Kal tak with Javed Chaudhry[Was Hamid Saeed Kazmi innocent in Hajj Corruption] – 28th August 2012


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  • CH001

    pti wale doston sy guzarish hy yeh msla pti ka nhe hy

    aven pti ko beech mai na dahkalain

    yeh ahl e sunnat or deo band ka msla hy agr ap deeply jien

    deobandio ny apni makari sy ik masom shreef admi ko phnsa dia

    lanat ho wahabion pay

  • CH001

    Main kazmi sb ko galt nhe samjta ene maslaki tor par phsya gya hy

  • mudassar.sharif9


    • chaudry





    • CH001

      yar lannat ho tum logon pay agar sour ko pti mai shamil kerlo to wo bhe paak hojye ga

      khuda ka khof kro kuch sharm o haya kro

      laanti log

  • ik_74

    Imran Khan runs away from Faisal Raza Abidi's debate(Munazra) challenge


    • mudassar.sharif9

      marey jann marey shan.


      marey jann marey aan


      • Love.Pakistan

        onchi dokan pheka pakwan

        Ilzam khan Ilzam Khan

  • kash_cs

    Sharm inko magar nahi aati, Dadhi rakh ke Hajion ka paisa kha k , itna baysharm insan aur us ay baday bysharm jo ab bhi usay peer mantay hin.

    Sawati has done right thing.

  • n.faisal

    A honest man never run to face public and questions like Hamid Saeed Kazmi.

    and A layer runs when people start finding the truth like Swati.

    and no way he can come on 5th of September face to face with Hamid Saeed Kazmi.

    If he comes then he will not able to put his dirty finger on someone after. inshallah

    And i will pray to God if someone was involved in Hajj corruption case will go to jail.

  • farqis

    Brother orakzai,

    You are assuming already that Arsalan Iftikhar is guilty of illegal activities.

    It is the job of the government to prosecute anyone who commits a crime or fraud to ensure that only the guilty get punished. Any tom, dick and harry like you cannot decide if a person is guilty of fraud or not. (I doubt that a big fraud like Riaz thaikedaar can be fooled by anyone, when he has cunning people like zardari in his pocket)

    Secondly, No father (not even a judge) can send his son to jail without the due process of the law which has to be conducted by the govt.

    So please stop wasting your time and everyone else's time by copy/pasting this PPP propaganda crap message on every video on this website. All PPP wants is to take attention away from the rampant corruption in Railway, PIA, Steel mill, ….. which PPP jialas are doing. Either you are a willful participant of that and want the attention on petty issues, or you are a naive person playing in the hands of the cunning.

  • phpfast

    It is really very surprising that Kazmi is logically and boldly defending himself while Swati is absolutely unable to give any logical response!

    Javed you are requested to invite 2 neutral well-known lawyers on 5th September to make your program meaningful for the nation.

    The way Kazmi was laughing was just like a DON and ghunda

  • mudassar.sharif9

    for all and only pakistanies.

    pathan ager garet mand ho to us sa barra koi gerat mant insaan ho ni sakta…… ore ager khuda na khusta wo begerat ho to pathan sa berra koi begaret bi ni ho sakta……ya haji adeel bahut berra begerat ha……

  • orakzai110

    Few facts from the history:

    1. Mavia r.a ko pata tha yazeed (lanti) ka kirdar..

    2. Babar ko pata tha Humayon ka kirdar..

    … 3. Ayub khan ko pata tha Gohar ayub khan ka kirdar or uski source of income..

    … … 4. Zia ul Haq (lanti) ko pata tha uskeh baito ki hurkat or unki source

    of income..

    5. Bhutto ko pata tha Murtaza ka kirdar or uski source of income..

    6. Shahbaz shur ko pata hay hamza ka kirdar or uski source of income..

    7. Yousuf raza gillani ko pata hay apnay baito ka kirdar or unki sources…

    8. Riaz thekaydar ko pata hay ali riaz ki hurkat or uski source of income…

    Koi bap aisa nahe hay jisay apnay baitay ki adat o atwar ka andaza

    na ho… Bap Bap hota hay…

    CJ ko kaisay nahe pata keh uskay baitay ki source of income kia rahe hay???

    Kia wo uska baita nahe hay?? agar hay, or wo janta hay keh uska baita

    he hay to usay pata hay Uska baita kaisay paisa kama raha hay…!!

    Jhot bolnay or uska sath dainay or Pakistan ki awam ki dolat khanay

    walo per lanat… bayshumar!!

  • http://www.pakistan-revolution.com Inqelab

    The way Hamid laughed is just like a criminal who is so powerful and proud on his guilt.

    In Pakistan the law of evidence is very week and criminals get bail even in murder cases so it is not a big deal to get bail. Secondly he is on bail and case is still under investigation.


