Kal tak with Javed Chaudhry [Kehte hain jis ko inqelaab...nara hai intekhaab] – 23rd August 2012


Watch Latest Kal tak with Javed Chaudhry [Kehte hain jis ko inqelaab...nara hai intekhaab] – 23rd August 2012

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  • Truth only

    The Qustion is :

    Where an ordinary person stands, and where pakistan is reached now ?

    Who else could be held responsible for it than pml-n, ppp and mqm ?

    They had been in power for the last many years.

    They could not succeed to deliver any thing +ve to the Nation.

    Rather they added in the misery of the people.

    WHAT REVOLUTION they are talking about NOW, It is so funny and absurd on their part to talk about REVOLUTION. one can just say lolxxxxxx about it.

    Damn it ! They had Moooooooooooooooooooooooore than enough time & terms to bring a revolution, if they were honest or sincere to Pakistan! BUT in fact they were busy in improving their own business empires and filling up the swiss banks accounts.

    Had they only, even 0.1% of their conscious left ALIVE, had they ever really felt regrets to, what they have done to our Pakistan OR brought back our stolen money from abroad and had requested to be pardoned OR had they showed a lil bit of SPORTSMAN SHIP by just leaving the stage free to the true, honest and loyal new comers, Only then could have been better and appreciable and the Nation could have forgiven them and given them a safe passage.

    BUT the way they are behaving till NOW, proves that their souls are made of Satanic instincts and they do deserve to be drowned deep in the Indian Ocean.

    A unanimous cry from the core of the hearts of Pakistani Nation for IMRAN KHAN

    Cheetti borien wei Tabiba nai taan assan marr gei aan ………inhaan zalmaan ne te sadi baas kera ditti ae.

    If you want to save PAKISTAN and to save ISLAM vote for the TRUTH FULL man

    ********************** IMRAN KHAN *********************

  • malik32

    imran ki papularti khatam karni ha tow ppp,pmln,mqm, 3no ko chahiya ki 3 kam kar dan….no 1…ak jasa talimi nizam………,no 2 ,sayasat sa azad police……….., no 3..unoin concil ka nizam la ayan………………………….nahi tow ho jaya gi balay balay…pher imran awa hi awa………I LOVE IMRAN……

  • laddoo

    amir an sarfraz are hoti di khor

    chawals have no respect for the guru the great Imran khan

    lakhb di lanat on both of them but I am scared fthey will fight over sharing the lanant coz they both want full lakh lanant

  • laddoo

    Sarfraz and Amir are both Patented lantees, maha chawal, could never do any good for the nation.


    get lost n never show up agian

    • Akramalam

      You are right

  • m_swati

    Sarfaraz Nawaz and Amir Sohail are the people with incomplete desires.These two have been controversial figures in cricket.Sarfaraz always speak against Imran.To criticize someone in positive manner is not bad but the baseless allegations got no space in real world.PML N must have made some promises with Amir …as he had little sucess in cricket, commentary….etc.

  • chaudry

    war heros 1965

    I only came to know of Maj-General Akhtar Malik when my father told me that a Pakistani Maj-general was about to cut off the logistical supply route of the Indian army and achieve victory but was replaced with drunken bastard Yahya Khan. Yahya allowed the Indian to regroup and they went on to attack Lahore, what a travesty to let such a thing happen.

    I only got to know of his name on this forum and learnt that he was creating havoc in Akhnoor by traveling in a helicopter and the Indian army was in disarray but Ayub Khan replaced him with his favorite and the war changed shape. Here are a couple of article's about the incident.

    Operation Grand Slam -DAWN Magazine; November 27, 2005

    MODERN day war complicates rather than solves anything. A country goes to war either to defend its sovereignty in case of attack, or to overwhelm an adversary for political or territorial/material gains.

    The War in 1965 was undertaken by General Ayub not for the first reason. Similarly, Hitler started WWII in 1940, Suharto annexed Eastern Timor in 1975, Gen Galteiri occupied Falkland Islands in 1982, and Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990 — all for personal glory and political gains. Bush invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003, for the black gold.

    In 1965, the plan ‘Operation Gibraltar' involved sneaking a mixed force of 70,000, trained and regulars, into Indian-held Kashmir and invoke a general uprising in the local populace. The general feeling in the army high command was that Indians had no stomach of warfare and were no match for the superior. The war plan originated in the Foreign Office. The D-day was set for August 5, 1965.

    Military high command took it to be as one blow, limited and confined operation, forgetting that war is not an isolated act and once started, it cannot be confined by time or space. Secondly, against defined and proclaimed logic, the military in Pakistan had taken over the political direction of the war.

    Our scope is limited to the operation conducted on the Kashmir front under Maj-General Akhtar Malik where, given the opportunity and time, Pakistan could have dictated terms to India on other fronts (‘unexpectedly') opened later by India. But it was not to be. Much has been written about the change in command in the 1965 War, when late Maj-General Akhtar Hussain Malik, Commander 12 Division which had the responsibility for Jammu and Kashmir, was replaced by Maj. Gen. Yahya Khan, Commander 7 Div, and Akhnur was let off the hook, thereby saving the Indian forces a huge embarrassment.

    Discussing the initial plans of ‘Operation Gibraltar', Ayub had put his finger at Akhnur across river Tawi, on the sand model asked: “But why don’t you go for the jugular?” General Malik asked for more money and men and Ayub readily agreed. (Altaf Gauhar, Ayub Khan Pakistan’s First Military Ruler’s Sange-meel Publications 1998 p.332)

    The attack on Akhnur was given the code name ‘Operation Grand Slam’, to be launched after the ‘Operation Gibraltar'. Gen Akhtar Malik was assigned this task as he knew the area like the back of his hand, and he was a bold and audacious commander.

    Gen. Malik had already captured Chamb on September 1, and was well poised to go for Akhnur on September 2, 1965 when he was relieved of command in a most bizarre mysterious manner, defying common sense and logic. Before Musa flew Malik back from the front, General Malik had offered his services to fight under Yahya’s command to take Akhnur.

    General Musa, the C-n-C, flew with Gen Yahya on the front on September 2, 1965 to replace General Malik who would not hand over charge otherwise. Yahya was specifically asked by Musa not to advance. A pause of 48 hours was enough for Indian forces to regroup and blunt the Pakistani advance. The Indians also opened another front on Lahore, thus spreading Pakistan Forces thin along the western border. Having lost the initiative, now Pakistan was fighting for its survival. One can lose a battle or even a war, but in Kashmir at that time, it was a victory lost.

