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Lekin – Imran khan (Repeat) – 7th september 2012

Lekin – Imran khan (Repeat) – 7th september 2012

  • Secular-Pakistani

    The Facial Expressions of Sana Bucha were obviously different and she was more emotional and confrontational towards Imran Khan . The reason may be that she does not like Imran khan Or PTI's policies and is therefore biased . But alternatively it is possible that it is her reaction ( in other words Anger ) towards the abusive language of PTI followers . There can be many factors to the fact that PTI followers may be harsh or more aggressive in criticism of government , other parties as well as some anchors . One factor is the greater percentage of young followers . Another factor may be the fact that people have fed up with the tested parties and their false promises , like PML ( N ), PPP , Fazlu-rehman , MQM , Munawar hassan etc . Still another reason is that new young generation are more open and modern and they consider it acceptable to use harsh and confrontational language and profanity , which they do within themselves ( friends etc ) as well . Anyways , my point was that a lot of things are changing and Sana Bucha has to deal with the new changes taking place in Pakistan . As a journalist, She still has has to remain decent and sober during talk shows and interviews even if people put abusive comments . This is important for the survival of her being as a an anchor .

  • saima

    Excellent answers!

  • sumair

    she is B I T X ch:). Because she can not support to a honest person, pakistan need only and only Honest person , then everything will be great, just this is possible by Imran khan other all are Ulma suuu , and hungry.

    • Bundu Khan

      Sorry friend this is not gentle language you have used, in democratic society people have democratic right to say for or against. We the supporters of PTI have moral duty to show good morals and respect others views.

  • bazu

    This woman is evil – seems to be belonging to a status quo family. She tried at her best to make Imran the target of radicals (so called TALIBAN).

    جاگو پاکستانيوں ان کالے انگريزں سے آزادی پانے کے ليے اعمران کا ساتھ دو اگر اب بھی بيوا‍قوف بنا ديے گئے تو دباره اعمران جيسا مخلص آدمی ملنے ميں بہت دير ہو سکتی ہے

  • bazu

    Es aurat ney aaj dhoka deney kee bahut koshish kee k ye pese nahee leti. Laken es ka andaz khud he bool raha hey k ye pesey leti hey, pti aur imran ko demoralize karne k leye

  • bazu

    Ye aurat bahut chalak hey. Ye alfaz imran k mun mein thdoons rahi hey. Pakistan ka masla serf corruption hey. Bad anwani khatm ho tu drons khud he ruk jain gey. Dron key peachey b bad anwani hey, kyonke ye log ham se jhoot boltey heion chahey generals ho ya hakoomat.