    It is all bu……ll shi………t by PPP to take a twist in politics to divert the attention of public for next six months from mega corruption cases and create a hate in south and north Punjab to divide the vote bank in south Punjab.

    First they were saying that, it is a demand of the local public to make south Punjab or “Saraikee Soba “ and now they are arguing that only Punjab assembly moves a resolution to divide Punjab not any other province. So this is the reason of the commission constitution and not including other provinces in further divisions.

    It is a big game against Punjab by all corrupt allied parties to weaken Punjab in such a way that, simple majority of Punjab can be destroyed by dividing it, and corrupt allied parties from small provinces can form the Government again after next elections.

    Second hidden agenda of this move is very dark and I am afraid to highlight that even. It is to create hate, provincialism, colonialism and racism on the basis of language and sponsor local people to bring a situation like Balochistan in south Punjab.

    We need to analyze couple of factors to understand the anti Pakistan move by PPP leaders. Nations always divide due to ethnicity, religion, politics, economic and administrative issues.


    The way of life of people in Pakistan is different in all provinces, divisions, cities and villages. Even language is different after couple hundred kilometers distance in whole Pakistan so why we divide only Punjab on the bases of a language? If language is an issue then why not Karachi and Hyderabad should be separated from Sindh? Hazara, Abbottabad and Noshehra should be a Hindkoo speaking province. Ethnic killings are worst in Karachi so Mahajir soba should be made at top priority due to this reason then.


    Religion is majority Islam in Pakistan but sects are different in everywhere. Minorities are also living in almost all corners of the country. Nobody demands areas on sectarian basis and minorities also happy to live wherever they want to. Religion was an issue at the time of division of sub continent but inside Pakistan it is not a reason to make further provinces.


    Politically we do not have any small party even from south Punjab. We do have major political names from that area and at several times the political figures like Legari, Gillani and Kharr etc were elected President, P.M and Governors. South Punjab has 44 seats in National assembly out of 151 in total of Punjab seats. It is not like West Pakistan where a political party was in majority in elections of 1970.

    Some senators like Mohamed Ali are demanding Bahawalpur province for their own interest. No major party demanding any separate province from that area like MQM who has majority seats in Karachi and Hyderabad. South Punjab has reasonable share of seats in assembly and their leaders were given the chance to serve their electoral areas.

    Politics wise it is not demand of the local politicians; it is a demand of MQM, PPP and ANP which is very interesting. What is the interest of PPP, MQM and ANP? MQM is pushing this move so that “Mahajir Soba” can be added also later on . They are already working on it and international offices for “Mahajir Soba” in Europe, America and Canada were opened in this month.

    Their agenda is very obvious which is to divide Punjab simple majority and rule by making a corrupt alliance again. MQM has its own side agenda which will benefit them in any case later on.


    Economically south Punjab is backward as this is agricultural based and feudal system controls economy and politics. Central and northern Punjab is more industrialized and developed. It is a common practice in all provinces that they spend money on major Urban class rather than rural.

    In Sindh only Karachi and Hyderabada are developed cities, interior Sindh is more backward than interior Punjab. Similarly Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore and Islamabad are major developed cities. Per capita income of urban class is more than rural and development of urban class is also better than rural.

    Economics is also not a reason of demand of a new province in Punjab as the economic condition of rural Punjab is far better than rural areas of Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP.

    If this is the base then Cholistan should be the first new province in Sindh as they do not have even water to drink.


    Administrative wise it is a big province so fair and justified administration is missing in that area but it is also missing in all other parts of the country. It is not Punjab only but Sindh, NWFP and Balochistan districts are worst due to lack of local administration. If this problem is all over the country then why south Punjab should be a new province? Why not we can divide other provinces also on the basis of administration? Why only Punjab?

    The objectives are very clear and they are only two which I explained in first four paragraphs. Nobody wants to resolve the real problems of public. It is all politics for power otherwise Karachi should be the very first province in Sindh where MQM is killing 200 to 300 people every month on the bases of ethnicity and hate-ism.

    If we are sincere with people of Pakistan then we can make small administrative units of whole country by making each division a new province with small local assembly to manage local affairs without any hassle.

    Administration is not even problem as Canada has only 13 Provinces and territories with an area of 9,984,670 sq km. Ontario area is 1,076,395 and Alberta total area is 661,848 sq km.

    Pakistan has total area 803,900 sq km. Pakistan is only 8.05% of total Canada area.

    Ontario province is even bigger than whole Pakistan so If Canada can manage a country of 9.9 million sq km with 13 provinces then why not Pakistan can manage four provinces with a % of 8.05 comparatively to Canada.

    Administration is also not our problem; it is corruption and allocation of budget to non development expenses. Rs. 873 billion was allocated to development budget only out of 3.203 trillion budget of 2012-2013.

