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Front Line on Express News [PPP aur Toheen e Adalat] – 27th August 2012

Watch Latest Front Line on Express News [PPP aur Toheen e Adalat] – 27th August 2012

  • calico

    This Khawaja Sara is a hermaphrodite (70% female, 30%?)

    Khawaja sara, is a political poodle in competition with other domesticated poodles, such as Mr.bean, Mushaid, taking lead in singing praises of his corrupt Master, but most of times his remarks hurts his party rather than benefit.

  • orakzai110

    DO apprecite my earnest efforts 2 expose CJ of Punjab Govt in letter wich i alreadys ended to SC Offciial website plzZz


    The Dear Cheap justice

    Mr. PCO Judge(Pupit of MusheE)

    Cheap Justcie saaab I feel pleasure to congratulate you on your unbeatable successes in multiple fields.

    First of all that the 922 “Mujahideen” you have made free through your “Free” Judiciary have Mashallah spread all over the country and have paralysed the life of every Pakistani. It is really cheerful that your released “Innocent” Mujahideen did 3 great jobs on the night of 27th of month of Ramzan.

    Attacked Kamra Air Base.

    Killed 30 passengers (Shia Musims) taking them off their Buses and checking their identities.

    Further killed 3 citizens (once again, Shia Muslims) in Quetta.

    It would however be unjustified if I do not acknowledge the marvellous role of General Hameed Gul, Imran Khan, Sheikh Rasheed, Zaid Hamid, Munawar Hassan and the right wing columnists like Ansar Abbasi, Hamid Mir, Javed Chaudhry, Orya Maqbool Jan and many others who always interpret these brutalities as “Reaction to Drones” and “taking revenge from America”.

    Secondly, that (although many Pakistanis do not know) your name has been included in the Guinness Book for the following World Records:

    1:Highest number of “Sue Moto Actions” in the last 500 years history

    2: Sending an Elected Prime Minister home for not writing a letter as per your will.

    3: The ONLY Chief Justice of the world who goes to Bar gatherings, public gatherings and his statements make Head Lines every day

    4: Issuance of “Contempt of Court” Notices for reading just 2 verses and for “Staring” to a judge.

    5: Ordering the government to pay rewards to the Lal Masjid Terrorists who killed our tens of SG Commandos

    6: Causing Billions of Rupees loss to National Economy by issuing threats against the PM every day on Newspapers and TV Channels.

    7: Backing up 900 Million Rupees Corruption of his Son and filing a case of “Contempt of Court” against the person who disclosed his corruption.

    8: The first judge in the history who is described to “Having Gone Mad” by his Counter parts in other countries.

    9: The only judiciary in the world who fixes the price of Tomatoes, Potatoes and Samosa as well.

    10: The only CJ in the world who takes “Sue Motto Action” against the Slap of a lady to another lady but becomes Dumb, Deaf and Blind on the massacre of innocent people taking place on the roads on daily basis.

    Another Record Awaited Very Soon:

    The first Chief Justice in the History would be tried in the Criminal Court for violating the Constitution of Country

    Backing up terrorists

    Protecting his most corrupt son and declaring him “above the law”

    Every Pakistani is now burning with desire to see you and your Dawn son Arslan Iftikhar behind the Bars, very soon God Willing

    Your “Fan”

    S.H Orakzai

  • Schawkur

    Pakistanis are fed up with the fake politics by the fake politicians from fake status quo parties (Mukbara Party (PPP), Brainless Ganja Party (PMLN), Islam-farosh Maulvi Diesel Party, Mafroor Altaf Paan Pichkari Party, Gujrat’s Kaatil League & Asfund Nuswaar Party).

  • calico

    Parasite Generals sell the war through superficial, sold out Intellectuals, Journalists and so called pseudo philosophers….to conquer and kill their own people…and built their business empire and when retire…become “Kosher Analyst”.

    Created Fake Talibans….as a diversion……to justify high budget and money from West ….. Through sold out Intellectuals…Journalists and so called pseudo philosophers.

    Busy in Bunker playing war games with Cosmetic Babe… and their weapon of choice is …One Eye Monster…while lost wars on frontlines….1961, 1971, Kargil, Mehran Base.

    Cambra base only foot soldiers scarified while General only surrendered….never martyred.

    Similarly public killed on street…….MPA, MNA, CM’s ….Protected…????

  • zamzam

    Lannti shakel abdi,,,Mutta and company,,,

    Black media shame shame shame,,,Jeb ya media wala her news builten main ik indian movie or gana ki news deta ha,,,,or kehta hain media wo dikhata ha jo awam dekhna chehti ha jhoota sala,,,,Kia y her news builten k baad ik quran ki ayat or hadess translation k sath nahi dikha sekta being a muslim country or media wala b to muslim hain na,,,,jitna ya indian culture ko promot ker raha hain kash k itni mehnet islam k lia karo,,,lannti mediaq wala….

    one more thing jo main sochta hoon,,,,Last hope for PPP,,,,???????????……(Imran Khan jo abhi tooti hui nazar a rahi ha unko)………

    Jaisa PPP wala jahil kehta hain,,, Jeb tek suraj chaand raha ga bhutto tara naam raa ga,,,Jeb tek imran khan raha ga zardari tara naam raha ga,,,Or isi tarah kuch jahil ahmqoon ki jannat main rehna wala sochta hain,,,P-OTI clean sweep kara gi,,,Joke of the year,,,,

  • Mo

    tuheen e adalat to ye log shuru din se karahe hain aap ko ab pata chala hai.

  • Pakifriend

    awam so rahi hai aur haqoomat khat khat khel rahi hai, media paisa bana raha hai. lakin in sab mein Pakistan kahan hai? mulk doob raha hai aur jahil awam in ka tamasha dekh rahi hai