Aaj kamran khan ke saath on Geo news – 23rd august 2012


Aaj kamran khan ke saath on Geo news – 23rd august 2012

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  • [email protected]

    Integrity of CJP is above any doubt. Who he did no bowt before a very powerful dictator how he can be expected to be blackmailed by Zardari or his stooge Malik Riaz. However at this stage nation who is solidly behind him expects him to follow footprints of Hazrar Umar. If his son is found guilty he should be given examplary punishment. If justice is not upheld in case of his son then every thing will be washed away. Then no Chief Justice of Pakistan will ever dare to fight against corruption. It is time that CJP raise himself above all personal considerations. History does not repeat itself again and again.

  • Bawa

    This new named Villa Khan has also got a Flat in London. The Qadianis in London are fully funding Bhutta-Khor Altaf Hussain so that he can start a another controversy that Quaid e Azam was Shia. There is nothing wrong whether Quaide Azam was Shia or Khoja, what matters is that Altaf Hussain is trying to get Shia votes for Zardari.

    If Arsalan Iftikhar has done anything wrong then no doubt he will be sent to Jail. But Kamran Khan has taken a Dubai Villa from Malik Riaz. You bloody Villa Khan you are not neutral.

  • usaif

    shageel meman,faisal raza abadi ,yasmeen ,aur kamran khan ki ek hi line wo hai malik riaz

  • makhokhar

    Kamran Khan

    – Received 62 Lakh Rupees, was promised 2 Crore + a house in Bahria

    Town, but didn’t receive it until May 2012

    Money Transferred From:

    NIBC Bank Limited (Bahria Town Branch) Account# 8283982

    • giala

      Wll done Kamran khan. At least, you realized that SC is trying to hide a crime of Arsalan. So its becomes a crime itself. It proves also that Faisal Raza Abdi has spoken a truth about CJ and his son.look at the other side of picture, Hamid saeed kazmi has been in jail for years without any proof, and there are so many proofs against Arsalan Ch, and he is enjoying a free life. Shame

  • honest1

    IMRAN is the only hope for our suffering country and for the nation..MQM,JUI,ANP

    PMLN,Q barabar ki zima dar ha mulk ki is buri hallat ke…TTP,firqa parsat mullah…

    denay islam aur umtey muslim ke dushman hain ye sab CIA,RAW,MOSAD.ke agent

    hain.they are working on agenda of islam dushman mulk dushman.agencies..

    ye siyasat dan ZARDARI choor…ke sath mil kar mulk ko tabah o barbad karna

    chahtey hain…IMRAN ka sath do..wo hi aik true muslim aur pakistani ha.baqi sab

    awam ko fool bnaa rehya hain…please wake up.this is time..INQLAB lana ho


    • giala

      Idiots of PTI don't get over excited, you cannot get any seat. Even though, poor javed hashmi and stupid qureshi will not be able to win. So he is not going to win, and you will be not appointed as a governor of Punjab, idiot.

  • honest1

    ZARDARI dako choor ne is mulk ko tabhae ke

    dahanay par laa khara kiya ha.ab youth ko jagna chahay aur IMRAN ke sath mil

    kar.in choro aur firqa parast,munafiq..dehshat gard mullah ko samander mien

    phaink dena chahay..ye akhri umeed ha agar ye na kiya giya tu…phir shayad

    hamara naam bhi nahi ho ga.history mien..KHUDA ke lia IMRAN ka sath do.

    apny lia nahi tu apni anay wali naslo ke lia hi in siyasat dano aur mullah se is mulk

    ko paak kar do…..sirf 5 lakh youth agar Imran ke sath,sar par kafan bandh kar

    nikal aya tu ye mulk bach sakta ha..warna…….ALLAH reham karay ham par..

    • giala

      Idiots of PTI, Kamran is discussing about the corruption of 'Ibne Iftikhar', he is not talking about Imran or mr zardari. And why Imran and you idiots are supporting the corruption of Arsalan. It means if corruption is done by a 'Cheap Justice' and his son, it is ok for you. So it means you have double standard about corruption. And if your party will get a chance, you will leave every body behind the corruption. Arsalan is corrupt that's why SC has stopped the investigation about him. Because Ch and justice khawaja are also involved in money making business.

