Police Torture’s Victim Gujranwala position holder refuses gold medal


Police Torture’s Victim Gujranwala position holder refuses gold medal

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  • orakzai110


    Khudy kahbara da koom rooosee or amreecy Gheend na shawy ye

    sta Imran khan ham Amreeciano or roosyaano gheend na shawy dy STA PA SHAAN

    alaka khayal waka

    khapala Moor khoor war na k wrta

    waly chy taaso kho pa sawat wazeerstan



    yawa khaza pry na khla

    atoly khazy waadda Nikkah na baghair sta pa shaan yoo darzan alakan paida karee dee ) !!!!!!!!!!


    Chaudry – mirzaiyat /qadianiyat kana dajjal mirza ghulam qadiani jhotey nabi key ummati: yaha tumhey apney laanati mirza ghulam qadiani / aur apney naam nehaad mirzaiyat / qadianiyat ke panchwey khalifa mirza masroor qadiani mirzai ka ishtahar deney ki zaroorat nahin.

    agahr thorah waqt ho ho apney mirzai khalifa mirza bashir ahmed ki ketaab “seerat-e mahdi” parhna, us ketab me usney apne baab mirza qadiani ke barey mein bohot hi inkeshafat kiyen hain, balkey mirza ghulam qadiani malaoon ko uskey ghar ke bhedi mirza bashir ahmad ne beech chouraahe par nanga kar diya hai.

    misaal ke taur par mirza ghulam qadiani ‘bhaano begum’ namahram se sardi ki raaton main apni taangey dabwaata thaa, fajjey di maan ka zirk hai, tumhey bohot saarey inkeshafaat milen gey.





  • waqarbaig85

    Really how the Police deals with the most talented guys in Pakistan

    Really these genius guys look so worried and disturbed, i can just pray for this genius guy

  • suakhan

    It would be wrong if someone thinks that police extortion to this student was an isolated incident. Hundred percent of people who face court or police are treated like this unless you have a connection. Shahbaz sharif should have fixed the system for all instead of listening to few individual complaints under his show-off tent.

    Has anyone thought of what happened to the Liars (Lawyers) of the Rule of Law Movement? Zardari has put them to sleep by giving away government cases as kick back. They are all quite now.

    All judges and 'liars' are corrupt. It is first hand experience. Why people do not know about it? Because, only a small fraction of public choose to face the jungle of justice.

  • m shoaib

    people who are still supporting pmln i just want to ask them very politely that how many times we have to elect them.why are we so selfish that we cannot see the diference between pmln and pti.i mean how many more billions this shareef family needs before they can bring reforms in our country.living abroad me and many other pakistanies can tell how people make fun of our country.for God sake dont save pakistan this time and support imran khan.he has given his last 20 years for the country.when these pmln or ppp supporters dont find any flaw in pti policey they they accuse IK that his kids are being brough up abroad.how stupid they sound when asked this question.i mean who doesnt know till the kids become adult then they have the right to choose to live with their mother or father.as a pakistani i request to all those pti supporters who are very active on social media please take this support to the ground level.talk to your friends and family and make sure every body get their membership and register their vote.this is our turn this time inshAllah since we have all the support from our people.we just have to make sure we execute it right on the elections day.

    • gulrang

      Either you are dumb or stupid..PMLN has nothing to do with this student….its PMLQ and his well known person Zafar Abbas Lak (IG Motorways) and this IG is a supporter of EX-PM Gilani friend and narcartics Ex-Secretary to save Gilani son….in Drug case…..

      People does not understand the real fact…

      PMLN is trying their best to serve the people and Awaam of Punjab…while Zardari is trying to punish Punjab and their is a conspiracy against Punjab…Students can not study…but still People of Punjab and students are Hard working…..


  • TheLastHope

    Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi…. Tabdeeli aa chuki hai!

    Eyyakana`budu Wa EyyakAnasta`Een

  • orakzai110

    Kehta Har Pukhtoon hy .. .

    Imran Khan hamara Khoon hy !!!!

    Lo jee hun kr lo gal

    Ab to Tees Maar Khan ki waldiat ka Masla paida ho gaya

    Pooootittttiiiiiii or pamper wear ki duktee per PAIR Rak kr geo

    wahh Orakzai

    atol PTI wala pa moor khoor bandy IK wachoom

    • F Khan Jani

      ma ta da khpal plar na na khkare.

      • orakzai110

        Waly ta pa khapal moor bandy yakeen neeshta ka ??

        ka chery ta khapal moor bandy yakeen nawee no oya za ba darta yoo kha physicrtist pata darkam, , :) :) :P

    • ESHRAN

      Bas os ba kha sur k ey paletaa.

      Please dont consider the Orakzai comments in favor of IK. I think he belongs to PMLN OR ANP….

      • orakzai110

        Kooni za KPK shia yam , , moo ta na PMLN sa wakoo

        na anp, na TEES MAAR khan , ,

        moong ta wapis

        msuharf ghoondy k zalmy pakaar da

        chy tasoo khalgo koony k bombree wakee

        or da kharjee talibaan moor khoor waghayee , , uzbak dee ka tajik dee ka afghan dee

    • chaudry

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      best wishes

    • gulrang

      Make sure all KPK will Vote for Imran Khan……OR we all will let you get on the Railway….for punishment and let Bilour run this railway again.



  • Afridi420

    Laanat aisay Nizam par jahan aik position holder bhi aisi Nainsafi ka shikar hay.

    I hope woh ulukadash jo self proclaimed Khadimealaa bana hua hay kuch sharam karay aur is begairat police ko theek karay.

    Unless the people of Pakistan reject these corrupt Political Cartels unfortunately as a country we will never progress.

