Pakistani Wicket Keeper Zulqarnain Haider Shows Wounds on his body


Breaking News: Pakistani Wicket Keeper Zulqarnain Haider Show Wounds on his body

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  • chaudry

    real war heros,,,,,,

    I only came to know of Maj-General Akhtar Malik when my father told me that a Pakistani Maj-general was about to cut off the logistical supply route of the Indian army and achieve victory but was replaced with drunken bastard Yahya Khan. Yahya allowed the Indian to regroup and they went on to attack Lahore, what a travesty to let such a thing happen.

    I only got to know of his name on this forum and learnt that he was creating havoc in Akhnoor by traveling in a helicopter and the Indian army was in disarray but Ayub Khan replaced him with his favorite and the war changed shape. Here are a couple of article's about the incident.

    Operation Grand Slam -DAWN Magazine; November 27, 2005

    MODERN day war complicates rather than solves anything. A country goes to war either to defend its sovereignty in case of attack, or to overwhelm an adversary for political or territorial/material gains.

    The War in 1965 was undertaken by General Ayub not for the first reason. Similarly, Hitler started WWII in 1940, Suharto annexed Eastern Timor in 1975, Gen Galteiri occupied Falkland Islands in 1982, and Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990 — all for personal glory and political gains. Bush invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003, for the black gold.

    In 1965, the plan ‘Operation Gibraltar' involved sneaking a mixed force of 70,000, trained and regulars, into Indian-held Kashmir and invoke a general uprising in the local populace. The general feeling in the army high command was that Indians had no stomach of warfare and were no match for the superior. The war plan originated in the Foreign Office. The D-day was set for August 5, 1965.

    Military high command took it to be as one blow, limited and confined operation, forgetting that war is not an isolated act and once started, it cannot be confined by time or space. Secondly, against defined and proclaimed logic, the military in Pakistan had taken over the political direction of the war.

    Our scope is limited to the operation conducted on the Kashmir front under Maj-General Akhtar Malik where, given the opportunity and time, Pakistan could have dictated terms to India on other fronts (‘unexpectedly') opened later by India. But it was not to be. Much has been written about the change in command in the 1965 War, when late Maj-General Akhtar Hussain Malik, Commander 12 Division which had the responsibility for Jammu and Kashmir, was replaced by Maj. Gen. Yahya Khan, Commander 7 Div, and Akhnur was let off the hook, thereby saving the Indian forces a huge embarrassment.

    Discussing the initial plans of ‘Operation Gibraltar', Ayub had put his finger at Akhnur across river Tawi, on the sand model asked: “But why don’t you go for the jugular?” General Malik asked for more money and men and Ayub readily agreed. (Altaf Gauhar, Ayub Khan Pakistan’s First Military Ruler’s Sange-meel Publications 1998 p.332)

    The attack on Akhnur was given the code name ‘Operation Grand Slam’, to be launched after the ‘Operation Gibraltar'. Gen Akhtar Malik was assigned this task as he knew the area like the back of his hand, and he was a bold and audacious commander.

    Gen. Malik had already captured Chamb on September 1, and was well poised to go for Akhnur on September 2, 1965 when he was relieved of command in a most bizarre mysterious manner, defying common sense and logic. Before Musa flew Malik back from the front, General Malik had offered his services to fight under Yahya’s command to take Akhnur.

    General Musa, the C-n-C, flew with Gen Yahya on the front on September 2, 1965 to replace General Malik who would not hand over charge otherwise. Yahya was specifically asked by Musa not to advance. A pause of 48 hours was enough for Indian forces to regroup and blunt the Pakistani advance. The Indians also opened another front on Lahore, thus spreading Pakistan Forces thin along the western border. Having lost the initiative, now Pakistan was fighting for its survival. One can lose a battle or even a war, but in Kashmir at that time, it was a victory lost.

    The prevailing view in GHQ was that Gen. Ayub had lost his nerve. (Altaf Gauhar p. 334) Shortly before his death, Bhutto had expressed similar views about Ayub, saying he used to panic during crises. (Col. Rafiuddin Bhutto kay akhri 323 din, Jang Publications 1992 p.61) Bhutto observed that Pakistan Army had yet to produce another fighting general of Akhtar Malik’s calibre and had Malik been allowed to advance in Chhamb-Jurian Sector, he would have played havoc with the Indian Forces. (Col Rafiuddin p.66)

    After the 1965 War, the talk on change of command in Kashmir became taboo but with death of Gen Musa, the subject was discussed threadbare. The ISPR floated the idea that the change of command in 1965 was pre-planned. Brig. Gul Hassan (late Lt. Gen. and Army Chief), at that time, Director Military Operations, in his memoirs, denied the existence of any such planned change of command during the execution of Operation Grand Slam.

