Istqamat Ko Teri Salam Afia. (best trana about Dr Afia Siddiqui)

Posted on July 28, 2012 User Submitted

AAfia siddiquee is the daughter of Pakistan.
Dr aafia, the rulers of Pakistan may be traitors but the this Pakistani nation is standing beside you in your difficulties.

We salute our beloved sister and an honorable, respectable and noble personality (Dr affia siddiquee), who bore the difficulties and abuses of the cruel world in the name of Islam.
Dr aafia we hope that your goodness has gone far beyond the price this wold can pay.
No one in this world can pay the price of your hardships my sister.
Your reward is with Allah and we hope that you will not be betrayed and deceived by Allah.
Today we are just remembering the hardships of the true fellows of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who were tortured and sentenced to death for taking the name of Allah.
Keep hope in Allah, and there is nothing left for you in this world dr aafia.
May Allah protect you and other Muslim women from the cruel world ameen.

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