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Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry [NRO Case Reaction ka Mazaak Ban Gaya] – 27th Aug 2012

Watch Latest Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry [NRO Case Reaction ka Mazaak Ban Gaya] – 27th Aug 2012

  • purepakistan

    Ooh Motti bhutto phansi sy nahi

    tumharaiy wazan ky nechaiy aa ky murra thaa

  • mir

    Presidecny main isi moti buffalo ka whole milk istamaal hota hai

  • calico

    If you can put this buffalo to good use she can provide vitamin D………..for whole Pakistan…….

  • http://www.itemspecs.com jzeek2012

    i like javed chuadry show very much he is great guy in Pakistan but the people he invited sometimes doesn't look good he should get some educated Pakistani people who we want to listen to…

  • calico

    Mehreen Mattress….A Parachute landing pad, for trainee solders…….

    Created Fake Talibans….as a diversion……to justify high budget and money from West ….. Through sold out Intellectuals…Journalists and so called pseudo philosophers.

    Busy in Bunker playing war games with Cosmetic Babes… and their weapon of choice is …One Eye Monster…while lost wars on frontlines….1961, 1971, Kargil, Mehran Base. Kambra base only foot soldiers scarified while General only surrendered….never martyred.

    Similarly public killed on street…….MPA, MNA, CM’s ….Protected…????

  • jatt by nature

    PPP have seized upon the government by bribery and corruption. They have made speculation and public robbery a science. They have loaded the nation with debt.——CJ undermined the strength of the circle of corruption and impunity on whole, he didn't fully grasp the extent of corruption and fraud involved in the administration,

    now court is in quagmire. CJ must know if justice is put off for a long time, he might forget about it. I am sure he feels less enthused by action and less strong than he felt before about taking action, also justice that is put off for too long shows that one doesn't feel strongly about getting justice served, shows weakness on SC's behalf, hence bold defiance has become the hallmark of PPP. The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on whole society but its well worth it in the end.

  • Agent

    This Fat PPP Manhoose Cow is a big Lair should be

    • naveed

      Should be crossed by Raja Riaz or Amir Muqam

    • moulajat

      Cow is better looking then her, she is more like a "PIG" .

  • Schawkur

    Pakistanis are fed up with the fake politics by the fake politicians from fake status quo parties (Mukbara Party (PPP), Brainless Ganja Party (PMLN), Islam-farosh Maulvi Diesel Party, Mafroor Altaf Paan Pichkari Party, Gujrat’s Kaatil League & Asfund Nuswaar Party).

  • pakiboyy123

    Yeh Kutey Ki Bachey, Moti Bhance, GunDa Gubara, Dood Daney wali Bhanns. I wish I could SLAP her until she beg to forget Zaradri



    BOTH are the corrupted mafia

  • faizan hayat

    javed sahb in k pass ap k pass k liye kuch nahe apna time q barbad kar rahe is se acha hai kisi uni mai kisi ko apna elam se faida uthae

  • mudassar.sharif9

    javed sahib a lot of respect for you, but yar ess motoooooo ko avoid kerro yar…koi dhang ka mehmaan leaa kerro bhai. mehreen raja ko to ess ki maan ki bud-dua ha.

  • mudassar.sharif9

    ess tra ki bi orteen hoti haan kia??????lanaat ho us pa jis ki to bivi ha….dur fate munh terra bi moto

  • kashif

    javed ch ko jawaab dena chahia agar khud itna bold hai tau bold answer bhi itni hi hamdardi hai tau naam kyun chupaate hain .. china mein logon ko phaansi dete hain corruption case per idhar yeh un ki izzat afzai kar rahe hain

  • mir

    Shahi mohalley ki moti maj

  • Mo

    ye moti muj phir aagai.

  • asim202

    Javed Sb. Honestly is aurat ko apkay show main dekh kar dil nai karta kai banda intro say aagy kuch dekhy. Please hum logon per reham karain aur koi decent politicians ko invite kia karain. Good Luck.