    The prevailing view in GHQ was that Gen. Ayub had lost his nerve. (Altaf Gauhar p. 334) Shortly before his death, Bhutto had expressed similar views about Ayub, saying he used to panic during crises. (Col. Rafiuddin Bhutto kay akhri 323 din, Jang Publications 1992 p.61) Bhutto observed that Pakistan Army had yet to produce another fighting general of Akhtar Malik’s calibre and had Malik been allowed to advance in Chhamb-Jurian Sector, he would have played havoc with the Indian Forces. (Col Rafiuddin p.66)

    After the 1965 War, the talk on change of command in Kashmir became taboo but with death of Gen Musa, the subject was discussed threadbare. The ISPR floated the idea that the change of command in 1965 was pre-planned. Brig. Gul Hassan (late Lt. Gen. and Army Chief), at that time, Director Military Operations, in his memoirs, denied the existence of any such planned change of command during the execution of Operation Grand Slam.

    Secondly, Brig. Gul Hassan said he knew Gen. Malik well enough to say that he (Gen. Malik) would never have accepted a command for 24 hours for such a daunting assignment. What happened behind the scenes may never be known. (Lt. Gen Gul Hassan Akhri Commander-in-Chief, Dost Publications Isd. 1999 p.231-234)

    Gen. Ayub published his biography Friends Not Master in 1967 but he failed to cover the 1965 War, as it was not a glorious chapter of his life. He tried to gloss over history.

    As soon as Yahya took over from Musa as C-n-C in September 1966, he posted out Gen Malik on a CENTO assignment in Turkey. General Akhtar Malik died in 1969 in a car crash in Turkey. It could have been a target-assassination. General Malik had met the Jordanian Ambassador a few days earlier in Ankara. The Ambassador had asked General Malik to help upgrade the Jordanian Army, a job that was accepted by the latter.

    It could be Mossad for Israel didn’t want Jordan to acquire the services of a professional general (according to an ex-Army Officer who asked not to be revealed). Israel has been deeply involved in anything that affects its security, especially its neighbours. In 1980, Mossad had eliminated an Egyptian nuclear physicist, Dr Yahia El Meshad, in Paris who had been helping Iraq in setting up its nuclear plant. (Claire Hoy & Victor Ostrovsky By Way of Deception Stoddart Publishing Co.Ltd. Toronto 1990 p.23)

    According to officers who fought on Kashmir front, had General Malik been allowed to capture Akhnur, Ayub would not have ignored him for the post of C-n-C. The country as a consequence, would not have undergone the ensuring colossal tragedy of 1971. But that is a wishful afterthought.

    Ayub, who had appointed Musa as his first Army Chief and Yahya as the next (the appointment of first almost cost us West Pakistan in 1965 and under the next one we lost East Pakistan in 1971), would not have liked a general of Akhtar Malik’s stature to command the Pakistan Army. Tragic but true!

    Major General Akhtar Hussain Malik made a brilliant strike across Chamb-Jaurian sector. He out- manoeuvred the Indians. He captured Akhnoor and was approaching Tawai river. The enemy was dislodged and Indians were planning further withdrawal for they could not withstand the onslaught of General Akhtar Hussain Malik.

    It was reported that the Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahdur Shastri directed Indian Air Force to get Gen Akhtar Hussain Mailk at any cost. He was making daring use of Helicopter directing his force.

    Even an inveterate enemy of Ahmadis (Malik was an Ahmadi) – Shorish Kashmiri paid a tribute in an urdu couplet,

    "The Land of Delhi is calling, Oh friends, Extend a helping hand to Akhtar Malik, oh friends."

    Had Gen Akhtar Hussain Malik captured Jammu, The Kashmir Problem was automatically solved. The Indians would never been able to sustain their troops in landlocked Kashmir. And they would have to leave Kashmir.

    Field Marshal Ayub, who was the President of Pakistan at that time, knew what this victory would mean: It would catapult Gen Akhtar Hussain Malik in public eye.

    He wanted one of his cronies to take credit of this vital victory. He asked Gen Musa, the then Commander in Chief of Pakistan Army to take Gen Yahya by helicopter to Chamb-Jurian sector and ask Gen Akhtar Hussain Malik to hand over the command of the Operations.

    Gen Malik: "Why changing horses in midstream"?

    These are the orders of the boss. Gen Akhtar Hussain Malik handed over the command in utter disgust.

    Gen Sarfraz Khan who commanded Lahore sector in 1965 in an article in Daily Jang Lahore September 6, 1984 said about this military victory snatched out of the hands of Gen Malik.

    With what brilliant planning and bravery, Gen Akhtar Malik attacked Chamb, it can only be called a great victory. He was in position to capture Jurian as the enemy had been dislodged and they were to withdraw as further Pakistani advance was anticipated.

    But it was not allowed to happen, a plan was already made to make Gen Yahya take credit of this victory.

    The Indian Commander in Chef, General Chaudri, who was watching with dismay the crumbling defences of the Indian army in Chamb -Juraian sector, jumped upon the opportunity and launched an attack on Lahore.

    The whole game was over. Pakistan was now involved in its own battle of life and death.

    He would have gone on to be the man in charge and gone on to make us so damn proud but what a debacle this was.

    Source: http://www.defence.pk/forums/military-history-str

  • sunlight123

    I think Javed Chaudhry is paid by PML N leaders,Imran Khan is great leader he will sweep the election and change will come.PPP, PML N and other political parties are frustrated with the popularity of PTI.

  • asifpti

    SArfaraz nawaz tera moon sey yeh baatain acchi nahin lagti

  • s4nforever

    Sarfra Nawaz, I feel sorry for you. politic is not for you. You can criticize only PCB and Pakistani cricket player. Get back and stay your home,

    • chaudry


      Today’s Paper


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      Dr Abdus Salam: Pride Pakistan does not deserve

      less than a minute ago

      Why take pride in his achievements now when he is gone? What suddenly makes him eligible to be a pride for Pakistan? GRAPHIC: SUNARA NIZAMI

      Professor John Womersley, Chief Executive of the Science and technology Facilities Council, told reporters at a briefing in London that they have discovered a particle consistent with the Higgs boson.

      I’m sure that strikes a nerve with many knowing Pakistani’s. The Higgs’ boson, in Pakistan, is synonymous for Dr Abdus Salam; a scientist who was at the fore of this frontier of discovery in the 1970s. But rather than appreciation for his magnificent achievement, he was shunned and sidelined.


