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  • saba

    masshallah.yahi seeda rasta hai allah apko or hum sab ko seede raste par istiqamat naseeb farmain .ameen.meri naseehat hai apko kai media se bilkul door rahye.aur shetan ko dubara moqa na de. qk ye sub fitne hai or fitno k qareeb nahi jana warna pata b nahi chalta or insaan gumrah ho jata hai .nauzubillah min haza.

  • alisherdil

    Mr.kazi….dont twist islam n Quran according to.ur so called enlighten minded peeson who wants Moderate islam … may b u want same moderate islam.as preached during Dark regime of pervez musharraf. n regarding Jamal . or….. beauty she must b showing her Jamal/ beauty to her husband not some tom , dick.n.harry.

  • Bang-e-dra

    since i got this news that she left showbiz i want to share my observation about her journey ,she is mashallah beautiful and fine actress ,she got engaged one of actor ,it was obvious bz both were working together,but that actor left her and got amrried to another family woman ,she definately effected ,well,but here is a point ALLAH chose her ,andshe got perfect muslim man who help her to get right path.the lesson is ,the thing which we thaught is right for us and working hard to get it but in the end we dont get it and we find something else ,that is khair.and she got kahir.may ALLAH bless her and our showbiz will get right path especially morning hosts bz they have a great influence on our women.

  • alisherdil

    Mashallah … subhaanallah….. this is revolution n true face of inspirationa teachings of islam that how islam revolutionaise ppls lives specially who touch peak of lights n colours ie glamour n showbiz ….world…….. its very strong message to so called intellectuals who speak day n night againt islamic values specially Hasan Nisar was talkin sickly on Pardah. May Allah also show him right path ameen keep it up sister n with prayer May Allah make u source towards righteousness for many ppls. ameen.

  • kazi

    Nothing is more beautiful than turning to one’s “reality” while most of us escape in the humdrum material existence. But this woman’s veiling of the face is not in conjunction with the Quranic concept of Hijab. So, often when people rediscover their spiritual or dogmatic base they adapt a more extreme way of life. Islam is not a puritanical religion which should regimen human instinct to unnatural submissions. In fact it facilitates to translate our aesthetics and beauty which is ‘Jamal’ another trait of Allah. Though this woman should have the full freedom of cultivating his religious life to the best of her understanding nevertheless ‘moderation’ is the golden principle of Islam and Muhammad SAW.

  • ji haan main hoon pa

    MASHA AALH .yeh hay real kamyabi sister realy dil se aap ke liye duwa nikal rahi hay ALLAH aap ko khush rkhay.

  • aj_157

    khushkismat hain wo loog jinhain marny se pehly marna yaad aa jata hai aur wo us lafani zindagi k liye kuch teyyari kar lety hain. paper paas karny k liye teyyari to karni parti hai.

  • MQM Terrorist

    Allah app ko is ka Ajar de ga. Amin