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24Seven: Asad Umar on PTI Economic Policy (September 10, 2012)

24Seven: Asad Umar on PTI Economic Policy (September 10, 2012)

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  • Khan1

    Khurram Hussain, you said the plan is impossible to be implemented without giving any logical reasons. Asad Umar explained comprehensively how it would be possible. Finally, when Mr. Hussain had no logical argument to support his point of view.. Simply said how PTI would come in power.. Imran Khan said that during Musharaf time .. bla bla bal..

    Very very shameful for Mr. Khurram if he is doing intentionally..

  • inamsh

    Its always inspiring to listen to Asad Omar! May Allah give him strength and courage to implement his plan and give opportunity to PTI with clear mandate to serve the nation. Ameen

  • inamsh

    Asad sahib MashaAllah is so inspiring. its always a pleasure to listen to him. May Allah bless him and give him strength and courage to implement his plan! Ameen

  • azadpakistani

    A leader has following qualities

    a) Vision b) Self-belief c) Determination d) Charisma e) Honesty

    People like Asad Umer have left very lucrative position to join PTI. They mush have seen these qualities in Khan Sahib.

    Asad himself is an asset not only for PTI but for the country. May Allah bless him.

    For long term gain you have to sacrifice your today.


    VOTE PTI if you want better Pakistan for future generation

  • shanak27

    Great to see an intellectual debate between some economic legends!! after a long streak of stupid talk show.

    Love Asad Umer Bhai

    Love PTI

  • ssulehria1

    It is painfully obvious that Asad Umar of PTI has done his homework. It is also obvious that to get Pakistan out of trouble and see it prosper is no longer a vision but a religious belief with PTI. I can only pray that Allah helps Imran Khan in achieving in noble mission. In fact, it is has to be our moral duty to ensure that PTI gets a full mandate.

  • calico

    PPP Economic Policy…………Wasted Public's FUNDS…????

    Gilani Garbage…Spent $1 Million of Public’s Money…… on Edible

    Panties/Bikinis/Condoms for Corrupt Parliament…..so they put it on and start

    licking each other’s and stay in practice to suck the blood of People in next term…………..wake up from Coma ?

  • fortis321

    I think the policy given by PTI are very realistic…. even more realistic than building cancer hospital and giving 70% of patients treatment for free…..

    If Imran Khan can run cancer hospital (most unrealistic project ever in Pakistans history & in the world as well) then he can implement his economic policy as well.!!!!!!

    Give Imran Khan a chance because if anyone can do it then it is one and only IMRAN KAHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ssulehria1

      Unless PTI gets a full mandate all our wishes for better Pakistan will remain wishes… We have to make sure that our friends, neighbours, parents, brothers & sisters vote for PTI – only then our wishes will come true…

      • shanak27

        Inshallah! I am doing a serious campaign and the good thing is people are already PTI voters!

  • nmalhi

    Top leadership of PTI are practical people with vision. They have track record of achievement by fair and legal methods. It is a blessing that we had this golden opportunity to make Pakistan what it was supposed to be. These leaders like Imran Khan, Asad Umer, and Jahangir Tareen have vision, plans, and passion to do something great for Pakistan with sincere intentions. Humans can just try and only Allah gives the good results. Educated and urban population understands the PTI agenda. The challenge would be take the message to far flung rural areas in the language which they can understand. For example, Z.A. Bhutto conveyed the message to rural areas in the form of slogan of roti, kapra, and makaan. PTI have to make the slogan of Tsunami and Change in the language which rural people can understand too.

    • azadpakistani

      And what about Intikhabi Nishaans? PTI should come-up soon to engrave early in people mind

  • bader siddiqui

    Very comprehensive answers. Well done Asad Sahib.If PTI conveyed this massage to the nation then Inshallah PTI will sweap the election.

  • rashid79

    very sad dono persons nain policy read nahi ki aur koi valid objection nahi la sakay just ye keh rahay hain kay PTI GOVT nahi bna sakay gi jo kay hum log galat ker dain geey

  • maandesh


    every time I listen to Asad umar, he gains more respect. What a deep understanding of the subject matter. May Allah(swt) give pti the courage to continue on its path and guide pakistani voters to elect pti with great majority,


    atlanta, usa