      Dr Abdus Salam, Pakistan’s first and only theoretical physicist and Nobel Laureate, was also an Ahmadi.

      His grand unification theory of strong, weak and electromagnetic fields opened the gateway for the discovery of bosons and laid down the basis for this quantum electrodynamics project.

      Dr Salam would be a very happy man, had he been alive today, as Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam were the first to apply the Higgs mechanism to the breaking of the electroweak symmetry. This showed how a Higgs mechanism could be incorporated into Sheldon Glashow’s electroweak theory, in what became the Standard Model of particle physics.

      Dr Salam along with Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg shared the 1979 Nobel Prize for this discovery.

      So most of you by now are wondering why so much commotion and celebration over the discovery? What Is this Higgs Boson?

      If you go back to the beginning, even before the Big Bang, particles didn’t have any masses, according to our understanding. There was just one very large force that all these particles interacted with. As the universe cooled down, particles gained mass by interacting with the Higgs boson.

      So the reason you can’t push a car is because of the mass of the particles in the car interacting with a Higgs field.

      The Higgs boson is the final piece of the Standard Model of Particle Physics, a theoretical model which describes the fundamental particles and forces that control our Universe. Finding the Higgs plugs a gaping hole in the Standard Model, the theory that describes all the particles, forces and interactions that make up the universe.

      Scientists say it is a five sigma result which means they are 99.999% sure they have found a new particle which unfold many more mysteries about the universe we are all habitants of. This discovery holds colossal value; had the particle was shown not to exist, it would have meant tearing up the Standard Model and going back to the drawing boards for all those physicists who probably gave up more than just time in their lives towards the research.

      Upon this discovery, Scientists at CERN are very interestingly terming it as the finding of “God Particle”.

      Boy, won’t that name be attracting the attention of a lot of people out there who already believe science to be in some direct confrontation with god? So for all those who will probably fly off the handle and let their imaginations take over, the fact is, ‘God Particle’ isn’t what the scientists call it, it’s what the media calls it, and Atheism has nothing to do with it.

      The name comes from a book which describes the search for the Higgs Boson. This book was originally going to be called ‘God-Damn Particle’- hinting at how elusive it is- but was changed to ‘The God Particle’ by the publishers.

      An ironic fact that is worth a mention here is that, most physicists are staunch atheists or at least that is the general consensus, but Salam was one of the few firm believers of God.

      Abdus Salam was known to be a devout Muslim, whose religion did not occupy a separate compartment of his life; it was inseparable from his work and family life. He once wrote:

      “The Holy Quran enjoins us to reflect on the verities of Allah’s created laws of nature; however, that our generation has been privileged to glimpse a part of His design is a bounty and a grace for which I render thanks with a humble heart.”

      For him, there was no such thing as Islamic science, Hindu science, Buddhist science, Christian, Jewish or Atheist science. It was the study of the Laws of Nature and the laws of nature were the laws of God. So he would emphasise not to put science in a box for if you did, then he thought you would not find progress.

      Yet, Pakistan didn’t seem to accept him for his grandeur. Even when religion was a fundamental part of his research and the respect he held for it could not be challenged. Likewise was his love for Pakistan.

      In 1974, the Pakistani parliament made a constitutional amendment that declared Ahmadis as ‘non-Muslims’.

      In protest, Salam left Pakistan for London. Even after his departure, Salam did not completely terminate his connection to Pakistan, and kept close association with the Theoretical Physics Group as well as academic scientists from the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC). Leaving Pakistan in protest was something he greatly regretted because he loved his country. Unfortunately his country failed to reciprocate.

      Dr Ishfaq Ahmad, former chairman of the PAEC and a lifelong friend of Salam recalls:

      “Dr Abdus Salam was responsible for sending about 500 physicists, mathematicians and scientists from Pakistan, for doctorate’s to the best institutions in UK and US”.

      How did the nation honour him then? By ostracising him and his faith.

      Even the epitaph on his tomb which initially read “First Muslim Nobel Laureate”, because of Salam’s adherence to the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect, the word “Muslim” was erased on the orders of a local magistrate, leaving the nonsensical “First Nobel Laureate”.

      Despite the immense services he had done for Pakistan and the government, he has been discriminated against because of his affiliation with the Ahmadiyya sect, which the Pakistan Government has formally denounced.

      Yet, today, after so many years of controversy, this scientific achievement, set to go down in history, cannot be separated from the name Abdus Salam. That is exactly how Pakistani’s will remember it – as the day a scientific breakthrough made way and a Pakistani physicist had so much to do with it. A denounced Pakistani.

      To Pakistan, he was an Ahmadi, deserving of scorn and ridicule. To the world and to me, at least, he was a legendary physicist.

      Brilliance with no religion, no creed, no race, no caste and unfortunately, no country. Why call him Pakistani when we drew him away? Why take pride in his achievements now when he is gone? Why claim to have contributed to a discovery by a man you shunned? What suddenly makes him eligible to be a pride for Pakistan?

      If only Pakistan had looked upon his achievements and awards without the lens of religious skepticism and discrimination on, we will see that personalities like him that exist amongst us even today, are a matter of pride. They deserve to be recognised, valued and appreciated- not shunned or denounced.

  • IHAN

    Karachi ke sab se bari party MQM

    Pakistan ka economical hub Karachi

    Pakistan ke sab se bari port Karachi

    sab se zaida Karachi main hukumut mian MQM

    sab se ziada daku MQM

    sab se ziada land mafia Mafter ppp sab se ziada baray foriegn accounts MQM ke logon ke

    Sab se zaida bhatta collector MQM PPP

    is ke bawajood MQM lower middle class ke baat kartee hay waisay jin lower middle class ko mqm ne MNA MPA banwaya woh lower middle class he nhe rhaya malashiya dua london mai property aur business

  • justiceforall

    Sarfra Nawaz is an idiot. Aamer Sohail was making stuff up. It was apparent from his responses that no policy dissuasions have taken place amongst N leaguers…I can't for the life of me understand why Sarfraz would join MQM. They have not brought any prosperity to the people of Karachi and Hydrabad where they have held a number of seats for years. They have also been in City Govt during the Musharaf years.

    AAmir Sohail and Srfraz: this is not the time to get even with Imran Khan because of your past grievances..

  • mohsinssuet

    Javed Chaudry is biased with Aamir Sohail & Sarfaraz Nawaz.His attitude clearly shows that he is supporting PTI.He is biased anchor.