  • alu temater

    i think kamaran is still a honest person. but he is riaz malik group is black mailing him for something they gave him in past same time when they were traping cj son and other tv anchors, they made some vedios.it is only my conclusion that could be wrong.to trap cj they spend over 50 caror rupees.but Allah has unvail the truth.

    cj and imran khan is still our heros

  • Fazal Azeem

    I have no political party. Other than today's show, Kamran khan shows were informative for people like us who lived most of their lives outside Pakistan and love Pakistan more than anything. Kamran Khan did many shows in right direction and pointed out many problems. Based on his reporting and Geo channel's effort few actions were taken by authorities and few problems were resolved. 

    Unfortunately, at least to me, today's show doesn't seem right, or I can say wrong direction. I can see Kamran khan will face credibility issue if trend continue, like Aitzaz Ahsan, on going forward basis. 

  • rizwansarwar

    yaro aik bat samajh aati hay k villa khan nay malik riaz say pesay liye hain but aik or bat tang kr rahi ho jo k samajh ni aa rahi k is nay sab say ziada programme or propoganda zardari k khilaf kia hay to us may ye sacha ho ga kia ya us may be kisi say pesay liye ho gay please answer my question specially those who are supporting arsalan

  • aussie48

    So what will happen to Arsalan ?? NOTHING .. he is another son of another big shot .. a bit of hulla gulla in the news for a while and then everything will just go away .. and he will make millions in the process .. Has anything ever happened to anyone in power in Pakistan ??? this scandal will be used by some to take advantage – and in the end nothing will come out

  • calico

    Why blame America, which gives billions of $$$ to help Pakistani people but our Corrupt political leaders and Generals stole that money and build their business empires, Mayfair, Surrey Mahel, Swiss bank, in Europe. And what People got…………???????

    Child labor……………………………………….yes

    Clean water………………………………………No

    Education system………………………………. No

    Electricity……………………………………….. No

    Elite….Corruption/Oversees Properties………….Yes

    Food Price Hike…………………………….…… Yes


    Hospital ……………………………………………No


    Power Dynasty……………………………………. yes

    Sewerage system……………………………………No

    Slave Labor……………………………………….. Yes

    Social security for workers…………………………No

    Student loan based on grades……… …………….. No

    Tax poor’s……………………………………….. Yes

    Transportation, PIA, Railway……………………. .No

    Unemployment Assistance………………………. No

  • a gowher

    Arslan Choudhry will refuse to appear in any court and he will not cooperate with NAB as long his father is holding Chief Justice Position..

    Faisal Raza Abidi has produced some valid proves of corruption against Arslan which also includes the documents establishing the use of official residence of Chief Justice for criminal activities.

    Being fully aware of his son’s criminal activities and then protecting him makes C/J Iftikhar Choudhry as guilty as his son Arslan.

    Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry is not above the Law, he must respond to these serious allegations. It will be very hard for him to deny of having any knowledge of his son driving BMW’s and Land rovers and living a life style of rich and famous, we still need his side of the story.

    There is a buzz about a deal in progress, a huge amount (40 million dollars) will be deposited in Iftikhar Choudhry’s Bank account in Dubai and in return he will stop contempt of court proceeding against Prime Minister and he will also work together with P.P.P Government through the next elections.

    Again, everything is possible in Pakistan.

