Aab Kiya Hoga (fight between coalition partners ?) – 8th September 2012


Fawad Ch(PPP), Siddiq ul Farooq(PMLN), Haider ali Shah – Aab Kiya Hoga 8th September 2012

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Part 2
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  • honest1

    these are all corrupt parties and the mafias leaders. in ka koi deen emaan nahi haa

    jhotay aur makkar hain ye sab…..jitni bhi parties zardari choor k sath rahi haa wo sab

    ki sab bakao maal parties hain jo na tu awam se mukhlas ha na hi mulk se….

    sirf aik hi leader haa jo hamari umeed ha wo ha IMRAN baqi sab chaan bhura aur gandagi

    ha……jo log abhi bhi in parties ka sath detay hain un ka shumar zindho mien nahi hota

    becoz un ka zameer kab ka mar chuka ha…..in sab k asal chehray bohat jald awam k

    samnay aa jaya gein……

  • zamzam

    Vakeelon k bara bhi PPP k ha ya Zardari kutta sari game khail raha Ab chend din sa media kisi corruption case ko discuss nahi ker raha ha,,,Or phir ya vukla or media na Baluchistan k issue utha lia ha,,,Ta k logoon k dehan asal masial sa hata raha…SAFMA ko jo yaar ha geddar ha geddar ha,,,

    Pakistani Media sale very cheap and claiming they are 4th Piller of Pakistan and they are working for nation,,,But reality is totally different, mostly working on agendas it can be Pakistani government or it can be foreign agendas and conspiracy against Pakistan…

    1. Duniya TV 360 Million R.S Market shares 17 %

    2. Express TV 220 Million R.S Market shares 12 %

    3. SAMA & CNBC News 120 Million Market shares only 6 %

    4. ARY News 100 Million Market shares only 5 % isi taraha baqi bohet sara channels bhi…

    Or GEO ki to baat hi na karain Market shares 28 % mager wo R.S main nahi hain,,Wo USAID k naam per dollars or Aman ki aysha k naam per Indian R.S,,,AB seb na kashmir issue per naam hi laina choor dia ha,,,

    انڈیا میں کٹریناکھانستی ہے تو بھی میڈیا میں بریکنگ نیوز چلتی ہے دین فروش ایمان فروش ضمیر فروش ملک فروش میڈیا

    Ya news k baad or pehla ik Indian movie ki news deta hain,,,Kash k as musliman ik Hadees or ya Quran ki ayat urdu translation k sath suna dia karain,,,Media walo ya duniya bohet choti ha phir tum ho ga or Tumhara amal hoon ga,,,Ya phir jannat ha ya jahanem ha,,,

    بھائی صاحب پاکستان ہی آزاد نہیں ہے آپ میڈیا کو رو رہے ہیں، پاکستانی میڈیا تو ایک فاحشہسے بھی بتر ہے

    کم سے کم وہ جس تھالی میں کھاتی ہے اس میں چھید تو نہیں کرتی

    Ya ALLAHA hamara mulak ko bacha Ya jitni b islami jamatain hain ALLAHA in ko hadayet da or akhta ho jian Islam k lia or is mulak k lia,,,|Chota chota ikhtlafat la ker batha hua hain,,,

  • calico

    PIGS Piggy Bank GROWING….while public Suffering…Starving…Suicidal

    Political Wizard/Smartness/Experience….who would scam/stole the most of Public Funds and leave no trace….Nawaz/Zardari/Gilani/Diesel/ANP/MQM….Prove it…Take it to Courts…CROOKS control INVESTIGATION and No Accountability Laws…..???

  • riaz67

    Terotorial fight between the NRO elected parties who want to Keep the people of Pakistan as slaves.

    Plz reject em because they in the past haven't delivered nor they will in future & PPP,PMLN,MQM, ANP, are jst there for their own personal benefit. Vote for a change & that is PTI, coz god helps those who helps themselves…!

    • chaudry

      yes but i want to tell you about this wonderful event which is taking place in a town called Alton about 45 miles outside London….it is a muslim convention taking place and about 35000 people from all over the world are there to attend and listen speeches on islam made by various speakers…what really impressed me was that in this day and age….this was a very well organised and managed gathering…….the area of nearly 220 acres was fully covered in various sizes of marques….there were two large marques for men and women each for about 10000+ visitors…the food was excellent and provided free of charge by the organisers…….

      the main massage of the convention was peace to all, regardless of what religion you belonged to……after having visited such a promising gethering all my doubts were removed that islam one day will be accepted by all human beings because the massage of islam in reallity is that of peace….tomorrow on sundqay is the last day of this convention and although it can be seen anytime but it can also be seen live through the following website……


      best wishes

  • bab

    MR,Adnan045,Tume apni bap ka to pata nahin aur tum dosroon ko galian bakti ho apni bap ki jaga tum ne #045 likha hi is liya tumere bap ka pata karna zara mushkal hi.jab tak tumare bap ka pata nahin chalta tum ye kam jari rakho.shabash ***mera bucha***

  • adnan045

    Bgairat aur jahil members of PML-N and PPP……..same like their leaders.

  • Ikchamcha

    سندھ کے لوگ پی پی اور ایم کیو ایم کو ووٹ دیتے ہیں ،انہی کی مفاہمت سے نیا بلدیاتی نظام آیا ہے ، یہ اکثریتی راے کے مطابق ہے

  • mohammed rafiq

    thee brainless black crows.waiting on line to steal pakistan.