    • mudassar.sharif9

      javed chaudarey is honest and never been baised, so please watch your mouth. pti zainda bad.

  • Jazzee

    Serfaraz was 0 in studies ,he got admission in Govt COLLAGE Lahore only because he was crickter. He never even Pass his FA exammes. while playing for NORTHMAHPSHIRE , he use to drink beer like fish. Even in this programme he is drunk. He was jelous of IMRA KHAN , because in England IK was had a diffrent class and status, which Sarfaraz or any crickter from any where in the world never had. Imran Khan with his personality was papular in ROYAL CIRCLE, only second person after NEHRU,prime minister of India.So there is no comparision with Sarfaraz or Amir when it comes to talk on international platform, Imran Khan was the who introduce FATE ALI KHAN to Mig Jeager and rest of the cream of London socitey.HARD TALK, TIM Sabastian interview with Imran Worth watching.Interview with SALINA SCOT worth watching in which he said to her that Hospital is made only with the doation ofPakistani people.Open Universty Challange programme in front of over two thousand audiance deffend Pakistan.

    I am not his fan ,I am Pakistani first ,but I will not ignore some one who deffend Pakistan with such a loud voice on international platfom.

  • farhan_khan

    تحریک انصاف نے وہ کام کردئے ہیں جو آج تک کسی پارٹی نے نہیں کئے- ساری لیڈرشپ کے اثاثے ویب سائٹ پر رکھ دئے ہیں – بہت اعلی – اللہ باقی پارٹیوں کو بھی توفیق دے

  • loco

    my pti friends dont worry|some heramandi agents enter in this web.they dont like to change any system in over homeland.they sale thier mothers and sisters they dont have respect for nothing.we will change the system inshallah like our leader IMRAN KHAN says with capital letters.
    pakistan zindabad
    we will change the system with our vote in pakistan where loteras , badmash and qatil will never enter in politics.we will clean system inshallah.
    o people of pakistan plz vote to pti if you like better change in pakistan.
    pti zindabad
    imran khan we love you
    INSHALLAH pti will win in next elections.

  • khan_khan

    BAB jalne wale ka munh kala jao munh dho ke aao pehle baat karna seehko lanati,,,PTI zindabaad.Imran Khan the Great.

  • bab


    • loco

      bab tum logoon ki waja se pakistan 65 saloon main kuch nahin kar saka pakistan ki siasat aap ke ghar ki siasat hai ? jis main nae logoon ko nahin aney dete aur wohi begherat aur badmashon ka sath dete ho app log kab badlo gae

  • ayub lal

    i see a small change if u watch any older politician in any talk show they were fighting like maid bull,always protecting their party leader (their father)

    bt in this i listen all three from diff party goal s more or less same. in the end, i red somewhere( aazmay howay ko aazmna jahalat hay ) as per my experience this is true.

    wz ths hope in future there s some change. God bless pakistan

  • Ishaque

    PTI people look very immature and urealistic. They just build castles in the air, like their so called leader Tsunami Khan.

    On the other hand PML N people look very mature and they know what to do.

    People definitely know this difference and they will vote for a serious party not for a bunch of idiots who don't know the difference between a country and a cricket team of eleven players.

    • faroooOO

      oohh laptop walay mature… ye tu election may patha chalay ga.. pml-n tu ab past hay.. u think we are idiots, and u will see what will these idiots do.. yehe idiots he mulk ko in corrupt politicians say bachain gy… u pml-n walo u will bag for vote n not find a single..

      my vote is for change, my vote is for PTI

      • jmmkhan

        Mujhay bohat dukh hota hai jab tum jaise log kuch comment karte hain. tumhari party ki maturity Mushahid hussain hai?, jo 85 saal ko ho k bhi below di belt baat karta hai. tumhari maturity zaeem qadri aur hanif abbasi hai? jin ko baat karne ki tameez nahi. sab se bari maturity nawaz sharif? jis ki harkatain kisi se dhaki chupi nahi hain.

        tum kis dunya main rehte. agar to paid ho to koi gila nahi. aur agar thora sa bhi shaoor hai, to aqal se kam lo. bray mehrbani pakistani ko socho.

        • alifbypy

          ye tamaam log leaders nai hen. leader to imran khan hy jo leader ho kar below the belt baat karta hy. dosroo k ulty naam lena ghatea mazaq urana ye maturity hy PTI ki??. aaj tak ek b ilzaam saboot k sath nai lagaya us ghatea admi ny, not single one, jahan khara hota hy dosron py ilzamaat lagany k siwa or koe baat nai ati us ko. aur PML(N) k kisi ilzaam ko chalenge nai kea Imran khan ny. mujy is ghatea leader ka ek bayan dekha do jis me is ny sita white ki bachi ka walad hony sy inkaar kea ho. ek bayan dikha do jis me is ny kaha ho k shoukat khanam ka pesa pakistan sy bahar invest nai kea is ny…mujy pata hy tum phir b nai mano gy bher bakreo…

          • Chatterbox

            Jaise baqi log below the belt baat nahi karte. Imran Khan at least sachi baat karta hai.

  • darya khan

    Ibararul haq and Aamir sobail is a decent person…sarfaraz nawaz look like a shemale ..Aamir must be u join P.T.I…

  • honest1

    IMRAN is the only hope for our suffering country and for the nation..MQM,JUI,ANP

    PMLN,Q barabar ki zima dar ha mulk ki is buri hallat ke…TTP,firqa parsat mullah…

    denay islam aur umtey muslim ke dushman hain ye sab CIA,RAW,MOSAD.ke agent

    hain.they are working on agenda of islam dushman mulk dushman.agencies..

    ye siyasat dan ZARDARI choor…ke sath mil kar mulk ko tabah o barbad karna

    chahtey hain…IMRAN ka sath do..wo hi aik true muslim aur pakistani ha.baqi sab

    awam ko fool bnaa rehya hain…please wake up.this is time..INQLAB lana ho


  • http://zemtv.com Aarif Mahmood

    Amir and surferaz both were good criketers but it does not mean they are good person and honest too, hate and jealousy both are dangerous and can make you so selfish and blind to the truth, i think these two guys are got one of each, surferaz got hatred and amir have got jealousy towards imran khan, but they don't understand that the imran khan they knew 20 odd years ago was so different than the imran we have today. just because they did not change their life style it does not mean that imran did not either, we all know that today's imran is very different and one can see those changes very easily if you think honestly without any hate and jealousy. Imran khan is blessed by Allah in many ways we do not need to be jealous of him but to be proud of him.