    One thousand billion equals to one trillion so it is almost 27% of the whole budget. 73% is spending on non development and the life style of parliament members.

    We have to reverse the equation to make development rather than making new provinces.

    If we make even make 100 provinces in present circumstances even though the problem is not going to resolve. We need to change the feudal thinking of so called corrupt leaders or bring a new leadership.

    • orakzai110

      Yaar plzz koshish kr o k 3 msgs my itni labmee speech lika kro , , ak eh msg my parhna bohot mushkil hy

      yahan loog talk show daikny aty hy NOVEL parhny nhi :D :P :) :D

      Soprry but try keeya kry k material itna ho banda daik kr he usay ignore na kry , ,

  • orakzai110

    Javed choodry saab

    tumhy poori Muslim Umma may Koi b Leader nhi mila Misaal dainy k liyee

    zaroori hy k America k Namak ki namak halali ki jay har waqt har jaga ??

    Kiya Ashaab Ahlybait, AMbeeya or cureent muslim Mumalik my Koi b nhi ta jiski saadgee simplicity ki ap misaal daity ??


    Obama sy Behtar

    Memood Nijaad Iran k


    Tayab ardagan ki Misaal daity howy Moot arahee tee apko ??

    Bikao main stream zionest Media !!!!!!

    • orakzai110

      Azam sawati saab dunya Jaantee hy

      k Saudi prince ny drect letter SC of Pakistan ko lik kr is Kazmi ko ministery say hataya q k wo nhi chahty k koi Ahly sunnat is post per ho or deobandee wahabi na ho…

      Uni K loog hy jo har saal Pada khara kr daity hy Poory Mulk my iuntyshaar phailany ka ramazan or EID k chando per

      Tum azam sawati tyumhara talook Mula deisel sy raha hy uski soobat or tere school of thought ny tujy ak begunah er itna bara Ilzaam lagaya

      Jisy ye Khudmukhtar bylagaam ADLEEYA b saabit nhi kr pa rheee

      • n.faisal

        I 100% agree with you.

  • hasanm

    This not only Hamid Saeed Kazmi who was in jail for 17 months. I don't know Saeed Kazmi innocent or guilty but there are more than 100,000 innocent Pakistani in jails and Pakistani judiciary is not deciding about their charges. The poor peoples in jail wasting there lives in jail and their family members wasting money to pay the fee of the lawyers. I like the comments of Haji Adeel who said that when CJP and other judges come into the court “Why court wants everyone in the court must STAND UP for the respect of these corrupt judges". CJP claims several times that in Islam “every Muslim is equal”. CJP think about your dual standards. If you want to bring change in the society than start cleaning from your house where the most GUND available.

    As far as Sawati. I don’t think he will come in 5th Sep. program. He is a BS.

  • orakzai110

    ZULM ki daastan 1963 sy ly kr 2012 tak

    2lakh 35hazar shiany haider ko shaheed keeya gya jis my sy

    15hazar Dr,

    3hazar Professor’s ,,

    … … 2051 Advocates, ,

    … 45 jugess , ,

    3hazar tehreek k supporters, , ,

    3031 Busniessman tajir, , ,

    or baki azadar …ty, , ,

    6890 martaba moharam k jalooso per hamly howy, ,

    10 dafa Namazy janaza k jalooso per hamly howy ,, ,

    Kai nami garami oleeya deen k mazarat ko shaheed keeya gya Including Rehman baba , Data saab, Abdullah shah ghazi etc

    TIME MAGZINE Ki report

    Khusro k ID Card, Ateeqa Kis ahrab epr SUo moto lainy waly Kany dajjal cheap justcie kahan ho tum ??

    Q hamy Banaglio balcoho ki tara baghwt per majboro kr rhy ho ??

    Kiya hm muslmaan nhi shaid ksii shia shaheed k burhy baap maa behan beti bacho k dil sy ahhh nikli ho gee jab he ajj atomic power pak itna zaleel hy

    Quaidy Azam ko sect Ki bunyaad per Kaafiry azam kehny walo per subha shaam din raat beshumnaar Lanat. .

    Pak fooj ko Napak Fooj kehny walo per lanat


    Dushmano k dil jala kr kaho Quaidy azam ko Kafiry azam kehny walo or unki olaado k dil jala kr kaho



    • orakzai110

      Mr Iftikhar Chauhdry(PCO JUDGE)

      The Chief Justice of



      Dear Sir,

      This email is intended to record our protest on the silent role of Pakistan’s judiciary on brutal killings of Shias in Pakistan. We fully support all the voice of Mazloomeen of Pakistan (inside and outside Pakistan) against failed policies of Pakistani government and silent role Pakistan’s Judiciary on Shia killings. Refer to the incident, dated 28th May (International Jurist Award) where a Pakistani student raised his voice and stood against chief justice of Pakistan and recorded his protest. We would like to say that due to your lack of interest in Shia killings, the hatred in our nation against silent judiciary is increasing day by day. I am quite sure that it will initiate a “Tehreek” against Pakistani judiciary if they fail to punish the terrorists and put the ban on their organizations such as ASWJ-SSP and DPC

      We would like to recall you the case of Waheeda Shah (we fully support your action), where a Sue Motto Action was taken just for a single slap on “presiding officer’s face”, and finally candidate was disqualified. Could we ask you please why a Sue Motto Action is never taken on killings of innocent shias of Pakistan in Quetta, Gilgit, Parachinar, Karachi, Lahore and all others areas of Pakistan?

