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Zer e Behas ( PTI Jahangir Tareen Exclusive!) 9th September 2012

Zer e Behas ( PTI Jahangir Tareen Exclusive!) 9th September 2012

  • shaoor

    @chaudhry(Muhammad saleh)

    Brother what u can do is to take this issue to media and talk shows. Best shows can be SAR E AAM of ARY or the same shows, investigative types where anchor first exppse the problem and talk to concerned authorities in the se progrm on air. Like AMERQ NAJI in TALAASH on DUNYA news and other channels as well. BEST of luck. I wish i could do a lot more than this. I not even in pakistan at the moment.

  • inamsh

    Well done tareen sahib. Vote for a better Pakistan….Vote for a real change….Vote PTI.

  • ssulehria1

    It is painfully obvious that Jahangir Tareen and Asad Umar of PTI have done their homework. It is also obvious that to get Pakistan out of trouble and to see it prosper is not only a vision but a religious belief with PTI.

    I can only pray that Allah helps Imran Khan in achieving his noble mission. In fact, it is has to be our moral duty to ensure that PTI gets a full mandate.

  • ssulehria1

    Re: “Khara Sach” and according to Mubashir Luqman, with his evidence, Karachi is in control of Taliban and growing stronger than the combined forces of MQM, ANP and PPP.

    My simple question is – are all of the so called political parties including PMLs waiting for Pakistan to be totally destroyed before waking up to the reality?

  • abdulhakim

    Arif nizami a decent and polite Anchor, jahangir tareen a capable and genius politician. Productive and hopefull

    Talk show. We should talk with policies and programs for betterment of the country. Public is Fedup to listen

    Shouting of the persons sitting in talkshow blaming eachothers. Pti is introducing a polite and productive culture.


    Calif USA.

    • chaudry

      help…help…help….I'm raising this issue only on humanitarian grounds ….there are 16 students from Balochistan who were studying in various colleges.they were promised that during their studies the fees will be paid from the presidents fund…the period of five years…for 4 years the govt paid the fees but the final year they didn't pay…so the students were denied the certificates until they pay the final year….now they don't know what to do…please see if you can help these young people if you can…I'm only raising this issue on their behalf …..jazakallah


      Muhammad Saleh


    • chaudry

      yes u r right…

  • mudassar.sharif9


    • ssulehria1

      To vote for PTI throughout Pakistan – has to be our moral duty…

  • mudassar.sharif9


  • mudassar.sharif9

    i respect jahangir tareen…….he is genious man……..always respect for you jt…..love you pti……….love you IK

  • Pak2012

    Nice to hear some one talking substance in a pleasant tone. Most of talk shows are otherwise a contest of growling, frothing and abusing.

  • witness7590

    great interview PTI zindabad

  • witness7590

    well done jehangir tareen good interview and very clear view of future.