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Sar e Aam (REPEATED ).Can Father Involve His Daughter In Prostitution? 8th September 2012

Sar e Aam (REPEATED ).Can Father Involve His Daughter In Prostitution? 8th September 2012


  • zakirkk


  • hailoo

    islamic country. lol

  • Tanha47

    Unemployment, poverty, hopelessness, corruption of a big proportion, no government, we call it today,s Pakistan. Many, many more cases like this is coming to your neighborhood soon. Sex with dead crops, sex with young girls. Killing for money(Target Killing). People going to do any thing for food, for survival, in order to continue living. Do not bring religion, do not blame father or mother, or the young girl. It is collective epic problems of Pakistan. Pakistan never learn from past mistakes. Pakistan is hopeless.

    • Pakistani01

      Though I am agree with you, however I would like to correct you here..it's not Pakistan which is hopeless it's the people of Pakistan who are hopeless! Lack of education, high poverty rate, no law etc..these things has made the people of Pakistan psychotic patients.

      Pakistan wasn't like this, ask your father/grandfather and you will know that this country used to be quite peaceful unlike these days..sad thing is that these days "mostly youth" of Pakistan just blame the piece of land instead the people who are on the driving seat.

  • amirkhan6

    ais noncence program ko reapeat karna kaa kia maqsad ?

    • chaudry

      yes but i want to tell you about this wonderful event which is taking place in a town called Alton about 45 miles outside London….it is a muslim convention taking place and about 35000 people from all over the world are there to attend and listen speeches on islam made by various speakers…what really impressed me was that in this day and age….this was a very well organised and managed gathering…….the area of nearly 220 acres was fully covered in various sizes of marques….there were two large marques for men and women each for about 10000+ visitors…the food was excellent and provided free of charge by the organisers…….

      the main massage of the convention was peace to all, regardless of what religion you belonged to……after having visited such a promising gethering all my doubts were removed that islam one day will be accepted by all human beings because the massage of islam in reallity is that of peace….tomorrow on sundqay is the last day of this convention and although it can be seen anytime but it can also be seen live through the following website……


      best wishes

  • Pakifriend

    Astaghfirullah. Allah hidayat day sab ko

  • salmankhanshinwari

    me from europe when i see new pak new i always sad when i watch tv but i see your prog really nice and aqrar your really nice person ,,, i see your all prog but really nice for our pakistan ,, your are and you tv ary working like state holder like police ,, i proud of you i am happy we have good pakistani like you ,,, thanks ,,

  • Tiger in demand

    laaanat he tum media walon per jo sirf apna program chalne k liya logon ki azmaton ko uchalte ho hzara laan jo tum madia wale jo becharee gareeb or lachar bebase log hain in gurbaton se kiya kertay hain jub Allah Pak un per perda dalta he to tum log kaun ho abh us bechare se kaun shadee keryga laaan the tum lo per so bar ARY nes a currpot madia CJ must take notice of this thing and stop this type of programs to be in on air