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    Salam to All !sir m ap sub ki isi s related ek issur ki traf tawaja delana chahta hoan jo abi tak chal raha h wo us khandan k logo police k dabao aur threat ki waja s apni koe madad nae kr sakte.aur m ne kal Dunya news k office cl b ki thi per mj koe response nae mila is bare m .ya mara contact number h(0343 8017988) agr ap log seriously ya issue discuss krna chahta hain to i will give you every information about it. but realy this family needs your help alot .

    ya wo badnaseeb khandan h jis ki ezait to chali gie h lakin ab police ne un k tamam ghar walo co jail m band ker diya h .aur mari poray pakistan ki awam s apeal h k please is bhag ker krna wwalo co sakhat saza di jae aur ainda koe asa na kre us per action uthaya jae .

    Noor Mohammad

    from Quetta

    0343 8017988

  • SimplePak

    v nice issue discussed in the begining, v gud step taken by Hasbehal team, unlike other media especially dramas which is attracting youngsters to run away from home for marriage, one can do research and see k when there was only PTV, what was divorce rate at that time, and what is divorce rate nowadys when media is showing all kind of fahashi in their programs..ansar abbasi n orya maqbool jan supporting the SC plea to ban programs showing FAHASHI/vulgarity, and all the media n paid anchors are trying to give impression that this is not a big issue, check latest shows abt that..

  • SimplePak

    Govt ka awam se aik aur mazaq..check karey..

  • warraich1853

    i love hasbehall show because in this show hasbehall team educate peoples in a pasitive direction through their positive discution.

    • chaudry

      please listen to this….a group of 16 students from Balochistan was given admission in various Pakistani School to complete their high school education and the president of Pakistan Ma Zardari promised to pay their annual fee that nearly was rs 2.,400,000…the course lasted 5years and ttge govt only paid for 4 years….Now the problem for these young people is that the colleges where they studied are asking for the fees before they can issue the certificates so that the students can do their further studies….the presidents office is not giving any answer…is there anyone who can help these young men….their content is as follows…

      Muhammad Saleh



  • aliferoz

    Some Joker Pakistani Politicians – Must Watch

  • zamzam

    Pakistani Media sale very cheap and claiming they are 4th Piller of Pakistan and they are working for nation,,,But reality is totally different, mostly working on agendas it can be Pakistani government or it can be foreign agendas and conspiracy against Pakistan…

    1. Duniya TV 360 Million R.S Market shares 17 %

    2. Express TV 220 Million R.S Market shares 12 %

    3. SAMA & CNBC News 120 Million Market shares only 6 %

    4. ARY News 100 Million Market shares only 5 % isi taraha baqi bohet sara channels bhi…

    Or GEO ki to baat hi na karain Market shares 28 % mager wo R.S main nahi hain,,Wo USAID k naam per dollars or Aman ki aysha k naam per Indian R.S,,,AB seb na kashmir issue per naam hi laina choor dia ha,,,

    انڈیا میں کٹریناکھانستی ہے تو بھی میڈیا میں بریکنگ نیوز چلتی ہے دین فروش ایمان فروش ضمیر فروش ملک فروش میڈیا

    Ya news k baad or pehla ik Indian movie ki news deta hain,,,Kash k as musliman ik Hadees or ya Quran ki ayat urdu translation k sath suna dia karain,,,Media walo ya duniya bohet choti ha phir tum ho ga or Tumhara amal hoon ga,,,Ya phir jannat ha ya jahanem ha,,,

    بھائی صاحب پاکستان ہی آزاد نہیں ہے آپ میڈیا کو رو رہے ہیں، پاکستانی میڈیا تو ایک فاحشہسے بھی بتر ہے

    کم سے کم وہ جس تھالی میں کھاتی ہے اس میں چھید تو نہیں کرتی

    Ya ALLAHA hamara mulak ko bacha Ya jitni b islami jamatain hain ALLAHA in ko hadayet da or akhta ho jian Islam k lia or is mulak k lia,,,|Chota chota ikhtlafat la ker batha hua hain,,,

    Jeb Indian PM kehta ha k han hamari invovment ha baluchistan main to hamara media so raha hota ha,,,Or Interior minsr b so raha ha smat puri hakoomet,,

  • imran gadhi

    great show baba ji

  • mohsin e watan

    today birds broke the PIA aircraft window. I read in today's Pakistani newspaper.

  • inamsh

    Fiqa the great! love u Azizi.

  • Luv.Pakistan

    Super awsome show

  • Gsarwar

    I Shall like to Help the student who has asked for help for his education. Pl give me Details and your contact at g.sarwar1@hot mail .com

    • inamsh

      Jazak Allah. May Allah accept your good deeds! Ameen

  • Mysterious girl

    Ahh! What an entertaining show! :)

  • saadwarya

    great show

  • dr_sheffield

    A gentleman asked me that I am very aggressive, I aint aggressive by nature but I am fed up with this brainless, senseless nation, who are ripped off of everything…no electricity, no education, no health, no food even, people r selling their children..!! How can’t I be aggressive? Any one who feels for their people would get crazy, at least I am in my senses brother. Look I live in UK, I have got alhamdullilah everything here, nice family, nice car, nice house…BUT I feel for those poor homeless, food less, cloth less, diseased, hungry children who search for food in the dirt bins, these flowers, these innocent angels must b at schools not begging for a Rupee!! And this BEHIS elite class Pakistan are enjoying the luxury people can dream for in 'jannat'….why?? Can't this poor nation ask them how come they don't have even food and these looters, corrupt scum has everything???

    I hope u understand my agony!

    Please vote for IK, I know he isant an angel, but we need to move on, we need a change, wake up please, stop dancing infront of zardari, nawaz cars, u r strong, u can bring a revolution!

    • Saqibamalik

      Yes. Vote for PTI and get screwed by New Faces

      • J

        So you want to be screwed up by same faces what a logic tit for tat

  • ibr4r

    great show as ever, Ibrar

  • abdulhakim

    Sohail Ahmad is an asset in social media. His approach toward the social problems is balanced , he is providing

    A fresh and healthy breathing to the people who are facing Lott of problems. Long live.

  • itishan

    sohail ahmed really aik brilliant actor aur insaan hein,

  • hkhan

    As usual great show


    Sab Dosto Ko Salaam,

    Great Show

  • Hate4None