Lekin with Sana Bucha (Why Media is Getting out of control ?) – 31st August 2012


Hamid Mir, Khuawa Saad Rafiq(PMLN) Joins Sana Bucha in Lekin on Geo News – 31st august 2012

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  • sajiddoga

    agar aur koi is media ki gardan nahin kat raha to ab in logon nay khud apnay paaoon pay kulhari marna shuru kar di hay


    5 saal geo news pml n ki support karta raha

    in k ziada tar anchors aur reporters pti ki bezati kartay rahay

    ab agar jang group k anchors aur columnkar dunya news mayn chalay gaey status co ko support karnay tu ab sana bucha,hamid mir aur khawaja saad rafique k peet mayn kyon darad hay

    jang group ka owner riaz thekaydar k saat ja k nawaz sharif say milta tha sula karwanay k liay ab agar thekaday nay geo kay sar say hath utha liay tu geo news aur jang group rona band karay

    jab tak thekaydar in k saath tha ye chup rahay ab kia taklif hay in ko jaen noora league k pas imdad k liay yan zardari ki haan mayn haan milaen

  • M.B.Chaudhry

    آج کل مختلف ٹی وی پر ایک اچھی بحث جاری و ساری ہے کہ کون سی شخصیت پاکستان کےلئے نگران وزیر اعظم کے طور پر مناسب ہو سکتی ہے ، تمام سیاستدان اور اینکر پرسن اپنی اپنی راۓ کا اظہار کر رہئے ہیں ، لیکن عام پاکستانی کی کوئی راۓ سامنے نہیں آ رہی .

    اور ہم سے کوئی راۓ لینے سےتو رہا ، مگر چونکہ ہمارے پاس شوشل میڈیا کی سہولت موجود ہے توکیوں نہ ہم اس کو استمال میں لاتے ہوہے راۓ عامہ کو ہموار کریں.

    تو میرا سوال آپ جناب سےہے کہ آپکی نظر میں پاکستان کی وه کون سی شخصیت ہے جو اس ذمہ داری کو احسن طریقہ سےنبا سکتی ہے ؟

  • aaaaaa

    Bheir is bheir gandi or Saaf doesn't matter enit..

  • Yasir Rizwan


    Sab darama chal raha hai….

    Khawaaas mukaao pakistan bachaao………

    ye tehreek ab chaly gi….

    awaam ki awaaaaz….

    khawaas mukaao pakistan bachaao….

  • shahidali

    hamid meer ne class ka alloo rakha saad rafique pe …maza aa gya bullet proof cars ka ….aur sana bucha ne foran goal kiya hamid meer ko …yeh hai fact sana bucha ka bhi …hahahahha chamchi of pml n

  • Muhammad Farhan

    All Pakistani private news working on dajal program they only making are people mind like west culture all news for save america and distory Pakistan they are paid by CIA no one is innocent

    anchor are taking 10000000 every month think about how…….??? behind 1 eye dollar sign

  • Do Good

    When corruption is cancerous, you need tsunami like chemotherapy against the corrupts. So don’t expect media or any institution would be clean in PK until corruption is under control! For this vote for a true leader, and none whatsoever is better than IK.

  • shamsims

    Please people use decent language, weather we like that person or not, weather they favour one party or other, this is just not acceptable. I agree that this all started with Zia Ul Haq regime, and perfected by Nawaz Sharif, now they are calling it fouls play, if you think of it all the ills of this nation is faced with were all started at the time of Zia Ul Haq, and guess who was party to it your guess is right Noora League. Now it has come back to bite them.

    I agree that this should all be abolished their should;d be no secret funds under any Ministry or any organisation, except ISI, since they work for the security of Pakistan and they should also be restricted to use the money from secret fund outside Pakistan only.

    As far as the anchors and Annalists are concerned you can tell who is on Government take or a political parties take don't just blame the Governments, political leaders also sale and purchase them, Like Mr. Sharif, and I am sure he is not alone, others with big money like him also do that, Like I can telll Nazir Najee Shab is 100% on Governments take, in Last Government Mr. Hamid Mir was in Main Shab's take, he might have gone to Supreme Court now but during the chief justice movement he was in Main Shab's take and just now maybe he is trying to mend his ways.

