8pm with Fareeha Idrees (Karachi situation, Emotions of Parents) – 31st August 2012


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  • Do Good

    The government should have activated paramilitary opration searchlight to catch the criminals. Well, now you know why army comes to power becuase corrupt leaders can't take care of the law and order.

    This also shows how uncivilized and barbaric people are!

    Stop blame game, wakeup and stand up aginst the evils. Set an exemplary harsher punishment to deter those evil crimes.

  • Bawa

    This London based Budsurat Mutarwa Bhutta-Khor Altaf Hussain, who is now a blue-eyed boy of Zardari and who together with Faisal Raza Abdi and Zulfiqar Mirza has now started a new Party calles MQSM – Muhajir Qadiani Shia Movement is resposible for the blood shed in Karachi. I will not blame anyone else.

  • http://zemtv qazi sahib

    ONLY one solution of KARACHI,fouji operation across the borad,before the the opp

    suspend the province govt,arrest every criminal,speedy trial,hanged the killers in

    public,law should be equal from rich to begger.KArachi will b stable in i month.