  • zadi

    Imran Khan key sewa koi inqlab nahi laa sakta..

    • Akramalam

      You are right we also think so.

  • honest1

    is waqt mulk bohat nazuk door se guzar raha ha.awam aik waqt ki rooti ke lia

    taras rehay khas kar poor log.ZARDARI dako choor ne is mulk ko tabhae ke

    dahanay par laa khara kiya ha.ab youth ko jagna chahay aur IMRAN ke sath mil

    kar.in choro aur firqa parast,munafiq..dehshat gard mullah ko samander mien

    phaink dena chahay..ye akhri umeed ha agar ye na kiya giya tu…phir shayad

    hamara naam bhi nahi ho ga.history mien..KHUDA ke lia IMRAN ka sath do.

    apny lia nahi tu apni anay wali naslo ke lia hi in siyasat dano aur mullah se is mulk

    ko paak kar do…..

  • calico

    we have a lot of respect for our heroes, Sarfraz and Sohail, Please don,t become a part of coaliton of corrupts. Since you have seen their progress for the last 25 years. Here is the list as a reminder……………

    Child labor……………………………………….yes

    Clean water………………………………………No

    Education system………………………………. No

    Electricity……………………………………….. No

    Elite….Corruption/Oversees Properties………….Yes

    Food Price Hike…………………………….…… Yes


    Hospital ……………………………………………No


    Justice…. Only for rich/corrupts……………………Yes

    Power Dynasty……………………………………. yes

    Sewerage system……………………………………No

    Slave Labor……………………………………….. Yes

    Social security for workers…………………………No

    Student loan based on grades……… …………….. No

    Tax poor’s……………………………………….. Yes

    Transportation, PIA, Railway……………………. .No

    Unemployment Assistance………………………. No

  • calico

    Cesspool of Latas gathered at, Raiwid house, to promote Nawaz' corruption.

    Shaikh is Harmless as compared to a whole flock of lotas of Musharaf, which joined Nawaz, to help him continue his robbery……. Here is a list….you have right to your opinion.

    PML Dangling /Lotas: Marvi, Ameer Moqam, Liaqat Jatoi, Gen. Quyyam, Tariq Azim, some of them were on Musharaf’s Pay roll, what you called that? Not to mention, Nawaz, “the oldest test tube baby’ of dictator Zia.

    • Mo

      I am only concerned about Imran and PTI to hell with Noora and his damn PMLN who cares what he is gathering every body knows about him and have tried him and his party several times.

  • calico

    Like the pharase, Coalition of Corrupt………..This is what they offered int their 25 years of Experience.

    Child labor……………………………………….yes

    Clean water………………………………………No

    Education system………………………………. No

    Electricity……………………………………….. No

    Elite….Corruption/Oversees Properties………….Yes

    Food Price Hike…………………………….…… Yes


    Hospital ……………………………………………No


    Justice…. Only for rich/corrupts……………………Yes

    Power Dynasty……………………………………. yes

    Sewerage system……………………………………No

    Slave Labor……………………………………….. Yes

    Social security for workers…………………………No

    Student loan based on grades……… …………….. No

    Tax poor’s……………………………………….. Yes

    Transportation, PIA, Railway……………………. .No

    Unemployment Assistance………………………. No

  • sidd

    Afsoos becharay sarfraz pe k sirf bottle ke hasool k lie MQM join kar li, shame on you.

    Abhi tak bottle ka asar khatam nei hua.

    Is ghadhay ko bori band lashein nazar nahi ati.

    Theek hi kehtay hen, JO gunahoon ki daldal mein chalay jain Allah un k dillon pe muhar kar deta he phir woh andhay, gungay aur behray ho jatay hen.

    Allah reham karay, har ek ko MQM ki saye se bachay.

  • sidd

    javed ch teri maan ka rate bhi upar chala jay ga, to paisay ki fikar hi na kia kar. aur PTI a gai to teri maan k bussiness ko nuqsan nahi honay dein ge, balkay teri biwi ka permat bhi banwa den gay.

    itna bonus denay ko tayar hen phir tujhay to PTI ka sath dena chahyee, itna kurta keon he, teri behan to nei uthai na PTI walon ne phir itni jalan keon hoti he tujey.

    • mycausepakistan

      han ji sidd sahab tu janab SARKARI DALAY han na……. app ke liye permit lagwana konsa masla ha.

      Chutia sala logon ko bewaqoof banata ha.

      Hey PEOPLE…. YEH sidd ya tu ZARDARI ka pilla hay ya GANJON ka dalla ha…… be aware

  • Abdullah991

    Choor Begrat Nawaz sharif

  • mohammed rafiq

    irfan look like u took page out of my book,how about ./ nawaz sherif=boldhead eagle./hanif abbasi=cut throat hyena./sadiqual farooq=vampire./zeem kadri=cockoo bird./mashdulla khan=african red ass baboon./altaf hussain=sitting bull./fasil abdi smiggle[lord of the ring]khawaja asif =may may may sheep./pervez rashid=slow pow pussy cat./amir muqaam=chinese bullfrog./saad rafique=chip munk.and finally khurrum distigir=a missing link [human / apes].

  • M.I.Shahzad

    I have enjoyed a talk show for the first time where people talked decently, whether it is PML-N, or PTI. The MQM person was not as good as these two good people. Amir and Abrar both were ambitious about bringing good change in Pakistan and both talked nicely, Hats off to Javed CH for setting this good example and getting rid of ridiculous people like mushahid ullah and rana sanaullah.

  • mohammed rafiq


  • calico

    Some people are like a desperate poodles under Nawaz's table, anything drops they are ready to grab………most probably….. it would be crumbs ????

  • calico

    Sagar, then I would believe that we are liberated from our own oppressors, PPP/PML, and GENERALS………….?????



    • mudassar.sharif9

      ya sarfraz itna ghatea ore begerat insaan ha ki koi intaha nii…..bahot ersa pehly ya khan saheb ka barey meain keha kerta tha ki wo(imran khan)shadi ess lia ni kerta kuin ki khan sahab ko pata ha ki wo ulaad peda kerny ka kabal ni ha……..ya ghatea sarfraz jes tra khud gatea ha…ussey tra ki ghatea party main gea ha….laanat ho ess jeassy jooty loogoon pa…jo sasti shuhret ki lia koi bi elzam laga dety haa.

  • http://www.pakistan-revolution.com Inqelab

    No body knows about Inqelab and have idea about anything what they will do after that.

