suleman malik youngest programmer press confrence

Posted on July 29, 2012 User Submitted

Suleman has received recognition from several institutes abroad (WORLD RECORD)
he made internet browser at the age of 12 using microsoft visual C++ and achieved the title of World Youngest Computer professional programmer.

A 17-year-old Suleman Malik from Peshawar, has secured an A+ grade in exams at 17 computer institutes in the United States. Suleman Malik, who recently completed his Higher Secondary School Studies from Muslin Educational Complex Peshawar, said that he is skilled in web and software development and is skilled in several computer languages. he has received certificates from many institutes online, including the National Computer Science Academy, U.S.A., the Certifies Webmasters Centre for America and Windows Series Experts. he scored more than 90% from the World Three School, New York, and the Logic Zip Institute of New York.he got professional certificates from these institutes. Malik said that at the age of seven he realised his obsession with computers and he started working on developing his own software. Now he has been given the task to develop software for “BMW” he said proudly. He said that apart from hacking, there was more potential for him to develop software. He said that no officials from provincial or federal governments recognised his services but the institutes in the U.S.A. and England had asked for his services after he completes his graduation. Suleman’s brother was immensely proud of his brother’s achievements and said that it proved to the world that students in NWFP have the ability to compete with students from the world in the field of Information and Technology