    Secondly, Brig. Gul Hassan said he knew Gen. Malik well enough to say that he (Gen. Malik) would never have accepted a command for 24 hours for such a daunting assignment. What happened behind the scenes may never be known. (Lt. Gen Gul Hassan Akhri Commander-in-Chief, Dost Publications Isd. 1999 p.231-234)

    Gen. Ayub published his biography Friends Not Master in 1967 but he failed to cover the 1965 War, as it was not a glorious chapter of his life. He tried to gloss over history.

    As soon as Yahya took over from Musa as C-n-C in September 1966, he posted out Gen Malik on a CENTO assignment in Turkey. General Akhtar Malik died in 1969 in a car crash in Turkey. It could have been a target-assassination. General Malik had met the Jordanian Ambassador a few days earlier in Ankara. The Ambassador had asked General Malik to help upgrade the Jordanian Army, a job that was accepted by the latter.

    It could be Mossad for Israel didn’t want Jordan to acquire the services of a professional general (according to an ex-Army Officer who asked not to be revealed). Israel has been deeply involved in anything that affects its security, especially its neighbours. In 1980, Mossad had eliminated an Egyptian nuclear physicist, Dr Yahia El Meshad, in Paris who had been helping Iraq in setting up its nuclear plant. (Claire Hoy & Victor Ostrovsky By Way of Deception Stoddart Publishing Co.Ltd. Toronto 1990 p.23)

    According to officers who fought on Kashmir front, had General Malik been allowed to capture Akhnur, Ayub would not have ignored him for the post of C-n-C. The country as a consequence, would not have undergone the ensuring colossal tragedy of 1971. But that is a wishful afterthought.

    Ayub, who had appointed Musa as his first Army Chief and Yahya as the next (the appointment of first almost cost us West Pakistan in 1965 and under the next one we lost East Pakistan in 1971), would not have liked a general of Akhtar Malik’s stature to command the Pakistan Army. Tragic but true!

    Major General Akhtar Hussain Malik made a brilliant strike across Chamb-Jaurian sector. He out- manoeuvred the Indians. He captured Akhnoor and was approaching Tawai river. The enemy was dislodged and Indians were planning further withdrawal for they could not withstand the onslaught of General Akhtar Hussain Malik.

    It was reported that the Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahdur Shastri directed Indian Air Force to get Gen Akhtar Hussain Mailk at any cost. He was making daring use of Helicopter directing his force.

    Even an inveterate enemy of Ahmadis (Malik was an Ahmadi) – Shorish Kashmiri paid a tribute in an urdu couplet,

    "The Land of Delhi is calling, Oh friends, Extend a helping hand to Akhtar Malik, oh friends."

    Had Gen Akhtar Hussain Malik captured Jammu, The Kashmir Problem was automatically solved. The Indians would never been able to sustain their troops in landlocked Kashmir. And they would have to leave Kashmir.

    Field Marshal Ayub, who was the President of Pakistan at that time, knew what this victory would mean: It would catapult Gen Akhtar Hussain Malik in public eye.

    He wanted one of his cronies to take credit of this vital victory. He asked Gen Musa, the then Commander in Chief of Pakistan Army to take Gen Yahya by helicopter to Chamb-Jurian sector and ask Gen Akhtar Hussain Malik to hand over the command of the Operations.

    Gen Malik: "Why changing horses in midstream"?

    These are the orders of the boss. Gen Akhtar Hussain Malik handed over the command in utter disgust.

    Gen Sarfraz Khan who commanded Lahore sector in 1965 in an article in Daily Jang Lahore September 6, 1984 said about this military victory snatched out of the hands of Gen Malik.

    With what brilliant planning and bravery, Gen Akhtar Malik attacked Chamb, it can only be called a great victory. He was in position to capture Jurian as the enemy had been dislodged and they were to withdraw as further Pakistani advance was anticipated.

    But it was not allowed to happen, a plan was already made to make Gen Yahya take credit of this victory.

    The Indian Commander in Chef, General Chaudri, who was watching with dismay the crumbling defences of the Indian army in Chamb -Juraian sector, jumped upon the opportunity and launched an attack on Lahore.