  • imran durrani

    گزشتہ تین سال سے ہمارے ملک میں مسلسل سیلاب آ رہے ہیں اور ہر سیلاب کے آنے پر آنے والے سال کی تیاری کی خبر حکمران دے دیتے اور حقیقتن کچھ نہیں کیا جاتا کے آنے والے سیلابو کی تباہ کاریو سے بچا جاسکے اور پانی کو ذخیرہ کرنے کے انتظامات کے جاے، حقیقت حال یہ ہیں کے موجودہ حکومت محض حکومت کرنے تک اور اس سے ناجائز فائدے حاصل کرنے کے علاوہ عوامی بہبود و فلاح کے منصوبے بنا نے سے عاری رہی . عام راےہیں کے اس حکومت نے عوامی فلاح کا کوئی منصوبہ نہ بنایا کے حقیقی جمہوریت پنپتی صاف نظر آتا رہا کے زرداری اور حواری صرف مال بنانے کو ترجیح دیتے رہے اسی طرح صوبائی حکومتے بھی ایسی ہی کروائو میں مصروف رہی حال تو یہ کے حکومتے آزاد کشمیر جس نے کراپشپں کے پچھلے سارے ریکورڈ توڑھ ڈالے اور تقسیم کی بندر بانٹ میں اپس میں ہی الجھتے رہتے ہیں عوام کے لے دماغ کھپانے کی کیسے پڑی کے بچاؤ کے طریقے اختیار کے جاتے . آج سے ارض وطن میں ندی نالے ابلنا شروع ہو چکے اور ساڑھے چار سال میں عوام کو کوئی ریلیف نہ مل سکا. جیو اور جینے کی پولیسی سے بے نیاز حکمران عوام کو گھمبھیر مسائل میں چوڑھ کر اپنے اپنے ملکو سدھارے گے اور عوام جے بھتو جے نواز شریف کے نعرے لگاتے رہ جائ گے ، مرے پیارے گدھو ابّ بھی ٹائم ہیں سنبھال لو اپنے اپ کو اور آیندہ ہانکنے سے بچنے کے لے تیاری کر لو چھوڑ دو انکا پیچھا یہ لوگ ہرگز ہرگز تمہارے نہیں اپنے مفادات کے علاوہ، جسکی چھوٹی سی مثال تخت لاہور والو کی یہ دیک لو کے وہ کیو صرف لاہور میں سڑکو اور پلو کو بنانے میں دلچسپی لیتے ہیں کے انکا سریا بغیر ٹرانسپورٹ کے خرچہ کے بکتا رہے اور وہ سکون سے مال بناتے رہے.

    آنے والو دنو میں پاکستان میں سخت خشک سالی کی پیشگوئی ہیں اسکا ادراک اسی صورت ممکن تھا کے مختصر ٹائم میں زیادہ سے زیادہ ڈیم بنایے جاتے اور پانی کے ضیا کو روکا جاتا کالا باغ جیسے منصوبو پر سیاسی مخالفت کے باوجود کام جاری رکھا جاتا قطع نظر اسکے کے سندھ و خیبر پختون خوا والے مفادپرست سیاستدان اعتراض کرتے مگر زرداری نے اپنی حکومت کو دوام دینے کیلے سب سے پہلے اس منصوبہ کو اسفندیار والی اور ایم کیو ایم کی خواہش پر ترک کر دیا کیونکے مفاہمت کے نام پر منافقت کا کاروبار ہو رہا تھا .

  • ZahidNaqvi

    Ever since the 13th June interview of Mehar Bokhari/Mubasher Luqman when it was revealed that Kamran Khan has obtained a Holiday Villa in Dubai, he is now known as Villa Khan.

    Also we saw that over the Eid Show with Fareeha Idrees, this Hamid Mir directly accused Kamran Khan and Najam Sethi of wrong doings (taking favours from Malik Riaz). This is the reason Villa Khan was doing this Show on Malik Riaz soley.

    All TV Presenters are now sold-out to Zardari. I don't trust this Villa Khan at all. It can be argued that Arsalan Khan may have done stupid things and this is bringing a bad name to Chjef Justice Iftikhar, but if found guilty, I am sure Supreme Court will sent him to Jail.

    So shut up you Villa Khan.

    • aussie48

      instead of mud slinging, why dont you stick to the point and refute the allegations against the idiot Arsalan and his father ?? When you do not have an argument you start to discredit others.

  • Opinion Maker

    Why u always try to create an unusual hype in the country with out having any sound & solid issue??????????