    They should have a policy statement about possible changes and a procedure to implement changes.

    Inqelab does not mean a blood shed but it is a change in a way of life and status co.

    How it will come? All three does not know.

    Very funny show.

  • calico

    Please Amir and Sarfraz, do,t become prey of status quo parties, these parties plundered Pakistan for the last 25 Years ???????????? please do justice with pakistan which gave you guys name and fame………?

    What People of Pakistan got?????????

    Accountability Bill: PPP/PML together on 17th, 18th, 20th, never passed ,

    Dirty Drinking Water— Hepatitis C

    Dirty Hospital— Leader (PIGS) treated oversees, No infrastructure, Staff less paid.

    Education system: classes held in graveyards, poultry farms, ghost schools.

    Fake medicine—Political poodles involved in drug industry, Mosa, Hanif, (Ephedrine)

    Law and Order: Common man Killed, MNA, MPA, Generals safe etc.

    No Electricity: 15 to 20 hours, no light, no work, Rental Raja.

    No Gas: cooking food is a problem.

    No jobs: Most of industries run on electricity.

    Poverty: Public poor, leaders flying & buying properties oversees with stolen money.

    Price hike: corruption caused price hike, for rich PIGS– Mayfair, and surrey Palace.

    Sewerage system—Gutter water is mixed with drinking water—Hepatitis C

    Sold out Media: Never asked question about above mentioned issues.

  • warraich1853

    javed sahib yeh aik balance program hai aur allah ap ko mazeed hadait dey aur sach ka saath deney ki tufeek ata karey

  • zamzam

    Mubarik ho Mubarik mubarik P-O-TI k ik or umeedwar mil gaya ha,,,Abrarul Haq gana gaya ga or ya nacha gi (Zara Akber),,,Change a gaya Pakistan main,,,,Mubarik ho mubarik ho,,,

    Dosto cheetaha Mubashar gumnam ko P-O-TI waloon na dubara support kerna shuru ker dia ha,,Bashermi ki b koie intaha hoti ha,,,,Lannti,,,

    Not only political wrong peoples going to one party P-O-TI,,,+ Media k genda loog bhi,,,Like (Mubashra luqman,,,Aamir liaqet+Hassan nisar) etc. and gehnda tareen loog from show biz coming soon to joining P-O-TI (Veena Malik) Ha haaaaaa,,,

    kia P-O-TI and MQM ithad karain gi,,,Kioonka MQM k paid anchors seb P-O-TI main ja raha hain,,,Mubashar luqman,,,Aamir liaqet,,,Hassn nisar,,,Or kuch PPP k paid b P-O-TI ko bara support ker raha hain,,,

    Shuker ha ALLAH k saeed bahi aisa loogon sa ddoor hain or ALLAH K deen ki khidmet ker raha hain,,,or is jhooti or munafqet ki siyset sa door hain,,,,

    Kia weqt ho ga jeb Aamir liaqet and Mubashar luqman sath sath + Haroon rasheed sahib,,,Javed hashmi + sheikh rasheed+ SMQ+IK sath sath,,,Veena malik + Mufti Qawi sath sath,,,,Ya PTI raha b k kuch mixer ben jia ga,,,Kuch bahayi ki hed ko phencha hua hain,,,Kuch islam k naam per Logoon ko bawaqoof banata raha hain,,,Kuch Khara such sunata raha hain,,,Malik riaz k sath mil ker,,,,SC,,,Ya imran khan kia ker raha ha,,,Ik taraf ya adaltoon ko tareef kerta ha dusri taraf her wo insan ka ya sath bath raha ha jinhoon na adaltoon ko galian deen,,,Seikh rasheed mubashar luqman,,,,ALLAH rahem kara hamara mulak per.

  • chali

    In a new imran khan pakistan dream of one pakistani
    1)pakistan will be a welfare state
    2)one syllabus for all education
    3)Free education for all peoples
    4) free health care system
    5)very tuff audit system for all pakistani
    6)Respect for all religions
    7) Very tuff law for corruption
    8)Increase the salary of government servants accordingly by inflation

  • pakiboyy123

    I t was nice Seeing Surfraze Khan, But he is pretty Dump,. In terms of Knowledge and Answering question. I guess Once player dont make money back in old days, they have to joing party to make it for it

  • irfan chaudhry

    it’s time to reject the Coalition of Corrupts (Mukbara Party (PPP), Brainless Ganja Party (PMLN), Islam-farosh Maulvi Diesel Party, Mafroor Altaf Paan Pichkari Party, Gujrat’s Kaatil League & Asfund Nuswaar Party).

    wake up before its to late

    its time for real change

    and a honest person can only bring that

    imran khan great leader

    vote for pti vote

    for better future

    of pakistan ……………………………………………………..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    wake up join pti and become a member of change

    we love pakistan we want all that Corrupt leader to bring that tax payers money

    back in to pakistan

    pti will bring that money back inshallah in to pakistan

  • Yasir Rizwan


    Ibrar-ul-haq zindaa baad…….Innovative , Creative ,

    I also like to listen Waleed Iqbal….why he is not been invited yet??


    Serfaraaz nawaaz chabliyaan maar raha hai…

    Amir Sohail reasonable person but he choose a wrong party.

    Doa go

  • asadalikhan

    عمران خان الله تعالیٰ سے دعا ہے کہ وہ آپکو کامیاب کرے اپ کے عزم اور یقین کو الله تعالیٰ حقیقت میں بدلے تاکہ لوگوں کو پتا چلے کہ اچھا لیڈر کیسا ہوتا ہے پچاس نکمے لیڈروں سے ایک اچھا محب وطن ہمدرد لیڈر اچھا ہوتا ہے اور و ہ ہے فخر پاکستان

    عمران خان

  • glasgow

    inshallah pti will come

  • Mo

    Imran Khan has highly disappointed his follower and lovers by inviting all the crooks in his party like sheeda tilli and aamir liyaqat these are well known people who always supported and were part of the pervaiz musharaff regime they are just opportunists they will fly whenever they see a better pospect they are failures and they dont and cannot bring any real change they will be an uncomfortable load for the party and old faithful workers. You will be better off with few but committed and loyal workers than an good for nothing crowd . So please make your decisions on the concensus of the workers and party loyalist.