    The whole game was over. Pakistan was now involved in its own battle of life and death.

    He would have gone on to be the man in charge and gone on to make us so damn proud but what a debacle this was.


  • asim-kamboh

    ye wohi Gando hy jo Dubai se UK bhag gia tha……………

    • chaudry


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      Dr Abdus Salam: Pride Pakistan does not deserve

      less than a minute ago

      Why take pride in his achievements now when he is gone? What suddenly makes him eligible to be a pride for Pakistan? GRAPHIC: SUNARA NIZAMI

      Professor John Womersley, Chief Executive of the Science and technology Facilities Council, told reporters at a briefing in London that they have discovered a particle consistent with the Higgs boson.

      I’m sure that strikes a nerve with many knowing Pakistani’s. The Higgs’ boson, in Pakistan, is synonymous for Dr Abdus Salam; a scientist who was at the fore of this frontier of discovery in the 1970s. But rather than appreciation for his magnificent achievement, he was shunned and sidelined.


      Dr Abdus Salam, Pakistan’s first and only theoretical physicist and Nobel Laureate, was also an Ahmadi.

      His grand unification theory of strong, weak and electromagnetic fields opened the gateway for the discovery of bosons and laid down the basis for this quantum electrodynamics project.

      Dr Salam would be a very happy man, had he been alive today, as Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam were the first to apply the Higgs mechanism to the breaking of the electroweak symmetry. This showed how a Higgs mechanism could be incorporated into Sheldon Glashow’s electroweak theory, in what became the Standard Model of particle physics.

      Dr Salam along with Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg shared the 1979 Nobel Prize for this discovery.

      So most of you by now are wondering why so much commotion and celebration over the discovery? What Is this Higgs Boson?

      If you go back to the beginning, even before the Big Bang, particles didn’t have any masses, according to our understanding. There was just one very large force that all these particles interacted with. As the universe cooled down, particles gained mass by interacting with the Higgs boson.

      So the reason you can’t push a car is because of the mass of the particles in the car interacting with a Higgs field.

      The Higgs boson is the final piece of the Standard Model of Particle Physics, a theoretical model which describes the fundamental particles and forces that control our Universe. Finding the Higgs plugs a gaping hole in the Standard Model, the theory that describes all the particles, forces and interactions that make up the universe.

      Scientists say it is a five sigma result which means they are 99.999% sure they have found a new particle which unfold many more mysteries about the universe we are all habitants of. This discovery holds colossal value; had the particle was shown not to exist, it would have meant tearing up the Standard Model and going back to the drawing boards for all those physicists who probably gave up more than just time in their lives towards the research.

      Upon this discovery, Scientists at CERN are very interestingly terming it as the finding of “God Particle”.

      Boy, won’t that name be attracting the attention of a lot of people out there who already believe science to be in some direct confrontation with god? So for all those who will probably fly off the handle and let their imaginations take over, the fact is, ‘God Particle’ isn’t what the scientists call it, it’s what the media calls it, and Atheism has nothing to do with it.

      The name comes from a book which describes the search for the Higgs Boson. This book was originally going to be called ‘God-Damn Particle’- hinting at how elusive it is- but was changed to ‘The God Particle’ by the publishers.

      An ironic fact that is worth a mention here is that, most physicists are staunch atheists or at least that is the general consensus, but Salam was one of the few firm believers of God.

      Abdus Salam was known to be a devout Muslim, whose religion did not occupy a separate compartment of his life; it was inseparable from his work and family life. He once wrote:

      “The Holy Quran enjoins us to reflect on the verities of Allah’s created laws of nature; however, that our generation has been privileged to glimpse a part of His design is a bounty and a grace for which I render thanks with a humble heart.”

      For him, there was no such thing as Islamic science, Hindu science, Buddhist science, Christian, Jewish or Atheist science. It was the study of the Laws of Nature and the laws of nature were the laws of God. So he would emphasise not to put science in a box for if you did, then he thought you would not find progress.

      Yet, Pakistan didn’t seem to accept him for his grandeur. Even when religion was a fundamental part of his research and the respect he held for it could not be challenged. Likewise was his love for Pakistan.

      In 1974, the Pakistani parliament made a constitutional amendment that declared Ahmadis as ‘non-Muslims’.

      In protest, Salam left Pakistan for London. Even after his departure, Salam did not completely terminate his connection to Pakistan, and kept close association with the Theoretical Physics Group as well as academic scientists from the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC). Leaving Pakistan in protest was something he greatly regretted because he loved his country. Unfortunately his country failed to reciprocate.