      Mr.Cheif Justice,

      Pakistan’s current judiciary has shown its biased role towards terrorists and killers in Pakistan (e.g. 1- release of Malik Ishaq who openly accepted his killings in court, 2- support of PMLN backed ASWJ-SSP organization), our country will become an ideal place for terrorists from all over the world.

      In the end, we would like to recall you a verse from Quran about the real day of judgment,

      And warn them, [O Muhammad], of the Approaching Day, when hearts are at the throats, filled [with distress]. For the wrongdoers there will be no devoted friend and no intercessor [who is] obeyed. (Ghaafir 40:18)

      If Pakistan’s judiciary will not take the unabated Genocide of Shias of Pakistan seriously, be read for the day when all of the Mazloomeen wouldfile a case against you on the day of judgment. On that day Allah will be the Judge.

      Yours sincerely

      S.H Orakzai

    • orakzai110


      Cheif Justcie (PCO Judge)


      Dear sir,

      First of all that the 922 “Mujahideen” you have made free through your “Free” Judiciary have Mashallah spread all over the country and have paralysed the life of every Pakistani. It is really cheerful that your released “Innocent” Mujahideen did 3 great jobs on the night of 27th of month of Ramzan.

      Attacked Kamra Air Base.

      Killed 30 passengers (Shia Musims) taking them off their Buses and checking their identities.

      Further killed 3 citizens (once again, Shia Muslims) in Quetta.

      It would however be unjustified if I do not acknowledge the marvellous role of General Hameed Gul, Imran Khan, Sheikh Rasheed, Zaid Hamid, Munawar Hassan and the right wing columnists like Ansar Abbasi, Hamid Mir, Javed Chaudhry, Orya Maqbool Jan and many others who always interpret these brutalities as “Reaction to Drones” and “taking revenge from America”.

      Secondly, that (although many Pakistanis do not know) your name has been included in the Guinness Book for the following World Records:

      1:Highest number of “Sue Moto Actions” in the last 500 years history

      2: Sending an Elected Prime Minister home for not writing a letter as per your will.

      3: The ONLY Chief Justice of the world who goes to Bar gatherings, public gatherings and his statements make Head Lines every day

      4: Issuance of “Contempt of Court” Notices for reading just 2 verses and for “Staring” to a judge.

      5: Ordering the government to pay rewards to the Lal Masjid Terrorists who killed our tens of SG Commandos

      6: Causing Billions of Rupees loss to National Economy by issuing threats against the PM every day on Newspapers and TV Channels.

      7: Backing up 900 Million Rupees Corruption of his Son and filing a case of “Contempt of Court” against the person who disclosed his corruption.

      8: The first judge in the history who is described to “Having Gone Mad” by his Counter parts in other countries.

      9: The only judiciary in the world who fixes the price of Tomatoes, Potatoes and Samosa as well.

      10: The only CJ in the world who takes “Sue Motto Action” against the Slap of a lady to another lady but becomes Dumb, Deaf and Blind on the massacre of innocent people taking place on the roads on daily basis.

      Another Record Awaited Very Soon:

      The first Chief Justice in the History would be tried in the Criminal Court for violating the Constitution of Country

      Backing up terrorists

      Protecting his most corrupt son and declaring him “above the law”

      Every Pakistani is now burning with desire to see you and your Dawn son Arslan Iftikhar behind the Bars, very soon God Willing

      Your “Fan”

      S.H Orakzai

  • gulrang


    Kazmi is Guilty and will go to HELL…He took commission and money from HAJI’s..SHAME ON HIM….HAJI’s Suffered….NO Prosecution by Malik Rehman and current Govt. is suppose to produce evidence…..he is one of the person from a group of corrupt PPP. ZARDARI GHADDAR will go to HELL and will answer to ALLAH swt along with this screwed up guilty Kazmi…Zardari sent Babar Awaan, Wattoo, and many more people in the Jail to keep telling Kazmi do not open your mouth… we will protect you and you will have no proof…and the courts will have to let you go……Kazmi will Rotten in HELL this shameless person.

