I' is the only ray of light in these existing conditions, please have faith in 'P T I' and please vote for the change to get rid of this corrupt Political Mafia of pml-n & ppp at any cost to save Pakistan.

    A well wisher of Pakistan.

    RAZA. S.

  • orakzai110

    Parachinar Blast, Hazara Shia killings and all attacks on Brailvis CANNOT occur without the involvement of Estblishmnt & CIA Pupit so called mujahdeen

    Can write a letter to Army Chief, if supported by the forum; but unfortunately, we take such tragedies nothing more than a “News”.

    Regarding IK, I am opposite to you:

    I did not like Imran Khan as a Cricketer (Liked Zaheer Abbas) but loved him as a Politician.

    My visits to Shaukat Khanam (Supply of Chemicals) made me his fan

    When he came to politics, unlike most Lahoris, I fully supported him and even used to quarrel with those who oppose him.

    My opposition to him started when he began supporting Taliban and as his support went on increasing, so my hatred towards him.

    Secondly, when I came to know that he is merely an ISI Puppet.

    Love for Mr Nawaz Shareef:

    The Anti Establishment stance of Nawaz made me his fan

    The hatred started when I saw the killers of hundreds of my brothers being released and supported by him

    • Truth only

      orakzai110 , I wonder how could you get a 'sound sleep', while being aware of all what your favorite politicians have done to this poor nation.

    • chaudry

      chance to complete their basic education from the presidents fund……the course for these poor balochi kids was for 5 years.1st four years was paid from the presidents office fifth years the kids took their exams but the govt failed to keep its promise and did not pay for the final year,,,,therefore the certificate was denied to these kids from their colleges….

      i request you to use your influence where ever you can to press the zardari govt to pay the final amount so that the kids get their certificate so that they can continue for their higher education….

      here is their mob to contect…

      Mr Mohammed Saleh



    • noman105

      Mr Orakzai it seems that change you change ur stances quite alot. it just shows ur lack of maturity…Just correct your knowledge about Nawaz shareef and imran khan…Every one knows Gen zia brought nawaz shareef and they made IGI to support Mr nawaz shareef… Mr nawaz shareef took 35 carore from ISI and Gen Asad Durrani gave an affedavet in supreme court about this…Now Mr shareef potrays himself as anti establishment. HUH…what a joke..Nawaz shareef just want to take his revenge from establishment because they dismissed him in 1999…Gen ZIa and Musharf were both dictators and equally bad. On one hand nawaz shareef always speaks against musharaf but show me his one single statment against gen zia just one…Infact Mr nawaz shareef said on the grave of zia i will complete ur mission..Mr shareef is master of noora quoshti …On the other hand IK is the only politician of present time who rejected to become the Prime minister as Musharaf accepted in his Interview in 2004 that if IK had supported me he was my PM candidtae…Be mature MR orakzai and keep ur knowledge upto date

  • ali123



    Please don't shout.

    • mudassar.sharif9


      laanat terey soch pa…….ore lanat terey comments pa…..

  • ali123

    Anchor hi bika hua ha.

    Even courts aise lehje nahi rakhte

  • Inqelab

    A bedroom politician is suppose to answer only questions of their interest.

  • Truth only

    Ministers are elected with our votes, they are paid with our tax money, we render them more respectable by nominations ………….. SO……. it is obvious that we have the right to ask for all sort of clarifications regarding their services to the people who had crowned them.

    This is Real democracy.

  • Voice of Pakistan

    Haan yeh tou sahi hai ke anchor ka lehja aur poochne ka tareeka ajeeb thaa… bechari naxuk si aurat per itne sare sawal ek sath thop diyeee….actually anchor is funny…and reaction of sharmila also funny!!

  • nsasfs

    She is one of the useless politician I have ever seen. He never gave proper justified comments in any of the program that I have seen rather shouting unnecessary and always showing attitude. I don't know who are the people she is representing. I even don't know her portfolio. She is just additional cost like so many others in the Sindh cabinet.

    Good job done by the anchor.

  • Asad85

    Syasatdaan apne baap ka khayal nahi kertay bhutto ka kia khayal karain gay … sindhion k jazbaat se khail khail ker in logo nay baray mazay ker liay … mujhe khushi hai k sindhi qoam bhi apni ankhon se jahalat ki patti utaar rahay hain or ab na tu bhutto or na benazir jaisee ppp pakistan mai hai na ho gi sab choor or haramkhor hain or benazir ka qatil sharmali ka thoku zardari hai isi lia us k moo se awaz nahi nikal rahi

  • orakzai110

    O bhai admin , , ye ksi Qably Maseeh k time ki video uploaad kr dee ??

    ye Old video hy recnt nhi ???

    lakin jo b hy Anchor ak number ka jaahil ta

    lakin is sharmila k sath Jaahil he baat kr skty hy ye corpt tolli seedy moo sy baat nhi smjty. .

