Kyun? (Is there any plan to control media?) – 9th Sept 2012


Abdul Malick, Fahad Hussain, Rauf Kilasra, Talat Hussain in Kyun? – 9th Sept 2012

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  • shamsims

    A very good show, nut can we leave out the Supreme Court, it is now becoming joke that everything which is wrong in the society is taken to the court, give the judges a break, and let them solve the cases which are pending in the court, this is not helping the situation, and litigants are crying for their cases to be resolved, this has just become reticulates now.

    Give the poor judges a break as well they are working day & night and still the situation for the litigants is getting worse, these people also have a life, we expect them to solve all the issues faced by this country is not fair.

    get the right people in the Government, and we will not have to take 99% issues faced by the courts at this time of our history.

    Vote for Imran Khan.

  • zamzam

    Pakistani Media sale very cheap and claiming they are 4th Piller of Pakistan and they are working for nation,,,But reality is totally different, mostly working on agendas it can be Pakistani government or it can be foreign agendas and conspiracy against Pakistan…

    1. Duniya TV 360 Million R.S Market shares 17 %

    2. Express TV 220 Million R.S Market shares 12 %

    3. SAMA & CNBC News 120 Million Market shares only 6 %

    4. ARY News 100 Million Market shares only 5 % isi taraha baqi bohet sara channels bhi…

    Or GEO ki to baat hi na karain Market shares 28 % mager wo R.S main nahi hain,,Wo USAID k naam per dollars or Aman ki aysha k naam per Indian R.S,,,AB seb na kashmir issue per naam hi laina choor dia ha,,,

    انڈیا میں کٹریناکھانستی ہے تو بھی میڈیا میں بریکنگ نیوز چلتی ہے دین فروش ایمان فروش ضمیر فروش ملک فروش میڈیا

    Ya news k baad or pehla ik Indian movie ki news deta hain,,,Kash k as musliman ik Hadees or ya Quran ki ayat urdu translation k sath suna dia karain,,,Media walo ya duniya bohet choti ha phir tum ho ga or Tumhara amal hoon ga,,,Ya phir jannat ha ya jahanem ha,,,

    بھائی صاحب پاکستان ہی آزاد نہیں ہے آپ میڈیا کو رو رہے ہیں، پاکستانی میڈیا تو ایک فاحشہسے بھی بتر ہے

    کم سے کم وہ جس تھالی میں کھاتی ہے اس میں چھید تو نہیں کرتی

    Ya ALLAHA hamara mulak ko bacha Ya jitni b islami jamatain hain ALLAHA in ko hadayet da or akhta ho jian Islam k lia or is mulak k lia,,,|Chota chota ikhtlafat la ker batha hua hain,,,

    Jeb Indian PM kehta ha k han hamari invovment ha baluchistan main to hamara media so raha hota ha,,,Or Interior minsr b so raha ha smat puri hakoomet,,,

    Ya seb zardari kerwa raha ha aj kel jitna b new issues a raha hain,,,Kabhi new suba kabhi Baldiati nazam,,,Or jan bhooj ker media is taraf laga hua ha or koie b aj kel corruption cases per baat hi nahi ker raha ha,,,Seb media awam ki intention ko turn ker raha ha PPP ki corruption sa,,,

  • swati

    about which journalist muhammad malik is talking about who was one in army and was thrown out (part 4 of program last 4 minutes)

    • arifwaheed80

      Yar ye Klasra GOONGA to khood ZARDARI govt se kroro,n ki MARAAT lechooka is ko kiyu,n bitaya hay

  • adan


  • Fahanali

    these people are opinion maker in our society but it is really disgusting when they are found in wrong-doing…

    Media should be accountable to people and institutions. responsibility lies on Government to make polices rather good policies.

  • rameez

    first hat off to Dunya Tv that they took opinion from Talat Hussain because he was always been against Dunya Tv and its good that they took him into panel.

    Media is so not mature in Pakistan but such type of Talks and discussion would strengthen the people trust on media and Media owner will also understand the role of media in society.