    Everyone knows it was GEO owners who went to the president that they have had this lose and they should be given the revenue back by the Government, and I know that for a fact that Mir Shakkel Ur Rahman is the one who said that we can make and break Governments, because we heard the same from his wife in a party the exact same words during the end of Musharruf Shab Government.

    Media has become to powerful and I am sure Asif Shab probably give more adds to other channels then GEO to make sure that other channels come at par with GEO, I think all Media Houses are involved in corruption you just cant pick on on top of your head, they are part of society, same goes for Anchors.

    With Anchors it is better that they would announce before the program which party they favour that would make it clear to the viewers and then bribery will finish also, on the programs I see I can tell pretty much who favour which party and who are neutral.

    1. Talat Hussain- Neutral

    2. Kashif Abbasi- Neutral

    3. Hamid Mir- PML N

    4. Sana Bucha- PML N

    5. Kamran khan- PML N

    6. Asma Shirazi- PML N

    6. Dr. Danish- PPP-MQM

    7. Mubashir Luqman- PML Q-MQM

    8. Hassan Nissar- PTI

    9. Nazeer Naji- PPP at the moment always with Govt. of time

    10. Haroon Rasheed- Mostly Neutral tilt towards PTI

    11. Sohail Warish- PML N

    12. Asma Chaudhry- PML N

    13. Freeha Idrees- Neutral

    14. Mehar Bukhari- PML N

    15. Shahzaib Khanzada- Netural

    16. Wseem Badami- Neutral

    17. Jazmeen Manzoor- PPP-MQM

    18. Javed Chaudhry- PML N

    19. Dr. Shahid Masood- PML N

    20. Fahad- PML N

    21. Nadeem Malik- Neutral mostly slight tilt towards PML N

    22. P.J MIR- PML Q & Mushrraf Shab

    23. Mushtaq Minhas- PML N

    24. Nusrat Javed- Neutral with a slight tilt towards PPP

    25. Rana Mubashir- MQM

    26. Mujhid Braelwi- Neutral slight tilt towards MQM

    27. Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami- Neutral slight tilt towards PML N

    28. Najum Sethi- Neutral with slight tilt towards PPP

    29. Naseem Zahra- Neutral with slight tilt towards PML N

    30. Kamran Shahid- Neutral

    You can tell the channels as well who they support.

    GEO- PML N

    Dawn- Neutral

    Dunyia- PPP

    ARY- Neutral

    AAJ- PML N

    Express- PPP


    I don't understand why Noora League is crying about, I think they are crying about what they have invested on media in the past 6 years might go to waste since Zardari Shab is now investing on media according to them before the elections, smart move on his part, fuss should have been made by PTI they get the least bit coverage, which just started few months from today.

    No matter what they buy and no matter how much they spend, Inshallah Imarn Khan will come out ahead because of this country;s sake, because he is the only hope not Mr. Been's Noora League or PPP.

    Imran Khan the only choice.

    • shahidali

      kamran shahid nuetural …itna bada mazaq acha nahi hai bhai …aur nusrat javed ?????????????

      • shamsims

        Maybe not, but I don't watch him, I have just watched few shows, I am willing to expect that I maybe wrong about Kamran Shahid.

  • golle

    Sana bACHABAZ JEE KHEER HIA AAP shrFeeeeez ki koi tareef nahee

    don;T worry hamid will help u TO get more money by SHRFEEEEEEEZ

    tumara nasbal ayan srif shrfeeez tareef aap bachbaz jee hamid jasy begareeeet pasy ke pujari ke naqsh par chloo te baly ei ballllly

  • kashif12

    why media getting out of control? sana bhoja you should ask this question to yourself, first learn to be unbiased, when you people hire fraude before starting ramazan, then how come so shamelessly you talk about rules and regulations, and Geo Asool, you and your bosses has only solo agenda, make as much money you can make, get the highest rankings, forget the rest, i dont blame you, you are so innocent, but i beg that stop acting like preachers, we know what you people are up to you.

