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Aaj kamran khan ke saath on Geo news – 23rd august 2012

Aaj kamran khan ke saath on Geo news – 23rd august 2012

  • [email protected]

    Integrity of CJP is above any doubt. Who he did no bowt before a very powerful dictator how he can be expected to be blackmailed by Zardari or his stooge Malik Riaz. However at this stage nation who is solidly behind him expects him to follow footprints of Hazrar Umar. If his son is found guilty he should be given examplary punishment. If justice is not upheld in case of his son then every thing will be washed away. Then no Chief Justice of Pakistan will ever dare to fight against corruption. It is time that CJP raise himself above all personal considerations. History does not repeat itself again and again.

  • Bawa

    This new named Villa Khan has also got a Flat in London. The Qadianis in London are fully funding Bhutta-Khor Altaf Hussain so that he can start a another controversy that Quaid e Azam was Shia. There is nothing wrong whether Quaide Azam was Shia or Khoja, what matters is that Altaf Hussain is trying to get Shia votes for Zardari.

    If Arsalan Iftikhar has done anything wrong then no doubt he will be sent to Jail. But Kamran Khan has taken a Dubai Villa from Malik Riaz. You bloody Villa Khan you are not neutral.

  • usaif

    shageel meman,faisal raza abadi ,yasmeen ,aur kamran khan ki ek hi line wo hai malik riaz