    INshallah PTI will change all this.

    • True-Patriot

      PLMN se 25 saal main ek police system thik ni ho saka ye mulk ki haalat kya badlengey.. 6th baari k liye inko vote maangtay phir sharam nai aati!!

  • Cactus

    Why no one consider what the guy was saying that he trust on Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Shareef so he just need to record his protest.

    It is rightly said about the PTI, " Summun Bukmun ‘Umyun fahum laa yarji’oon" (They are deaf, dumb and blind. They will not return (to the path)).

    • ESHRAN

      My dear brother every one cant reach to gold medal stage and record his protest on stage. No one trust on S.Sharif except those who does all the time. This police is under S.Sharif and boy said he complain many time and what he got.? same answer that they will investigate … .S.Sharif is the one who hire the police to do such kind of job and police men are liable to do..

      Its all happening in punjab…

      PTI Zinda bad

      IK Paenda bad

    • malik32

      dako won ka sar dar shabaz sareef shabaz shareef,,,lotaron ka badsha zadare shareef zardare shareef,,,mul ka gadar rahman malik shareef rahman malik shareef,,,

  • bab


    • gulrang

      This IG is family member of PMLQ and Pervaiz Illahi Depty PM…..nothing to do with Shahbaz Sharif……This student is being harassed by IG Motorway Zafar Abbas Lak….Not by PMLN..

      its PPP who is responsible….Gilani's son being saved by this ex-secretary narcotics

  • Jhon Smith

    Please Dont Vote corrupt Shareef Family. Shareef Family will not reform police. As Corrupt shareef Family use police for Political goals and votes. Allha Gaharat Kary is Shareef Family ko!!! Amin

  • D Lahoree

    Good thing is he believe in Mian Sahib and receive his gold medal

    • mohammed rafiq

      nawaz sherif son has spoken.dont forget ur 1 marla land at raiwand.

    • ESHRAN

      I hope that S.Sharif will take action on this bcoz its his own trap. At first bring some one one this stage and after take action and get popularity .. .. police tu wohi karti hai jo yeh kehtay hain…yeh woh punjab hai jis ki hakmiyat S.Sharif k pass hai…

  • ansar4u

    plz apne vot ka sahi istmal karen warna ye haal ho ga sub ka

  • facelifter

    lanat on Munafiq e Ala Showbaz & PML(U)N

  • honest1

    yaheeh wajah ha k ham youth itni nafrat kartay hain nawaz zardari mqm.anp.jui sab

    parties se…..in logo ne mulk ko tabah kar diya ha ham log kiyoo IMRAN ki lia pagal ha

    kiyoo ke aik IMRAN aaisa leader ha jo ham sab ko is LLANTI system aur in sab choor

    dakaoo se nijat dila sakta ha,,,,,,,ALLAAH se dua rehti ha ke WO imran ko kamiabi dey

    • Cactus

      @honest1 MQM say nafrat ka izhar kernay say pehlay apnay Imran Khan Sahib say to pooch lain, ho sakta hai onhon nain phir karachi main jalsa kerna ho, pyaray bhaie munafqat or kiss ko kehtay hain keh aap pehlay aik party ko fascist party or oss party k leader ko murderer kehtay rahay or jub zaroorat peray to on say dosty ker lain.

      Think b4 voting '

  • dr_sheffield

    Where is the b**tard CHOR-E-ALAA? This is bloody Punjab, huh! If this guy were here in the UK, he would av been offered a place in prestigious universities and would have been treated like a celebrity. This so called education minister, I am sure, will be 10 times less intelligent than these bright students

  • Linkoping

    Janab is main Police wallon ka itna kasoor ni jitna Shabaaz shareef ka hay, kun k police waloon ko to pata hay k shabaaz shareef sirf nahry bazi ker k awam ko bawakoof bana rha hay, aur wo koi action ni le ga.

    Is lia mery pakistani bahyoo, aaj ager is Gold-Medalist ka ye haal hay to phir aam awaam ka ye Police waaly kia haal krty hoon gy.

    Aaao aaj is baat ka irada krty hain k hum Imran khan ko election main win krwany k lia aapni jaan maal ki b parwa ni karin gay.

    Kun ager aaj hum kuch ni kerin gy to aany waly wqt main is student ki jaga hmara bahi, beta ya koi aur aziz ho sakta hy.

    So jaggo aur jagaoo, is qoum ko khudaar bnaoo

  • mypakistan1947

    vote ager inhi kanjro ko do gy tu pher jutian parein gi. anyhow good gesture.

  • eagle

    aaj pakistan dunya mien zaleel ho raha hai to iski zimedar yahan ki harami police hai.meri imran khan se guzarish hai k ub time agaya hai apna zor dikhane ka.aise masoom logon k liye larne ka.wo jo bhchod police wale hien unko ghasieet ker bahir nikal ker sare aam maro.

  • Feeka

    Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance

    Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance Shame Shame Shame Gooood Governance

    Well Done Gold Medalist Slap On Khadim e Ala

    • gulrang

      Wrong perception…it's PMLQ responsible and Pervaiz Illahi and PPP who needed support for drug case including Gilani from IG Motorways

  • shahidali

    yeh hai punjba mai insaaf ki dasstan …lanat hai aise khadem e alla pe jo insaaf to nahi de sakta ..bus laptop bant kar vote khareed sakta hai …aur app sab log dekh lena yeh clip ab talk show mai nahi chalay gay gayab ho jaye ga yeh clip …i am 100 % sure ..

    • gulrang

      IG Motorways calling Gujranwala Police to get this student harassed and arrested….shame on Pervaiz Illahi and PMLQ and PPP