  • khaleeq

    v good program

  • saqib786

    ایک بات صاف ہے کہ عمران خان کے مرید اپنے پیر کے خلاف کوئی بھی بات برداشت نہیں کرتے۔اور تب انکا اخلاق بھی بہت بہت بلند ھو جاتا ہے۔۔خدا اس قوم پہ رحم کرے۔ جب شروع شروع میں مشرف کی حکومت تھی یہی پاکیستانی عوام مشرف کی مرید تھی۔ مشرف گیا پھر بینطیر کی مرید بنی۔بینظیر تو نہ رہی انکو زرداری مل گیا۔ اب عمران کی مرید ہے۔ہماری قوم سوچتی کم ہے مرید بہت جلدی بنتی ہے۔۔پھر چاہے انکو اپنے پیر کی حمایت میں شیخ رشید جیسے لوٹے کی بھی تعریف کرنے پڑھے کر جاتے ہیں۔لازمی نہیں جو کرکٹر اچھا ھو وہ انسان اور رہنما بھی اچھا ھو۔جیسا کہ سرفراز نواز بہت اچھا کرکٹر تھا، بلکہ عمران کو ریورس سوئنگ بھی اسی نے سکھائی تھی۔ عمران خان نے خود بھی مانا تھا۔لیکن ہے وہ بھی ایک عجیب انسان۔۔۔۔۔

    ٹھیک ہے عمران کو سپورٹ کرو۔ مگر اپنا لہجہ تو اخلاقی رکھو یار

    • athal

      Quaid Azam build pakistan and Muslim league

      Butto was a leader and founder of PPP

      Imran khan leader and founder of PTI

      Quaid Azam died one year after making Pakistan.. Every Pakistani is still his Mureed

      Butto was killed after sweeping the elections… Butto is still an inspiration for the Politician of today.

      Imran khan is the last hope and will be remembered long after he is gone for his vision, love of the country and selfless service to the public of Pakistan.

      IMRAN KHAN a living legend and people are not stupid for loving him.

      Pakistan Zinda Bad

  • pak_pakistani

    Aamir bhi aap ne shyd imran khan ka wo byan nahi suna jis main wo apny bachon k sath olymics games dekhny ka zikr karty hain.

    2nd unka byan hai k goverve house ki ground ko sports k li a den gy.

    3rd wo apni baat hi sports ki misaal se karty hain.

    Baqi is show main kam az kam ye dekhny ko mila har bat karny wala adab k dayry main hai. sarfraz sb ney kuchh ishary se ghalat bolny ki koshish ki bus.

    is se pehly kashif abbasi ka thora sa 1 program dekha jawaron ki larai samajh k chhor dia.

  • Masoom Rana


  • azeem_bakhsh

    Thank you Sir Javed !

    First time I observed you to be fair with PTI!

    plz be like this your show is very good!Pakistani nation need ur help to to support the PTI.

    Imran Khan Inshallah will bring the positive change,we are pretty hopefull !

    Abrar ul haq well done ,good speech!

  • Schawkur

    IQ of Aamir and Sarfraz is as low as of Noora and Altaf – that's why they are praising their moron leaders.

    Enough is enough! Dear Pakistanis, it's wake up time. For the sake of the future of your children it's time to reject the Coalition of Corrupts (Mukbara Party (PPP), Brainless Ganja Party (PMLN), Islam-farosh Maulvi Diesel Party, Mafroor Altaf Paan Pichkari Party, Gujrat’s Kaatil League & Asfund Nuswaar Party).

    Future belongs to PTI !!!

  • timode

    imran khan brings pop revolution in pakistan ,or ibrar ul haq kie bohat issat hai uss say bhi siyada jitnie kanjro kie hotie ha ,,jeh pakistan kay murde mujahid gullukaro mein shummar hota hai,namaz perh ker billo kay gar jata hai ,,or azzan dene kay bad gana gata hai or dance kerta hai ,,huda kie kasamm pakistan mein inhee loogo kie kammi rah gaye thie jehi pakistan mein inqlab laean gay ,,mubarak bab pakistaniyo ab khusrey or kunjer hie immandar hein ,,,immran khan sari zindagi euroup mein namzeen perhta rahi kabi kissie meaam ka sath zana nahi kiya …jehi khan pakistan mein inqlab laeay ga ,or inshalla sarey gariboo ko apne 300 knal kay bangley mein rehayshh day ga ,,mubarak pakistan ka aqalmand nojwanoo tumhare hote huwe pakistan ko koie nahie chood sakta ,,kun kay tum immran khan ko vott day ker poreey pakistan ko kujer pop contrey bna do gay or phir pata challey ga ka kis kis ne biloo kay gahr jana hai ,,,mude mujahid tum per islam ko fahar hai jiss ne pori koom ko sal ha sal pop musik ko islami tariqee say nojwanoo kie rag rag mein undehla ,,jeh ha wo azeem karnama jiss kay agey muhammad bin qasim ,,,or mahmmod gaznawi jassey loogo kay kamm bhi heach ho jatey hein ,,pti zinda abad .mein or merei baradri kay 850 vott pti ko millen gay lekin zirf dak kay zariye say ,,kun kay india say vott sirf dak kay zariye say hi aa saktey hein ,,,

  • GoodDeedsLeadTo

    Imran Khan is the only leader who is like an open book, who has disclosed 100 percernt of his income, the only one who is in a position to reconcile his property, belongings, with income taxes paid & income earned.

    Thus, Imran Khan is the only one who is in a position to lead by his own example, not mere slogans of revolution like other copy cats.

    You cannot lead by your exmaple, if you NAB cases open against you, or if you refuse to reconcile your belongings, property, businesses, ownerships, with your earnings & income taxes paid.

    You can only buy property in England or American if your income is many times the monthly payment required to be paid toward teh mortgage.

    The amount of income taxes Nawaz Shareef paid does not reconcile with his belongigngs, and belongings & proeprty depend on on income & income tax should shouw the income, which it does not.

    You cannot refuse to show the transactiions toward fund transfers overseas and then assert to lead by your example.

    You cannot return disputed property to Banks and defualt on your loans, and then lead by your example.

    MQM politivians may be clean corruption wise, but they cannot lead by their example & run weaponized gangs in Karachi.

    I think if MQM gives up on using weaponzied gangs in Karachi, then their leaders should in a position to lead by their example.


  • rbutt

    Sarfraz Nawaz…..in MQM…and I thought I had seen it all.