  • syedakhtarmir

    اسلام علیکم کاظمی صاحب سب سے پہلے آپ کو رہائی کی مبارک باد ہو ۔ اور ۵ ستمبر کے دن اس بے غیرت سواتی کو لازمی جواب دیجیئے گا ۔ اصل میں آپ کا قصور یہ ھے کہ آپ کا تعلق پیپلزپارٹی سے ہے اسلئے آپ کو اتنا عرصہ جیل میں رہنا پڑا ۔ اوپر سے آپ کا بڑا قصور کہ آپ نے صدرپاکستان کے خلاف کوئی بیان کیوں نہیں دیا اگر کوئی جھوٹا سا بیان صدر زرداری کے خلاف دیتے تو آپ جلد باہر آجاتے ۔ ھماری آزاد اور اندھی عدالت کی ایک تازہ مثال یہ ھے کہ ن لیگ کے ایک میمبر اسمبلی عقیل انجم کی ھے کہ انہیں تھانے سے اسلحے کے زورپر چھڑا گیا پولیس والوں کو مارہ گیا اور دنیا نے یہ منظر دیکھا اور مجھ جیسی ناچیز کوریا میں رھ کر بھی یہ منظر دیکھا لیکن عدالت نے ن لیگ کے عقیل انجم کو ھماری باوقار آزاد اور عوامی کورٹ سے باعزت بری کردیا کیونکہ اندھی عدالت کو ان کے خلاف کوئی ثبوت نہیں ملا ۔ مزے کی بات جب اس کیس کا فیصلہ آیا تو دنیا ٹی وی نے وہ منظر پھر دکھایا اور عدالت کے انصاف کا چرچہ کیا ۔ آپ کو سلام ہو کاظمی صاحب کہ مشکل میں بھی آپ پیپلز پارٹی کے وفادار رھے خدا آپ کی حفاظت کرے (آمین) بے غیرت سواتی کو لازمی جواب دینا ھے انتظار رھے گا ۔ پاکستان زندہ باد

  • Anwar Ul Haq

    kazmi sab na hud capital talk ma hamid meer k samna is bat ka bari dalari k sat atrf keya ha k ma na hajj ma cruption ke ha like koi saboot koi gawa nahe mila ya hal ha hamra hukamrano ka

    • n.faisal

      watch it again carefully. foolish

    • ik_74

      bus kro yaroo kya ya inthea pasando k mulk ho k rah gya may ny pora programme dekha hy kahi bhi aisa kuch nai kaha sharam anai chaye tum logo ko nam to insaf k letay hu or kam sirf tuhmat lagana hy, shameeeeeeeeeeeee shameeeeeeeeeeeee shameeeeeeeee

      • n.faisal

        I used to be crazy about Imran but not any more. because if he has Swati type of monafiq in his noway Pakistan can be a real Islamic county.

  • n.faisal

    Isa kahta ha ka "Jis ka dil ma Allah ka khoff hota ha phir wo dunya ka jhota corrupt logo sa nahi darta" MashaAllah hamid saeed kazmi Allah ap ko lambi umar ata kara or hama bhi app ka jasa banada. Ameen

    • ey

      Is bagairat Maulana se pucho kay ajj se 20 sall phale tum ek income tax cleark thay ab thumarhe pass etna mall kha se aya.Tum jaise Mullah ow ney Islam aur Mulk ka bara grak kia hai.

      • n.faisal

        kitna mal mara dost jo account supreme court na confirm kiya ha us ma to 5 ya 6 lakh Rs ha baki 22 lakh un ka bhai na bhaja ha.

        • ey


          • n.faisal

            Kaha sa aya or ilzam lagana asan ha. prove some thing

          • ik_74

            tum to buhat bakhabar admi hu tu jaaooo ny apney uncle cjp ko saboot do takey wo ez ko saza deta, ya tum bahi apney ajdad ki tarah tuhmat laganey waley hu, shameeeeeeee shameeeeeeeeeeee

          • gulrang

            kazmi sent money to his brother to send him back into foreign currency account of Kazmi in Pakistan to show White money….

            SHAME ON you KAZMI

            HAJJ Chore..

            Zardari's group….


          • n.faisal

            Lo ek or ilzam aya. have you guys any problem in your mind???

    • chaudry

      Now this is what i call a real hero…


      Today’s Paper


      beta 2.0


      High: 31°C

      Low: 26°C






      Life & Style





      Dr Abdus Salam who?

      less than a minute ago

      Is religious bigotry the only reason behind the lack of recognition accorded to Dr Salam?

      Recently the 15th death anniversary of one of Pakistan’s greatest sons, the Nobel Laureate Dr Abdus Salam, passed away unnoticed. One often hears well-meaning voices and laments in the national media about how Pakistan cruelly and ungratefully refused to honour its only Nobel Prize recipient, just because he was from the Ahmadiyya community.