      Dr Ishfaq Ahmad, former chairman of the PAEC and a lifelong friend of Salam recalls:

      “Dr Abdus Salam was responsible for sending about 500 physicists, mathematicians and scientists from Pakistan, for doctorate’s to the best institutions in UK and US”.

      How did the nation honour him then? By ostracising him and his faith.

      Even the epitaph on his tomb which initially read “First Muslim Nobel Laureate”, because of Salam’s adherence to the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect, the word “Muslim” was erased on the orders of a local magistrate, leaving the nonsensical “First Nobel Laureate”.

      Despite the immense services he had done for Pakistan and the government, he has been discriminated against because of his affiliation with the Ahmadiyya sect, which the Pakistan Government has formally denounced.

      Yet, today, after so many years of controversy, this scientific achievement, set to go down in history, cannot be separated from the name Abdus Salam. That is exactly how Pakistani’s will remember it – as the day a scientific breakthrough made way and a Pakistani physicist had so much to do with it. A denounced Pakistani.

      To Pakistan, he was an Ahmadi, deserving of scorn and ridicule. To the world and to me, at least, he was a legendary physicist.

      Brilliance with no religion, no creed, no race, no caste and unfortunately, no country. Why call him Pakistani when we drew him away? Why take pride in his achievements now when he is gone? Why claim to have contributed to a discovery by a man you shunned? What suddenly makes him eligible to be a pride for Pakistan?

      If only Pakistan had looked upon his achievements and awards without the lens of religious skepticism and discrimination on, we will see that personalities like him that exist amongst us even today, are a matter of pride. They deserve to be recognised, valued and appreciated- not shunned or denounced.

    • gulgul74

      If he was classified a nonmuslim what has that got to do with his work for science.Does thatmean we should strart calling Albert Einstine and newton Muslims just because they did some amazing

      discoveries.If he loved pakistan he would have respected the constitution and not left pakistan just

      because he was declared what he was.

  • Shoaib Rathore

    AJ ki news ha ke ye ain ka "gharalo Jhagra" tha! Ais ki bhai na ais ko mara ha. LOL

    Apne bhai pa bi koi ilzam lagaya ho ga ais ne!

  • nas

    Akmal bradran nay kiya hai. Zulqarnain aq kaa sachabardar hai aur bohut baray baray log support kartay hain

  • ebiz110


    • Kh4n is Gr34t

      zolqarnain darpok player hain os waqt batana ta k kamran akmal brothers contect main hain abe to kuch nahe ho sakta apnain ap per owr pabande ke leher dali

  • chak42mb

    muna badnam hoa

  • Irfan

    Kamran akmal and his father have contact with fixers and this mafia also work in Pakistan Cricket board.

    Tht is why one Akmal brother always in Team.

    Which helps fixer to make huge money.

    This is the reason he was tortured to stop raise this issue.

    • chaudry

      I have made a Google knol titled: Sir Zafrulla Khan, a Polymath: Introducing Islam to the West, it had more than 200 views this week. Search my and Sir Zafrulla Khan's name there.

      zshah1961 11 months ago

      To know a person one must know him at least for a year and deal with him listen to him in varied situations and travel with him. I did all that in his company. He was truthfu. He was a great man and loved and believed in Islam and its founder. Whatever he says I believe in is exactly what Zafrullah Khan believed. There is no one in right state of mind to doubt it. He was all that he said he believed. He was recognized Qaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah

      hamid1937 1 year ago

      In his speech in 1950s on CBS he beautifully introduced Islam when no one on CBS Radio would come dare to say things that goes against the teachings of Christianity as he categorically rejects the myth of Jesus dying or resurrected up on heaven alive. Instead he buries Jesus in Kashmir where even today his tomb is seen by most Kashmiris as tomb of Jesus.

      MrQuickResponse 1 year ago

      Well you all Wattoos, Bahrinx and others…. Need a quick fact check. Regardless of belief…one thing cannot be taken away from Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan that he fought cases by winning independence not only hand in hand with great leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah but also won the case of Kashmir for plebiscite in the UN. He fought for Palestine and most middle eastern countries. His work is on record forced Indians to let Kashmiris decide their own fate going with Pakistan or India.

