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  • Schawkur

    Pakistanis are fed up with the fake politics by the fake politicians from fake status quo parties (Mukbara Party (PPP), Brainless Ganja Party (PMLN), Islam-farosh Maulvi Diesel Party, Mafroor Altaf Paan Pichkari Party, Gujrat’s Kaatil League & Asfund Nuswaar Party).

    Future belongs to PTI !!!

  • Jhon Smith

    if you tollerate corruption and things which relate to our future than you are coward and selfish! Lets fight against Corrupt Shareef brothers and Zardari Junta and MQM in Karachi!! I love Pakistan, we want better Pakistan!! not the Pakistan with only rich families of Corrupt Shareef and Zardari and MQM in Karachi!! where young people are living in poor and unemployed conditions

    Now a days USA support GEO tv and some other Tv anchors. to support Corrupt Shareef family and Zardari family to keep the status co in pakistan. Some of Anchors are traitor to Pakistan they sell them self in hands of Corrupt Shareef and Zardari with the help of USA(these Anchors are also buying homes in USA)!! Although these anchors can get some money by this but what will happen to Pakistani unemployed educated young people??


    Many people knows when Nawaz Shareef visit london often with out his wife. Than He orders young girls to massage him.Nawaz Shareef spend whole nights with these girls!! Nawaz Shareef always enjoy in london as he has one of the richest family of pakistan(Nwawaz shareef and Zardari getting rich at the cost unemployed educated young people, bcz they sell jobs). ZARDARI and ALTAF hussain are also spending colorful nights in LONDON

    Write on my gravestone: Infidel, Traitor. infidel to every corrupt Shareef and Zardari family member that compromises with wrong; traitor to every Punjab and central government and MQM in Karachi that killing and that oppresses the people,,, lets make better Pakistan!!

    • arifwaheed80

      Ye barwa Bean Musharaf ke dwor mai,n kaha,n choopa howa tha