      But is religious bigotry the only reason behind the lack of recognition accorded to Dr Salam? Pakistanis as a nation have a few iron-clad traditions that are rigorously followed come what may. The most prominent of these is to mistreat anyone who does any favour to this country.

      Let’s take a look at some of the people who served Pakistan diligently and the way they were repaid by the nation.

      Liaquat Ali Khan, who held the country together in the face of numerous threats and conspiracies, was murdered in front of thousands, with the incident remaining uninvestigated even after all these years. Former Prime Minister Feroze Khan Noon was one of the more prominent leaders of the freedom movement, who gave up his knighthood on Quaid-i-Azam’s orders. He helped increase Pakistan’s geographical boundaries by acquiring Gwadar. Till now no other civilian or military ruler has a similar achievement to his or her credit. Less than four weeks after Gwadar was added to Pakistan, his government was toppled by the guardians of the country’s geographical frontiers.

      Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan’s first democratically-elected prime minister, who was the father of the country’s nuclear programme, the 1973 Constitution and the policy of building an indigenous defence manufacturing base, was sentenced to death in a trial where the judges’ personal prejudice against him was very obvious. Former Governor Sindh Hakeem Muhammad Said, whose services in the field of medicine and education are matchless, was assassinated in cold blood, with his murderers still at large over a decade after the incident.

      So my advice to all compassionate souls, who lament the lack of recognition for Dr Salam’s achievements, is that it’s not just religious bigotry that afflicts Pakistan. We also suffer a genetic, in-born trait to turn on all benefactors with a vengeance. At least Dr Salam died a peaceful dea

  • warraich1853

    yeh pakistan hai yahan saboot mata deay gatey hain

    • n.faisal

      Kahna to ya chahiya ka Pakistan ma bina saboot ka ilzam lagadiya jata ha.

      sham sham Azam Swati inshallah tojh sa Allah pocha ga. Ameen

  • bab


  • zamzam

    kindly logoon ko aware karain k suba k nara lagana kitna khternaak ha is weqt main jeb Balochistan, Sind,KPK jel raha ha,,,

    Kon sa channels and Anchors paid hain????????

    Mager afssos to is 4th piller media per ha jo khud sakta piller apna aap ko kehta ha mulak ka,,,In ko sharem aini chaiya jeb suba k issue ko hawa deta hain,,,Inko to awam ko batana chaiya k ager ya pindora box is time khul gaya to ya mulak nahi bacha ga,,,phir ya punjab tek nahi tuka gi baat,,,,PPP na pehla b mulak tora tha ab phir wohi siyset khail raha hain,,,or ANP or MQM ko seb janta hain pehla hi sa,,,or ARMY seb tamasha daaikh rahi ha,,,

    1. ARY news 100% paid by PPP and MQM….

    2. Duniya Tv Paid by PPP and Riaz thakadar

    3. Sama Tv Paid by PPP and MQM

    Anchors paid by PPP,,,Waseem badami,,,Jasmeen manzoor,,,Asma shirazi,,,Kamran khan,,, or is k ilawa jitna loog PPP k logoon ko one by one show kerwa raha hain,,,Wo bhi kioonka Awam to inki shakel nahi dekhna chehti ha phir ya media wala in logoon ko kaisa bula laita hain,,,

    Ab phir gendi siyset shuru ker di ha PPP,,,MQM,,,ANP and Q Leauge,,,Sirf apni hakoomet k lia,,,Suba suba khalna ki,,,In ko ya nhi pta k mulak kidher jia ga,,,Ya to MQM siyset khail rahi ha,,,Kioonka at the END unko sindh ko torna ha or phir pakistan ko torna ha,,,Isi sisyset main ya ANP or PPP sath mili hui ha,,,Lannti na hoon to,,,

    • Unknown Pakistani


      Aise to mein bhi keh sakta hu keh IK is paid by RT, US and ISI

      Aur RT ki hi waja se Imran Wazeristan ja raha hai

      aisi comments karne se acha hai keh aap documented proof lao

      • zamzam

        If u open your eyes you will see every thing other wise for blind peoples any saboot does not matter…

    • bajwavet

      True regarding Channels. All Pakistan lovers are requested to boycott above mentioned channels. O people of Pakistan, O youth of Pakistan its you who can change the fate of Pakistan. Let these corrupt minded people know that we can understand their tacts and we can make our decisions.

      Dear fellows instead of generalizing things, instead of saying whole media, all politicians, all bureaucrates and all army personal are bad, Lets find black sheep and condemn them. It will selectively discourage dishonest persons and strengthen those who are doing there best to stand on right path in an environment where falsehood is stopping truth to flourish.

  • a gowher

    Corruption charges on Hamid Saeed Kazmi seems to be false, Azam Swati was clearly lying and deffending himself.

    I am having difficulty understanding Justice system in Pakistan. How can you keep someone in jail without charges being laid against him even for one day.