  • calico

    Hunter (Zardari &Nawaz), Haunted (AWAM), and Hyenas (MNA, Journalist…)

    Zardari wounded them with his ARROW while Nawaz, Sher ate them alive to the bones, hyenas munching on their bones, and took their belongings to England.

    Distinctive Achievements of Nawaz for the last 25 Years in Govt.








    8) AYSHA AHAD MALIK CASE…Abusing Pakistani Women… Where NGO??


    10) KIM BARKER CASE….Sexy Susan leaped on Jewish Journalist




  • schummi420

    oy saleo kis naam v dasoy da

  • Jhon Smith

    if you tollerate corruption and things which relate to our future than you are coward and selfish! Lets fight against Corrupt Shareef brothers and Zardari Junta and MQM in Karachi!! I love Pakistan, we want better Pakistan!! not the Pakistan with only rich families of Corrupt Shareef and Zardari and MQM in Karachi!! where young people are living in poor and unemployed conditions

    Now a days USA support GEO tv and some other Tv anchors. to support Corrupt Shareef family and Zardari family to keep the status co in pakistan. Some of Anchors are traitor to Pakistan they sell them self in hands of Corrupt Shareef and Zardari with the help of USA(these Anchors are also buying homes in USA)!! Although these anchors can get some money by this but what will happen to Pakistani unemployed educated young people??


    Many people knows when Nawaz Shareef visit london often with out his wife. Than He orders young girls to massage him.Nawaz Shareef spend whole nights with these girls!! Nawaz Shareef always enjoy in london as he has one of the richest family of pakistan(Nwawaz shareef and Zardari getting rich at the cost unemployed educated young people, bcz they sell jobs). ZARDARI and ALTAF hussain are also spending colorful nights in LONDON

    Write on my gravestone: Infidel, Traitor. infidel to every corrupt Shareef and Zardari family member that compromises with wrong; traitor to every Punjab and central government and MQM in Karachi that killing and that oppresses the people,,,

    • mohammed rafiq

      what on earth is going between this female anchor and khawaja saad rafique,he seems to be on her programe every two weeks,are they married? are they having affair?from their body language i think she been screwed.

  • sirsied blvd

    I am an Overseas Pakistani, born & educated out of PAKISTAN (with zero 0 Tarbiyat & Taleem in PAKISTAN) , still I will travel to Pakistan & vote for Imran Khan & Shk Rasheed inshaAllah !!!! Sana its Time for change KICK OUT THE GARBAGE PPPMLN…….

  • King79

    It was Nawaz Sharif who started Lifafa jounalism in pakistan…..and still sends lifafas to journalists like Irfan siddiqui and Sana Bithcha….

  • athal

    Army corrupt

    politicain corrupt

    police corrupt

    judiciary corrupt

    media corrupt

    journalist corrupt

    students corrupt

    doctors corrupt

    engineers corrupt

    teachers corrupt

    players corrupt

    scholars corrupt

    molvis corrupt

    today our problem is corruption. Please guys spread the word IMRAN KHAN is not corrupt. Vote for him if you want things to get better. If you want Merit. If you want honest leader. If you want a man of principles. If you want an honest man.

    Last chance, Last hope IMRAN KHAN.

  • mojojojo62001

    Sana Bucha, THE pml-n owned sana bucha is talkin about ethics? lol

  • mudassar.sharif9

    marey shan merra maan.

    imran khan imran khan.

    marra khan merrey aan.

    imran khan imran khan

    • lyari

      imran khan tehrik e taliban and pti , pakistani taliban ithehad

      • mohammed rafiq

        after abig fight in punjab assembly.the goverment has decided to have afriendly kabbadi match at gaddifi stadium between gangay party & pakistan bufflos party……in gangay party we have { captan} nawaz sherif…latif khosar,..khayam ali shah….munzoor wassan….mumtaz bhotto…raja riaz…kursheed shah. in bufflo party we have{captan}.mahreen raja…..ferdos ashik awan….shella raza…..sameena khawar hyat….faheema mirza……tickets are free.and u get a glass of free bufflo milk.