    • mudassar.sharif9


      yazeed to kia kerrey ….terey naseeb main such ne bhai…..khuda ke laanat tuj pa….ke to such ko sauch be ne keh sakta

  • humtum

    lanat hai tum par manhoos aur lanat hai tumari sooch par

    humare mulak ko bachane wala allah hai.

  • FunnyBunny

    Her name should be "Sharmily", why its "Sharmila"?

  • adnan125

    good job and she need b job good work

    • sajad

      Good work done by brave ankar salute to u.

      If this kind of questions asked by national media

      Ppp might done some good work.

  • adnan125

    great job and she need b job good work men

  • laddoo

    Besharam forooqi

    system doesn't allow me to do justice the evil in u so

    lakh di lanant teri birth per

    u r shame for our sacred land Pakistan

    Lakh di lanant

  • 7sky

    We are very fool n JAHIL that we elect them or we let them elect by other people.. CORRUPTS Politicians

  • superfly

    thats all they can do now, walk away without answering.

  • Ali_ss

    hahahaha,,, great job,, we have all the rights to ask them if they cant answer our hard questions then they got no rights to rule on us. he dint really done anything wrong,, all he did is asked some tough questions,, PPP cant run and avoid,, they have to give the answers if not now maybe then.

  • AsadSaeed88

    Thumbs Up for shutting that PPP troll..

  • inamsh

    This is the real face of PPP.

  • J

    شرمیلا فاروقی کا یہ رویہ کوئی نیا نہیں اس سے اور اس کے قائیدین سے یہی توقع کی جا سکتی ہے سیاستدان کو اور خاص کر حکومتی نمائندوں کو سخت سے سخت سوال کا بھی جواب دینا سننا پڑتا ہے ،ان خواتین کے لباس میک اپ دیکھو عوامی نمائندوں سے زیادہ بولی ووڈ سٹار بنے پھرتی ہیں پورے پاکستان اور خاص کر کراچی جیسے شہر میں انسان گاجر مولیوں کی طرح کاٹے جا رہے ہیں اس بات میں سچائی ہے سوال ہے کہ جو پارٹی اقوام متحدہ ،سکاٹ لینڈ یارڈ سے تحقیقات کروا رہی تھی اور حکومت سے باہر رہ کر کس طرح بے نظیر کے قتل کو استعمال کر رہی تھی تقریبا پانچ سالہ دور حکمرانی میں اس راز کو فاش نہ کر سکی یا نہیں کرنا چاہتی وہ کیا ملک میں قتل و غارت کی تفتیش یا خاتمہ کرے گی یہی پاکستانی انہیں اپنے سروں پر جوتے پڑوانے پھر منتخب کریں گے کیونکہ ذلیل و رسو ا ہونے /رہنے کی جس کو عادت ہو جاۓ تو وہ اسی میں خوش رہتا ہے اور اس کا انتخاب کرتا ہے

    • Mo

      pakistan aik manhoos mulk hai aur pakistani aik manhoos qom wo is manhoosiyat se jab hi chutkara pa sakte hain jub ye mulk khatam ho jae bangla desh ki haatat pakistan se achi hai sirf is liye ke wo pakistan se alag hogaya dekhlena sub se phele baluchistan alag ho ga wo pakistan ka sub se bara aur ameer suba hai aur alag hote hi wo dusra dubai bun jae ga.

      • mudassar.sharif9


        durr fetee muin laantea………too manhoos ore terra baap manhoos

      • mudassar.sharif9

        abbe ya kon anchor tha koi to mujy betey………ya pakistan ka beta kon tha…….salute…..salute………salute….khuda app ka hame o naser ho marey bhai


    yeh hai asli face of our hukamran….hahahahaha

  • candid

    Abbasse swine is an idiot JHOOTA who believes in shouting and not allowing other person's voice to be heard.

    He is a big SWINE — DRUG Pedller.

  • saima

    Good one!

    • Tiger in demand

      u are write saima jee this what the corrupt politicians too be brought in to justice what she will say to late Benazir when she will go her shrine that we just looted the Pakistan coz we we run by zardari shab shameless people shameless acts iam in USA and believe that i love Pakistan more then USA but in a fact this culprits must be drag to court and bring in justice

      • giala