Maazrat kay Saath (One more important decision of Gen Kiyani) – 11th September 2012


Shaheen Sehbai Joins Saifan Khan in Maazrat Kay Saath – 11th September 2012


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  • farhan bilal

    very good anaylsis sir

  • mohsin e watan

    Now it is zardari's turn to bring corrupt politicians into the courts.

    Baldia Karachi is put on fire, I am from Karachi, and I have no sympathy for government servants (political appointeez), who kill the rights of merit basis candidates.

  • rjm

    Shaheen Shehbai: You have done a wonderful analysis; I am impressed.

    God bless you.

    rjm (USA)

  • rjm

    Shaheen Sahib: Excellent analysis; I am impressed.

    God bless you.

    RJM (USA)

  • calico

    PIGS Piggy Bank GROWING……………. Public Suffering/Starving/Suicidal

    Political Wizard/Smartness/Experience……Scammed /stole the most of Public Funds and left no trace..……….Nawaz/Zardari/Gilani/Diesel/ANP/MQM/Generals

    Prove it………Take it to the Courts…..Political victimization…..

    CROOKS Tampered.…INVESTIGATION, Witnesses and No Accountability Laws..?

  • Tahir Ali

    Excellent review of prevailing scenario and future political landscape.

  • Ali_ss

    great show,, i really like shaheen sehbai's views,, he really a great journalist.