    In U.S, U.K or Canada when someone is arrested for a crime charges will be laid and the accused will be presented in front of a magistrate within 24 hours. Magistrate wil decide if the accused should be released on bail immediately or if the charges are serious then the magistrate will announce next court date normally within ten days for bail hearing.

    The accused will be released by Jail authorities if the accused is not taken to court on the date set by megistrate as they have no authority to hold him.

    I think Mr. Kazmi should sue the Chief Justice, all Judges on the bench, Mr. Swati and the prosecutot for keeping him in jail illegaly.

  • gulrang

    Kazmi is guilty no matter what….in Hamid Mir show and all the other shows and including in the eyes of ALLAH swt. He should be ashamed of himself….Zardari sent Babar Awaan, Wattoo and sent many many gifts and people to meet Kazmi…to help him to stay firm…don't admit….any guilt…he should be hanged by the police and will admit everything…it will take 15 minuets….Malik Rehman was helping him because Zardari knew if he is guily…all his corrupt group including Ex PM Gilani…so they did not let him be a fall guy….no proof…the court has to let him go….even in Hamid Mir's show Zardari corrupt told Hamid Mir to release Kazmi…asking the court…..

    Allah will not let thins man live peacefully…..he has done corruption with Haji's of Pakistan.


    • IKBandarHay

      if you have some proof than go to cheap justice he is finding proofs and making people sultani guah

    • a gowher

      Gulrang, you must be kidding, you said Kazmi is guilty no matter what. This is the problem in Pakistan, Kazmi may be the most corrupt man but you just can not keep someone in Jail without laying charges and without evidence. How would you feel if it was YOU insead of Kazmi in Jail fo 17 months without any charges and proofs against you. ???????c

  • gulrang

    Haji Adeel is getting Paranoid and excited once mentioned about Hazara and FATA Province. He MUST be having NASWAAR in his mouth. Marvi should ask him Who the Fu….gave you permission to make decision for Punjab Provinces….ANP and MQM has not even ONE seat in PUNJAB and they are making commission to divide PUNJAB…..GO TO HELL…JUST making Zardari happy….LET the people of PUNJAB decide themselves NOT any one else.


    • ZnBangash

      Correction, he is having paan not aswaar.

  • usmanafzaal79

    Obama ki goud ma ja ke beith ja tujh itna acha lag rha ha tou

  • Rizwansiddique

    One question. NAB reported that every year Federal Board of Revenue FBR corruption amount is almost 25 billion . Did any supreme court or NAB or FIA or High court or any standing committee take action against Abdul Hafeez sh who is finance minister and FBR is working under Finance ministry. Definatly not , because responsibilty of corruption will be upon whose person who did wrong and who did corruption and who did appoint corrupt buerocrates . Ministers are not responsbile for any corruption. In this case we have a strong information that Sadui Govt wanted to lauch its own Maslak Nisaab through out the Pakistan and Minister Hamid saeed kazmi resisted strongly agaisnt saudi govt. and then Saudi Govt. planned to defame Hamid saeed kazmi , they sent their one Shahzada Naif and other personals to give evidence in pakistani court agaisnt Hamid kazmi but Cheif justice Iftikhar did not satisfy upon saudi personalls evidences. Then saudi govt hired services of their own Maslik Duo bandi JUI two senators and Duo bandi safeer in Saudi arabia to make plan agaisnt Hamid saeed and they made plan of corruption but Supreme court did not satisfy. Finally Azam swati who is also Duo bandi also submitted false forged evidences against hamid saeed kazmi. but it was held un proved. This was a story of clash between two Maslik. As far as corruption is concerned, every Pakistani ministry is corrupt and Azam swati and Maulana Fazal u Rehman did not go to court ever because religious minstry is totally based upon Maslik. AND Saudi Arabia plan of imposing their Duo bandi Nisab in our universities and colleges and even Madrasa totally failed. Fact is Fact. It can not be negated. Rizwan Siddique NY USA

  • phpfast

    It is really very surprising that Kazmi is logically and boldly defending himself while Swati is absolutely unable to give any logical response!

    Javed you are requested to invite 2 neutral well-known lawyers on 5th September to make your program meaningful for the nation

    • Riaz


  • calico

    Investigators are influenced by Zardari's Govt……..no proper evidence…….

    • Riaz

      If Someone have proper evidences then court can decide then and there, it will not then hand over to any investigator.

  • calico

    In Raiwind………..Skin tight…….