  • shah772

    Ye Sarfaraz Nawaz ki to accountability honi chaey q k ye Ghadari watan Walon say mila hua hai Jo khud b Ghadari watan hain,

    Baqi ye Sir Imran Khan sy jealous ho raha hai k waho mujh say umer main chota hai, os nai world cup be jeetwaya, Shawkat Khanam be banaya, numal university be bana raha hai, aor Mulk k baray party ka chairman be ban gya aor khud Ghadari watan k elwa aor kuch nae kya Sarfaraz nai,

    Baki raha Ameer Sohail to Urdu main simple c muhawera hai k" Tarboza Tarbozay ko dekh ker Rang pakrta hai" to eska matlab ye huwa k khod to Ganjay hai Aor Ghanja Leg ko join kya..

    Geo P.T.I

    • raja-pakistani

      sarfraz nawaz looks pissed…i think he is drunk…..i always thought these two guys were good cricketer but as human being they had zero class. I can say this as i have sat with both and socailised with them. Sarfraz was always a heavy drinker and gambler, MQM must have been desperate to get him in the party.

      Come on face the fact NAwaz Sharif been in power befiore twice and both time he was a flop and he was kicked out for corruption. a leopold never changes his spot…nawaz sharif oncer a crook always a crook.

      as far a MQM alway i will say they are enemy of pakistan and a terrorist party.

  • shah772

    I love Sialkot wala kan kul k sun lay lagta hai ap bhi Khwaja Sara ban gae!!

    Shame on u…

    Love P.T.I

    Love IK

    Love Shekh Rasheed Ahmed as well,


      shah main nay to phelay hi khah he aap pti walay sach na sunna chatay hain na dekhna chatay hain main nay jo khah halaf say say khah baqi khawaja janay yaa aap loog janai who aap logoon ka behnoi hai aap usay jo marzi kahain


    bewoqafo logoo kin logoon say umedain laga bethay ho main halafain khatha hoon main nay uk main ibrar ko casino main java khelthay dekha hai liken Aap PTI waloon ko dosroon k aib nazar aatay hain liken PTI wallay jo marzi ghlaat kaam karain liken who aap ki nazar main Firshtay hain

    • sagarlatif

      Both parties ,PPP and PMLN and their allies have been in power many times and they did wrong with our country and with pakistani people so we call them corrupt but you still keep your eyes shut or may be you have been given money by PPP or PMLN .When PTi come in power and if they do wrong things ,we can say some thing about them but Inshallah PTI will bring inqilab


        sagarlatif saab main bhi aap k sath khata hoon ppp pml mqm anp pmlq aml yeh sub choor hain liken pti walay in say baray letrray hain jo chanday k sath dohkha kar sakttay hain who to mulak donoon hathoon nhi latoon say bhi lotain gaaa

        • athal

          If Abdul Sattar Edhi came to politics you will blame him the same.

          To know how right you are look at the dislike on your comments….

          You should vote for the Party that your parents used to vote for as you are brain washed by your parents…..

          Let the people of free will choose their new leader Imran Khan becuase they want to breakaway with their past….. That is change…..

    • pti.is.a.must

      aap casino mein kya ker rahe thay? agar uss ki baat per aitbaar nahin ker sakte to aap ki baat per kaise aitbaar karein aap bhi to ussi jaga per thay jahan woh tha? atleast woh practically kuch karne ki koshish to ker raha hai aap kya ker rahe ho nafrat aur mistrust phelane k ilawa?


        main to aik gonaghar insaan hoon main bhi wahaan who hi kar rahah tha jo ibrar kar rahah tha liken main aapni kmai say kar rahah tah par ibrar to chanda ikhtha kar k java khel raha tha

        • athal

          If your are in England how come you can't write English….

          I am sure Ibrar is not a Farishta and he has probably gambled and so have you.

          If you have as much of a poor character as someone else then what is the point of you pointing at him?

          Is it not better for you to keep your PIE HOLE shut….

          • I LOVE SIALKOT

            athal main to aik un par insaan hoon galaat kamoon mai par gia par yeh jo parylikhay lrtraay hain in loogoon nay parr kar ganwa dia hia our pori qaum ko bewaqoof banna rahay hain

        • athal

          You are right you are GHALAT ADMI to talk to.

          You dont make sense as you explained it yourself.

          My advise to you is…..

          If you cant do any good thats fine , but at least say something good when it is your turn to speak.

    • Ah1993

      ap khud udhar jata ho tou ap na ibrar ko wahan daikha hai na……. phir usa kun batein kar raha ho jub ap khud jata ho :p

  • khushbakht

    this was an old recorded show.already aired months ago…its not winter as evry 1 is wearing warm dress….

  • sagarlatif

    Serfaraz bhai and amir bhai look at the rating and you will come to know how much the people of pakistan are angry with corrupt politicians like PPP and PMLN and their allies We give you a good advice to leave these parties otherwise you both will loose your respect in Pakistan PTI will bring Inqilab Inshallah and you all will see this

  • calico

    Why blame America, which gives billions of $$$ to help Pakistani people but our Corrupt leaders in, PPP, PML, MQM/ANP and Generals stole that money and build their business empires, Mayfair, Surrey Mahel, Swiss bank, in Europe. And what People got…………???????

    Child labor……………………………………….yes

    Clean water………………………………………No

    Education system………………………………. No

    Electricity……………………………………….. No

    Elite….Corruption/Oversees Properties………….Yes

    Food Price Hike…………………………….…… Yes


    Hospital ……………………………………………No


    Power Dynasty……………………………………. yes

    Sewerage system……………………………………No

    Slave Labor……………………………………….. Yes

    Social security for workers…………………………No

    Student loan based on grades……… …………….. No

    Tax poor’s……………………………………….. Yes

    Transportation, PIA, Railway……………………. .No

    Unemployment Assistance………………………. No

    • sagarlatif

      Dear Calico we agreed 100% with you but don't worry all these corrupt politician have very few days left ,people of Pakistan will never let them run away to Europe and america and Canada

  • sajidgwa


  • Pakistanloveu

    PTI … is the Only Hope others Are in Power MQM..Noora LEage… Enjoy Govt.. Shame on u .. Destroy Pakistan… last 63 Years…. Vote For Pakistan… Vote for Imran khan

  • sagarlatif

    I had so much respect for Aamir Sohail and Serfaraz Nawaz they are heroes of Pakistan but from today pakistani people came to know they are in wrong parties ,they shouldn't have joined these parties only PTI can bring inqilab in Pakistan

  • The real khan

    sarfaraz nawaz is very biased and always jealous of imran khan while aamir sohail proved that he is always a looser…

    • mohammed rafiq