    • lyari

      imran khan

      taliban khan

      taliban khan

      taliban khan

  • warraich1853

    yeh dono bi apney apney gerey ban main jhanken kia wo hamesha honestly program kartey hain . in ka jhakao bi un ki tarf hota jahan in key mafadat hotey hain. to merey aik dost ney sehi kaha key in dono ka hall choor machaey shor wala hai

  • wajih

    i am not a ppp fan at all but nadeem afzal chan is always very reasonable wish more of ppp leadership act like him

  • aliferoz

    How Much Tharki Pakistani Nation is ? Watch The Reality

  • Mo

    pakistan ka media aik tawif bun ker reh gaya hai jis tarha aik tawaif ko apne bare me ye ghalat fehmi hoti hai ke log us ki khubsoorti per murte hain ishi tarha paki media ko ye ghalat fehmi hai awam me unki bahuat izat hai aur logo media per aai hui baat ko sach mante hain aur log media walon se bari aqidat aur muhabat ker te hain halan ke in sari baton ke baraks awam media aur media walon ko tawaif samajhte hain ke jis ne ziyada paise deye uski farmaish puri ker di aur jis ne nahin deye usko galiyan de ker khote se utar diya. awam me aam taasur ye hai ki media me jo kuch bhi aata hia uski aik qimat hoti jita gur dalo utna hi meetah ho ta hai jitni kisi khabar ki tasheer karani hai utna hi ziyada paisa khurch kerna parta hai ager koi khabar rukwani ho uske liye bhi maal khurch hota hai sub se buri baat ye hai ke pakistani ke media me ane ke liye kisi qisim ki qabiliyat ya taleem ka hona bilkul zaroori nahin hota bulke jahilon ki to amajgah hai . khabaron ka meyar itehai ghatiya aun bazari hota hai. ye log khud he tv per aik dusre ki tareef kerke mutmain ho jate hain halan ke ager ye log awam me jaker apni auqat maloom keren to shayad ye pesha hi chor den leykin beghairat hona is peshe ki awaleen zaroorat hai , hum yahn west me bait ker jub ye sub internet per dekhte hain to pakistan ki tabahi ki samajh aajaa ti hai. I am sure you are gona wipe of my comments go ahead do it I just don't give a damn about you or your scum media.

  • imranauz

    I don't understand why people just talk rubbish. I know sana bucha is biased ancar. But it dos't mean we start talking unethical. Please my dear Pakistani brothers change your attitude start respecting people. You have all the right to have different opinion don't abuse each other. May Allah almighty show us right path and have some mearcy.

  • kamli

    Bucha wud you give me Blow Job?

    • imranauz

      I don't like sana but my friend this is too much. Please think about it again what you have said.

    • MazdoorKissanParty

      Do people say this about your sister and mother as well? Grow a brain, you f-cking retard.

    • mudassar.sharif9


      laanaat ho khuda ki too kitna ghatea insaan ha yar….tu khud ko insaan samjta ha….terey maan na kia terey tarbeat ki ha…..laanat

    • lyari

      this ia new mind set of politics in pakistan . a slogan of change from a new emerging political party and this is the change they brought , nothing is going to b change here except this new term of politics to use such bad language against those people whom u dont like , shame on u

  • sheen393

    حامد میر اور ثنا بچہ کا تو حال ہے

    چور مچایے شور

    • mudassar.sharif9

      I DONT LIKE THESE COMMENTS……hamid meer is the most cradible anchor in my country…….there is no qestion about it

  • http://zemtv qazi sahib

    How much for SANA BUCHA?

    • mudassar.sharif9

      qazi saheb kuch shram kerro yar…nam to qazi rakha hoaa ha…..ore lagty dalal ho. i am sorry to say this , lakin app na mujboor kia ya lakhny pa….

      • http://zemtv qazi sahib

        @mudassar you took i so wrong and so personly.i did,nt wrote any thing wrong,

        today programme,s topic is about anchor,s taking mony from govt,ppl and from

        other and i just ask how much for sana if u misunderstood thats ur thoughts r dirty

        and wrong thats all i have to say and i a m sorry if i hurt u,u take car bye.