    • aussie48

      oh ?? corruption by the custodian of law is not a big issue ?? I think everything else should be stopped immediately and first the judiciary be cleared of the corrupt and inept .. unless the person who is giving justice is clean, there can be no justice

  • alu temater

    bura na manana yaro meri gal da yay kamran khan nai bolda .

    kamran khan day wich malik riaz bolda.

    now i m sure that malik riaz start his campaign again against cj .now they r boosting money through bikao tv chanels and bikao tv anchors

    • orakzai110


      Lashkar-e-Jhangvi publishes beheading Shiakilling Video

      Lamhaya Fikreeya

      ye zeeba krnyw aly zarur ak baap sy nhi bal Poory Mohally k mardo ki paidaaaar hy , , jinki maa Jirgy my bait kr inki waldiato ka faisal kry gee, , khanzeer ahrami kutty ki nasal , , nasoor hy paksitan k liyee , , Khuda in per asmaano sy amzeed DRONE BARSAM, , chahy wo America ho ya INDIA ho, , , LANAT BESHUMAAR

      Quaidy azam ko sect ki bunyad per shia hony ki waja sy KAFIRY AZAM kehny walo per lanat

      afwaaj per hamly mazarat per hamly krny walo per lanat

    • aussie48

      refute the claims against idiot Arsalan and CJ instead of discrediting the anchor …

  • imtiaz1959

    Dear Mr. Kamran Khan, First time I liked your show it was wonderful, that fraud Mr. Arslan Iftikhar must appear and surrender to the inquiry team. I hate double standards of justice in this country that even Prime Minister an elected representative of 180 Million should face the contempt of court and thrown out of office why not son of so called CJ. should be arrested and prosecuted. He is culprit he has to answer to the people of this country does it matter he is son of Chief Justice.

    We have to establish rule of law and the so called independent judiciary is custodian of rule of law shame on all those who criticize Malik Riaz and Kamran Khan but failed to acknowledge the dirty character of Mr. Arslan Iftikhar. The people of Pakistan must learn about that lucrative business.Isn't it more then Double Shah.

    CJP should not intervene in this inquiry and stay out of this matter or he as a responsible and honorable person resign and make an example for others to follow him. We must appreciate Mr. Kamran Khan for this truthful show.

  • itishan

    Kamran sahb waisay namak halaali koi aap se seekhay,

    Lagtaa hai keh MALIK RIAZ se li hui raqam kaa hisaab brabar karnaa chahtay hein, shame to you unlimited.

    Tumharai jaisy kali sheep hii mediaa ki badnaami kaa baais hein.

    yeh sawalaat jo abb tum nay uthay hein inn sabb kaa jawab too kab kaa dai chukay, tum kehaan maray huai thay.

    Malik riaz ko paisun ki khatir aap apny ………………………ghairat bhi dai saktay ho.


    • aussie48

      so you deny that Arsalan is clean and pious and everything against him is a big conspiracy involving hundreds of people ??? and I think Arsalan's family and parents need to be cursed who are hand in glove in his corruption.

  • Zahidsolo

    Malik Riaz Explained by himself that he used to put WHEELS to his Files. Now for shore he is putting WHEELS to the NAP CASE. Thats why Case is freeze by S.C temporarily

    • aussie48

      hahaha .. you dont even know what you are talking about :) have you never put "wheels" on your files ?? tell me one person in whole Pakistan who has never given rishwat to get his work done.

  • Mo

    ghalat reporting na kiya karen ye daketeyan nahin then noora leage ki qom ko eid mumbarak thi ab eid bhi to wusul kerni thi bus eidi samjh len police ka hisa bhi tha.

  • rana12

    Special prog for malik riaz. Shame on you kamran khan!!!

  • essex

    Dear Mr KAMRAN kHAN, We dont trust you any more after Riaz Malik Scam against Great CJ.

    • aussie48

      and you trust the kana CJ ??? if Arsalan is so clean why doesnt he come and clear his name ,. there are allegations against him


    YE Kamran malik Riaz ka wafadar kutta hain.

    Kamran shame on u.