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  • irfaan444

    so u think ur pious well here is the deal get well soooooooooon

  • maroof

    hum haqeeqat say nazrian kuian churatay hain. hum ko jb Allah nay jehad ka kha hai tu phir hum us per amal b tu nehi kartay bus sub kuch Allah per chor datay hain Allah tu yi hamray liya nashaniya dekhata hai k tum log kia karatay ho.

  • asdfg

    the problem is people saying their religion is the greatest. stop comparing religions stop reading holy books because the more u reqd the more demented and cruel u become.how can u ppl judge innocents being massacared and u talk all about which religion is greatest. i hope u ppl stop comparing and start helping. have mercy habe love. all GODS TEACHES US TO B KIND ,TO FORGIVE, TO LOVE

  • http://www.facebook.com/malcom.moclam.77 Malcom Moclam

    Burma Muslims Massacre

  • Scandza

    thou shall weep as they Sow!

    Well i hope for themselves they don't decide to slaughter allot of my Brothers then!
    course if they do I will have to act like a Vlad Tepez on them and see them on Spids!

  • http://www.facebook.com/suhail.minalyemen Suhail MinalYemen

    Man this world is so cold I swear. So much crazy unbelievable shit going on all over the world and we are here living happy and pretending not to hear anything. We will never understand the value of how lucky we are, infanct all we do is complain about our Dailey lives, I hate work I hate home, blah blah blah. maybe we should hear out what's going on in other parts of the world such as Burma Syria bangledash and so many other parts of the world. Only then will we understand the value and how lucky we are not to be in their position. So much oppression and hate in this world it needs to stop now!! Ya Allah hear us out. Do something I don't even wana live with all these people being brutally oppressed and beaten in such inhumanitary ways. How can I be happy when people are being tortured and killed like animals and especially in Burma!!!

  • sujoy das

    how many hindus were killed in hindu kush mountain in the name of jihad .it was nearly 1.7 million
    many hindus were forced convertion nearly 99.99% in india
    because of poverty many people can't pay jijya tax to mughal government , they had only way 2 convert themself 2 muslim if they don't have to pay tax.
    because of killing innocent people in the name of allah
    now innocent people will kill the follower of allah
    soon some country will nuke mecca & madina
    and the muslim fanatics can hold only there junk

    • Ahmad

      You are a real uneducated cult who has little knowledge of Islam and lack awareness of what happened in the history. And you fanatic, if you dont know what jaziya is then better dont talk of it. My wise suggestion to you is avoid opening your shit if you have little knowledge of the subject.

    • truthteller

      does your religion teaches you this ,every religion has to respect the other religions.if you are disgracing the others religion then you are not following your religion aswell and attracting the gods wrath upon you..oh god bless this kind of people with correct knowledge or wipe them out from the surface of the earth

    • truthteller

      there are no other followers as strong as muslims so be careful before you utter a word you scum bag when the time calls you will not be having the time for repentance so shut your fu—— mouth and start doing good deeds