      MrQuickResponse 1 year ago

      this person is a pure qadiani, don't u listen him saying that Muhammad s a a w is the last law-bearing prophet & then says I believe that subordinate prophets will continue to arise in islam & on the other side, islamic belief is that no more prophet will be sent by Allah which is declared in quran & hadith. So who is this person which differenciates between the law-bearing prophet & the other one?

      rizwanwattoo86 1 year ago

      What is worst is your Mullah or misguided Islamic and Extremist who have wrecked the image of Pakistan. Pakistan is lucky to have had Sir Zafarullah Khan, Don't live in a fantasy, WAKE UP!

  • Shoaib Rathore

    ye psycho lagta hai. ye tou kissi club ke level ka player bi nai hai. kamran akmal ais ka baap ka baap hai. aus ke stats dekh lo. BPL ma aus ki performance dekh lo aur ab alpl ma aus ki performance dekh lo. Aus ki level ka wicket keeper plus batsman Pakistan ma nahi hai.

    Ais psycho na shaid mqm wal tareeqa use kiya. khud ko hi mar ke ilzam dosron pa laga do.

    ye ais na ais liye kiya hai ke PCB ke anti corruption unit ne ais ko kaha ha ke Kamran Akmal ke khilaf Ilzamat ke saboot do.


  • hyd

    beat punjabi good job

  • IHAN

    Salam every buddy knows Whole Akmal family is fixers

    they never selected on performance an ex selector told his close friend but due to some bribes in PCB. that is why you know 7 of big gamblers are in always contact with akmal father. Other are salman butt, asif ,riaz , akmal brothers ,shoaib malik so they are so f*cking they have eat all best captains like afridi yonus yusuf and mishbah May Allah protect Pakistan cricket.

  • Irfan

    Kamran akmal and his father have contact with fixers and this mafia also work in Pakistan Cricket board.

    Tht is why one Akmal brother always in Team.

    Which helps fixer to make huge money.

    This is the reason he was tortured to stop raise this issue.

  • aftabbaig

    bhai pakistan ko match jitwaya tha mafia kay kilaf to ya hi ho ga. jo banda be pakistan kay lea kam keray ha us ka ya hi haal ho ga.

    Everybody is insecure here. Bloody baster mafia this man should be in the team. all are corrupt in pakistani team if they dont obay they they should be spellout of the team.

  • Unknown Pakistani

    After S3X

  • hqureshi

    Lagaan 2 ka peka actor hai.

    Akmal se catch nahi pakra java, isse kiya pakrey ga.

  • salman

    yeh koi 16 saal ki dosheeza thori hai jiska rape ho gaya ho..

    stupid guy, logon ko bewakoof samajhta hai..

  • Rashid_01

    Pakistani Team few players & Mangment is Mafia….when Mr Haider Join the Pak's team he has been threaten and abused No doubt and with that fear he left the Team. Pakistani Team and Mangment is corrupt any new palyer refuse to go-ahead with them than its very difficult to survive……This guy is very honest….he is having lot of hidden things in his heart..which he does not want to reveal for the reputaion of the Pakistan but when Pakistani team Players like Kamran's get place back in team eventhough with the Corrupt record and Past obiously players like Haider will can not be silent.

    Mr Haider was given assurance by Rehman Malik you just keep quite no one will disturb you and corrupt player like Kmaran will never get chance to National Team. I think any honest man can not be silent if he knows about some one is corrupt…

    Kamran Akmal pics were in the British News papers with the Salman But riding Ferrai and Aston Martin with Mazhar Majeed …..He was the part of the fixing as well only reason he was lucky to escape…He should not try back to Pka's team again he know he is guilty.

    I know after these comments i gona get lot of neagtive comments but honestly speaking this is all true.


      yeah only u and zulqarnain know the truth. out of all ex players, present senior players and new players only haider is the honest one . and this honest guy doesnt speak anything when he is on record in court or PCB board , where he can speak and force ppl to take action, but as soon as he comes out of court n PCB he starts making videos and starts giving interviews. he is just an attention seeker n mentally disturbed n he should b treated for that. if he really knows that much why did he plead guilty in PCB meeting? why didnt he speak?

  • salman

    he s mentally sick person.. dun take him serious..

  • shanak27

    tv media nai btaya kuch naheen sar main darad kar dia aik hi seen 100 bar chala kai. yah sab tu facebook par bhe hai

  • Pakistan81447

    admit him at pagal khana

  • Pakistan81447

    he look like syco problem

  • Wafoor

    I do not trust this man at all. Dhokay baaz family ka member hai yeh.