  • adamimam

    Javed Chowdry beghairat insaan hai …

  • nabiajan

    Be-Ghairat Azam Swati…………. Sharam karo

  • nabiajan

    Javaid Choudhry! Tum es stupid dajjal 'Cheap Justice' ke na-jayaz betay ka kerdar ada kar rahay hain…. sharam aani chaheiay aap ko

  • ashiq mohammad

    pakistan mein police,army,ur judicily ko band kar dena chaey in ka ab pakistan ko kio faeda na ha…awam ko jo money in per zia hotee ha uss se bijli bana kar do

  • Riaz

    Azam Sawati, Hamid Saeed Kazmi pay ilzam laga kay sabit nahi kar sakay supreme court ko chahiyea kay ab Azam Sawati ko jhoota ilzam laganay kay jurm mai saza day, Pakistan ka sab say bara problem yehi hai kay koi bhi uth kay kisi pay bhi ilzam kee barish kar daita hai lekin sabit nahi karta. jhoota ilzam laganay walay ko bhi plenty ada karna chahiyea.

    • mohammed rafiq

      yaar hamid meer ka programe deeko .saeedkazmi is guilty.

      • giala

        Your 'cheap justice' and all wAhbi media could not prove anything against him. Even though you idiots of PTI are still blaming him. I think these people Hamid mir, ANSAR AbBASI. Jawaid Ch. Mehr Bukhari , kashif and Asma Ch etc , Khalil Ramsay, Iftikhar Ch and Adam swati should be hanged upside down for falsely accusing someone.

        • Riaz

          yea aisa issue nahi hai kay hum is pay logoo ko taqseem karain. yea issue sab kay liyea important hai including PTI/WAHABI and all Pakistani. mera question to yea hai kay ager Sawat sahab kay paas itnay solid evidences hain jis kee wajah say unhoonay media pay akar baray baray daway kiyea thay to phir 17 month mai wo yea evidences supreme court ko kyun na day sakay aur ager diyea hain to phir Supreme Court ko wo convince kyun nahi kar sakay? ab bhi wo tv pay akar yehi keh rahay hain kay meray paas saboot hain aur mai 5th Sept ko lay kay aaonga program mai, kam iz kam ab un ko aisa nahi kehna chahiyea.

  • Secular-Pakistani

    Marvi memon is such a cute Chick with beautiful eyes , sweet voice and nice dress covering whole body .

  • abdulhakim

    Hundreds of criminals arrested red handed but released due to lake of proves. Kazmi is one of the criminals. No

    One individual can prove the crime done by kazmi as the relative criminals are gone. Avery criminal say he is innocent . The political parties failed to improve the laws to punish criminals because they are themselves criminals.

  • http://www.itemspecs.com jzeek2012

    PTI is the only hope for pakistan other than that pakistan will die in a few years….

    • kashif

      pakistan is already dead but PTI is hope for new pakistan

  • Skhan

    HSk should be hanged as he was the head of the Hajj affairs that ruined the hajj of thousands of Pakistanis.

    this Uloo ka pathaa khabees h kazmi is totally fraud, spend almost 20minths in Jail and I think he was safe in prison.

  • Mo

    pakistan ki adalat se to ye muk muka ker ke choot gaya lekin wahan ki adalat se bach ker dekae wahan to ushi din muqadma ushi din faisla aur ushi din saza.

  • Suleman0o0

    Haji sab ne bat to apni taraf se bohat sanbal k rakhi hui thi, lekin bat bani nahi

    inka hisab ye hai aik marasi tha aur wo dewar bana raha tha aur aik bande ne use kaha k dewar thori si terri hai, to usne kaha k tumhari larki b to bag gayi thu na

  • Linkoping

    Hamid Saeed kazmai will very soon joining the PML-N.

    • Cactus

      If Shah Mehmood Quraishi and Jawaid Hashmi , Asif Ahmad Ali and Khursheed Qasoori can exist togather in PTI then why cant Azam Swatti and Hamid Saeed Qazmi ??

      When just joining PTI every corrupt(moral or financial) person can be purified and made a holly cow and sacred tomb then why Hamid Saeed Qazmi need to join any other party then PTI.

      PTI is the best choice for every failure and corrupt politician to get washed all the past dirtiness.

      • mohammed rafiq

        what corrupton allegation has shah mahood ,javid hashami ,azam sawati etc,has in court?compare with sharif brothers hanif abbasi rana sanaulla. asif zardari hamid qasmi,raja rental BOTH PARTY INVOLVED IN CORRUPTION, ONLY PERSON WHO WILL LOCK THIS ROTTON LOT IN ADYALA JAIL IS IMRAN KHAN.

  • Xntrick

    Did this Kazmi dude really spend months in prison or a 5 star hotel ? Most people who spend time in the service of Pak prisons come out in bad shape. Kazmi saab looks well groomed, even healthier then when he was a minister .

  • khushbakht

    hukumat k khilaf abi tk kon sa scam prove ho gya ….investigators b hukamat k …r mujram b ….phr b agr ilzam sabit b ho jy to hakumat kis kam ki….zardari khapy