Sawal Yeh hai (Why Target Killing of Political Workers ?) – 1st September 2012


Sharmeela(PPP), Siddiq ul Farooq(PMLN), khawaja izhar(MQM) Joins Sawal Yeh Hai 1st September 2012

Part 1
Part 2

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  • kaisser

    Dear PTA. Islamabad.

    Since the blasphemy stuff on You Tube, but not other tv channels, why on earth you

    blocked current affair programs of many channels? You WOKE UP when this program

    after having been watched,and Islamic Terrorists came to fore, was blocked

    Isn't it amazing to know your naivety that you equated national political talk shows as

    profane and blasphamous. By the way, what language you speak in Pakistan and what

    eyesight number (Myopic and other) you possesses? .

  • adnan125

    sub ko maloom hey target killer kis kis party main hain aur yea shuru kis ne ki kis ne nara lagaya jo quid ka ghadar hey wo moot ka haqdar hey ,

  • Sarfirooosh

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HUMBLE REQUEST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Please Watch Today Program "Apna Apna Gareban With Mati Ullah Jan" Where Ansar Abasi, Rauf Clasra, Justice Shakir Ullah Jan, Fahad Hussain etc are Badly Exposed In Plots Scandal!!